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iQiOi Co., Ltd.By iQiOi Co., Ltd.
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iQiOi Co., Ltd.By iQiOi Co., Ltd.
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pledged of $200,000pledged of $200,000 goal
Funding Unsuccessful
The project's funding goal was not reached on Wed, March 12 2014 12:58 PM UTC +00:00

Screenshots and Donna Burke News!

Posted by iQiOi Co., Ltd. (Creator)

In response to your requests for more information about what the game will look like and play like, we’ve prepared a MEGA UPDATE showing some screen mockups and we also have some other exciting announcements, so let’s get right to it! We hope that this will get you fired up!!!


Please bear in mind that this is just a mockup to give you an idea of what the game will look like. The models of Emma and Descartes are not finished as you see.

 A close analysis of clues at the crime-scene has led Emma and Descartes to a large warehouse. You click on the wooden crates outside the building and...

Entering the warehouse, the camera comes in tighter to give you a close look around the interior.

These mockups show what the dialog between characters will look like. As you’ve probably noticed right away, the game is in full 3D. The main game screen in which you are moving from place to place is in the classic isometric angle, but as you explore interiors and you find the need to get closer to the action, the view will be more customizable, allowing you to zoom in and, in some cases, rotate the camera fully to uncover items and clues that were not, at first, visible. 

 Blackmore is a point and click adventure game. This means that most of the game play will consist of talking to people and examining or searching for items. In order to advance the game story, you will have make good use of the items and tools in your inventory as well as make smart dialog choices that will lead you in the direction of solving the mystery. 


We are also super excited to announce that Donna Burke, the tremendously talented singer and voice actor will be participating in Blackmore as the voice of Teruko Honda-Blackmore!! Donna is known to fans of Silent Hill,of course, for her brilliant performances in it as Angela Orosco in SH2 and Claudia Wolf in SH3. 



But that's not all! Not only will Donna grace us with her acting, but she will also be singing the closing song of the game!! What could be better than having the same woman who did songs for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles AND Metal Gear!? Donna has done amazing songs for the following blockbuster games, so we’re in great company! 

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – “Heaven’s Divide” -
  • God Eater – “God and Man”
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – “Morning Sky” and “Moonless Starry Sky” 


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    1. TAHR on

      @Alexey N: I salute you, gentleman from the East !

    2. Alexey N on

      @TAHR, yes, that exactly what i meant!)) i can't agree more)
      man, im happy that my words are understandable not just to me, hehe)
      greetings from Russia for fellow backer from a wonderful France)

    3. Missing avatar

      Reath on

      I'm not convinced an isometric perspective is the best choice for this game. Adventure games generally rely on having detailed graphics to tell the story, and with the camera that far away, they details aren't as easy to see. Having the character closer would give you a better feeling of controlling the character since you're looking at things from much the same perspective they have, helping the immersion of the game.

      2D graphics would also look nicer. If the budget isn't enough to make everything 2D, 3D backgrounds with 2D sprites would be good too. Something like Danganronpa with Blackmore's art style.

      Either way, the scenery could use more clutter and detail. I know they're mockups, but they still look barren and not too attractive. A different style give off a better impression of the game. Isometric views in adventure games aren't very common, and might put off people from the game. Still images with character sprites for 2D (like Snatcher), or a fixed, occasionally moving camera angle fairly close to the character for 3D (like Resident Evil: Code Veronica) would be the best choices, in my opinion.

    4. TAHR on

      Sorry about the typos : "...I think I understand you..." "...this team has to do..."

    5. TAHR on

      @Alexey N:
      Ok, I think understand you :-)
      I fully agree with you about the fact that if iQiOi has already a stable team (apparently they are twleve people), then this team has do what she's the best at (and take pleasure out of it, of course).

      Anyway, I believe my english is more broken than yours ;-)

    6. Alexey N on

      Yes, TAHR, you're right of course about budget.
      I'm not a native English speaker, so it happens that i fail to express my thoughts right.)
      "After all, i think it is all matter of preference for us, backers, and there can't be unified opinion, opinion that can help developers more than they themselves".
      So, again, i think will be efficient in many ways to proceed from the prevailing team skills, and desired direction, and build a workflow based on that. It can help save time & finances.
      But this is just my opinion.
      I just so wanted to see the this game being made. Made as iqioi CAN and WANT it to be made. There, again, i agree with Ahmad)

      As for Sanitarium.. this not just about the graphics, i refer to game mainly because i think this is a worth example of game design - this is one the of the finest isometric adventure out there and not in way of graphics( which is also great for its time) and camera, but in way of using isometric environment, isometric POV for narrative purposes. Game has really detailed and story reasonable levels, filled with great amount of story-puzzles.. i think that system works just great)

    7. TAHR on

      @Ahmad Khan: Thanks ;-)

      Let's make this project happen !

    8. Ahmad Khan on

      @TAHR: i never once doubted your intention for whats its worth, glad to have backers like you on this fine project :-)

    9. TAHR on

      @Ahmad Khan: Well... I don't know what to say, except that I'm 100% behind Jeremy - believe me.
      And I really appreciate all the effort you make to spread the word about the campaing ;-)

    10. Ahmad Khan on

      The thing is that if Jeremy thinks that 200k is what he needs to achive his vision of blackmore then I and hopefully rest of the esteemd backers are behind him and iQiOi.
      Antonio Garcia asked him the same question a while ago:

      Antonio: The goal of $200,000 seems a bit low considering the scope of this project. How will you be able to create Blackmore with only this amount?

