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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts! Thanks to all our backers for helping us make this game a reality!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Recent updates


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Twitch live stream and Q&A


We just wanted to do a quick update to let you know we're on Twitch TV right now, livestreaming from our studio with DJWheat. For the next two hours we'll be playing Wasteland 2 and discussing the game, and this is also an opportunity for our fans to ask us questions about pretty much anything you want; the design of certain areas, the writing process, our plans for the near future, etc etc. We will be playing a beta area so it's early-game, we'll try to keep spoilers fairly light.

Get Back to Work!


I hope you all enjoyed your holidays and got time to relax and spend time with the people you care about. I know we here appreciated the break and have returned with our batteries charged; attacking our to do lists with vigor.  

Wasteland 2 has been in beta for around a month now, and it’s been a hectic but great time. The initial beta feedback from our backers has been amazing, not just in that many people are loving what they’re seeing so far, but also in that you guys have been terrific in giving feedback: we have around 8000 suggestions/bugs/comments (with many redundancies as you can imagine) reported directly through the CenterCode bug feedback site, and over 500 new discussion threads on our official forums. All the suggestions and bugs from CenterCode have been processed generating approximately 1800 tasks for our team, of which roughly 500 have already been resolved in the first two weeks of work on this backer beta (in the current internal build).

One of the things that makes this process unique is having an open beta for a narrative driven RPG. Typically we find that beta programs of this size focus on multi-player aspects of games so that the developer can hone in balance, server capacity and features related to multiple people playing a game. In our case we are looking at ways to improve the reactivity of a story driven game in material ways. It is a key tenet to an RPG of this style so expect to see continued changes and additions to areas you have already visited. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly and materially things evolve. We continue to learn from your feedback and apply these lessons to both the beta areas and the ones we haven’t released yet. The final version of Wasteland 2 will be a game that could not have been created in a vacuum.

If you can’t tell, we have been really happy with how well this process is going. There has been a lot of great criticism on how to make the game better, and we’ve been very excited to see the majority of this criticism agrees with our internal evaluations of what we need to improve on and focus on, such as amount and depth of reactivity, or complexity of combat. In other words, we’re in agreement on the direction this game is heading in!

As I said blocker bugs are our first priority but we have a long list of various smaller and larger changes we want to make, many of which were on our lists and were reaffirmed by our community and directly inspired by backer feedback. For example, we’re working on significant improvements to combat. Destructible cover was part of this last update as a first pass with more fine-tuning to come; we will likely add a crouching stance with a variety of tactical applications; we’re going over a lot of the encounter design to more carefully detail tactics-changing factors like ladders or destructible cover; and we’re in the first testing stages to explore adding a special attack system that’ll allow you to invest AP to make specific kinds of attacks based on your weapon types and the skill levels you’ve achieved in those weapons…things like spread shots or steady shots. Keep in mind the combat you see in the beta is only the earliest levels in the game, where enemies are more straightforward and do not have the wide variety of special moves, AoE attacks and more advanced AI of later-game enemies. The enemy AI is quite varied as you get into the later stages, once you’ve sufficiently learned the base controls and rules of the experience.

Additionally, let me give you a peek at some of the things we’ll focus on as we continue production: improving the messaging of the game’s interface and systems significantly; doing several balance passes on everything in the world from economy to combat to the whole character system; overhauling the minimap; fixing font issues; working on the field stripping and weapon modding functionalities; tweaking shotguns so they properly provide spread shots rather than work just as rifles; improving the barter, inventory and character system UIs; fixing pathing; improving the balance and functionality of energy weapons; adding additional satisfying death animations; implementing outfit functionality; adding touches and small scenes to make towns and the world feel more alive and much more. That is just a short list of what is in reality a much longer to-do list, so don’t worry if you don’t see your own suggestion in there: everything our backers put into CenterCode is read by multiple developers so nothing is lost.

