Funded! This project was successfully funded on April 17, 2012.

Update #32

Making the date

Hello Backers!

I wanted to give you all an update on the progress of Wasteland 2 and to answer some of the questions I have received on production. I can happily announce that we remain well financed for development, thus allowing us to ship a product without compromise. This is primarily due to our disciplined spending, project planning and the benefit of our back catalog sales to cover any extra product features and content we loved.

One of the unique aspects to our crowd funding campaign is that we greatly overfunded which is wonderful in allowing us to create a larger experience, one that is in fact quite epic in size. It could well be the largest RPG I have worked on to date. Of course there is an inherent struggle with the original date hovering despite our greatly increased budget and design. In fact, we learned from this lesson on Torment in adjusting our end date as the monies increased and the stretch goals were met. It’s also important to note that we do not profit from the monies raised from crowd funding as we take 100% of that money (plus extra money in our case) and put it into the game, a game that we can be proud of and one that can become a classic.

So let’s get into a bit more detail on timing:

In the next month we expect to have a version of the game that is feature complete, meaning all basic game functionality is in. This covers the combat system, character creation, radio support, world map travel, logbook, inventory, loot drop system, save games, AI functionality and much more. In addition all of the game maps are in and we have been in the process of making art and reactivity passes already. The basic building blocks of each level are in and the artists are fully propping them out, and the progress on this front is staggering. The hallmark of a great RPG is how reactive the world is, so our scripters are busy focusing on increasing this aspect of the game. We have encounters that look at the gender makeup of the party, the health of the party, the NPCs who have joined you and so many of the various world states. This is the kind of subtlety I love and makes the games both deep and re-playable. 

Mark Morgan has had his all music segments assigned and is on schedule as expected. Our particle effects man is working hard through his list so we get the drama and graphical payoff we are looking for. The portrait artists are all cranking on an amazing array of different pieces of art. Our sound team is in full swing with all of the various sounds coming in at a rapid pace.

This feature complete playable is about 6 weeks behind where I had wanted it to be but I can’t be too surprised considering the increased scope. We have been able to accomplish so much in so little time by our experience, fantastic team and tools.

Unity has played a huge part in allowing us to make a game of this scale in a short period of time. The ease of use with Unity, the asset store and our working with the crowd to help source additional content has allowed us to spend less time on the mundane and more on the creative aspects. I read a quote once that said “art is born from adversity and restrictions” and I think that perfectly applies to this process. The process for development of this game is one that was born from necessity and has made us smarter about how to deliver an amazing amount of content for a reasonable budget. We have also benefited from having just one game in production at a time.

As a producer I always find myself in a conflicting role of both pushing on the design and detail to achieve something special yet at the same time keep it on schedule but that is the job. I’m quite pleased with Wasteland 2 from both a graphical and creative aspect; the scope of the game will be quite a surprise for people.

As this tremendous amount of content comes together, we get to the artistry of making a game. I will soon be able to truly experience the game to get a sense of mood, timing, balance, variety, reactivity, strategic thinking and overall fun. The first phase of this will involve getting it into the hands of a few select players so we can analyze what we have and hone in on the right elements. And once we have made several passes at this phase we will open it up for our beta testers to get reactions and help us further hone the experience.

We plan to begin beta testing in October.

You have helped make this game a reality and you will be with us to the end in shaping the final piece through your comments. The best moments in a reactive RPG come during this phase, which provides for touches and details that could have never all been captured in the upfront design. The beta testing will be critical to help us hone in on finalizing a game that can become a classic. And with your help and input we will release the game when it’s ready.

Thanks to this new crowd sourced model of game production we have the luxury of working on a game that won’t be rushed out the door. Under the old process we would often have either retail or a publisher pressuring us to ship a game before we were happy with it. Or the more draconian measure of being sued or having the game handed to another developer to finish, (yes those clauses are fairly common) if we wanted to spend more time polishing our little gem… fortunately we have NONE of this.

Once the beta testing begins in October and once we have enough feedback from testing, we can evaluate where we’re at and set a new release date. By that stage, over ten thousand of our backers will have gotten to play the game with us. In the end, quality comes before everything and fortunately the backers have been in line with us to make sure we get it right.

We are still having a blast making Wasteland 2 and we thank you again for entrusting us to work in a matter that will allow us to deliver to our vision and quality standards.

