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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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BackerKit Surveys Heading Your Way!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We've been making a lot of progress!  Currently the main goal we're working towards is a combat demo--an early build of the game demonstrating the ship to ship combat system. You'll be able to play out a few randomly generated battles and get a decent feel for how the game will play. It'll also give us a chance to get some good feedback from all of you. Once we've hit that milestone it's on the beta--which will include things like towns, missions, NPC dialog, and the upgrade system.

Over the next few days we will be sending surveys out. You'll get an email from BackerKit asking you some basic questions to gather the information we'll need for your reward. Things like your name for the credits, a good email we can reach you at, a physical address if your pledge tier has physical rewards associated with it, etc.  

It'll just take a moment of your time.  There's no need to register, create an account, or anything like that. Please fill out your survey and get it back to us as soon as you can--we really appreciate it!  It will really help out the project; we'll be able to spend less time with administrative stuff and more time making Age of Grit awesome.

You'll also have the option to choose add on rewards or increase your pledge if you so desire. Every extra dollar helps us make Age of Grit a little bit better!  And we're still aiming for our next stretch goal at $16k: comic book style cut scenes!

Thanks everyone for all the support.  Most of all thanks for believing in us and in Age of Grit! You guys are the best!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Hey everyone! I hope all is well! We are hard at work at Age of Grit and things are coming along quite nicely. It's a lot of work but we're having a blast!

We will be sending out Backerkit surveys next week. It will be a fairly simple survey we'll use confirm your reward level and gather some of the information we'll need to fulfill your rewards. For example, the survey will request shipping addresses from those who selected tiers physical rewards. You'll also get a chance to upgrade your pledge to a higher tier or select add ons for extra bonus rewards. Some of the add ons are really quite fun--I think a lot of you will really like them! If you missed our last minute add on (the ability to name an in-game manufacturer) it will be available through Backerkit as well!

We are still counting all additional funds raised towards our stretch goals. We have had some generous Paypal donations and we're just coming up on our next goal at $16K. With a little help from some of you I think we'll be able to soar past that $16K goal!  That means cut scenes for Age of Grit!

Thanks again to all of you for all the support!

A great game deserves great villains! Villains can simultaneously be one-dimensional, stereotypical bad guys on the surface, but then reveal themselves to be really complex characters when the story progresses and you look a little deeper.

Look at Darth Vader (ignoring the unbearable prequels of course). When you first see him in A New Hope he just seems to be some evil robot man who loves choking people. He certainly does a good job serving the role of a cool scary bad guy, but at first that's all he seems to be. 

Fast forward to that scene in Return of the Jedi where he's dying and asks Luke to take his mask off so he can for once see his son with his own eyes--the very son he just sacrificed his life for. The same son whose arm he chopped off in the previous movie.  We now see a very multi-dimensional, complex character--a flawed, very frail, very human man who, despite being such an evil jerk most of the last three movies, has a lot good buried within in him.  Even though he's the villain, Darth Vader undeniably has a lot more depth than any of the good guys.

Villains by definition are flawed people. That's part of what makes them so interesting. Often they can teach us a lot more than the good guys do. A villain's exaggerated flaws might cast light on something within ourselves. We all have a little Darth Vader inside of us--we just might not realize it until after we've watched the Star Wars trilogy.

Other villains--like the Emperor for example--are just pure evil and never find or even seek redemption. There's a place for really dark villains like that. They reveal something of the true nature of evil and give the good guys something powerful to overcome. Villains like this can really scare us. When I was a kid playing FFVII and first saw Sephiroth amongst the flames of the town he just destroyed with that evil bad guy music playing--I was in awe of how scary a bad guy he was. At the end of the game when I went to go fight him I was petrified. Was I really about to fight Sephiroth!!!  It made finally killing him and beating the game all that more satisfying. 

Whether complex and conflicted characters, monsters of pure evil, deranged psychopaths, or simply just jerks--villains are the engines that drive a good story. I truly hope you'll enjoy each of the many villains you'll meet in Age of Grit!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

It's over!  We did it guys!  Congratulations--because of each of you Age of Grit is now going to be made!  We are so extremely grateful for each and every one of you for believing in this game! Thank you thank you thank you for EVERYTHING!  :D

We are pretty tired from the campaign--it was a blast but exhausting to say the least!  No rest for the weary though--now the real work begins!  We will update you as the game progresses--each step of the way.  Our first milestone will be a playable combat demo, which will feature a fully functional battle sequence. We'll send it out to all of you and you can tell us your impressions and give us some feedback.  And after that its on to the beta!

Slacker Backers

We were just a hair from reaching out next stretch goal--comic book style cut scenes for the game! For a limited time we are still accepting pledges via Paypal!  So if you didn't get a chance to pledge you can still do so. Any extra funds we raise on Paypal will go towards our stretch goals--so we might get those cut scenes after all!

And if you didn't get a chance to take advantage of our last minute add on don't worry.  In a few days we'll be offering a few post Kickstarter add ons for those who are interested.

Last Minute Add On!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Hey everyone!  It's the final count down!  

It's both very exciting and very nerve wracking watching the timer tick down to 0.  Please check in with us on twitter @iqSoup if you're doing the same!  We can celebrate and bite our nails down to bloody stumps together!

Last Minute Add On!

We got roughly 4 hours left and around $900 left to reach our next stretch goal--animated cut scenes.

To help reach the goal we are adding a last minute add on!  Add $20 or more to your pledge to be able to name a gear manufacturer in the game!  

Let me explain.  Most guns, engines, or ship other components will have a certain manufacturer listed in the description.  The manufacturer is also part of the full name of the item.  So rather than just having a "Rotating Quadruple-Barrel Cannon" it would be a "Rooster & Sons Rotating Quadruple-Barrel Cannon."  The manufacturer name could be your own name (ie: Joe Smith's Dragon-Fire Flamethrower) or anything else (ie: iqSoup Co. Auto Revolver).

You will tell us the manufacturer name (could be just about anything, we just have to approve it) and tell us the general type of equipment you'd like your manufacturer to produce--weapons, sensors, hull armor, engines etc.  Just to be clear you won't name the specific equipment itself, just the manufacturer.  We will send out surveys after the campaign to get all the specifics from you.

In order to add to your pledge click "Manage Your Pledge" just under our campaign's time remaining area.  Increase your pledge to at least $20 more than your current reward tier but don't change the tier itself.  Click "Continue to next step" and confirm your new pledge.

Let us know if there are any questions.  Hopefully this will be enough to get us to $16,000 and reach our next stretch goal!

Thanks everyone for all your support!  Wish us luck!  We'll see you all on the other side!

Paypal Donations Now Supported!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Just 6 hours left!!!  Can we still make it to our next stretch goal?  I'm still hoping we can!

We are now supporting Paypal donations!  So if for some reason you can't pledge here on Kickstarter or if you're late to the party, then for a limited time you'll be able to pledge on our Age of Grit Paypal donation page!