One last major thing I wanted to talk about has to do with reactivity and town connectivity. Let me reiterate from our last update, this is our greatest area of focus when we look at videos of people playing the game or read their game impressions on forums or CenterCode. We are constantly adding smaller touches in map passes but also have plans for significant increases in reactivity, both for our existing maps and for the rest of the game. This is another place where backer feedback shines, as we get feedback from people playing through the game and wondering why this one event isn’t a more complex mission or why we don’t add more choices to another. With your help, the game is constantly improving in this field.  

As this process goes forward, we are constantly tweaking features, or adding and removing them, but that does not necessarily mean any of those changes are permanent. The “healing over time” mechanic is a good example of this: We initially put it in primarily as a counter-balance to a lack of reliability of healing items from the random loot tables and an unbalanced economy meaning not enough merchants to buy those items from, and it would have caused an unnecessary delay to implement this before beta release. When we put out our first major update the loot system became more balanced, and we pulled healing over time to see how that impacted the experience of our backers. That is the quintessential beta iteration experience, you never quite know how a feature change works out until you have people playing it. Many like the extra challenge it added and the thoughtful use of healing items it now necessitates, but others were unhappy with the way this impacted game balance or felt healing over time was needed because it is a Wasteland 1 feature. We’ll be curious to see how this is impacted by the upcoming overhaul on field medic and surgeon (yes, we know surgeon is confusing as hell) as well as putting in more friendly doctors and merchants for healing supplies. The game is one of scarcity and the mechanics should support that. We will continue to monitor the discussions on these elements and course correct along the way as necessary.

These next few paragraphs will be primarily of interest to our existing beta backers: we want to thank you for your detailed descriptions of your problems, along with the error logs, save files, and information on what PC specs are running into problems, as they are invaluable resources at this stage, so thank you all so much for your contributions. If you haven't joined us yet on our bug reporting site see this thread, which also contains information on what kind of files to attach (and, as a general request, to please not .zip or .rar them up).  

With the help of all this information we have been doing some major work on our game, and in a short timeframe put out a big update to the backer beta on Steam. You can read the (lengthy) full patch notes over on our tumblr, but be warned there will be a few spoilers at the end of those. Since coming back from our holidays we updated the beta again with a smaller update, primarily to improve performance for specific video cards, patch notes here.

We will continue to update the beta build, first focusing on blocker bugs (crashes, problems with savegames, etc) in the coming few weeks, and then working our way through to major and minor bugs. The blocker bugs have highest priority and as I mentioned have been sorted out to our programmers. We won’t have an exact update schedule here but we should have word on the next update soon, and hope to address the majority of remaining blocker issues. We will continue to focus on optimization for specific hardware setups, and again your reports have been invaluable information for us to work from.  

Expect an update to the early beta code in the not too distant future with an additional area and many reactivity changes. This version will NOT be compatible with current save games, so we’ll give due warning when it’s coming. However, there will be plenty of reasons to play the game from the start, as there will be significant changes to existing areas, and tie-ins between all the beta areas that are worth exploring. New content is not just a matter of pasting a new area to the end of the beta, when we unlock that area we also unlock the tie-ins and NPCs and locations it is tied to.  

Also we were able to get an OSX version of Wasteland 2 up and running fairly smoothly and it is currently in QA. Creating an OSX port of the game is easy thanks to Unity, but such ports do need to go through testing and as we collectively have much more experience with Windows we are being more careful in our approach to the OSX and Linux versions, and are engaging an external testing group to help us get them right. This unfortunately does mean these versions will take a bit longer to release than we anticipated, but on the plus side this experience is invaluable for when we approach the final release. Once the Mac version is up we'll let you know, we will turn our attention toward the Linux version.