      Jeremy: Well, we’ve run some numbers and believe we can do it. For one thing I will essentially be working for free! No, but seriously the answer is yes. We have excellent technical advice and are certain it can be done with careful oversight and after 20 years in business as an entrepreneur, I do know how to manage money on projects quite well.

    11. TAHR on

      This is just my opinion, but I'm not very fond of adventure games such as "Sanitarium" or "Little Big Adventure" because I can't relate to or feel compassion for characters that are filmed from an helicopter point of view during the whole story - to me it fells like I'm playing an RTS.
      However, the solution of bringing the camera closer to the action during interior sequences is a good compromise - that's why I backed Blackmore ;-)

      @Alexey N:
      Replay Games had a 650k budget to remake Leisure Suit Larry 1 (only 5 places to visit - it's a very short game) and they didn't manage to finish the job - everyone is complaining about the jerky animation. Don't get me wrong, I'm like you - I prefer 2D. I juste hope iQioi won't make the same mistakes. To choose between 2D or 3D isn't only a matter of preference - it's also a matter of budget.

    12. Alexey N on

      oh this kickstarter... *cont*
      i also wanted to add that i actually dig the direction iqioi choosed. We've seen a mockup images and they looks really decent. Iqioi put a lot of efforts to show us this images as soon as possible, and they've made this mockups really super fast. Just imagine how things changes with the time and funding. This game can be a candy with 3D)

    13. Alexey N on

      Agreed with Ahmad. I really wanted to see Blackmore as fruit of the iqioi creative control and artistic freedom. But if this aspect is not set in stone yet... well, i'm actually pretty sure that all the approaches on creating environment will be efficient if team built a good workflow.
      I think the iqioi maybe need to proceed from the fact what skills are prevail in team. Working with 2D or 3D.
      As being said this is a story-driven, narrative-centric adventure game so imo there is no need in creating the whole cities with many places to roam, instead, concentrate on creating detailed and story reasonable level-scenes and fill them with many interactions, puzzles and characters (Sanitarium or like levels in Desperado series but in less scale)...
      Whether it 2D (painted or pre-rendered) background + 3D characters OR 3D + 3D, all approaches have own pros and cons.
      After all, i think it is all matter of preference.
      I personally like 2D backgrounds.. but that just maybe because it is bringing some nostalgic feels. There is a lot of games that have interesting approach in creating environment.
      Here i wanted ro share a few interesting different examples:
      Bravely Default.
      Gorky 17

    14. TAHR on

      PS: By "CG characters" I mean "3D characters".

    15. TAHR on

      To produce 2d animation with complex characters such as Emma requires talented animators, clean-up artists, colourisation artists and is an extremely slow and expensive process. I don't beleive it is realistic for a 200k budget but I don't know the scale of the game.

      From the outside, these are the 2 solutions I see to produce this game :

      A- Blackmore : a 15 hours adventure game with CG characters in hand-painted backgrounds.

      B- Blackmore Episode 1 : a 2 hours adventure game that looks like an anime (ex:… )

      As a player/backer I'm fine with both approaches, even though I would prefer the second one (+ Telltale Games proved that the formula works).


    16. Ahmad Khan on

      2d seems more sensible and feasible (time/resource) wise, however in the end i hope to see what iQiOi wanted to do with the game more then anything.

    17. Federica Masante on

      2D all the way for me too :)

    18. iQiOi Co., Ltd. Creator on

      Indeed, Rohan, we are listening to comments very closely. After all, you are our most important supporters. We are strongly considering moving to 2D because it is starting to appear that most people will prefer it. As you say, we are early (barely past pre-production) so we can make many adjustments to suit our fans!

    19. Rohan Viajar on

      I would have preferred a non-3d adventure game, but it's still too early to judge anyway.
      Can't wait to see what it's gonna look like in future updates! :D

    20. Missing avatar

      Brett S.

      Looks awesome.

    21. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      Gaining Donna Burke as a voice actor for Blackmore is a good thing.
      I'm not the fan of stars at in-Game-voices because they make a game unneccessarily expensive without making the game really richer in the relation to the price. But Donna Burke is a reasonabel expenditure.

    22. Missing avatar

      Eberhard Flux

      the ground-textures in the near-Szene aren't final I presume. As well as the level of details?

      The warehouse sight from above looks good. That style would be very nice.
      The scene with the barrels could be in a more undercooled style, based on the black'n white sketch we have seen.

    23. Alexey N on

      @Ai Donna made several tweets about Blackmore and seems to be that she will record a video message for Kickstarter campaign) Yay) Love to see more commentaries from the team)

    24. Missing avatar

      Ai on

      I hope you can record & post her video talking about this project just like the other staffs. :)

    25. Adrian Tai on

      nice. this will be my second KS project with Donna Burke - the other one's Project Phoenix.

      as for the game graphics, it really begs to have touch interface... really. I mean, zoom... changing angles... really hope we can also see touch interface on Windows version.

    26. Ahmad Khan on

      Looks good, thumbs up!

    27. Samantha Mullaney on

      Claudia Wolf too......all my favourites from Silent Hill......go Donna! WOWEE!

    28. Samantha Mullaney on

      Oh my god I loved Angela Orosco.....Im so glad you got someone from Silent Hill 2 in it....happy happy!