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There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton!
There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton!
3,906 backers pledged $115,569 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


Calm times and continued rewards


Hey, everyone! Things have mostly steadied out...thank goodness. = D We were at GDC last week, and got some rest over the weekend, to boot.

In terms of the game, we're adding in languages now (Spanish and German should be released before the end of the week, with French and Italian to soon follow). Keep a lookout for that!

We still have plenty of rewards to ship, though. We're beginning to record developer commentary this week, which will be a fun addition for everyone at the $60 tier or higher. We're getting samples back from a few printing houses for the physical copies of the art books, and we'll also be sending out thumbnail samples for those receiving physical prints of concept art.

I want to reiterate: if you have been unable to procure your code or something else has gone wrong, PLEASE SEND US A MESSAGE. We want to make sure everyone is getting what they paid for!

We continue to hope everyone is enjoying the game! <3 You guys made it happen, after all.

And The Storm Settles (Slightly)


Hey, everyone.

My apologies for the relatively lack of communication...the sheer and absolute pressure of a launch, especially one with some bugs to iron out, is absolutely absurd. I'd like to write up the experience, someday, if I can.

In any case, we want to apologize for that, and also for Humble Bundle being a little weird about things. There Came an Echo is *still* not publicly available for purchase for reasons I completely do not understand, but it should absolutely be there for all Kickstarter backers. We've given instructions before, but remember:

1) Your Humble E-mail account MUST be the same as your Kickstarter E-mail, and
2) You need to check under "Claim Past Purchases", which is a section which needs to be expanded by the little plus button.

Another easy way to take care of things is the Humble Key Resender, which should make things easier.

Your order should have both a Steam key and a link to the DRM free version. Unless you're super anti-Steam, you should roll Steam. You'll get more frequent updates, trading cards, achievements, cloud saves, and more.

Most of the bugs have been smoothed out, though we continue to work hard. We'll be up at GDC next week, but we'll still be responding to messages and questions and what have you.

I do sincerely hope you've enjoyed what you've played. We worked for a long, long time to make it happen. If you liked it, be sure to leave a Steam user review, and recommend it to your friends! Tell 'em you helped make it happen.

DRM-Free Build Coming Tonight


We love Humble, but we hear you: you need your game, and you need it now.

We will be putting up a private link of our game tonight (albeit, late tonight, likely 2 AM Pacific). The file should be around 2 GB. We're trusting you to not share it.

The actual build will be on the Humble Store shortly enough, but we need to get this to you now.

Also, fixes coming tonight for inaccurate microphone volume.

New Build Pushed, True Launch in 4 Hours!


Not sure I've ever been this exhausted. Whew.

A new build has been pushed with a lot of stability updates...hopefully the voice controls should stay much more consistent, and a lot of weird progress blocks may have been taken care of.

We did have to make the hard decision to push back foreign language support (still in this build, but will be removed before 10 AM) for 10 days or so...see this post for details. (

This is the last build we can push out relatively guys started playing on the 21st with the acknowledgement that there would be bugs, but now, on proper release, we need to test through builds before we push them live in the event that something, somewhere, broke. If you guys are down to play a bit this morning, go for it! Everything *should* be good, and we're going through it ourselves at the moment, but the more, the merrier.

If you still haven't gotten your code, check the previous update for details!

Thanks for sticking with us!

- Jason

New Build Uploaded!


Hey, guys! Working around the clock to smooth everything out...even so, everyone has been *very* positive and supportive. We appreciate everything you guys are doing for us, and it's our fervent hope that you've been enjoying yourselves despite the hitches.

To those who are still having trouble locating their keys at the Humble Store, remember to look under "Claim Past Orders". If your Humble account and your Kickstarter account have differing E-mail addresses, you'll need to follow these instructions (thanks, KaffeeKiffer!):

- Create a new account with the Kickstarter registered mail address.
- Go to your profile and look at the games associated with your account. There Came An Echo should appear in the list.
- Next to There Came an Echo is a little "direct link". Click on it .
- Save the url
- Log out and sign in with your "old" regular account.
- Hit F5 on the There Came an Echo page, check on the top right corner that it now shows your regular account.
- Hit "Claim this page"

Also, we just pushed a new build on Steam, which should address many (but not all) issues. Important to note is that we've enabled experimental 16:10 support, so upon loading your game, your resolution may have changed. Not a big deal! Just go into the options and change it back to whatever you'd like.

- Fixed error in the first mission whereby Corrin would not be able to escape the chase sequence
- Added experimental 16:10 support (UI elements will be misaligned, but had to get it in there)
- Fixed checkpoint load bugs on Missions 4, 8, and 9
- Fixed issue where Miranda could not escape the Mess Hall
- Fixed several issues which would internally break voice commands
- Added ye olde Floppy Disk icon to indicate autosaves
- Added very obvious yes-you-can-give-commands-now and no-you-cannot-give-commands-now icons to compliment screen vignetting, in order to more directly alert the player when they can and cannot give commands
- Blood Type now saves correctly
- Filled out the reference card (albeit with a bunch of asterisks, which means "not localized yet")
- Modified execution thread to prevent screen dimming/Windows power save options? Not sure
- Edge drag will now not occur unless you move the mouse first
- Val's portraits no longer remains behind other characters in certain scenes
- Fixed a misattributed line in Mission 6
- Enemy shields will now animate properly when being killed
- Other minor stuff I can't remember

Of course, this build has not been thoroughly tested, so other, fancy NEW bugs may been introduced? Hopefully not. But if so, we'll take care of those too.

Anyway, I'm going to go to sleep...I'm utterly exhausted. I'll be waking up in a few hours to see what's up and fix things if necessary.

Thanks for being so patient, everyone. = D