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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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#FireflyMarathon - Right Now!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Today we're having an epic Firefly marathon: watching the entire series, one episode after another, and then topping it all off with Serenity!!!  And the best part is we'll be live tweeting the whole thing!  We're starting right now with episode 1! Come join us on Twitter (@iqSoup) or search for the hashtag #FireflyMarathon to follow along.

Age of Grit gleans a lot of inspiration from the Firefly series and I can think of no better way to celebrate as we near our funding goal.  We hope you'll post your own tweets using the #FireflyMarathon hashtag throughout the day.  Say hi and tell us what you love most about the series!  And if you can, watch some of the episodes along with us and live tweet your favorite moments from the episode!

As always, thank you all so much for believing in Age of Grit.  I can't tell you how much I personally appreciate your pledge and your support.  Happy #FireflyMarathon day to you all!


Phoenix Dawn boasts really beautiful and unique graphics.  Every inch of it is just dripping with style.  It's an action RPG set in a magical world with a really creative and mysterious vibe.  Music is absolutely incredible too!  Phoenix Dawn has 12 days to go, go check it out!

Madness: Project Nexus 2 is true running and gunning bliss.  The game is absolutely action packed!  You get to wield a countless array weapons (TONS of awesome guns) and mow through varied and interesting enemies via some really hardcore gameplay mechanics.  Music is fast paced and very high energy--the sample tracks they have are really awesome.  There's also a comic style to everything and a strong sense of humor woven through the whole game.  They've got 7 days to go and still a little ways off from their goal, so go help 'em out!

Seldon Crisis is a sci fi MMO set in an enormous sandbox universe.  You command a battleship in a large fleet of space ships--with each ship controlled in real time by other players.  The game will feature massive, tactical space battles and looks like it'll be a blast!  Much like Age of Grit, your ships will be fully customizable and there seems to be a big focus on story.  I highly recommend checking out their campaign's video--it's impressive to say the least!

#FireflyMarathon - Tomorrow

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

#FireflyMarathon.  The entire series plus Serenity.  @iqSoup on Twitter.

Ray's the Dead has only 6 days left!  You play a green-skinned zombie named Ray with a glowing magic light bulb sticking out of his brain!!!  If that doesn't get you pledging away your entire life savings then I just don't know what to tell you.  It features some really unique game play and an awesome look and feel.  The story follows an interesting narrative style--shifting between Ray's prior mortal life and his current existence among the walking dead.

Looks pretty cool and as I said, they are ending soon so go check it out!

A Big Push for 100%!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We're making a big push to reach 100% funded by the end of the week!!!  We are doing great--just a little further and then its on to stretch goals!  Please do what you can to help push us past the 100% mark.

A really BIG thank you goes out to each one of you for your pledge, your support, and for spreading the word.

Sadly, we've seen very little response to our art contest!  The entries we've received have been really great, but there's only been a small handful of submissions thus far.  Sad face.  Consequently we are pushing the contest deadline back until the end of Friday, September 19th in the hopes that we'll see a few more entries over the course of another week.

Please submit any fan art you can scrounge up!  Don't be shy--we are desperate here!  Your entry doesn't have to be the Mona Lisa--just have fun! Remember, the grand prize is a gift card for $100!  You can get a lot with $100!  We will be judging the entries using creativity as the primary criteria.

The following would all be acceptable entries:
-simple doodles of airship designs on the back of a napkin
-real life landscape photographs (a cool desert or cowboy-looking shot)
-a clever wanted poster with some creative text
-a crayon drawing of a steampunk cowboy town
-a Lego steampunk creation
-ANYTHING clever, creative, or just pertty relating to steampunk, cowboys, or the general setting of Age of Grit.  The only rule is you just have to be the actual creator of your piece.

 Some of the interesting game projects from around Kickstarter.

In Poncho you play a platforming robot exploring a massive, post-apocalyptic, open world.  The premise of the game is really neat--humanity has been completely wiped out and now mankind's robots are all that's left.  Robots have formed tribes and are doing their best to survive.  You all know how much I love me some good pixel art--and Poncho sure is easy on the eyes.  The gameplay looks awesome too--plenty of classic 2d platforming along with some really cool looking puzzle elements!

Eminense combines elements from card collecting games, MMOs, and classic RPGs.  The gameplay seems really unique--I've never quite seen anything like this before.  The game features a massive, fully explorable world and a really awesome sound track.  As you journey across the world you'll run into other real life players and be able to battle them with the game's super novel combat system.

Stretch Goals!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We're very happy to announce the campaign's stretch goals!  Please help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter so we can reach our base funding goal and start smashing our way past some of these goals!  If you have any questions or comments please let us know in the comment section below!

$12,000.00 - FUNDING SUCCESSFUL!  
We did it--we're 100% funded and Age of Grit is a go!

$14,000.00 - PERSONAL GEAR
In addition to loot and upgrades for your airship, you can now acquire gear for crew members to use. Things like tools, revolvers, cool hats, cool brown cowboy overcoats, etc.  Items will have specific combat benefits, buffs, and other in-game effects.

At key moments in the plot, Age of Grit will feature cut scenes, illustrated in a comic book panel style.

We will add an additional faction to The West. This will be a subcontinent with its own unique feel and visual style. There's a few places on the map where it could go--we're thinking to the west of The Core. The new faction will have several new cities, additional missions, and special quest lines of its own. Its exact landscape and culture is an open question--we'd like some input from all of you! It needs to fit naturally into the overall world and stick to the general style/feel of the game--but there's a lot of different directions we could go. What would you like this new faction to be like? 

