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A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship!  Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
A cowboy themed RPG adventure aboard a steam-powered airship! Steampunk meets Firefly in a vast, immersive, Wild West inspired world!
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Closed Beta and Community Hub

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

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Alpha Build (v 0.0.5)

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Hello everyone!  Hope all is well! 

After a LOT of work, we are very happy to announce a new backer exclusive Alpha release for Age of Grit.  You can find the relevant link for your platform of choice below:

Age of Grit (v 0.0.5) [PC]
Age of Grit (v 0.0.5) [Mac]
Age of Grit (v 0.0.5) [Linux]

Boy howdy!  This build was quite a doozy!  We had hoped to have it out before Christmas, but a large number of game breaking bugs reared their ugly heads at the last minute.  It's one thing for the game to run smoothly inside the Unity editor, but it's an entirely different matter for the build to do likewise.  After no small amount of anguish (and a few keyboards karate chopped in frustration) we've finally got to a point where the build is functional and playable.

A few bugs remain (see below) and some of the UI needs work, but that this point we're roughly 95% feature complete as far as game functionality goes.  There's also a lot of content to add: balancing weapons/ships, adding more towns/NPCs/jobs...not to mention the adding the entire main story line.  So this is an important milestone but there's plenty of work left to be done.

If you weren't aware, our second Kickstarter was sadly unsuccessful.  After this unpleasantness we had to step back and reevaluate our plans.  After some soul searching we have decided the best option now is to release the Age of Grit Beta on Steam Early Access.  Hopefully we will thereby earn the funds we need to fully complete the game.  We are already approved by Valve and will have a coming soon page up shortly--look for that in our next update.  

Our plan is for the beta to comprise "Chapter 1" of the game, with a play time of about 1-3 hours.

When we get to the beta all of you will of course receive free Steam keys to play the game on your platform of choice. And if anyone out there isn't a fan of Steam for some reason then contact us and we can send you a direct link to the game file. 

In between now and then we plan to release a couple more alpha builds to you, our treasured backers.  Your feedback is critical as we progress forward.  It also will keep us focused on adding meaningful benefits to the player experience--content and features that will actually improve the game for players.

We mentioned some remaining bugs.  Here are some of the known issues with the current alpha build:
- The Map looks off. The resolution settings aren't quite right for the world map, so it's a bit fuzzy. This is something we could spend more time fixing, but we are actually about to replace the map with an entirely new one. We're just putting the finishing touches on it and it's looking really cool.
- Shop UI is a terrible fever dream. This is a bit of a weird bug--the shops looks fine within Unity, but when run in the actual build of the game it's...well less than fine. It's functional, it just looks like a nightmare.
- Overworld log doesn't print. There's a travel log in the Overworld that inexplicably isn't printing. This is another one of those issues that doesn't manifest in Unity but magically shows up in the actual game. 
- Sometimes all/most of a town's NPCs disappear after a conversation. This isn't super common but it is known to happen. We are trying to nail down the cause of this issue.

These bugs will be resolved by our next alpha build.  We could have put off this release to fix them, but we didn't want to delay things any further.  And since they aren't game breaking bugs so we decide to release now.

If you come across further issues press F12 in the game--this will bring up our reporting tool.  Be as detailed as you can in describing the issue.  You can also use this tool to just tell us your general thoughts and feedback.  And as always you can email us directly at

Thanks for the support!  Hope you have fun with the build!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Howdy! Hope everyone is well!


Just a quick update today. We are striving to reach our goal on Thunderclap to get the word out for the ongoing Kickstarter. We've made some good progress but still have a ways to go.  If everyone who reads this spends a few short seconds to support our campaign we will easily surpass our goal.

Please consider doing so, it will greatly help our efforts and be much appreciated!  Thank you!

If you're unfamiliar with Thunderclap, it's a great way to make some noise for a project via social media. From their website: "Think of Thunderclap as a social media flash mob, or a massive scheduled social post. Your supporters can sign up to have your message published to their account on the date and time you choose...Thunderclap makes it so your fans don’t need to remember to post your message to their social media account at a specific time. They can sign up ahead of time, and you’ll have a clear picture of your social reach even before launch day."

We also have a new trailer for the game! We tried to condense things as much as possible--make a short and snappy trailer that introduces people to Age of Grit in just a quick minute or so.  Hope you enjoy!  Any feedback is welcomed!

Thanks for the support!


Posted by iqSoup (Creator)


 Just a quick update to let you know the Kickstarter campaign for Age of Grit launched!  Again.

Of course there's no need for any of you to pledge.  But please help spread the word!  Many thanks!


Before going I also want to share another campaign, Okinawa Rush.  This game looks absolutely awesome!  Just look at that gif above--need I say more?  Punching, kicking, swording...and a 2 player co-op mode to boot.  Today is their very last day and they still have about 10% left before they reach their funding goal.  If you can help them out please do so!

KS 2.0 Launching Tuesday, 9/12

Posted by iqSoup (Creator)

Hello everyone out there in Kickstarterland!

SPEAKING of Kickstarter, our second crowdfunding campaign for Age of Grit will launch next Tuesday, Sept. 12th. Here's a preview link to the campaign: PREVIEW LINK. Any feedback is appreciated!

To reiterate once more: we aren't asking any of you to pledge. But we do need your help getting the word out. Big time!  

First, if you follow that preview link (here it is again PREVIEW LINK) you'll see a little heart that says: Notify Me on Launch. Why don't y'all go ahead and click that.  Just click it.  Did you do it? No? Too lazy? Well no worries (I expected as much), through the magic of internets I have teleported the button to this very location! Look--here it is just below this paragraph! Think how easy it will be for you click!  Go ahead and click it now.


Now y'all listen reeeeal close--this is the important part. You have all now clicked the button--that much is must be. Once the campaign goes live you'll get a message in your inbox. For example, if you still exist in 1996 it will show up in your AOL inbox and the robot man will say, "YOU'VE GOT MAIL!" That is your cue to go! Go go go go! Don't look back just go! Share on Facebook! Share on Twitter! Tell your friends!  Sky-write that sucker up in the clouds--for all the world to see!!! Get out the word so we can have a killer first week!

Even too lazy for that? Sigh. Well...nary you fret! There's still something you can do to help (and that goes for all you non-lazies as well). Follow this link right here! That goes straight to our Nouncy campaign. What is Nouncy you ask? You'll be able to preapprove a post to one or more of your various social media outlets (Twitters, Facebooks and the like) and it'll automatically go live during our first day of the campaign. Automatically! You ain't gotta do nothing! You can be sleepin' in your warm and cozy bed...heck you can be a coma...double heck you could be dead! (Please, no one die.) And a bunch of microchips and copper wires and...bluetooths...they'll take care of business with out you doing a gosh darn thing! NOT A GOSH DARN THING! Your welcome.  

Well, I've done my part. Back to working on Age of Grit...gotta work on them machine gun sound effects...not quite there yet...

Thanks for all your support!

PS: We have changed around some of the reward tiers this time around. If anyone wants to switch all or part of their reward to one of the newer ones (at your pledge level) please just send us an email at and we'll take care of that for you.

PPS: There have been questions about us possibly providing exclusive rewards for returning backers. I think this sends the wrong message--we're truly grateful for the support you've already given and aren't asking any of you to pledge more money. However for those who still want really want to help, you may upgrade your old pledge to a higher tier by pledging the difference on the new KS--just mention that you are returning backer when you make the pledge.