Jumping on board

We’ve heard from a lot of our current lower tier backers who still want to jump into the beta, as it was not a part of every tier during the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter or for late backers. We offered a Wasteland 2 beta add-on in our store but closed it as the beta launched, and eligible backers have been able to play this beta for a month now. However, we want to give our existing backers one last chance to jump into the beta, so AROUND THE END OF THIS MONTH we’re going to offer a limited-time add-on option only through the Ranger Center backer store; for $10 you will be able to add-on beta access to your existing pledge, getting your Steam beta key as soon as the add-on is registered by us. Please note this add-on will only provide access to the Wasteland 2 beta, it will not include the digital extras of the earlier add-on or the $60 Steam Early Access version. This deal will also be available for Torment: Tides of Numenera backers who are due Wasteland 2 from their tier, when it launches and if you have Wasteland 2 in your tier you'll be able to get it through Torment's pledge management system. We will let you know exactly when it’s up.  


The first of our Wasteland 2 novellas is getting close to completion, and will be arriving to backers within the next few weeks. All Bad Things is a novella that previews one of the cults you can find in Wasteland 2, written by the excellent Stephen Blackmoore. Here is a look at a candidate for the novella’s cover:

We do need to make a change to our novella roll out plan as it relates to Michael Stackpole as we have not been able to finalize his story. We will continue to work with Michael to deliver his novellas, but we can’t promise if that will happen.

Because of the uncertain status of Stackpole’s novellas, we engaged Stephen to write this novella for us, which will serve as a replacement for the "episodic novella (part 1)", so it will go to all backers of tiers $50 and above. I think you will be very pleased with Stephen’s work and he does a wonderful job of setting up the backstory for one of the powerful LA cults.

As for the promised third novella, Nathan Long is offering his services. Nathan Long is one of the main writers on Wasteland 2 and his work on our game has been nothing short of excellent, and he is one of the writers on Torment: Tides of Numenera. Nathan also has a long list of books to his name, having written a large number of Warhammer tie-in novels as well as his own "Waar" series. With his experience and knowhow of the game I have no doubt he'll deliver a top-notch novella for our backers.

Chris Avellone has been working on his novella, but he’s gotten a little carried away. He’s been so happy with how the tale has been unfolding that he asked us if he could take more time and revise and expand it to be a FULL BLOWN NOVEL. We excitedly agreed and are thrilled to do something extra for our backers by delivering a much longer story, though this means it will likely still take a few months to complete. It will be worth it when we get it to you.  

We’ll shout out on social media when Stephen’s novella is ready. It will be downloaded automatically as an update for anyone who has Wasteland 2 installed on Steam, but we will also be offering redemption keys via your Ranger Center account.  

Coverage & Shout-out

We’ve had fun watching twitch streams and YouTube videos of the backer beta. If you’re not averse to a few (mostly mild) spoilers and want some first impressions of the game, there are many let’s play videos available on YouTube, for instance the impressions videos of Force, MaskedGamer, or TGN, the twitch streams from Theadrain or Dansgaming, or the multi-part let’s player series from sloshworks, CulveyHouse, TheApocalypticStudio, or HDPLAY Gaming Channel. The videogaming press is also starting to weigh in, we round up their previews under the beta preview tag on our blog, including sites such as GameBanshee, Eurogamer, Strategy Informer and Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

Speaking of Twitch TV, we will be joining djWHEAT on Friday the 17th at 12:00PM PST for a live broadcast of us playing the game. It should be a lot of fun and insightful for people that want to know more.

And finally, we wanted to give a shout-out to RETRO Magazine, a Kickstarter-funded print and digital magazine that focuses on classic games and systems as well as newer games, so well worth a look to many of our backers. Wasteland 2 will be featured in a future issue!  

Brian Fargo,
Leader in Exile

Building a Better Beta - Right Now!


It’s hard to believe we're finally at a place where we're ready to put a playable version of Wasteland 2 into your hands, but today's the day. What a road it has been to get here.

