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A free-to-play steampunk/fantasy game in the sky! The first game in a series of interconnected games!
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Oh hi Closed Beta

Posted by iocaine studios (Creator)

Hi Backers!  I am pleased to announce that we are officially in our Closed Beta phase of the project!  It's been a long road, getting from there to here, but we couldn't have done it without your support! :-D

Closed Beta

So, what does closed beta mean, anyway?  Basically this is our way of slowly ramping up testing of the game by gradually letting friends, family, and Kickstarter Backers access the game.  We're ramping up slowly based on the frequency of issues we uncover.  We'll be letting the high tier backers in first, since they donated the most.  From there we'll let people in based on the amount they donated.  The goal is to let all of you into the closed beta within 3 weeks or sooner, depending on how stable things look.

Beta testing allows us to truly see how much our game can handle and fix bugs that would have otherwise been hard for our small team to find. 

Other Beta Phases

After we're happy with the stability/quality of closed beta, we'll move into a "private beta".  The private beta will allow anyone in as long as they have a beta key.  We'll probably give each of you a handful of keys to give to your friends.  Once again we'll do a slow ramp-up for this to ensure our servers can handle the load.

After the private beta, we're going to do an Open Beta.  In open beta, anyone can play the game, but the game will still have some bugs.  After everything looks good from open beta, we'll officially release the game :-)

Dev Diary

We're going to start up a new series of videos called Dev Diaries.  These videos will be our way to answer your questions and introduce the folks on the team.  Kari is currently fielding the first batch of questions.  If there's something you'd like to have us answer, feel free to reply to this post and Kari will add it to the list.

Monthly Livestream

Once again, thank you all so much for your support!  We're getting closer to the finish line and can't wait to release the game :-D

 - Jason


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    1. Miguel Arroba on

      Looks like it's Wednesday, looking forward to playing the closed beta. :)

    2. iocaine studios 2-time creator on

      This week we'll be letting the backers in that donated $1,000 or more. Emails should be going out on Wednesday :-)

      Next week we're going to let in 400 backers ordered by their donation amount. That should happen on a Wednesday as well.

    3. Stewart A. on

      Very excited to get into the closed beta!!!! When will keys be sent out?

    4. Eric Ponvelle on

      When will or has the Closed Beta info go out? I want to know if I missed it or not.

    5. Charles Bonnell on

      Very nice to hear it is comming along well. I am looking forward to giving this game a try.