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There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton!
There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton!
3,906 backers pledged $115,569 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. David Alexander 4 days ago

      Is this where we ask about the PS4 code, because I'd love one if so!

    2. Creator Iridium Studios on May 6

      You should be able to grab it via a Humble Store account registered with the same E-mail you used here on Kickstarter. If not, shoot me an E-mail at!

    3. Don White on May 6

      I just realized I never got my steam code (or at least I can't find the email) is there anyway to get one now?

    4. Creator Iridium Studios on March 17

      We're actually submitting to certification by the end of the month! Once it passes, we'll nail down a release date with Sony and let everyone know. ^^

    5. Charles Carey Doughty on March 17

      Is there an estimate of when the PS4 version will be ready?

    6. Creator Iridium Studios on February 11

      @Greg: We're finishing work on the PS4 port now! Mac/Linux/XB1 port work is forthcoming.

    7. Missing avatar

      Greg May on February 11

      Any update on the Mac port? Some of us still waiting to play this game :|

    8. Creator Iridium Studios on January 8

      Sent you a message, Alan!

    9. Missing avatar

      Alan on January 8

      I also can't find my Steam key. My kickstarter and Humble emails are the same. It's not in my Humble library, purchases, or keys. Am I missing something?

    10. Céline .S. Sauvé on December 15

      Still no reply from GOG?

      One would hope their bloody backlog would be cleared by now...

    11. Ken Mencher on November 27, 2015

      That was almost 4 months ago...So, any news on the ports?

    12. Creator Iridium Studios on August 10, 2015

      Still toiling away on Mac, XB1, and PS4 ports. It's quite the challenge, all these platforms. = D

      Worry not. Worst case scenario we simply give up a fair bit of profit to have an external studios manage it for us. We won't let this go too long.

    13. jonathan hester-mccullough on August 9, 2015

      Hey guys, is there any update on the Mac OS version?

    14. Creator Iridium Studios on July 29, 2015

      According to the latest, they're bogged down in some sort of massive backlog. We're not super pleased about it. :/

    15. Céline .S. Sauvé on July 29, 2015

      Don't suppose there's been any GOG news?

    16. Creator Iridium Studios on June 18, 2015

      We're at E3 all week, Alan, so it might take us a few days to give direct support, but are you sure you hit the little plus sign to expand the "claim past purchases" section of Humble?

    17. Missing avatar

      Alan on June 17, 2015

      This is frustrating. My Steam, Humble, and Kickstarter accounts all have the same email address. Is there some past email I have to find to get a Steam key? I can't find any emails that contain the words "humble" and "there came an echo."

      Between Kickstarter and the game devs, they need to get the key system worked out. On half the games it's always an exercise in frustration when I'd rather be playing what I purchased.

    18. Céline .S. Sauvé on May 31, 2015

      Apparently their replies sometimes appear in spam?

    19. Creator Iridium Studios on May 18, 2015

      Alas, no. Feel free to write into them, but they haven't responded to us. = (

    20. Céline .S. Sauvé on May 18, 2015

      Did GOG poke back? (And no, I'm not rewording that. Get your mind out of the gutter!)

    21. Missing avatar

      Peter Krengel on April 28, 2015

      thanks for keeping us in the loop! time to invest in a new mic for my compupter

    22. Creator Iridium Studios on April 26, 2015

      We've only begun porting about three weeks ago...the process is quite complex, and we need to do it for both XB1 and PS4. So, uh, not yet. I'd expect some more concrete information in a couple months as we narrow down the timing window.

    23. Missing avatar

      Peter Krengel on April 26, 2015

      Any update on timing for the XB1 port?

    24. Creator Iridium Studios on April 19, 2015

      Sorry! We were away from office for a few days.

      Still no word for GoG, but we'll poke them.

    25. Céline .S. Sauvé on April 19, 2015

      Any news on a GOG version? I'd asked via PM a few days ago but there was no reply, so I figured I'd try here.

    26. Creator Iridium Studios on March 23, 2015

      @jonathan: The simultaneous release for PC/Mac/Linux was a stretch goal that we didn't even come close to, unfortunately.

      Porting work begins next month, though honestly, we do not yet have specific timeframes on releases for other platforms. The voice recognition solution we're currently using is Windows-specific, so we need to recode that entire portion of the game, which is definitely a difficult task. We'll keep you updated.