$20,000.00 - NEW GAME +
After beating the game you'll unlock a "New Game +" mode. This means you can start the game all over again with a harder difficulty and keep your ship's configuration from the previous playthrough. We will include certain content exclusive to New Game + mode--a number of jobs, quest lines, extra loot, easter-eggs, and perhaps even a secret city you can only reach in New Game +!

$24,000.00 - "Jasper Jim's Traveling Carnival"
Your crew could use some down time after all the grit they have to face each day! "Jasper Jim's Traveling Carnival" is the Age of Grit version of The Gold Saucer from FFVII! Its a carnival train that rides the rails from town to town. It will visit a town for a short time and then move on to its next venue--so it might not always be easy for players to find.  Imagine a carnival where all the games are fantastical steampunk contraptions--using gears, clockwork, and steam power to operate.  You can play games to win more gold, level up certain abilities, or even win special loot for your characters or airship. We have a bunch of ideas for mini games, but we're also open to suggestions from our backers!

$30,000 - Console Support
We will release Age of Grit on Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U--pending the various approval processes of each console of course. A huge benefit to building the game in Unity 3d is the relative ease of console ports. The main obstacle will be getting the game to play well and feel natural with a controller--right now the game is really designed with a mouse or touch screen in mind. That being said it's certainly doable, it'll just require some time and effort on our part. If we reach this stretch goal we'll also include controller support in the PC, Mac, Linux, and iOS versions of the game--so those who prefer that style of gameplay have the option.

$36,000.00 - Add Voice Overs & Animation to Cut Scenes
Cut scenes will be fully and professionally voice acted.  Additionally, cut scenes will be animated rather than using a still comic book style.

$48,000.00 - Isometric, Fully Explorable Towns
At our base funding level, towns will be in a 2d first person perspective--similar to that of classic adventure games. If this stretch goal is met, we will transform each town into a large, isometric environment that you'll be able fully explore.  We'll also include a dueling system--at times you'll get into off-ship fights using derringers, revolvers, rifles, and various cowboy-steampunk sidearms.  The off-ship combat will mirror the turn-based, strategic system of the airship combat.

$60,000 - 16-Bit Prequel
Our ultimate stretch goal: a 16-bit, SNES style prequel to Age of Grit! This would be a lot of work but it'd be a blast to make! I'm a huge fan of retro games and love anything that hearkens to the 16-bit glory days of gaming. The game would shed light on the back stories of certain AOG characters and lay the foundation for Age of Grit. It would feature pixel art graphics and some classic chiptunes for the sound track. And like any good prequel it's gotta have an epic scene like this.  Not sure what the exact gameplay would be like, though we're leaning towards sort of a vertical scrolling shoot 'em up. But what are your thoughts? What's kind of 16-bit game can you imagine taking place in the Age of Grit world.

 Star Trader 2

In many ways, Star Trader 2 is Age of Grit in space!  I've always been a fan of the space trading genre and Age of Grit has certainly gleaned some inspiration from traditional space traders.  My personal favorites from over the years have been Freelancer and a super simple but super awesome game for Palm Pilot simply called Space Trader.  

Star Trader 2 pushes everything to the max and appears to be the ultimate space trading game--with just about everything you could ask for from the genre!  You explore a massive, procedurally generated universe unique to each player's game.  The game features a customizable ship and crew, strategic turn based combat, deep RPG elements, and even away-missions to the surface of planets.  And the universe has a rich lore and an interesting story behind it--something I always appreciate from a game.  They still have some early bird specials available so if it sounds like your kind of game go check it out!

Stretch Goals?

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

 Guess what!

We are now past 75% funded, at over $9,000 in pledges!!!  Seems like just yesterday that little counter was at $0 and no backers.  We've come a long way in a few short weeks--thank you so much for making it happen!  Keep spreading the word--we still have some progress to make before we reach our goal and then it's on to stretch goals!

We will unveil our campaign's stretch goals early next week.  We have our goals mostly finalized but we want to hear from you!  Let us know in the comment section what you'd like to see as stretch goals.  If we like your suggestions we might be able to rearrange things and squeeze your ideas in!  

So what would you like to see?  A New Game + to play after you've beaten the game?  Additional content or features?  Console versions of the game?  A mod that turns everyone into Ewoks?  Tell us and we'll try to make it happen!

If you haven't yet please jump on over to our Steam Greenlight page, give us a YES vote, and get your friends to do likewise.  Thanks for the support!

Our art contest is still chugging along!  We've had a few awesome submissions but we want tons more!  You don't need to be Rembrandt to participate.  Remember, your entry can be anything: a playdough sculpture, ASCII art...Age of Grit themed pancakes.  Send your images off to  Multiple entries may be submitted.  Have fun!

We've got another steampunk round up this time!

Steampunk & Cthulhu Soundtracks

A collection of really awesome atmospheric soundtracks for board games, traditional roll playing games, and other tabletop gaming.  If that's your kind of thing go check it out--they have several soundtracks you can sample.  To me it seems like the perfect background music for coding or writing AOG dialog trees!

Worlds War One

Worlds War One is steampunk card game set in an alternate history.  The planet splits apart and WWI ends up happening in outter space rather than on Earth.  They've put a lot of thought into their universe--a lot of creativity and cool steampunk tech.  Its 2-5 players which is awesome--my wife and I are always looking for a good 2 player card game!

Boston Metaphysical Society

Boston Metaphysical Society, a really gorgeous and charming steampunk graphic novel, has been a good friend of our campaign from the beginning.  They have 6 days left and just a little way to go in order to reach their funding goal.  So please race on over and show them some love!