Wasteland 2 at GamesCom

I and a few other Wasteland 2 devs will be at the GamesCom gaming conference in Cologne, running from August 21st to August 25th. We will be showing Wasteland 2 for the press, and discuss the game with them, so expect an influx of coverage following GamesCom. We will not be showing the game to the public on the floor, but we do plan to create a video for our backers and fans, based on the area we’ll be demoing. That area will be either the old prison or the rail nomad camp, both of which are looking good. We'll determine which one we'll show closer to the gaming conference.

What else is new?

The Through The Aftermath podcast’s 50th episode has a one-hour interview with me and Wasteland 2 writer Nathan Long. It covers inspirations, writing post-apocalyptic stories, differences between Wasteland and Wasteland 2, carry-overs from Wasteland and nods fans will recognize. It has some spoilers but is also very information-dense, you can also read summations of the points covered on RPG Codex or GameBanshee.

Wasteland 2 Guru has been adding some great info on the original Wasteland. For instance, here is a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide, a hint guide providing a narrative walkthrough of the game. They’ve also merged their wiki with Kayahr’s to significantly expand the official wiki’s content.

Speaking of the original Wasteland, remember the Centron Deluxe Model, a cyborg that roamed through the difficult Sewers levels? Well, they’re back, and they haven’t gotten any less nasty (full size)…

Until next time!
Brian Fargo
Leader inXile

Update #31

Distributing matters

Hello Rangers, and welcome to update #31. We're about to send out a press release announcing our co-operation with Deep Silver for bringing Wasteland 2 out there and the physical goodies to you, but we wanted our backers to hear the news first, so here's a copy, fresh off the presses:

inXile partners with Deep Silver to distribute Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver today announced a distribution deal for inXile’s upcoming cRPG Wasteland 2. Deep Silver is a veteran publisher and already a long-standing partner for inXile.

inXile is currently working on Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, both funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The deal allows inXile Entertainment to focus on all creative aspects of developing the game, while Deep Silver handles the retail release of the game and the physical good fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers.

“This is a perfect opportunity for inXile: it allows us to continue to focus all of our energy and money into the creative aspects of the game while letting Deep Silver take our game outside of the pure digital space. This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control”, says Brian Fargo, CEO inXile Entertainment. “I’ve known the people at Deep Silver for many years and they have always been a first rate organization to deal with.” 

Deep Silver will also assist inXile in the QA testing of the localized international versions of the game.

“The uber-successful crowdfunding of Wasteland 2 through Brian Fargo and his team has shown how much interest for an RPG with traditional values still exists on consumers’ side aside from what large publishers think the market needs. Deep Silver is very happy to support inXile Entertainment in bringing Wasteland 2 to the retail market”, comments Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.


Can Deep Silver make any changes to the game?

No, we’re retaining creative control. Thanks to our backers, we’re fully funded and free to implement our own creative vision, and directly communicate with our backers and crowdsource ideas.

So this is good news?

Absolutely! For inXile, we always intended to use a third party to handle these matters, as we are simply too small a studio to be capable of handling all the award fulfillment details from a practical standpoint. By finding the right partner, we gain not just time: it also frees up financial resources for us as they are more efficient at handling physical fulfillment than we would be. All of that time and funding saved will go right back into the game. We’ll also benefit from additional support from Deep Silver on things like international version QA.

For our backers and fans, it assures you that distribution will be handled professionally and quickly, and will assure a smooth experience for getting the game and goodies into your hands. This deal also allows us to put a retail version on the shelves, so people who discover the game later can still get a physical copy. The digital distribution and sales are still being handled by inXile.

Does this change anything about inXile’s plans in DRM or DLC/expansions?

Not at all, that too remains in our control. Deep Silver is a perfect partner for this: they have no interest in interfering with our promises when it comes to DRM-free release or any future plans we may have for expansions, all our previous promises on these stand. So the only real impact for our backers is that the physical goods fulfillment is in good hands.

Screenshot & HUD Update

Of course, our cooperation with Deep Silver is hardly the only news we have for you. Everyone here is still hard at work on Wasteland 2. For this update I’d specifically like to focus on the game’s look, where the progress even from day to day has been noticeable and awesome. One point of attention has been the game’s HUD. We gathered a lot of great feedback on it after showing our first pass in our gameplay video, and have crafted a new version based on that feedback, to go along with a new screenshot showing the location of Highpool (full size).

