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iPen...the digital stylus for iPad!
iPen...the digital stylus for iPad!
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Another Painting Partner: Procreate

Another good news! Procreate is “The Top 20 iPhone and iPad Apps of 2011, and will support iPen in the next month or two. Procreate has been designed and engineered for professional artists, by professional artists. Although it is geared towards the pro market, it been designed so anyone can pick it up and have fun. They’re having a big sale now: $1.99 vs. original $4.99. We recommend our backers steal this deal now :-)

Here is the snapshot of procreate’s features:

Speed & Precision

Procreate has been developed with our built custom OpenGL painting engine (Silica), which exploits incredible amounts of graphical power from the A5 GPU. The result of which delivers speed & precision, unlike anything seen on mobile or desktop.

Powerful brushes

Procreate brushes are one of the most unique and powerful digital brushes, available today. For years, digital brushes haven't changed–they're all just overlapping stamps. Procreate brushes are a true leap in digital painting.

Custom brushes

Procreate was the first mobile app to pioneer custom brushes. Currently, the Procreate custom brush engine is by far the most flexible and advanced system out there. We allow artists to create brushes by importing any kind of image and then, allow complete control over every aspect of how the brush behaves. Procreate custom brushes give artists the ability, to create an infinite variety of incredible digital brushes.

HD painting

Procreate was also the first app to pioneer the concept of high resolution painting on the iPad. No other apps required. Users can simply paint in HD and export massive files for pinging or post-production. Unlike other apps, Procreate does not slow down or loose stroke points when painting in high-definition. Its also worth mentioning that Procreate gives artists 16 layers in HD mode (Sketchbook Pro allows a max of 4 layers in their HD implementation).


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    1. Missing avatar

      Ehsan Uddin on December 26, 2011

      I would really appreciate if you could include support for iAnnotate PDF. Thanks!

    2. Christian Hammer on December 22, 2011

      Ye! I will finally be able to use my iPad as I have always wanted to use it. Procreate is the best of breed art solution for the iPad but it still is like finger painting without, what I hope the iPen will be.

    3. Missing avatar

      Pamela McClung on December 22, 2011

      Thanks for the update - this is cool to know. I wasn't familiar with Procreate - but I think I will get it while it's on sale. I was a little concerned about how many apps I would be able to use my new iPen with once I get it.... it's great to get these updates so I know and can get apps to use it with. There are just SO many apps out there to sort through and it's just too much work to keep up with it all! I can't wait for my iPen to arrive!

    4. Missing avatar

      Gerhard Schellert on December 22, 2011

      These are really good news. The first Major painting app with iPen support. This will boost iPen as well as Procreate.

    5. S on December 22, 2011

      That's My fav app..... Thank you so much! Good going guys!