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There Came an Echo is a voice-controlled real-time strategy game, starring Wil Wheaton!
3,906 backers pledged $115,569 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. Creator Iridium Studios on March 23

      @jonathan: The simultaneous release for PC/Mac/Linux was a stretch goal that we didn't even come close to, unfortunately.

      Porting work begins next month, though honestly, we do not yet have specific timeframes on releases for other platforms. The voice recognition solution we're currently using is Windows-specific, so we need to recode that entire portion of the game, which is definitely a difficult task. We'll keep you updated.

    2. Creator jonathan hester-mccullough on March 23

      I've been waiting on this game for nearly two years now, and have been getting regular update emails about it. To be fair, I don't read every word of them, but done a brief scan to see if there's anything significant to it. The most notable one was when I was alerted to the release of the game. Yay! Yet when I go to download it, I realize it's for Windows only.

      It took me digging through the comments here to realize there IS no Mac supported version yet, which is SPECIFICALLY why I backed the project (I don't have a Windows OS in the house at all). So for all of us who have patiently waited for two years for the Mac game to appear, is there any release date yet? An approximate timeframe? Anything?

    3. Creator Daniel Osborne on March 2

      Ah, the humble key resender solved my issues. Thanks for linking that!

    4. Creator Daniel Osborne on March 2

      Hmm. Not terribly friendly to those that use multiple emails.
      I use a separate email for every website.
      I wish we could just have the Humble key page url, which we can easily add to our existing account, without having to create a new humble account.

    5. Creator ddillon on February 27

      TCAE still isn't listed in the Humble Store, but as a workaround, DRM-free copies of the game can be purchased using the Humble preorder widgets:

      I purchased a copy as a gift. It hasn't been redeemed yet, but as far as I can tell, the links seem to be working despite the release date having passed.

    6. Creator ddillon on February 27

      @Michael Shao: Go to your Humble Library. Scroll down to Other Purchases. Click on the link for There Came an Echo. There should be an option to get a Steam key on the linked page.

    7. Creator Michael Shao on February 27

      Hi Iridium,

      I never got a steam copy, however I was able to install it locally via the Humble Bundle page... How exactly do I redeem this on Steam?

    8. Creator Iridium Studios on February 26

      Thanks, Alex. = D

      Jeremy, Steam installs the game at steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho. Should be there!

    9. Creator Alexander Kucera on February 26

      Hi guys,

      I'm just checking in again to say that I bit the bullet and tried my trusty old VMware install of Windows 7. It works really well in a VM on my Mac Pro, even at my ridiculous resolution of 2560x1080. A bit choppy in places, but playable. Though to play it smoothly I had to switch it down to 1280 with 4xAA.

      I can't wait to play this in its full glory on OS X proper. :)

      And I do love the soundtrack.

    10. Creator Jeremy Steele on February 25

      Hello! When I redeemed by code on, I was successful in getting the game linked to my steam account, but I backed at the 30 dollar range for concept art and soundtrack - maybe it was included and I'm ungodly levels of silly and can't find it, but I've spent nearly half an hour now looking for them to no avail. It should be in the folder where steam installs the game, right? If so, I might need a bit of help. Thank you!

    11. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      Assuming your E-mail addresses are the same, it would be under "Claim Past Purchases"!

    12. Creator Josh on February 24

      I've registered my copy to Humble Bundle and Steam etc. I backed at the concept-art-and-soundtrack level, where would I find that?

    13. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      The Steam forum are good place for it! Or here is good too.

    14. Creator Jesus on February 24

      @Iridium Is there a forum or anything to address any type of feature requests?

    15. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      John, you can send any bugs to It's helpful if we have the logs, (located at steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho/ThereCameAnEcho_Data/output_log.txt and steam/steamapps/common/ThereCameAnEcho/VoiceCoreErrorLog.txt), as well. Thanks for the help!

    16. Creator John Doe on February 24

      Is there a place where I can submit bug reports? I'm finding quite a lot

    17. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      Rene, everything is DRM free already!

    18. Creator Rene Cabanza Jr. on February 24

      If I'm not mistaken, we get DRM-free copies of the game as well right? When do we receive those?

    19. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      Fair enough. It's been crazy. We'll drop it in our next update.

    20. Creator Ken Mencher on February 24

      You may say you need to be more transparent about not having a Mac/Linux port, but the only place I found out you're not doing one anytime soon is here in these comments...perhaps a note in an update, or even just an update warning folks you're going back on what you promised in previous updates....

    21. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      YOU WERE CORRECT. Humble messed up.

      If you're a $30+ backer and you claimed an incorrect code, check your Humble Page to see if it changed. If not, we'll have to take care of you manually!

    22. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      That is a mild disaster if so. We explicitly gave them two sets of keys...

      We'll check with them.

    23. Creator Triplicity on February 24

      How do backers access the OST/concept art? It doesn't appear that the Steam key provided by Humble Bundle unlocked the matching DLC licenses from Steam, just the game itself.

    24. Creator Iridium Studios on February 24

      Depends on how well it does. Maybe? There are definitely some unexplored ideas.

    25. Creator Stephen Baydush on February 24

      Think there will be an expansion to this game?