The biggest practical advantages of this new layout are an easier readability while also taking less screen real estate in its basic layout. Meanwhile, our dedication to customizability remains in place: you can move around, minimize and maximize different parts of the UI freely to make it suit your tastes. Too minimalist? Make some parts bigger. Too spread out? Simply put different segments together. Here is another look at the HUD after we fiddled with it a bit, resizing the textbox and moving the character portraits (full size).

Wasteland 2 tumblr

The Wasteland 2 blog has recently been moved to tumblr and our approach to it has changed with it: it will now mirror the Torment tumblr in covering all kinds of tidbits and concept art we release, and it’ll link to Wasteland 2 interviews and more. As with the Torment, we’ll continue to post our Kickstarter updates just like before, and round up any important news on Kickstarter, so the tumblr is purely an added option for the fan that wants regular news and can’t get enough of Wasteland 2.

We’d also like to remind our backers eligible for the backers-only T-shirts as detailed in the previous update to please input their information (size and type preference) as soon as possible so we can get the shirts to you.

There are more developments we want to talk to you all about, so expect to hear from us again soon!

Thomas Beekers
On the line for inXile

Update #30

Update 30: The shirts off our back

Welcome back to another Wasteland 2 update. We have a wide array of topics to cover so bear with us. We’ve got shirts, concept pieces, spoilers (thanks, Avellone), production updates and some crazy dude named Werewolf Wally. Would you expect anything less?

Backer Shirts

While the game is going well and steadily trucking forward, you also have a bunch of other rewards coming in the future. First up: T-Shirts! We’re happy to announce we’ve finalized the T-Shirt designs and will be ready to ship them to eligible backer soon! We have four different options to pick from, representing some of the factions of the wasteland, the Desert Rangers (twice), the Red Skorpion Militia, and the Pistol Packing Priests.

The Desert Rangers are the faction you will play as; one of the most influential groups of post-apocalyptic Arizona and the policemen of the wasteland. The Red Skorpion Militia is a well-organized band of raiders, one that has past ties and nasty future plans for the Desert Rangers. The Pistol Packing Priests are a dangerous group of fanatics who believe the apocalypse was judgment come to mankind, and are devoted to seeing its cleansing work continued on the surviving populace.

We have updated the Ranger Center Reward form to allow you to input your Shirt and Size selection. Please register on the Center if you haven’t, and input your information so we can get your rewards to you as soon as possible. These T-Shirts are backer-exclusive, only available to specific tiers and will not be sold later. Non-exclusive T-shirts are available via our partners at J!nx.

In-game Backers Content Tiers Closing

As development progresses we’re reaching the point where we have to start finalizing additional content. For that reason, we will stop taking orders on tiers $500 and above on July 31st. This applies to both late backers and the backer-only upgrade store.

Please make sure you’ve put your info into the Ranger Center. Part of the finalizing process will be collating all that data, and you can also expect follow-up emails from us should we have any more questions. This will happen in the following months up to and after the closing of the tier. 

Since We Last Met 

Below are a few items that we’ve shared on our social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. We know not everyone follows us on those outlets, so we’ll be rounding up the most interesting tidbits in our updates: 

We’ve released two new pieces of concept art, showing the varied denizens of the wasteland. 

Our good friends at Curse have launched the officially-recognized fansite for Wasteland 2, called Wasteland 2 Guru. They’re off to a good start with this nice summary of the road so far for Wasteland 2, an enjoyable read! 

Obsidian CCO and Wasteland 2 writer Chris Avellone was at Rezzed to talk Kickstarter and the crowdfunded RPGs he’s working on. The talk focuses on Project Eternity and reveals a lot of interesting things about that game, but of more interest to our fans he hits a bit of Wasteland 2, specifically at the 13:38 mark, showing off the Agricultural Center design document and talking design. SPOILER WARNINGS apply for the on-screen text. 

nd finally, Polygamia has an indepth interview with inXile CEO Brian Fargo. Not a lot of it deals directly with Wasteland 2, rather it digs deep back into his past with Interplay and inXile before going into the current industry and Kickstarter, but it is recommended reading nonetheless. 

