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A free-to-play steampunk/fantasy game in the sky! The first game in a series of interconnected games!
1,464 backers pledged $55,362 to help bring this project to life.

Aaaand the alpha is live!

Posted by iocaine studios (Creator)

We're live on Steam Early Access!  Check it out here!

The version we have on Steam is an alpha, so it will have bugs and not a lot of content, but it should give players a sense for what the game is like.

Also, if you donated $10+, you should now have access to the alpha/beta phases of the game.  After listening to your guys' feedback, it feels fair to let those folks in now.  Backers in the $10+ range just need to log into the Steam Bandits website and go to the account section.  At the bottom of that page will be your Steam key.

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    1. palenoue on

      Where do I download the game? All I see is the community site, no buttons for downloading or inputing key code or anything.

    2. Andrew Avenoso on

      Hmm, I backed at the $30 level and created my account back when the site was first created. I don't see my steam key or iocaine points on the account page though. Can anyone help please?

    3. Andre Talbot on

      Oops... Same as Timothy, I just created my account.

    4. iocaine studios 2-time creator on

      @Timothy: Go ahead and send me a message via Kickstarter so I can check it out.

    5. Timothy Litostansky on

      I donated $10. I just created my account on your website but see no steam key. I am sure I am missing a step. Thoughts?

    6. Missing avatar

      Vengent on

      Thanks for listening to the feedback and supporting your backers!

    7. Taedirk on

      Oh well, guess that's what I get for cheaping out for the $5 level.

    8. iocaine studios 2-time creator on

      Send me a message and I'll troubleshoot your issue.

    9. Casidhe

      I can't find the steam key :o(

      Am I just being thick?

    10. Missing avatar

      Peter Smith on

      Thanks so much for changing the policy! Very much appreciated. So glad I backed you guys!

    11. Helena Thomson on

      I was totally not expecting that! As one of the $10 backers I really never expected that and was happy to wait, but thank you anyway. I hope all the extra people help with bug reporting & feedback!

    12. sean inch on

      you know this was the first kickstarter i joined and i have to admit im very impressed with what you guys have done i look forward to playing this and your final version congrats

    13. Angela on

      I saw that :D Then I bought the $15 one. Downloading now. Very excited :D