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iPen 2 is a universal stylus and mouse for iMac and Apple Displays running Mac OS & Windows.
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iPad Air 2 Compatibility and Production Update

Posted by Cregle Inc. (Creator)

Dear Backer,

iPad Air 2 Compatibility

We have received many inquiries regarding the iPen 2’s compatibility with the new iPad Air 2; therefore, we would like to keep you up to date on our production plans and progress related to the Air 2.

We are definitely planning on making the iPen 2 compatible with the iPad Air 2 in the near future; however, because we are still in the process of developing and testing the necessary parts, the iPen 2 will not be fully compatible with the iPad Air 2 by the end of this year.

The necessary part in question is the plastic receiver case, which differs depending on the iPad model being used. As shown in the photo below, the current receiver case built for the first iPad Air does not fit the iPad Air 2 because the Air 2 is 18% thinner than the first iPad Air. For those waiting for the iPad Air 2 receiver to be released, the receiver case for the first iPad Air can be used as a temporary solution while you wait, but again, it will not fit perfectly and may affect the performance of the iPen 2.

Furthermore, there is no need to worry about having to buy a new receiver or a new iPen 2 stylus when we have completed the iPad Air 2 receiver. We will sell the receiver case alone for those who wish to purchase it separately.

We will be sure to notify everyone once we have finalized the release schedule for the Air 2 receiver.

iPen 2 Mass Production

Everything is going as planned with the mass production process and we are beginning to receive our first completed ready-for-shipment iPen 2 styluses. We are just as excited to ship them out as you are, but first we need to make sure everything is all right with these first few styluses before we ship them out to all of our backers.

While we perform our quality checks on these iPen 2, we would like to remind you to update your shipping address ASAP if there have been any shipping address changes. To update your shipping address, please refer to this LINK.

Finally, we at Cregle would like to take this time to thank you again for your continued support, we could not have done this without you and we are looking forward to sharing the fruit of our year’s worth of hard work with you.



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    1. Andry on

      Good news, finally !
      I can't wait to get my iPen. I just updated my shipping address today. I hope there are no issues for delivering in France :/

    2. paul strauss on

      I would like a refund. I can no longer wait for this - you haven't even shipped the iPad version yet, and I ordered the iMac version which will probably never ship.

    3. Missing avatar

      mike west on

      Will never use Kickstarter again solely due to Cregle

      Such a joke

    4. Rachel Bowland Ulstad on

      I have contacted these people several times. I no longer even own anything Apple related. So I have this stylus that took forever I can't use. I love how they promised refunds and all you had to do was ask, yet a great deal of us never got those refunds or answers.

      Kickstarter - I know you can't police these things, but I would hope you would notice these kind of campaigns and the people associated with it and keep them from doing any other work with you. There are so many good people out there who when there are mishaps keep people the loop and make it right. I'm not saying that every project needs to be perfect... but the campaign people should be professional and upfront about it. I believe and other have as well, that Cregel has not. In fact during this time they released another product they sold... very disappointing.

    5. Chi-Hsiu Liang on

      After clicking on the link I still got no clue how to maintain my address.
      Plus I would like to change my order to one iPad Air2 model and one iPad Air model.
      How should I do it??

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      "We will sell the receiver case alone for those who wish to purchase it separately"

      After all the messing around the least you should do is offering them to backers 'FOC'

    7. Missing avatar

      Stephen on

      Such a joke this Kick Starter. We all backed it over 1 year ago and Cregle have failed to honour shipping dates which now means they ship a product which doesn't work with the latest Apple tech.

      I've constantly asked for a refund but have never received any return communication.

      For the folk who run Kick Starter - you should be protecting the backers from situations like this - it reflects badly on you as a company and ultimately stops me backing other KS projects.