Production Update

Pick a department and they’re making amazing progress. Most of our game systems are in and working. The team is currently busting ass to get the remainders in for a full feature lock. Meanwhile, the level designers are taking the time to craft each encounter and focusing on the reactive elements. Mark Morgan is about to get started on the next batch of music for us. Now that we’re starting to lock our script for the radio voice over from Vargas, we’re able to kick off the recordings next week. Radio plays a huge role in the game and adds a very interesting element to how you navigate the wasteland. That system is fully functioning and will continue to get deeper and deeper. The art team is taking additional passes on each map and adding bits of detail everywhere they can. We’ve also picked up some great team members to help us close out the last third of development. Things are moving fast here! 

With that said, in our last update, we promised a bit more on an area in Wasteland 2 that you’ll come across in Arizona. After the screenshot below (full size here), I’ll turn it over to Damonta’s own Werewolf Wally with some interesting details…


Ahoy there, weary traveler! This is Werewolf Wally, howlin' at you from radio station KPOW in heart of downtown Damonta! Are you tired? Hungry? Lost in the trackless reaches of the wastes? Then listen to this message from the Damonta Chamber of Commerce, and point your tired tootsies toward the friendliest little town in Arizona.

Damonta has everything a weary traveler could wish for, motel, bar, garage, diner, fresh water, scenic attractions, the best oldies station in Arizona, and the biggest scavenging center in the west! 

Our little town grew up in the ruins of an old military facility known as the DAvis-MONThAn Air Force Base - hence the name - and that base is the secret of our vibrant economy. Its big old airplane graveyard is a magnet for scavengers and scrap-metal merchants from all over, and the tech we've taken from all those old planes, robots and buildings has given the town the highest standard of living in Arizona. Ever heard of air conditioning, folks? Well, we got it, and you won't believe how good it feels. 

Trade here in Damonta is a winter occupation, as radiation clouds seal off the town from most of its neighbors in the hot summer months, but even in the summer there is plenty to do here in the garden spot of the east. Scavenging goes on year round, there's always a shin-dig happening at the Fly-By Nightclub, and locals and tourists alike often visit the airplane graveyard just to look at the soaring skeletons of those old war-birds and the rusting hulks of those scary-looking robots. 

Heh heh. Don't worry, folks, they're perfectly safe. Haven't moved in years. 

And "perfectly safe" pretty much sums up all of Damonta, too. If you're here for trade, tourism, or just looking to settle down, remember, Damonta is the place to be! Tell 'em Werewolf Wally sent you! Till next time…

Update #29

Update 29: How many squeezins can I fit in my bag?

In this update, you’ll find a relatively quick video detailing some features of our inventory screen. Our top design goal with inventory is to make sure it is functional and easy to navigate. We considered the positives and negatives of things like grid vs. list backpacks, weight-based or “tetris” style along with navigation details to see which elements will work best with our design. Being that Wasteland 2 is a party-based game, you will essentially have between 4 and 7 inventories to access at any one point. This could become tedious if the design doesn't promote easy management and trading. To reduce this nasty element, we added things like double-click to equip/use, column-based sorting for major characteristics, hot keys for trading, and our smart-loot favorites system.

Check out the video below (in 1080p for best viewing) and let us know what you think! We want to hear your thoughts on improvements to functionality that could be made before release. Please feel free to do so as a reply to this update, on our Facebook page, and our forums and blog. The more vocal you are, the better chance you have of being heard!

Before you get to the video, here are a few things on our task lists that aren't shown in the video. These weren't fully implemented yet but will be prior to release.

  • Key bindings for menus and commonly used items. You’ll have the ability to designate hot keys for quick navigation of things like trading items to a specific party member or entering into various menus.
  • Mouse-overs for all relevant icons and backpack items to give detailed stats. Each of the icon details on the item pictures and inventory slots will have mouse-overs that show all of the granular stats you've come to expect from hardcore RPG's.

Please be gentle. I was sick when I was recording the video earlier this week... 