It has been an enlightening experience learning what is entailed with this new transparent development process. I admit it isn’t easy to release code before it’s complete, as I have hundreds of issues on my list still to be addressed, but it’s time for the next phase. All backers eligible for the beta from your original pledge (that is, any tier of $55 or more except the $60 late backer box) or an add-on can now log in to your Ranger Center account and retrieve your Steam key for the Wasteland 2 beta. You’ll find it at the bottom of your Donations page. I should also note that we've had quite a few requests to offer the game on Steam Early Access, which we will do after our backers have had first crack at it.


Creating a deep RPG is a unique challenge, in that so many elements need to be working well together, with 95% of the game's underpinnings complete before beta can begin, which is what we've all been working so hard on this last month. Now, however, is the stage of development where the magic happens. With most of the mechanical issues behind us, now we can really start digging deep into the game and finding ways of taking it from good to great. No amount of prepping and planning can replace old-fashioned hands-on playing, testing and iteration time, which is why we are so grateful to have you, our backers, help us hone this process like never before. So thanks once again to all of you for giving us this opportunity to make your game in this new and open way. Your input has been, and will continue to be, critical every step of the way, and Wasteland 2 will be better because of it.

For your convenience while playing, we put together a reference card. This serves as a basic guide to gameplay and the game's interface.

All the game's major systems are now implemented, which allows us to expedite the amount of depth, fun and subtlety that gets in, but this is an ambitious game both in terms of scale and the amount of reactivity we have planned, so please don’t forget that we are not complete, and that there are still a host of issues that need to be addressed. I’d like to highlight some of these so you know what you’re playing and how the final game will compare.


Because this beta doesn’t include all the Arizona maps, this portion of the game will feel a bit more linear than the full experience will, particularly with the first maps being narrower locations rather than proper hubs. The final game will have a more open feel where you can poke around and check the defenses of higher level areas and perhaps snatch an item or two. So fear not, as there will be more strange areas to discover in the final, and we will be dropping more in throughout this beta phase. In addition, we’ll be adding more quests to each map as well.

A number of skills are not implemented in the backer beta, namely, Silent Move, Salvaging, Animal Whisperer, the backer informational skill and, quite ironically, Combat Shooting (ironic if you are familiar with Wasteland 1). You’ll run into a few situations where you could use those skills and we’ll work to balance and roll them out later, but the vast majority of skills are in so you'll be able to try most possible solutions. The character system is complete but not necessarily fully balanced, many XP rewards and upgrade values will still be tweaked.

The beta is launching only for Windows PC initially. We’ll look into launching Mac and Linux versions soon, but they will need more testing before we feel secure in doing so.


As you may remember, we spent quite a bit of time iterating (based on your feedback) the main gameplay HUD, and that process made it better. We have not had that same luxury yet with the inventory UI and character creation, so we expect a lot of comments and you can expect many changes. There’s inconsistency with fonts and colors etc. and the bottom line is that we are not happy with it yet. So please give us your feedback on it, we’ll be looking to polish it up as we did the main game HUD.

The game is also still pretty rife with typographical errors. Report them as you see them!


I must say I am very happy with the musical score that Mark Morgan has put together, he’s doing a great job nailing the mood we envisioned. We are still weak in the ambient sound area and we know how important sound is for setting the mood and connecting you to the world. In addition, we need more sounds for messaging player successes or failures and the sound levels are not dialed in yet which creates an inconsistency in volume.

We are also not finalized on all of the voices so again don’t assume that voices are set in stone. I thought it better for you to get a sense of the radio with some temp voices if need be.


We all know that the heart and soul of a good RPG is having the player’s actions have consequence, and this is a major focus for us. We have a team of programmers that handle all the scripting for the maps, and most of their efforts at this point involve making pass after pass, adding in more depth to what we already have. This is a combination of adding more places to use skills, more ways to work around situations, and a greater degree of meaningful effect based on what the player has chosen to do. We also need add a greater connectivity between the maps, so your decisions have ripple effects in other areas of the Wasteland.

