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iPen...the digital stylus for iPad!
iPen...the digital stylus for iPad!
1,761 backers pledged $162,333 to help bring this project to life.

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If your iPen is not working , please watch the video first!

iPen in Noteshelf & further update!

Dear Kickstarter & iPen customers,

Today we want to address several issues that had been posted since iPen delivery. We have gathered general inquiries and post the answers in our FAQ section. Please make sure you check our FAQ at

If your iPen is not working, please go to this link:

When you plug the receiver and open the Ghostwriter, please wait for the ‘Digital Pen’ icon pops up so you can use iPen.

For the calibration in Ghostwriter Notes, please check the video:

Re: delay issue

The inking delay results from either app algorithm or iPad models. iPad 2 is much powerful than iPad 1, so the inking delay will have less effect in iPad 2. We are aware of the delay issue in Ghostwriter Notes. Ghostwriter told us they will fix this issue in the coming release. If you have further questions, you can reach them at: . Their support will help you to use iPen in their app.

Every app has different inking algorithm with its pro and con. We had tested Noteshelf beta as shown in the following video. The inking delay can almost be ignored. Noteshelf iPen version will come out this month.


Re: I can only use Ghostwriter. How about other apps?

Please refer to our previous update:

Re: writing noise

Please make sure you position the pen tip well enough so you cannot see the silver metal part. If you’re referring to the noise writing on iPad glass panel, we’re sorry this may be the best we can do so far.

iPen apps update

We added the following apps to iPen whitelist to Apple last Friday. The app developers will be able to submit their new builds this week. It’ll take 1-2 weeks for Apple to approve the new builds before you can download from app store.



LessonPad TypeG


Sketch Club



(We plan to add more apps this month. ArtRage, Notesplus and Procreate tell us they’ll be onboard soon.)

You can only use iPen with Ghostwriter Notes now. We’re sorry we cannot add those apps sooner. If we tried to update those apps before final approval, we’ll need to re-submit the whole product plan from phase 1, which will take another 1-2 month.

 Re: shipping status

We’ve shipped out 99% of all pledges, excluding those with incorrect shipping address or shipping fee non-paid backers. For int’l backers, your iPen was already on the way, and we’ll reply to those who do not receive the tracking number asap.

 Best Regards,


iPen gets approved finally :-)

Dear backers,

iPen finally receives approval from Apple today. We want to thank you for all the support and patience. We’ll deliver your iPen tomorrow. Please check your Kickstarter email for tracking number. The tracking email may jump into your spam or junk folder. If you do not receive the tracking number by Sat, please email us at with your Kickstarter email and shipping address. To speed up the response time, please email with the subject line as “ I have not received my tracking number. “

In the meantime, we’ll add all the supported apps to our MFi whitelist to Apple. After few days, iPen app developers will be able to submit their new builds to Apple. We’re continuously working with app developers for integration. You’ll see more apps supported iPen.

Please also check on our FAQ for general inquires. Be sure to click: My iPen is not working?

All the best,


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