Damonta – The Airplane Village 

Here is a new screen shot from a work-in-progress area in Arizona we have not talked about yet. This night shot is from the town of Damonta, which was built from the ruins of the real airplane graveyard that is located south-east of Tucson, Arizona. When we saw images of the real location we were inspired to create a level of the game set in a makeshift village built from the remains of over five thousand airplanes. We will have more shots and a level overview from Damonta in the next update…

Production Update 

In our previous updates we mentioned our end-of-April milestone: “having all level geometry blocked in and all encounters and interactions scripted”. We’re happy to say we've pretty much hit that milestone. "Pretty much?” you ask? We hit what would satisfy the letter of that milestone. While we had all encounters blocked in, there were still issues that needed to be cleaned up and sorted before a full playthrough was really possible. For that reason, we set an end of May milestone to clean up the block-in pass for a true beginning-to-end playthrough from a conversation and mission perspective. This means Wasteland 2 is in a fully playable, “alpha-ish” state. The beta is still months away, and we’re tracking well towards it. 

Our first priority was to block in all maps, and now we get to move onto the phase of propping them out to make them more presentable. We will be iterating and polishing the levels from a gameplay standpoint while the art team is making everything look amazing. As the art gets better, we will have many more screenshots to show off to all of you! 

Our Community Manager & Line Producer

We would like to introduce one of our newest employees: Thomas Beekers, also known as Brother None (a Fallout reference so obscure most people miss it entirely). If you've sent in a question to us through Kickstarter or our backer centers in the past few months, more likely than not it was Thomas answering. Thomas has actually been helping us out since before the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, when Brian Fargo reached out to No Mutants Allowed to get some extra feel from the hardcore RPG communities. After the past year of valuable feedback and help in Wasteland community interaction, it only made sense to bring him on board full-time. 

Thomas has been around hardcore RPG communities like NMA and RPGCodex since the late 90's.  He has also worked as a game reviewer and editor for RPG website GameBanshee for the past six years while also finishing up his BA in History and MA in Russian Studies. His activity in the gaming community makes him ideally suited to help us on community interaction, as well as providing feedback in our earliest alpha tests for Wasteland 2. Thomas is also going to help reaching out and finalizing the in-game backer content in the coming months. 

Until next time…Have a great week everyone! 

Chris Keenan, Development Director, inXile entertainment

Update #28

In the Wasteland, it's all "Self-Defense"

You’ve heard plenty about Torment over the last month (pretty amazing, huh?!?!) and now it’s time to bring back the good ol’ Wasteland 2 update! The main reason you haven’t heard from us for a while is because our development team is knee-deep in production to get to our end of April milestone. When we exit pre-production, we have paper design for most everything, it’s just a matter of spending the hours, days, and weeks to build, code, and craft the levels and systems you will ultimately play. It tends to be extremely time intensive, but it is one of the most exciting times of the project as you really get a sense of the game as a whole. A few key production milestones that we’ve hit:

  • All 14 major areas have been blocked out with the base level geometry. And yes, this is revealing we will have 14 major areas. 
  • We have maps loading (from scene to scene) so we’ve stitched together all areas to form a cohesive flow.
  • 95% of all conversation encounters are placed and working. That means you can talk to just about everyone and go through their various states of reactivity based on how you deal with the conversation.
  • Our core AI system is built and fully functional. These tools allow the designers to build, modify and tune many of the AI behaviors we need for the game (outside of special cases).
  • Our inventory system is fully functional. **We will detail this further in an update within the next month**

Before I continue with this update, I’d love for everyone reading this to check out this link, showing the success of fan involvement with this game. From the first day we were discussing this Kickstarter, we knew we wanted to be directly in touch with our community but I’m not sure we had any idea how much it could change our fundamental process of making games. All of these (and more) fan-created contributions will make it into Wasteland 2. More on the W.A.S.T.E program later…

First, we’d like to talk a bit more on our weapons system and the thought process that led us to the implementation we have now. 

What sort of weapons are at my disposal?

Hello everyone my name is Devin Morrow and I am a combat designer here at inXile Entertainment. I have been asked by the powers that be (read: Chris Keenan, our production director) to introduce myself as well as provide to you, our generous fans and backers, a little insight into our current weapons design progress and philosophy.

This is my first time, so please be gentle.