This will be the greatest area of focus as we analyze your play and listen to your ideas. So PLEASE share your clever ideas so we can turn up the charm and depth.

Along these lines, it probably isn’t a good idea to use the shovel on Ace’s grave.

Combat and World Economy

This area is fairly robust, but there has been little work in regards to balancing the difficulty, so expect some areas to be quite hard while others may be too easy. In these types of games the balancing can swing wildly from day to day with just a few variable changes. Just tweaking the amount of ammo that can be found can greatly change the experience. The enemies you’ll meet in the beta are pretty early-game, which makes fights a little more straight-forward, as their AI is simpler than some of the later-game enemies. There are not very many merchants right now, and their inventory is not particularly balanced. Basically the world economy has not been balanced yet. The currency and item drops and their trade value will likely seem off to you, as it’s far from final.

We are also missing quite a few SFX in combat and we need to better message how much the player can actually do. Again we will be keen to get feedback on this area of the game. In general we like that the game is a bit hard, but only so long as the player can learn from the battles and conquer them armed with that knowledge.


The fog of war is not incorporated in the navigation map so you’ll be able to see some detail but not be able to explore or see most of the discoverable areas that will be in the final game.


The code for handling the camera is also not final, and again your feedback will help us to dial it in and give enough user options to make it work for everyone. We still intend to integrate destructible objects to add greater realism and visual payoff into the scenes.

Options Menu

Please make sure you check out the options menu, as you can customize a number of things, like saturation, edge scrolling, etc. Giving you the option to customize the experience as much as possible was another goal of ours. Again, expect many additions here, but there is already a lot of fine-tuning you can do.

Other Topics

There’s some more topics to talk about that are not directly about the beta content, so let me cover those one at a time.

Press or Video Coverage

If you’re a twitch streamer, YouTube personality, or work for the video game press, you’re probably wondering, “What am I allowed to do with the beta?” For the Wasteland 2 beta, we are not putting any restrictions on written and video coverage. Feel free to stream the game, produce YouTube videos, blog about it or write articles about it. You’re free to use any revenue programs available, such as the YouTube Partner program. The only thing we ask is that you explicitly mention that this is a backer/early access beta, and not necessarily representative of the final product. Other than that, please do share - the more the better! Do note that the focus of this beta is on getting feedback from our backers and not about getting press reviews.

CenterCode and Documentation

Though I continue to tell the programmers not to put bugs in their code since they will just have to remove them later, we know there will be many a pesky bug. With that in mind we’re launching our CenterCode bug reporting site now as well. Each eligible backer will be receiving an invitation email to your Ranger Center primary email. Follow the link to register on CenterCode, providing detailed information on your PC as you do so.

The site itself is pretty straightforward; you can report bugs and input suggestions which go straight into our internal bug reporting system, where we deal with duplicates and assign them to the appropriate developer. Simply describe your problem or suggestion, go into as much detail as possible (especially on how to reproduce bugs) and hit submit. The other important function of CenterCode is the “Resources” tab, which we’ll use to provide technical FAQs, system requirements, troubleshooting info and more as we progress in the beta.

I must also give thanks and praise to the hard working team here at inXile. I am fortunate to work with such a bright and passionate group of people who are hyper focused on making a game we can all be proud of. Thanks, everyone!

We’ve all been pouring our heart and soul into Wasteland 2, and I hope it shows. I’ll never forget the elation from those first two days of our Kickstarter campaign and how happy I was to get this chance. Now, after the long journey, I am filled with excitement and nervousness.

Thanks again for your support, have fun, and let’s work together to make a classic.

Brian Fargo,
Your leader in Exile

On Track for Beta, Last Chance for Add-Ons


Hello Rangers,

We’ve been hard at work on the backer beta, working through some last blocker bugs to get it ready for you, and kept you updated on @wasteland2beta and the Wasteland 2 tumblr. To catch you up: it’s almost ready: We’re fully on track to put it in your hands next week!

