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Have you ever secretly played air guitar to a song? With the Air Guitar Move and an iPhone you finally can play air guitar for real.
Have you ever secretly played air guitar to a song? With the Air Guitar Move and an iPhone you finally can play air guitar for real.
193 backers pledged $31,776 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates

All Units Shipped!

We sent out Air Guitar Move to all $49 and $249 versions last month and last week we shipped the remaining units to our $39 backers. When you receive it, all you have to do is plug it in and it will take you to directly to the App.

By now everyone in the continental US should have received their Air Guitar Move.  If you have not, or have switched addresses since you answered our survey, please let us know!

We're also submitting an update to the game next week. It should presumably be approved and available the week after.  You will see updated motion detection that improves strumming and introduces one other motion.  It's coming together well, you will love it.

Also, we were featured in Wired last week, you can read the article here:

Thanks again for all of your support.  Looking forward to your input on the App.

Colin + Ronald

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Air Guitar Move in the App Store

For all our $49 and $249 backers who received the picks and are experiencing problems with TestFlight, we have good news. The game was just approved by Apple and will hit the App Store in the next 24 hours. If you haven't installed the app yet, just follow the instructions in the manual: insert the pick and click 'ok' to go to the app store. The Air Guitar Move 1.0 app should be the only app listed. If you already installed the TestFlight app and want to switch to the app store version of the app, just delete the Air Guitar Move app from your iPhone and reinsert the pick. The version in the app store is the same build as TestFlight version 1.0 build 225. We're submitting an update to the App Store this week to bring the version up to par with the latest TestFlight build (1.0 520). It takes up to 24 hours for the app to be available in all international app stores, if the app doesn't show up yet, please try again in a few hours.

Apple Approval, Production Begins

Alright Guys and Gals.  Big news.  

Apple has officially approved the hardware, and as of today our factory in China is starting production.  This is a huge milestone for us, and it is a huge relief to be able to announce it.  Based on this, we will ship the $39 units by June 1st.  We will use testflight to distribute apps to the backers who paid $49 and $249, and ship those units by May 1st.  

Thanks so much for your patience.  Things are coming together really well, and we could not have made it to this point without you.  I understand the concern expressed by some of you; I too have backed projects that have had delays.

I can, however, tell you that Ronald and I wake up every day with one goal- get this product to market and build a business of innovative and fun iOS experiences.  We are constantly pushing the product, and showing demos.  You'll never find me without an Air Guitar in my pocket, assuming I'm wearing pants.  

In addition to our kickstarter goals, the product will launch in retail this summer, in the US and abroad.  The retailer cannot yet be disclosed, but you'll find them in every major city.  


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Factory visit

Happy holidays! This is a quick update to thank you for your support this year and a brief project update.

- It took us quite some effort to ready the prototype we showed in the original Kickstarter video for mass manufacturing. We're glad to announce that the Air Guitar Move is now in production. We just returned from a trip to our factory in China and we're glad to announce that we solved the last issues. We received the very first batch of Air Guitar Moves and they work and look very, very good. 

- The Air Guitar Move is now being certified for FCC, CE and a bunch of other institutions. 

- We demonstrated the Air Guitar Move at SF Beta in November and won the People's Choice Award

What's next?

- We don't have a final shipping date yet, but we want you to have the product as soon as possible once the product is certified.

- We focussed on making the hardware reliable and the game still need work. Fortunately, software is easier to upgrade than hardware. We will focus on the software the next few months and would like to use your feedback to improve the software.

- The Air Guitar Move will be sold in retail (in the USA and Canada for certain and we're working on getting the product in Europe, Asia and Australia) in the summer of 2012. That means that you, Kickstarter backers, will have a unique product for the next few months.


- Sealing the guitar pick.

- Colin pretending to build an air guitar. He's not fooling anyone though.

- The finished product

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