In the original Wasteland and many other RPG’s, there is a clear weapon progression. As you worked your way through the game, weapons like the handgun became less effective in favor of the larger weapons. While this makes some sense it does limit the ability of a player to choose their favorite weapon type for thematic or role playing purposes. It’s hard to play the part of a wasteland gunslinger when you had to ditch your trusty M1911A1 pistol for an AK-97 because the damage just wasn’t cutting it anymore. In Wasteland 2, we want to give back a little more control to the player over how their characters are built and how they progress. This is something we have heard the community echo many times in conversation and on the forums, so it’s nice to know we are on the right track.

With that in mind, Wasteland 2’s weapons are divided into a number of classes, each with their own progression. We’ve created a system where if you invest into pistols, you can use them from start to finish and be effective throughout. The same thing goes for sniper rifles, sub machine guns, blunt weapons, bladed weapons, brawling weapons, anti-tank, demolitions, energy weapons, and rifles (list subject to change™). We even took this a step further and allowed more specific, thematic progression within the classes. For instance, we have a range of revolvers from starting equipment up to end-game death dealers that are all part of the handgun class/skill. The same is true for semi-automatic pistols if they are more to your taste. Do you like bolt-action or semi-automatic sniper rifles? One-handed or two-handed melee weapons? How about rockets or grenade launchers? Not to worry, we have something for all of you!

That’s not to say that each of these weapons will be as effective as the others in every combat situation. A core design tenet that spans all systems we’re creating has been one of “the trade-off”. We applied this to the weapons system by creating a defined role for each class. Most of these roles you will pick up on quickly. SMGs aren’t as accurate as rifles, don’t shoot as far, and don’t hit as hard or penetrate armor as easily. They do however put out a respectable amount of lead, have the advantage of using pistol rounds which are in greater supply, and require less Action Points to move with. A fast character can be devastating with a SMG, quickly closing in and unloading on an enemy where the accuracy penalty is drastically reduced. On a lightly armored enemy, the damage per action point will be much higher with a SMG versus a rifle (of the same approximate level). Anti-Tank weapons fire and reload slowly, will reduce your character’s speed in combat and are expensive to use, but will do massive damage to a large area. Just make sure you don’t have rangers standing behind your rocket-propelled grenade or the back blast might take them out too.

To keep things fun and allow a little flexibility to the system, we have incorporated weapons within each category that blur the lines between different roles. The perfect example of this is the D18 (totally not the Glock 18) automatic pistol. While not as effective at being a SMG as an SMG, it does allow the player heavily invested in handgun skills a little more flexibility in roles. Some other examples are the shotgun shell firing revolver and the .55 caliber WW2 anti-tank rifle.

Before I go I want to thank the community at Ranger Center. The “Weapons you would like to see in Wasteland 2” thread is one of the largest threads in our forums. You have been a great resource of creativity. I also think you’ll all be pretty happy with the weapon lists we have compiled. We have done our best to incorporate as many of the serious, real world fire arms as we could while still leaving room for some of the crazier suggestions as well (I’m looking at you, welded-together double SMGs). I will hopefully be back soon with an update on our weapon and ammo crafting/upgrade/mod systems and other assorted goodies. Until then please keep the flood of ideas and feedback coming, I assure you we are listening.

W.A.S.T.E. Batch 4

The fourth batch of our Wasteland2 Asset Store Threedee Experiment (W.A.S.T.E.) is now out. After discovering the impressive quality level of assets we received for the previous batches, our art team decided to up the challenge a bit for our contributors. With this latest batch, we’re looking for even more variety and creativity, as many of these props are frequently used and the more varied the set we have to work from, the better the game world will look. We’re also requesting “tile set” meshes for the first time. If you’re interested in contributing, please see the Unity page for more information as well as the gallery of art assets we are looking for.

While our contributors are working on batch 4, we are processing approved contributions from batch 3, as well as reviewing a fresh set of contributions from that batch. While W.A.S.T.E. has not been without its hiccups and delays, we’ve been working to smooth the process, and it’s still exciting to see the high-quality work of your submissions.

DRM-Free Release

We have been getting a lot of questions regarding our plans for DRM-free releases moving forward. To clarify, we are offering the game on as many digital distributors as is viable. Currently we are confirmed on Steam, Origin, and GOG. The Steam and Origin versions will work just like any other games on those services and will not have any additional DRM. The GOG version will be DRM free. We will look at more digital retailers – including other DRM-free ones (such as Desura) – as we get closer to release. As well, we won’t require you to be online to play the game.

