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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Howdy y'all! Hope your summer is going well! Here in AZ we are already melting at over 100 F temperatures. You walk outside and your skin just spontaneously combusts. It's very inconvenient if you don't like your skin constantly bursting into flames. 

We've made a LOT of progress, but we've also had a few setbacks recently. It is only to be expected--the path of game dev is a rocky one indeed. But when life gives you lemons, make a giant unstoppable killer lemon robot who will do your bidding. I'm pretty sure that's what Tony Stark did in the latest Avengers movie.  And a giant unstoppable killer lemon robot we have made indeed.

The biggest setback has been losing a few key members of our team--most notably our awesome UI designer, who had other commitments he had to attend to. These things happen and we wish him all the best! This, however, left us with a difficult decision--find an artist who can try to mimic his art style or start over with a brand new artist. We decided to go with the latter and fortunately we managed to find Jocelyn--who is insanely talented. She took things in a bit of a different direction--things are still very steampunky, but there's more of a dirty, grimy, beat-up, Fallout 2 kind of vibe now. Excellent.

some of Jocelyn's gorgeous work
some of Jocelyn's gorgeous work
another sweet UI element
another sweet UI element
a whole mess of awesomeness going on here
a whole mess of awesomeness going on here

We also lost a few programmers--mysteriously all within about a week of each other.  An extra-terrestrial force at work?  You decide!  Everyone just had expected personal or professional priorities arise at around the same time and could no longer continue with the project.  Cue sad trombone sound effect.  It was a bummer for sure, but we were able to find some really awesome replacements. Do I use the word awesome too much? We were able to find some really radical replacements. The coding team is now really solid and racing forward with development. Everyone is super professional, reliable, and very experienced with game development.  The recent bumps in the road have been a bit stressful, but in the immortal words of Lucky Dragon Fortune Cookie Manufacturing Concern: "What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger." Our team is now stronger than ever and Age of Grit will be better for it. Among many other things, art requires adversity. I believe thanks to these setbacks we now have a smarter, leaner, and more determined giant unstoppable lemon robot than we ever had before. And I really mean that.

Expect a demo soon! I don't want to give a specific date because, well we might miss it. But we have a fairly close internal deadline for the demo and we are working long and hard to make it happen.  Many keys have been typed, many mouse buttons have been clicked, and many cans of Mountain Dew have been drunk.  But it should be coming down the pike shortly.  You know, a pike.  It's like a spear sort of of thing from medieval times.  In Civilization you get it just before you develop gunpowder.  It is called a pike--for some reason stuff comes down it I guess.  It's like a stick that has a sharp stabby end.  Here is an image I found on Google.  It's coming down that!!!

We got Greenlit on Steam!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Just a quick update to share some awesome news!!!  Age of Grit has been Greenlit on Steam!!!  Yeeeehaw!!!

Thank you all for making this happen! We are so excited over here--this is an enormous step forward for the ultimate success of Age of Grit! 
Naturally, we will continue to pursue other means of distribution--such as the Humble Store and But Steam has by far the biggest marketplace for games, so this will really help Age of Grit reach a large audience upon release. Again, thank all of you for supporting us and making this happen!
Also a big thanks to those who have helped out with our last push on Backerkit! We will be locking down pledges in the next few days, so if you want to change your survey responses, select a new add-on, or upgrade your pledge right now is your last chance to do so.  Preorders will still be available--so you'll still be able to support the project by sharing it with your friends.

One Last Push for Backerkit!!!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We are having one last push to raise some extra funds through our Backerkit campaign. A huge thank you to all those who have selected extra add-ons or upgraded their pledge. Thus far we haven't raised quite as much as we we're hoping for, but the every dollar helps make AOG a bit better--so thank you. Of course every single one of you has already helped out so much and we're so grateful for the support!  

There's still a small group of backers who haven't yet filled out their Backerkit surveys. Whether or not you decide to choose any add-ons, please fill this survey out. It will really help us a lot when it comes to keeping everything organized and fulfilling backer rewards. We have just sent out one last batch of emails to those who haven't filled out their surveys. It should just take a minute to complete. If you're not seeing the Backerkit email please contact us (either here on Kickstarter or at and we'll get things sorted out for you.

If you've already filled out your Backerkit survey no worries! We haven't locked down anyone's answers yet so you can still select some add-ons or change your responses. Just go here and you'll be able to log in to change your survey responses or select an add-on or two. 

All funds raised through Backerkit will go towards more art assets for the game. When it comes to towns, airships, and NPCs we want to have as much variety as possible.  The greater variety the richer the world will look and feel.  The more funds we get the more additional assets we can afford. 

Through our Backerkit page you can choose from a few different add-ons. We hope you guys have fun with some of them. Here's a break down of the add-ons available:

  • Name an In-Game Gear Manufacturer. You can name a gear, weapons, or airship manufacturer in the game. 
  • Name a Ship. An in-game ship will bear the name of your choosing! 
  • Write a Message for a Steampunk Thinking Machine to Say In-Game. This one is my favorite! One of the NPCs in the game will be a rather finicky steampunk thinking machine. YOU get to write one message for the Cognitive Engine to say. It could be something poignant, funny, or just strange. Be as creative as you'd like! 
  • Extra Copy of Age of Grit. An extra copy of Age of Grit to give to someone else you might think would like the game.

We will lock down the surveys in about a week.  After that please contact us directly for help updating your survey responses.

If you can, please share our Backerkit page ( with anyone you might think would be interested in Age of Grit!   Non-backers can click "pre-order now" and from there can pledge at various tiers and select add-ons as well.

