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$77,508 pledged of $200,000 goal
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$77,508 pledged of $200,000 goal

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Final 24 hours and closing thoughts


So I write these off-the-cuff feelings with about 25 hours to go...

I'm filled with such a range of emotions: 

-Sadness like saying goodbye to a friend, 

-Relief to take a break from a stressful 30 days, 

-Extreme gratitude for the friends I've met and the support I have received, 

-Hopefulness for the relaunch in 6 weeks or so

-Remorse that I've let you all down

There are so many things that I did not do well with regards to this, our first Kickstarter campaign, but I have learned a lot. When we relaunch, I promise we will have daily updates without fail and much more to show you of the game as its development progresses. You will see better graphics on our KS page and a generally more polished look. 

We've also decided that a straight up 2D game is more in keeping with both the tradition of the visual novel/adventure genre and also more of what you all want, Please come to our website for a poll soon on that very issue.

Anyway, this final update (for the time being) is to assure you that we WILL BE MAKING THIS GAME. Dreams do NOT die so easily and I have never been one to give up. So rest assured you will see this game come together but that doesn't mean I do not need your support because I do, oh, I do. Together, WE will make this game. Stay with us, follow our Facebook page, our IQIOI.COM website, our website, our Twitter feed and share your thoughts with us -we are so happy to hear from you. 

Finally, once again, my heartfelt thanks and deepest gratitude for taking the time, pledging your hard-earned money and support and for believing in my dream which is now OUR dream.

We WILL see you soon for the relaunch of Blackmore's Bane! And now, I will happily take off this KS hat and put on my developer's hat, roll up my sleeves and get to work! Until then!

Fan art courtesy of William Lockwood
Fan art courtesy of William Lockwood - Stay in touch and let us hear your voice!


Things are indeed not all that rosy on our first KS campaign ever, but we're not worried so neither should you be. Yes, our timing was not so good and we launched a bit prematurely. But we WILL return bulked up and ready for combat sometime in the next 60 days!! Grrrrrrr!

We know that we have something great with this game, this team, these characters, and we know that we have plenty of dedicated fans and even more potential supporters that still don't know about us.

In other words, we are moving ahead full steam and will need you all right there on day one when we do relaunch.

We now have an official website for "Blackmore's Bane" at

Please visit us for news, our dev diary (still in its fetal stage) and our forum.

On the forum, we will post polls so we can get your opinions, have a section for fan art (and game dev art!) and many other things. Please come by and join!

Donna Burke speaks!


Ever since I directed Donna Burke on Silent Hill 2, I knew she was a powerful talent. She can act, she can sing like an angel and did you know that she's the voice of the Shinkansen (bullet train) too! Yes, it freaks me out when I travel to Tokyo to hear her telling me not to smoke in the train!

Here's Donna in her own words talking about her involvement in Blackmore. Thanks, Donna, I love working with you!

Story update!


Oh how we wish we could share this story with you, but sadly can only give you some nuggets.

The story of Blackmore is one that examines themes involving man's place among the newly mechanized world. The loss and the search for humanity is one of the richest themes that will emerge from the story. What is it that allows humans to commit unspeakable acts of cruelty upon one another? What is the value of a life when it no longer serves a function? How can we bridge the divide between who we are and what we strive to be?


East London is being terrorized by a series of grisly murders that have left behind horribly mutilated victims, most of them young women. Often their bodies are torn open with parts of their anatomy removed but no one can fathom the meaning or purpose of such a crime against humanity.

The policeman in charge of catching the elusive killer, Inspector Frederick Abberline, has made little headway in the investigation so far. Desperate to stop the killings, he seeks out the help of a promising young doctor, Emma Blackmore, who has pioneered a number of techniques in the promising new field of forensic science. As they examine the crime scene together, they discover a clue that leads them in a direction that neither of them could have expected –the killer, it seems may have powers beyond that of a natural human.

The killer strikes at night, making use of the dark and twisty maze of streets of Whitechapel. Witnesses have come forward with incredible stories of a caped figure leaping impossibly from rooftop to rooftop. Some say this creature possesses long animal-like claws and can breathe fire like a dragon. Others say that the Devil itself is stalking their city.

The city newspaper, the London Howler, has found that nothing sells papers like bloody headlines and they have written increasingly lurid and blood-chilling descriptions of the mysterious caped figure and the depravities being committed. Instead of calling him the Whitechapel Killer, they now call him “Jack”. But who or WHAT is he?

Emma Blackmore's life is turned upside-down along with the lives of the rest of her family. Can Emma help Abberline find the killer? Will her robot companion, Descartes, be able to shed some light on matters? And what about her brother Jonas? Will he continue to berate his sister for stepping outside the normal constraints of society or will he lend his aid in the solving of this unspeakable crime? Time is of the essence. With each incident, the crimes become uglier and more gruesome and signs indicate that soon the killings may strike closer to home...

Screenshots and Donna Burke News!


In response to your requests for more information about what the game will look like and play like, we’ve prepared a MEGA UPDATE showing some screen mockups and we also have some other exciting announcements, so let’s get right to it! We hope that this will get you fired up!!!


Please bear in mind that this is just a mockup to give you an idea of what the game will look like. The models of Emma and Descartes are not finished as you see.

 A close analysis of clues at the crime-scene has led Emma and Descartes to a large warehouse. You click on the wooden crates outside the building and...

Entering the warehouse, the camera comes in tighter to give you a close look around the interior.

These mockups show what the dialog between characters will look like. As you’ve probably noticed right away, the game is in full 3D. The main game screen in which you are moving from place to place is in the classic isometric angle, but as you explore interiors and you find the need to get closer to the action, the view will be more customizable, allowing you to zoom in and, in some cases, rotate the camera fully to uncover items and clues that were not, at first, visible. 

 Blackmore is a point and click adventure game. This means that most of the game play will consist of talking to people and examining or searching for items. In order to advance the game story, you will have make good use of the items and tools in your inventory as well as make smart dialog choices that will lead you in the direction of solving the mystery. 


We are also super excited to announce that Donna Burke, the tremendously talented singer and voice actor will be participating in Blackmore as the voice of Teruko Honda-Blackmore!! Donna is known to fans of Silent Hill,of course, for her brilliant performances in it as Angela Orosco in SH2 and Claudia Wolf in SH3. 



But that's not all! Not only will Donna grace us with her acting, but she will also be singing the closing song of the game!! What could be better than having the same woman who did songs for Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles AND Metal Gear!? Donna has done amazing songs for the following blockbuster games, so we’re in great company! 

  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – “Heaven’s Divide” -
  • God Eater – “God and Man”
  • Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles – “Morning Sky” and “Moonless Starry Sky”