We are not currently actively planning any DLC or expansion, since we’re fully focused on delivering our promises with Wasteland 2. It’s not out of the question, but we have made a commitment to 65,000+ people to deliver a fully-complete, bad-ass successor to Wasteland and that’s all we’re concerned with right now. Once the game is released and we can take a deep breath, we’ll evaluate the next best steps for the game and our fans.

Chris Keenan
Production Director

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    $50 pledge + Early release episodic Novella (Part 2) on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a NYT bestselling author and member of the original Wasteland team. Also, get PREMIER ACCESS TO AN EARLY PLAYABLE BETA ON STEAM. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    5218 backers

    Previous reward + COLLECTOR'S EDITION PREMIUM BOXED VERSION which of course contains map and instruction book. But additionally comes with Wasteland miniature, Wasteland 2 faction badge. Also get your name in the credits in a special thanks section. The premium box replaces the standard box but also comes with a digital copy of the game. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    407 backers

    The $100 reward + a backer-only WASTELAND 2 T-SHIRT. You will get to select between one of four shirts. The T-shirt will not be available anywhere else. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    776 backers

    The $100 reward + a limited edition numbered collectible coin, a WASTELAND 2 POSTER and one large boxed copy. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    1200 backers Limited (300 left of 1500)

    One $150 reward + your boxed collectors edition copy of the game will be AUTOGRAPHED BY BRIAN FARGO, ALAN PAVLISH, MIKE STACKPOLE, CHRIS AVELLONE and other key development team members. You will also receive 2 digital download copies (so you can leave your collectors edition sealed up!) and a lv1 Desert Ranger medal of honor (real metal medal) limited edition collectible. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    172 backers Limited (328 left of 500)

    Previous reward + WASTELAND DOOMSDAY PREPARATION SURVIVAL KIT. All your doomsday needs in a themed Wasteland collectible bag. You’ll also receive a lv2 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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    147 backers Limited (53 left of 200)

    Previous reward + BECOME AN NPC, WEAPON, OR LOCATION in the Wasteland 2 world! We will get your name and (if relevant) a picture of you to add your general likeness to the actual shipped game. Brag to your friends and beg them not to take you out with a Meson Cannon. You’ll also receive 5 digital copies of the game and a lv3 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

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  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    2 backers Limited (23 left of 25)

    YOU GET TO PLACE A PERSONALIZED COLLECTIBLE ARTIFACT IN OUR WORLD and write its backstory! It could be anything from an engagement ring to a teddy bear. We will have 100 of these rare and semi rare items that can be found throughout the Wasteland 2 world. When collected, all players will learn about the personal touch that you added to the world. You'll also receive a signed Collector's Edition, boxed version and 8 digital copies of the game to do what you'd like with, in addition to a lv4 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible. (This does not include NPC/Weapon/Location as well)

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    13 backers Limited (12 left of 25)

    BECOME AN NPC, WEAPON, OR LOCATION AND PLACE A PERSONALIZED COLLECTIBLE ARTIFACT IN OUR WORLD and write its backstory! You'll also receive a signed Collector's Edition, boxed version and 10 digital copies of the game to do what you'd like with, in addition to a lv4 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

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    9 backers Limited (6 left of 15)

    Previous reward + We will BUILD A STATUE, in your honor. After getting a picture of you, we will carefully craft this in game statue. You are now forever a part of Wasteland history. At this level, we will also sign and frame actual original concept art from the game. With 30 digital copies of Wasteland 2, you will be a hit with your friends. You will also receive a lv5 Desert ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible and AN EXPLODED BLOOD SAUSAGE Wasteland limited signed and numbered collectible figurine. (for the game, you'll get 1 signed collectors edition and 30 digital copies)

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    12 backers Limited (4 left of 16)

    Previous reward + COME TO AN EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE PARTY hosted by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish and other key members of the Wasteland team (must be able to travel to Newport Beach, CA). Talk design, previous works or anything else you’d like to discuss. Also, a shrine in Wasteland 2 will be erected in your honor. You’ll receive 50 copies of the game to do what you want and our deep appreciation. You'll also receive a medal and AN EXPLODED BLOOD SAUSAGE Wasteland limited signed and numbered collectible figurine.

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