    27. jonathan hester-mccullough on March 23, 2015

      I've been waiting on this game for nearly two years now, and have been getting regular update emails about it. To be fair, I don't read every word of them, but done a brief scan to see if there's anything significant to it. The most notable one was when I was alerted to the release of the game. Yay! Yet when I go to download it, I realize it's for Windows only.

      It took me digging through the comments here to realize there IS no Mac supported version yet, which is SPECIFICALLY why I backed the project (I don't have a Windows OS in the house at all). So for all of us who have patiently waited for two years for the Mac game to appear, is there any release date yet? An approximate timeframe? Anything?

    28. Missing avatar

      Daniel Osborne on March 2, 2015

      Ah, the humble key resender solved my issues. Thanks for linking that!

    29. Missing avatar

      Daniel Osborne on March 2, 2015

      Hmm. Not terribly friendly to those that use multiple emails.
      I use a separate email for every website.
      I wish we could just have the Humble key page url, which we can easily add to our existing account, without having to create a new humble account.

    30. Missing avatar

      ddillon on February 27, 2015

      TCAE still isn't listed in the Humble Store, but as a workaround, DRM-free copies of the game can be purchased using the Humble preorder widgets:

      I purchased a copy as a gift. It hasn't been redeemed yet, but as far as I can tell, the links seem to be working despite the release date having passed.

    31. Missing avatar

      ddillon on February 27, 2015

      @Michael Shao: Go to your Humble Library. Scroll down to Other Purchases. Click on the link for There Came an Echo. There should be an option to get a Steam key on the linked page.

    32. Michael Shao on February 27, 2015

      Hi Iridium,

      I never got a steam copy, however I was able to install it locally via the Humble Bundle page... How exactly do I redeem this on Steam?

    33. Creator Iridium Studios on February 26, 2015

      Thanks, Alex. = D

      Jeremy, Steam installs the game at steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho. Should be there!

    34. Missing avatar

      Alexander Kucera on February 26, 2015

      Hi guys,

      I'm just checking in again to say that I bit the bullet and tried my trusty old VMware install of Windows 7. It works really well in a VM on my Mac Pro, even at my ridiculous resolution of 2560x1080. A bit choppy in places, but playable. Though to play it smoothly I had to switch it down to 1280 with 4xAA.

      I can't wait to play this in its full glory on OS X proper. :)

      And I do love the soundtrack.

    35. Missing avatar

      Jeremy Steele on February 25, 2015

      Hello! When I redeemed by code on, I was successful in getting the game linked to my steam account, but I backed at the 30 dollar range for concept art and soundtrack - maybe it was included and I'm ungodly levels of silly and can't find it, but I've spent nearly half an hour now looking for them to no avail. It should be in the folder where steam installs the game, right? If so, I might need a bit of help. Thank you!

    36. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      Assuming your E-mail addresses are the same, it would be under "Claim Past Purchases"!

    37. Missing avatar

      Josh on February 24, 2015

      I've registered my copy to Humble Bundle and Steam etc. I backed at the concept-art-and-soundtrack level, where would I find that?

    38. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      The Steam forum are good place for it! Or here is good too.

    39. Reverend Jesus on February 24, 2015

      @Iridium Is there a forum or anything to address any type of feature requests?

    40. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      John, you can send any bugs to It's helpful if we have the logs, (located at steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho/ThereCameAnEcho_Data/output_log.txt and steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho/VoiceCoreErrorLog.txt), as well. Thanks for the help!

    41. Missing avatar

      John Doe on February 24, 2015

      Is there a place where I can submit bug reports? I'm finding quite a lot

    42. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      Rene, everything is DRM free already!

    43. Rene Cabanza Jr. on February 24, 2015

      If I'm not mistaken, we get DRM-free copies of the game as well right? When do we receive those?

    44. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      Fair enough. It's been crazy. We'll drop it in our next update.

    45. Ken Mencher on February 24, 2015

      You may say you need to be more transparent about not having a Mac/Linux port, but the only place I found out you're not doing one anytime soon is here in these comments...perhaps a note in an update, or even just an update warning folks you're going back on what you promised in previous updates....

    46. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      YOU WERE CORRECT. Humble messed up.

      If you're a $30+ backer and you claimed an incorrect code, check your Humble Page to see if it changed. If not, we'll have to take care of you manually!

    47. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24, 2015

      That is a mild disaster if so. We explicitly gave them two sets of keys...

      We'll check with them.

    48. Triplicity on February 24, 2015

      How do backers access the OST/concept art? It doesn't appear that the Steam key provided by Humble Bundle unlocked the matching DLC licenses from Steam, just the game itself.

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