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iPen 2 is a universal stylus and mouse for iMac and Apple Displays running Mac OS & Windows.
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Regarding MacBook Pro and other screens…

Posted by Cregle Inc. (Creator)
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Dear backers,

There has been a lot of interests about whether iPen 2 is compatible with MacBook Pro or other glass screens. The answer is both yes and no. Based on our current design and budget we cannot elegantly support MacBook Pro or other screens. The current receiver is not a universal, one size fits all solution. It is tailored specifically for iMacs and Apple displays.

The yes part of our answer is that we are definitely working on it. The biggest challenge is we that want to design elegant receivers that attach to many different screens that also offer proper calibration and accuracy. We could tell you to glue the receivers to your screen, which would work, but it wouldn’t work consistently or offer the seamless experience that we are striving to achieve with iPen 2.

The photo below is a close up of an iMac receiver attached to a 15 inch 2009 MacBook Pro. If you look closely, you will see a tiny gap between the screen and receiver. This is because there is a black rubber lining around the perimeter of the MacBook screen. This results in an uneven attachment of the receiver. The receiver must attach evenly on the screen to accurately capture the light signal from the pen tip.

In Update #6, we modified our existing engineering sample to produce the painting video. However, our MacBook Pro receiver sample still has problems for mass production. The same goes for other Windows pc screens such as the Dell 24 inch glass screen in the following video. Every screen has a different edge thickness. The current iMac receiver design will not be able to fit all kinds of screens.

Because we feel that we can achieve it, we are adding a new pledge level for MacBook Pro users. You will receive an iPen 2 for MacBook Pro laptops with glass screens. There will be challenges but we are confident that we can overcome them to offer a great iPen 2 solution for our MacBook Pro users. If the design challenges prove to be too much, we will happily refund your pledge.

It will take time and resources to create but we are determined to make it happen. It took us 22 days to reach $100K, but it only took 6 days to reach $200K. We believe that if everyone can convince one of your friends to back iPen 2, we will be able to reach our goal in time and ship an amazing product to you. So send out those tweets, facebook posts and emails because every bit helps!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Mert Turkoglu on

      I have MBP early 2011 with matte anti glare display. Is that Pen compatible with that??

      "If it's not glass panel, the pen tip will scratch your screen"

    2. Lucas Tabachnick on

      I'm wondering the same as helder. Could I put a screen protecters on and use it with that?

    3. Missing avatar

      helder on

      is such a pity it does not work on any screen including the more standard pc screen..

      i think you know that if you could make such device work on pc screens the majority people own, you would sell these thousands of them..... too bad!

      but just bare with me, these sensors do not work because of the pen tip would scratch if is not a hard surface right? as long the sensor is really attached to the screen the readings would be ok and if we put a glass on top of the screen then it would become scratch free right.... probably you can not endorse this but tell me if it could work?!

    4. John Einselen on

      The tracking accuracy in the Dell 24" demo appears to be off by quite a bit (uneven lines that are jagged instead of smooth). Is this a limitation of the tracking camera resolution, and will it be addressed in the final product?

    5. Cregle Inc. 2-time creator on

      Re: Helder
      No, you can Not use iMac receivers on any other pc screens. iPen 2 works on Windows only if your iMac or Apple Displays run Windows.

    6. Missing avatar

      helder on

      when i pledged for the imac and ipad bundle i have asked if on the windows side i could use it, and you guys said YES, now i have seen you latest updates and comments and i have started to ask myself if it really was like that or i misled you on the question asked,

      so to make it sure can the imac sensor work on any or at least some other pc screens?! because i first thought was trying to use it in a dell or a samsung screen i have, since i do not have an imac only an ipad?!?!
      thanks a quick reply would be appreciated in order to adjust my pledge accordingly!

      from what you just wrote it seems it does not... please confirm me

    7. Cregle Inc. 2-time creator on

      If it's not glass panel, the pen tip will scratch your screen.

    8. Nigameash Harihar on

      What about making it compatible with the matte/anti-glare display of the MBP?