    26. Creator Alyindar on February 24

      Just tried the game out for the first time tonight. In a word: Outstanding! I'm engaged in the story, the voice acting is great, and the whole voice command interface is such fun! I let Corrin die in the War Room, I felt it was owed after all the STNG angst... ;)

      The voice recognition was a little wonky. Sometimes it would accept my command perfectly, other times Val would tell me I'm too loud. I'll try a different headset tomorrow, but the keyboard/mouse controls are an easy substitute in those moments.

      Well done Iridium, and congratulations on the first real innovation in the RTS genre in years!

    27. Creator Iridium Studios on February 23

      Understood, and mea culpa; we should have been more transparent on that.

      Rest assured that we will get this game into as many people's han...errr....throats? possible. = D

    28. Creator Alexander Kucera on February 23

      @Iridium Studios: Fair enough. :)
      An official update would have been nice though. (Maybe you mentioned it in the comments somewhere, but those comments are easily missed.)

    29. Creator Iridium Studios on February 23

      @Alex: A fair point. It mostly comes down to ease of porting: the XB1 has a literally identical API to the Microsoft libraries we're using, and the Sony voice recognition isn't very far off at all.

      However, we've been met with no end of frustration with regard to getting a voice recognition library that A) Doesn't charge an insane license fee per copy sold and B) Gets results even remotely near what we're getting with the PC version. The Unity part of the porting process is relatively easy, but we don't pretend to have sunk the millions of dollars necessarily into a fully original and proprietary voice recognition system.

      This isn't to say we won't find a solution (CMU's Sphinx is engaging, if very strange to work with), but it may take a very significant amount of time, and the XB1 and PS4 ports should be a lot of hurry-up-and-wait as we submit code then need to go through weeks, if not months, of corporate QA and procedures. We do apologize for it, but if our goal is to get the game is the most people's hands in the shortest amount of time (it is), we have to roll console first.

    30. Creator Adam Freund on February 23

      Well it was an excellent game and I really enjoyed it. I had a few issues with the voice but not enough to make me ever think it was a bad experience. The only real complaint I have is that the story is not longer. I crave me some more! Either way excellent work guys! Can't wait to see what Iridium cooks up next.

    31. Creator Alexander Kucera on February 23

      @Iridium Studios: What do you mean "Not quite yet. PS4 and XB1 ports are first, then Mac/Linux later."?

      What happened to:

      - "PC/Mac/Linux builds have our number one priority, and we only plan on porting over to the Xbox One once we're sure all of our backers are happy with their product." (Update #35)
      - "In other words, PC is absolute priority, but Mac/Linux are above XB1 on our to-do list." (from the comments on Update #35)

      I for one am a backer that was looking forward to the Mac version. I can understand priorities shifting around, but I am a bit bummed by what feels like a bait and switch.

    32. Creator Andreas Teufel on February 23

      ok, thanx...i guess i have to create a second humble store account then :(

    33. Creator Iridium Studios on February 22

      Andreas: You need to register an account at the Humble Store using your Kickstarter E-mail address. Then look under "Claim Past Purchases".

    34. Creator Andreas Teufel on February 22 do i get the game on steam? i have no clue, and i am using a different email on steam than on that a problem?

    35. Creator Mads Storm Andersen on February 22

      Thanks. Glad I have both consoles then:)

    36. Creator Iridium Studios on February 22

      Not quite yet. PS4 and XB1 ports are first, then Mac/Linux later.

    37. Creator Mads Storm Andersen on February 22

      Do we have an aprox date for OSX release ? Just a ballpark figure ?

    38. Creator Iridium Studios on February 21

      No, not you, Forrest! You need it!

      Are you certain your Humble account and your KS E-mail are the same? If not, send me an E-mail, I can get you a code manually.

    39. Creator Forrest Z. Shooster on February 21

      Its not under my claim past purchases. Any ideas?

    40. Creator Ben Flatman on February 21

      @William Go to your library in your humble account and click claim past purchases, I found it in there. Not had time to check it further.

    41. Creator William Kirby on February 21

      So how are we getting our codes? We insert them on humble bundle, but where are we getting them, cuz I haven't gotten one in my e-mail, or do I have the date wrong? Thanks for your help.

    42. Creator Erik Kalarchik on February 19

      Wow. You guys are awesome. It is always good to know that you always try to put your customers first and always try to find a way to keep them happy.

      Good luck guys. Can't wait to see the final product soon.

    43. Creator Iridium Studios on February 19

      Very little, unfortunately. The Wii U has no native voice recognition libraries, the ones we're using wouldn't transfer over, and it would be an absolute mess to try and get something even approaching the levels of accuracy we're achieving now. = P

    44. Creator Eden on February 19

      Any thoughts of a Wii U version down the road?

    45. Creator Mike Waters on February 17

      one week countdown!

    46. Creator Panagiotis Papadopoulos on February 14

      So, i'm guessing the Linux version is planned sometime after the Mac build?
      Btw this might be worth checking out for both versions

    47. Creator Iridium Studios on February 11

      We'll be taking care of logistics like that shortly, Chrissie. Don't worry!

    48. Creator Chrissie Weselake on February 11

      When can we make our choice of platform? I would love Xbox One as my choice

    49. Creator Céline .S. Sauvé on January 16

      Congrats on the release date, folks. I'll be waiting for the DRM (hopefully GOG) key, though. I no longer have internet access at home.

    50. Creator Dominic Koh on January 14

      Happy new year guys! just 1 more month till launch! :D just wondering if I could switch to Xbox One version of the game I think speaking to the kinect would be so much cooler! =)

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