TECHNOLUST: True Cyberpunk

by IRIS V.R.

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    1. Bryan Bortz on

      Looking good!

    2. Flake on

      You continue to amaze. I can't wait to play this! Nice to see your mug as well!

    3. Christoph Zürcher on

      Love that 3D photoscanning technology. Great to hear that you can use it.

    4. Missing avatar

      Aaron McMahon on

      Can't wait to see this implemented! I hope the NPCs will also have motion-captured movements so they seem absolutely real.

    5. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Looks good, but does this mean multiplayer is cancled?

    6. Thomas on

      Whoa, i'm impressed by your lust in tech! This guy... this guy is the guy!

    7. Salopp on

      This 3d photo scanning is neat, which software do you use?

    8. Marco Ishida on

      aside from the awesome scans, i love that sound. that needs to go into the game!

    9. Wayne G.

      Be sure to photo scan some sexy men into the game. Would love to go to a certain club in the virtual world ^_-

    10. IRIS V.R. Creator on

      @Wayne G: You don't think I'm sexy? My feeling! lol. There will be sexy male and female characters if we hit the stretch goal. Otherwise, you may have to settle.
      @Salopp: Agisoft, zbrush, Photoshop, the usual.
      @Kenny: Yes.. for now anyway. Too much to worry about in a short time frame. May add something later if the game does well.
      @everyone else; Thank you :) Glad you like what you see so far.

    11. Kenny Nierwienski on

      Sad to hear it but it's understandable. Still extremely excited!

    12. Ber on

      This update makes me very happy!

      The graphics shown look awesome.

      I think tightening the game scope now is a really good move too. Multiplayer is such a huge job to make good, it would have been very hard to do it justice for the small extra amount of money from the stretch goal.

    13. Vincent on

      To be honest i think you should just focus on the primary story, interactivity and core gameplay..Outside of that you could take a stab putting Sixense STEM integration into the game that would be neat. Obviously if your looking to move units and make real money the next logical step would be to put some shooting mechanics into the game.