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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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Art Contest Winners Announced!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Thanks for all the gritters...all you gritty folks?  Man we need a better name for the Age of Grit community.  Anyways thanks for all the Age of Grit fans who participated in our art contest.  We saw a huge range of entries--from hand drawn submissions to photographs to iPad illustrations to lego creations!  I think everyone can agree that each entry shined in creativity!  I hope everyone had fun and enjoyed the contest!

The contest entries can all be viewed here:
Art Contest Entries #1
Art Contest Entries #2
Art Contest Entries #3

And now without further adieu...our contest winners.

Runner Up...

Our runner up prize goes to C3FFF0E!!!  Believe it or not, he created this piece entirely on an iPad screen--just using his fingers!

C3FFF0E will be receiving the following in prizes:
-a $25 gift card (Steam, iTunes, or Amazon)
-the Age of Grit original soundtrack
-PDF version of the Age of Grit guidebook: "The West: A Traveler's Compendium"
-a copy of Age of Grit upon the game's release

Grand Prize...

And our grand prize goes to Henning Kaiser for his stunning entry!  

As grand prize winner Henning will receive:
-a $100 gift card (Steam, iTunes, or Amazon)
-a signed physical copy of the Age of Grit guidebook: "The West: A Traveler's Compendium"
-a full color cloth map of The West
-the right to name and create a townsperson NPC who will appear in Age of Grit
-access to our closed beta
-the Age of Grit original soundtrack
-a copy of Age of Grit upon the game's release

A big conglatulation to our winners and thanks again for all the participants!  We appreciate you all and we're sorry everyone couldn't win.  But if you want another chance stay tuned--this contest ended up being so successful we might just have another fan art contest in the not to distant future!

 Got two cool spy games for you to take a look at!  :D

Death to Spies 3 is a really cool stealth game--with elements from classics like the Splinter Cell and Metal Gear games.  You play a soviet agent and get to go on missions from the WWII era up to the Cold War.  A lot of games these days--especially military shooters--have very linear level design.  Death to Spies 3 will feature open maps with multiple ways to accomplish your objective.  I'm always happy to see a stealth game that gives options to the player.  To me that's what stealth games are all about--being methodical, thinking things through, and approaching a situation strategically.  If a game railroads you down a corridor there's not much opportunity for strategy.

Black Hat is an asymmetrical co-op stealth game with Oculus Rift support. The game mechanics are super clever--with one player sneaking throughout a facility and the other player offering support via hacking and step by step guidance.  Sounds like the perfect virtual reality game, but it'll support regular monitors as well.

First Stretch Goal Achieved! Full Steam Ahead!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We've reached our first stretch goal! Yeeeeehaw!!!  A BIG thanks to all of you for making it happen!  Age of Grit will now feature personal gear--for your captain and crew to wear or use in the game.  We're talking hats (from cowboy to top), walking sticks, six shooters, and even cool steampunk monocles!  Items will have various in-game buffs and effects.

Our next stretch goal is at $16,000.  At that funding level we'll be able to include comic book style cut scenes!  This would be awesome to have! It would allow us to include some really sweet scenes.  The old classic western films were great for their epic, cinematic moments--with cut scenes we could bring some of the magic of those old westerns into Age of Grit!

We still have time--we can make it happen!

 The last entries of our art contest! Thanks to all the participants for your awesome submissions!  We will announce the grand prize winner and runners up in another update tonight!  Good luck to everyone!







A gorgeous throw back to the classic game Monkey Island, in Duke Grabowski you play a pirate in a 2.5D adventure game. The main character has a lot of depth to him--seems to be a really charming game.  There's a big focus on character development and interaction with NPCs.  The team has quite the pedigree--with some pretty impressive titles under their belt.

In Adventures of Pip you play as a pixel. Yup, just a single pixel--like the protagonist out of some Atari 2600 game. However as you defeat foes you absorb their pixels and you gain the ability to evolve into more complex characters.  Each form has special abilities and powers that you can use to bypass the enemies and obstacles in your way.  Very interesting gameplay mechanics and the graphics are really quite beautiful.

Call to Arms!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Call to Arms

Battle stations everyone!  Our campaign seems to be a little low on steam! Typically a Kickstarter campaign will see a huge surge in activity during the last week or so of the campaign, and certainly during the last 3 or 4 days.  However today was one of our slowest days yet.  :(  For whatever reason we're just not seeing the surge we had hoped for. We're grateful for all your support thus far and ecstatic Age of Grit is funded!  But we're all still hoping to hit some of our stretch goals and we need your help!