Thank you all for your support and for helping out with this one last push for a bit of additional funding! You guys are the best!

We are making a lot of progress with AOG's development. We've been hard at work making all kinds of art assets--stuff for the towns, NPC portraits, UI elements, airships etc. 

some of the town assets we've been working on
some of the town assets we've been working on

Personally I've been doing a lot of quest writing (which is a blast btw), planing out a lot of the UI, as well as finalizing the AOG's combat rule set. Combat systems are easy enough to conceptualize, but when you get down into the nitty gritty they can be quite difficult to balance everything properly. The combat needs to be really fun and engaging--and a lot goes into that.  It must be challenging yet not frustrating, easy to learn yet hard to master, strategic yet intuitive and so forth. We've just about got it to a point we're happy with, but we'll still need a lot of help when the beta comes around to thoroughly test things out and balance everything to perfection.

Halycon 6: Starbase Commander is a rogue-like sci fi game.  It looks incredible and could be really awesome once released.  Definitely has an FTL sort of vibe going on--though it seems to expand far beyond mere ship to ship combat.  A lot of the general ideas are actually quite similar to those behind Age of Grit.  The world looks awesome and the devs say they'll be a big focus on character development and story.  Check 'em out and pledge if you can!

AOG is Chugging Along!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

We've been pretty busy over here and have made a lot of progress!  Age of Grit is gradually starting to coalesce. A big chunk of the game's back-end systems has been taken care of. The dialog system is working well and the questing system should be finished very soon. These are two critical systems that lay the groundwork for much of the game's complexity. We are also making strides forward with the combat sequence.  The combat UI is underway and the ruleset has been fleshed out and is being fine tuned.  We'e implemented the system for building ships from within the game--which is important for the modular design we are going with for the airships. 

We're also hard at work on NPCs. We've finished a bunch of NPCs already and we're chipping away at more each day. I spent much of the last week or two finishing up all the NPC briefing documents. The art team uses these documents to create the artwork needed for each NPC. Usually I will try to finish the briefing docs as they are needed by the art team, but now they are all completed for all the NPCs in the entire game. This a huge milestone--there are hundreds upon hundreds of in-game NPCs that I needed to write out detailed descriptions for. It is one of the major writing tasks on my plate, finishing it means I can now focus more time on other areas of the game.

Our Backerkit fundraising campaign will soon be coming to an end.  We haven't seen as much success as we've expected, but perhaps that's because our main push was during the last few months when the crowfunding season typically tends to slow down.  Next week we are going to give it one last push to try to raise some extra funds through add-ons and preorders. All of you have already done so much and we're so incredibly grateful, but if you'd like please check out some of our add-ons and see if you're interested.  We'd greatly appreciate it and every dollar help make the game a bit better.  All funds raised through Backerkit will go towards more artwork for the game--predominately more airships designs.

As always we thank every one of you for all your help and support!

If you have a moment go check out the Kickstarter for On My Own.  It's a 2d pixel art based woodcarft/survival game.  Looks pretty neat and they are only asking for $2,500 in funding.  Go help them out if you can!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Howdy everyone!

Age of Grit is gradually beginning to coalesce. We are focusing the brunt of our efforts on the combat sequence. Things are coming along nicely and we should have a good battle demo to show off early 2015. We're doing a redesign of the battle UI, reworking things to be more intuitive and just generally more awesome.

The battle mechanics under the hood are taking shape as well. From a while now we've had a rough outline for how we wanted the combat rules to work, but now we're getting into the nitty gritty.  It means a of testing and tweaking to make sure battles feel just right.  Everything needs to be weighted and balanced properly.  For a bit of research I've personally been playing some Fallout 2 recently. A great classic, but a lot of people complain about the combat.  It can be a clunky system for sure, but I for one always liked the intensely strategic feel it had.  You carefully calculate every action, considering a whole host of factors.  One misstep and you might accidentally blow off your buddy's head with a burst of machine gun fire.I think there's a lot to learn from the early CRPGs and just classic games in general--both from the things they do well and the areas in which they could have improved.

We have some great airship assets we've been cooking up! This is my favorite part of game development--seeing cool new stuff like this when I check my email in the morning!  Here's a couple ships we hope you'll enjoy:

A BIG thank you to everyone who filled out their Backerkit surveys! Due to the additional funds we've received through Backerkit we have hit our second stretch goal--Age of Grit will now feature comic book style cut scenes!!!  This will be a huge benefit to the game's story. I really like when games focus on telling the story through the actual game mechanics, but from time to time a good cut scene can really enhance the story and add a bit of a cinematic feel to the game. Cut scenes add variety to the story telling and add a unique style and flavor to the game.  As a kid my main motivation in beating a particular game was usually to see whatever awesome cut scene awaited me at the end of the game. More than once I was deeply disappointed, but sometimes the payoff was worth it

If you haven't filled out your survey yet, please go to our Backerkit page put in your Kickstarter email, and you'll be sent another invite. If you've already filled one out you can also go to there to edit your responses, up your pledge, or add on some extra rewards. Some of the add ons let you make your mark on the game--name an airship or even write a line of dialog for the game. As always your generosity is deeply appreciated--every dollar from Backerkit will go to making Age of Grit a little bit better. You can also point your friends to our pre-order page if they missed out on the Kickstarter campaign. 

We appreciate each of you for all the help and support! We wish a merry Christmas and happy holidays to everyone!

Rocket Ranger Reloaded is down to its final hours and still has a little ways to go.  It's an awesome looking reboot of a classic arcade game, and has a great steampunk vibe to everything.  Head on over and if you like what you see please throw 'em a bone!