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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.


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    1. Missing avatar

      Kyle Godfrey on

      Physical rewards still haven't been sent out ?

    2. Andrew Utsogn on

      I've restarted the game realizing some of the bugs were related to my playing the game pre-launch so California had some unfixed pieces as a result. I'm excited to find my backer elements in the game and my extended family was very happy when they received backer codes from me and started playing. I really think this will generate the kind of word of mouth this style of game needs to come back in force.

    3. Clyde Lee Graham

      Playing the game, and I am quite happy. When will we receive the other deliverables. In my case, digital soundtrack, digital concept art book, & extra downloadable version of the game?

    4. Алексей Озеров on

      Thanks a lot to all team. Dont know about other - but I played it instead of endless WoT. And meet sunset in a "ok I go to sleep - just look, what I found here"

      And - btw - what about RedBoots ;)? I'm ready to pay something extra to You.

    5. K. Simms on

      Been playing this game a lot. It's brutally fantastic.

    6. Missing avatar

      umaster on

      Just finished it. Really amazing. A pity my name wasn't in the credits though, that made me sad.

    7. Missing avatar

      Eli on

      Thank you all so much! You've absolutely delivered everything I'd hoped for and more. I'm having so much fun playing and after 30 hours I feel like I'm just getting started. I have to admit, I'm a bit giddy thinking about what you will do with Torment. Glad I have this amazing game to tide me over while I wait :)

    8. Missing avatar

      derek roach on

      great game :) well worth the wait, my name was forgotten in the credits though even tho it was in my ranger center info :(

    9. Alan Plum on

      I haven't received my collector's edition physical copy yet. Shouldn't the international packages have arrived by now?

    10. Sal "Lasareath" Cameli on

      I'm Loving the Game so far. It's been much fun. I can't wait to get home and play. My wife likes it too because she gets the TV all to herself now! LOL

    11. Malau on

      I have played for almost 30 plus hours and I've only scratched the surface. You gave me all the good feels, thank you.

    12. Vincent on

      Congradulations to the entire team an another masterpiece. Now go finish tides and start working a deus ex / shadow run type (set in the future) game in the same vain as WL2 except more conspiracy/ psychological thriller-esq ... Just thinking what you could do is exciting to think about. Throw up another kickstarter I dare you.

    13. Zoran Cavic on

      After playing for 10 I must say the game is awesome, enjoying every minute of it.

      Thank you inXile!

    14. Missing avatar

      Eggshin on

      Brian and team, thank you! The attention to detail, the wit, the art direction, the music, the overall atmosphere, the fiction, the characters...seriously, I love it!! Thank You!

    15. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Harris on

      Brian, inXile, you guys did a fantastic job. I decided to hold out playing until the final polished version was done. Holy moly did you guys deliver. From the time I started (not counting Vargas shooting me like a dog of course ;) ) to just finishing the AG Center it must have been a good 8 hours. That same mission plus side missions would have only clocked about an hour or 2 in other games. Best $15 I ever spent. Congratulations guys!

    16. Sean Long on

      I've only just scratched the surface of the storyline so far, and already the game is worth every penny I put up here on kickstarter - and that was $100, so, yeah ... it's an awesome return to the Wasteland IP, characters, and everything. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      Louhikarme on

      Great. it is what i expected it be. loving it. only grip sofar has been the camera movement. rotating camera isn't fluid and you have to wait it to rotate until you can press key again. still. thats the only thing i haven't liked sofar and spent hours on it already.
      well done!

    18. Pavel Stangel on

      Game is great. 13 hours in, it really fulfills my expectations, which is incredible by itself. So happy I backed it, and I hope the box will arrive soon!

    19. phobos2077 on

      @ William Hans Håkansson: no, you're not. $20 fee was for those who didn't payed $15 before.

    20. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on

      Wondering when my box will arrive? Haven't seen any responses......?

    21. William Hans Håkansson on

      I'm a bit confused. Am i screwed if i didn't increase my shipping few from 15 to 20 dollars? I'm paranoid that i won't get my stuff :(

    22. David Henderson on

      I didn't pay you anywhere near enough money. I curse my weak mortal form and it's need for sleep... cant. stop. playing!

    23. phobos2077 on

      The thing that bothers me most right now is the camera. It's clumsy. This auto-rotation on close up thing. Maybe I don't want my camera to rotate when I only want to close up... also the maximum close up is not.. close enough. Some characters are pretty well detailed but I'm unable to fully see them even with maximum zoom on my 1920x1080 monitor.

    24. Missing avatar

      MISSINGNO on

      Anyone else spectacularly disappointed?

    25. Joachim on

      A thorough "THANK YOU", Brian & Team. I just wanted to try it and then go back to Divinity Original Sin, but your game holds every promise you gave. It's modern old school, it's really wonderful, it's deep, it's creepy, it's everything I have imagined.
      Yes, the graphics are a bit outdated and I guess especially the camera angles do not really let it shine. But whatever: don't judge a book by it's cover, judge it by it's story. And so far: great :)

    26. Missing avatar

      ABergthorsdottir on

      Congratulations on release guys! So far it's proving to be an absolutely wonderful game. Don't listen to people complaining about the graphics, it's quite good once you're in the game even if the player model doesn't stand up very well when enlarged that much in character creation. Looking forward to when the physical rewards ship out, till then the game is proving to be just as much fun (and challenge) as the RPGs of old. Well worth the wait, thank you for the hours of fun so far and to come InXile.

