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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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Animated Cutscene!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Howdy everyone!  Just wanted to share our very first animated cutscene!  We hope to do several more of these to bolster key points in the game's story.  This one mostly just serves to introduce our main character: Jebediah Rockwell.  We're planning to use it as the main campaign video for the AOG Kickstarter 2.0.  Hope you enjoy!

 We'd love to hear your thoughts and feedback!  It's not too late to make changes if necessary.  If there's anything you feel could use improvement--either with the animation or audio--please let us know.

Thanks for all the support!

Fully Animated Cutscenes

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

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Beta Sighted!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)
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New Build (v 0.0.2)

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Hello everyone!

Hope 2017 is treating you well so far! 

A new build of the Age of Grit Alpha (v 0.0.2) is now available over on Indie Game Stand.  You can find it in your IGS Game Wallet.  Last month you should have all received an email containing login credentials for your IGS account. If you didn't get this email or if you need help downloading the Alpha then please email us at and we can get things sorted out for you.

We've made a lot of progress--lots of fixes, tweaks, and changes: 
-The Overworld UI has been given a bit of a face lift. It still needs a little more work, but it's much improved over the last build. One comment we heard a lot is that the Overworld was a little confusing/awkward to navigate--I think things are a lot more intuitive now.
- We've adjusted the airship stats and game balance a bit. There's still some work left on this front.
- There was an issue with the town weather effects--in some situations the particles weren't visible. This should be fixed now. 
- Some users had problems with our bug reporting tool; sometimes it wasn't sending the reports properly.  For the time being we've deactivated it.  Until we get it fixed please refer all your comments to We truly need your input, any and all feedback is greatly appreciate!
- We've made a lot of progress on the proper inventory/upgrade system, though it isn't quite ready for prime time. The Alpha still just has the place holder system we were using before--though we cleaned up the UI a bit and upgraded the item icons.
- There's a bunch of other smaller changes that you may or may not notice. A lot of minor bugs and issues have been dealt with. 

There was a little confusion about why we are using Indie Game Stand instead of Steam. Once the Beta is ready to go we will release it over on Steam as an Early Access game--and of course the final game will be released on Steam. We're already Greenlit--thanks to all of you--so everything is ready to go on that front. But for the Alpha we went with IGS. It's a much smaller community they're much more Alpha friendly over there. We just want to make sure that the game is in tip top shape before we put it up on Steam.

Right now we have the Beta squarely in our sights.  The Beta should be a much more complete experience than the Alpha is right now--it should be pretty close to the final version of the game, just lacking some of the content.

Thanks to everyone for all your support!   Again, we really appreciate any feedback you can give us regarding the latest Alpha.   Email any feedback to

Celebrate good times...COME ON!

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Yeeeeeehaw!!!  *Shoots two guns into the air with blatant disregard for public safety.*  At last: the Alpha for Age of Grit is finally complete!!!  It has been a long hard road--thank you all tremendously for your patience and support.  This is a huge milestone for the project and we're thrilled to have reached this point.

If you're stateside please have a great Thanksgiving!  Links to the Alpha will begin going out after the holiday weekend, starting on Cyber Monday (November 28th).  We hope you all enjoy the game and we're very excited to hear your feedback!

And now for the obligatory celebration gifs.