It's time to stoke the broiler--get this engine really roaring!  I'm talking the end of Back to the Future 3 special Doc Brown dynamite fuel levels!  So here's your call to arms if you choose to accept it: each of you please click here to tweet about the campaign on Twitter or here to make a post on Facebook. And that's it--we're just asking for one post from each of our supporters. I think it'll make all the difference and we'll see a big surge these last couple of days!

We appreciate each and every one of you!  We're SO grateful for all your support and for being a integral part of Age of Grit! :D

Something of you might like...

OC Remix has recently released a remix album of the Final Fantasy VII soundtrack called Voices of the Lifestream. I stumbled across it a few days ago and its truly fantastic. In my humble opinion FFVII has the greatest game soundtrack of all time, so a fresh take on it certainly peaked my interest. The entire album is 100% free so go check it out!

Continuing with the entries from the Age of Grit art contest.  After this we have one batch left and then we'll reveal the winners!  Thanks again to all our contestants!








Holy steampunk greatness Batman! Ironcast looks a lot like Age of Grit but with mechs on the ground rather than ships in the sky. There's some really interesting strategic gameplay going on here--the combat really seems to have a lot of depth to it.  The graphics are quite nice--I especially love the animation of the mechs themselves.

Set in a fantasy setting, in Grimoire you're a mage fighting waves of mobs and other players with a FPS gameplay style. Spells range in their effects, adding deep strategy to the fast paced game play.  It's a MOBA, like League of Legends or DOTA, so if that's your cup of tea go check it out!

Chosen Space is a free to play, browser based, MMO space game. It takes place in a large sandbox universe. Spaceships have a huge amount of customization and it seems like there's a huge emphasis on player choice and freedom. I've been waiting a game like this for a long time--could be really awesome!

Art Contest Entries #1 - 3 Days Left!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Just 3 days left!  We're down to the home stretch!  The final leg of the race!  The last bite of the taco!


It's going to take some grit if we're gonna reach our stretch goals.  Let's make some noise today! Please tweet, post on Facebook, or otherwise share the tag #Grit along with a link for the campaign (  If enough of us yell loud enough we might just get some attention and be able to hit some of our stretch goals!

Wow wow wow!  We've had tons of outstanding entries to our contest! The contest ended last Friday--now let's see the submissions.  A real BIG thank you to all the participants!

There's been so many entries we're going to split them up across several updates.  So if you don't see yours here don't worry--it's on its way!  As a reminder, here are the contest rules and the countless riches in store for the contest winners!  

We'll announce the grand prize winner and the runner up in a special update after we've unveiled all the entries.  Thanks again to all our beloved Age of Grit fan artists!

Entry #1

Entry #2

 Entry #3

 Entry #4

 Entry #5

Noct takes place in a monster infested post-apocalyptic world. The player's perspective is through a thermal imaging satellite observing the chaos unfold below. It's a really sweet looking game and they are down to their final hours so go show 'em some support if you can!

Heroes Never Lose: imagine Street Fighter plus Dr. Mario and then add in super heroes and a strong sense of humor.  The pixel art is fantastic and the chiptunes soundtrack is really quite something.

Paradigm is a hilarious adventure game set in a zany, post-apocalyptic Eastern Europe.  You play a lovable but hideously ugly mutant named Paradigm. Everything has this intensely bizarre feel to it--looks absolutely awesome!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

WE DID IT!!!  Age of Grit is now funded!  Just moments ago we surpassed the 100% mark of our base funding goal!

Thank you all SO MUCH for your pledges and support!  I can't express our appreciation for every single one of you!  Age of Grit has been my dream--it's incredible that it's now the dream of at least 442 other people as well!  Thank you thank you thank you!!!

But there's still progress left to be made--we have seven days remaining and we want to hit as many of our stretch goals as possible.  Please help--keep spreading the word and sharing the campaign everywhere you can.  A lot can still happen in seven days!  :D 

Our first stretch goal is at $14,000 and is for personal gear in the game.  Currently all the in-game loot applies to your airship (guns, engines, sensors etc.) but at this stretch goal we'll also include gear that your characters could wear and use in the game--hats, brown cowboy coats, sidearms and such.  Items will offer various in-game buffs or abilities.  I know all of you believe in Age of Grit--let's smash past this goal and then race on to the next one!

The Age of Grit art contest still has a few days left--the deadline ends 11:59 PM (EST) this Friday.  We've had some truly outstanding entries thus far but the more the merrier so keep sending in your entries!

Loki's Exile mixes Norse mythology, a 1920s noir style, and exquisitely hand drawn graphics.  VERY unique premise.  Check.  Great sense of humor.  Check.  Fun and interesting gameplay.  Check.  Something with so much heart and character could only exist in the world of indie game development.  But time is ticking by fast--they have less than 3 days remaining and they are still a bit short of their funding goal.

Hurry on over and help them out!