    27. Missing avatar

      jacob on

      I played 2x times the beta fro beginig till end, now I can finaly go further.
      When will be campaign for Wasteland 3 or some story DLC?

    28. Bryy Miller on

      A few game-breaking lag bugs.
      Screen tear.

      But at least we have Nuke Grenades that blow off clothing.

    29. phobos2077 on

      Graphics doesn't look so bad, despite what most people are saying (set everything at max), in terms of textures resolution and polycount. Certainly not worse than New Vegas or Fallout 3. What I don't like too much is the color palette. The desert looks somewhat.. too bright and shiny. Fallout 1&2 had better colors :D

    30. Cassandra S on

      I wish I could be excited about this, but I just realized the game's system requirements are too high for my only computer. Dammit. I guess I'll wait to enjoy this til if/when I get a strong enough computer.

      I wish I'd realized this before pledging to this Kickstarter.

    31. Valeriy on

      @Ketil K:
      Yeah, I wonder why no Humble Store myself.
      I mean, Good Old Games? Really? These guys are literally nobodies in Linux world. They have neither experience nor recognition amongst Linux audience because they frowned upon Linux for the most time in their history.

      Humble Bundle Inc. have knowledge of how to distribute games and excellent distribution services but for some reason they are only reselling Steam™ keys (and for a bigger price at that, no thanks to absence of the regional pricing). This makes me wonder what went wrong… Perhaps inXile have no involvement in Humble Store and what Humble got is the result of their cooperation with Valve™ (and thus we only have Steam™ keys).

      Or, perhaps, something else entirely went wrong (like, Humble refused to host a game so big as "Wasteland 2" due to physical storage limitations) but I find this highly unlikely…

      Perhaps, inXile can enlighten us on this matter.

    32. Missing avatar

      llorenth on

      Thanks for making this fun, classic-style RPG, and for being so persistent, Mr. Fargo! I'm proud to have helped in some small part to make it happen.

    33. Ketil K on

      Might be beneficial to install latest version(2.17) and recreate the login details and maybe the config files too. Maybe try the status option, it should return a line like this I think:

      lgogdownloader --status
      ND wasteland_2_kickstarter gog_wasteland_2_1.0.0.4.tar.gz

      But I agree that linux support in gog could be better. Gog didn't support linux at all until recently. I rather have a less than perfect gog than steam any day, but that is me, I understand that not all agree. Not sure how gog deals with resume on regular http(non-client) downloads though. The advantage of lgogdownloader is that it integrates login support so we don't have to mess with importing cookies to the download manager we prefer. A good download manager support paused downloads, but I don't find firefox's, chrome's or any browser's download manager good for such things. The effort integrating it with something else is higher than ideal.

      Humblebundle has the best way of distribution I think, I get the choice between http and torrent download. No special software required.

    34. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Yeah, that's no change, I guess I'll have to pester support. Right now I'm kind of regretting getting the GOG copy and not the Steam copy.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I'm giving it another try, it just seems rather short sighted of them to not ensure that Galaxy was ready in time for this. It was supposed to be out in August.

      But, it is good to know that it's worked for somebody. I have a hard time understanding why it doesn't work for just one specific game.


    36. Ketil K on

      @Thomas This command works for me: lgogdownloader --directory $HOME/games/gog --platform 4 --no-deb --limit-rate 100 --download --game wasteland

      You will need to login first though. Maybe you need to refresh the list over games you have access to also.

    37. Eye-Level Entertainment on

      Congrats to everyone at inXile for finishing up this game! Very excited to get back to the wastelands... been too long... Thanks again!

    38. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @Ketil, that won't work, there's something very strange about the way that the game sits in the catalog as I can find the extras with lgogdownloader, but not the actual game itself.

      I assume that GOG galaxy will fix that oversight, but I have a hard time understanding why they thought that dumping a 12gb game file with no download manager or ability to pause and resume the downloads was a good idea.

    39. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Guys, the download manager doesn't work for Linux games. I know because I tried it and you just get the HTTP download link.

    40. Joseph Le May

      Were we supposed to get Bard's Tale as well?

    41. Missing avatar

      Michele on

      It seems that the second key, for the ones who are entitled to that, is only the standard edition.

    42. Ketil K on

      While the official gog-client doesn't work on linux there is a third party command line utility called lgogdownloader out there. That is what I use. It says it can resume unfinished downloads. It can see if downloads are corrupt, but I think a corrupt download will be solved by downloading the whole file again. Look at this thread if you want to try that client too:

    43. AndonSage on

      hendawg_ofthemiddle, the novels were already delivered. I don't know about the art book and soundtrack, though.

    44. AndonSage on

      Thomas, GOG _does_ have a download manager. It's called " Downloader."

    45. Welverin on

      GOG does have a download manager and has for a long time. It even lets you pause downloads!

    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      The Windows and OSX versions shouldn't be a problem, both of those are supported by the downloader. Hopefully, GOG Galaxy will be released soon.

      But, even without a downloader, the Win version isn't an issue as it's split up into pieces that are 2gb or less each.

      Sometimes I wonder what the folks over at GOG are thinking, because having a download that size without a download manager is just asking for trouble.

    47. Jeremie Lariviere

      It's going to be a big GOG download; looking forward to trying it! (and waiting for the physical rewards)