As we’ve said before, the initial beta rollout is the first four major areas, the associated COPS maps (smaller maps), the world map and its random encounters, and character creation. As the beta progresses, we’ll roll out more areas, though we do plan to hold LA back for spoiler reasons. We’ll have more details on the beta such as remaining known issues next week, when we launch it.

We did want to let you all know that when the beta launches we will be pulling the add-on options from the Wasteland 2 store. If you want to add any of those to your existing pledge – or if you want to be able to jump in on the beta at its launch – this week will be your last chance to do so!

With all late backer donations, we manually import pledge data roughly every 2-3 weeks, but we will ensure the database is up to date when the beta launches. The digital-only pre-order options will remain available though we may pull them too in the not too distant future, somewhere in time and space. Existing backers will still be able to upgrade, so as a backer you’ll still be able to move into a higher tier and get access to the beta later, it just won’t be available as an add-on.

We’re also progressing in other procedural matters as we get closer to beta. We’ve been testing both Steam distribution and the use of our CenterCode bug reporting site with a limited group of external testers, and both are looking good. CenterCode in particular will be instrumental to a successful backer beta run, it allows for bug reports to go directly into our system, so we can quickly and efficiently handle duplicates and assign bugs to the responsible developer. For our backers, it offers an easy-to-use, simple website that gives you direct access to providing us with not just bug reports, but also general feedback and suggestions. Depending on how things go we may launch the CenterCode site before the beta is out, to give you time to register, provide your PC info and get familiar with the site.

Keep an eye on our twitter or tumblr for more news, and expect more updates soon.

Got Wasteland 1 yet?

We released our polished up version of Wasteland 1 a while ago. We’ve patched it a few times since to improve issues like missing paragraphs, freezing bugs and a nasty bug with the cloning pods. It is currently available for Windows and Mac on and Windows, Mac and Linux on Steam. We’re still working on getting another DRM-free option there, specifically for Linux backers.

If you did not grab your key yet, it’s still waiting for you in your Ranger Center account. Go get it! If you played it earlier but ran into some of the above issues, try again now.

All the Shirts

We’ve been expanding our Wasteland 2 merch offerings on J!nx, their Wasteland 2 catalog now includes new T-shirt options: the Blood Sausage, Toaster Repair, Priest and blue Ranger shirts, as well as a Ranger keychain. What’s more, they’re currently running a holiday sale (to December 25th) that includes a Wasteland 2 offer: buy any four shirts and get 25% off. 

Pictures & Art

We’ve been sharing some fun quotes, production photos and other things on our tumblr, so be sure check it out. Among the new stuff are some new screenshots, so here you go:

And finally, here's a new piece of portrait art, an "old friend" making a return from Wasteland 1.

Thomas Beekers
inXile line producer

Almost there, Almost there…


Hello Rangers,

Chris here to announce that our re-release of Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic has gone Gold and has been submitted to and Steam for platform approval. If somehow you’re unfamiliar with Wasteland: this critically acclaimed post-apocalyptic role-playing game was first published in 1988, and broke new ground as one of the first cRPGs to have an open, reactive world with persistent consequences to your actions.

The year is 2087, eighty nine years after an all-out nuclear war transformed the Earth into a hellish landscape where survival is a daily struggle against thirst, hunger, radiation, raiders and mutants. You take control of a band of Rangers, sent out to investigate a series of disturbances in The Wasteland and soon uncover a vast threat to all that remains of mankind.

This old school cRPG offers turn-based combat and top-down exploration, as well as tons of mood-setting texts and a colorful variety of enemy portraits. As we talked about before, we have enhanced the re-release, first and foremost ensuring the game will run on modern machines and higher resolutions. Furthermore, the game has been expanded to offer a music track from Wasteland 2 composer Mark Morgan, integrated texts from the paragraph book and manual, and additional save game functionality. It also offers many optional overhauls such as uprezzed portraits, paragraph voice-over and a choice of playing the game upscaled, smoothed or in the original resolution.

All our backers – whether through Wasteland 2’s Kickstarter, as a late backer through Paypal, or if you got Wasteland 2 through your Torment pledge – will be getting a copy of Wasteland 1 for free. You will receive your key by logging into your account on the Ranger Center (or the equivalent Torment pledge management system). They will be available as soon as the game goes live on and Steam, which could happen as early as Friday, and we'll email our backers then. Access will be limited to backers only initially. You will be able pick between getting either a Steam or key, whichever is your preference.

To briefly elaborate on our last update’s notes on this re-release, we got a ton of feedback based on what we showed you about our Wasteland 1 tweaks. We spent some time implementing a number of the changes our community suggested; a toggle to turn smoothing off, implementing swappable portraits, tweaking portrait art options, in-game manual text on abilities, stats and skills and ensuring it works on Mac and Linux.


The Early Beta is not quite ready yet, but we are almost there. We’ve received countless messages from backers telling us not to release the game until it’s ready. Even though it’s an early beta, we feel the experience has to be at a base level of satisfaction to us before we release it. There will still be plenty of time for you to give input and help us craft the game once the early beta is released. We are focused on getting it to a state where we can give you a meaningful impression of the game and allow you to give useful feedback. We’re working hard to get it there, but it does need a bit more love, and we’d rather get it right than rush it to you. As the beta progresses, we’re also testing distribution mechanisms with an external set of users via Steam, all in preparation to get the first playable in your hands.

Speaking of preparation, the official forums are being restructured and reorganized to support the Early Beta launch. We are also about to roll out the Early Beta issue reporting site, which will use the CenterCode platform. This way community members will be able to directly report issues into our internal bug tracking database. While CenterCode will be our main method of gathering bugs, you guys will of course want to discuss your experiences, share different Ranger builds, help each other out with possibly technical problems, and the official forums will provide the platform for that. We’ve expanded the moderator group with volunteers that have been on the forums a long time, and they will help ensure a smooth experience and assist in ensuring feedback comes through. On top of our existing moderators, RangerBen, Sxerks, SuAside and Tagaziel, we’d like to welcome Zombra, ffordesoon, Drool, paultakeda and Woolfe.

For quick updates, we launched a Wasteland2Beta twitter account, which will keep you posted with news and status updates pertaining to the beta until it is ready for launch. As always, you can check Brian’s twitter, my own twitter, and the Wasteland 2 tumblr for our most important updates.


J!nx started shipping T-shirts as of last Friday. They should arrive at US addresses within a week, internationally please allow for a few weeks. If you’ve received an email from J!nx about your order shipping, that’ll most likely be your Wasteland T-Shirt (unless you have other outstanding orders from J!nx). Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if there appear to be problems with your shipment.

More Kickstarting

If you’re keeping an eye out for interesting projects to back, definitely give the Stasis Kickstarter a look. This 2D isometric scifi horror adventure game has the look of the best 2D top-down gaming had to offer, a mix of Fallout and Sanitarium in this bleak, atmospheric point and click. If you want to know more, an alpha demo is available for your perusal.

Raindrop is another fascinating project in its crowdfunding stage, worth a look from any fan of post-apocalyptic worlds for the aesthetics alone. It is a surreal, environmentally driven horror-survival game, with fully explorable levels and complex puzzles. It’s on its final few days with quite a chunk to go, so they could do with a good push!

Cries of a Dead World

And finally, to share something that’s just cool, gaming song maker extraordinaire Gavin Dunne AKA Miracle of Sound contacted us, interested in doing a fan made song for Wasteland 2. We put him in touch with Mark Morgan for some pointers, and he came back to us with this cool song:

Australian fans will want to keep their eyes peeled for issue #222 of PC PowerPlay, a survival-themed issue with one sweet-looking cover.

Chris Keenan
Project Lead