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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
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The End is Coming!!

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

I felt this title was quite reminiscent of the media clickbait we’re seeing right now. Also, quite fitting as a status update for our multi-year journey that is Wasteland 2. Anyways, enough about the title and on to some exciting info on my personal favorite game right now, Wasteland 2.

Before we get into the fun stuff, a quick note on the release date. It’s pretty likely that we will slip into the first or second week in September due to fulfillment of the physical goods and discs. We will give an exact date as soon as we know it.

Hollywood Loading Screen
Hollywood Loading Screen

New Code Update Live For All Backers

In Kickstarter update 51, we announced that we were opening up the Early Access version on Steam for all backers. Some of you jumped in and started playing, others said they want to wait until it’s complete before experiencing it. Whichever camp you’re in, the code update has been pushed to Steam and is patiently waiting for you. This will be our last code update before the game is finalized. Quite a bittersweet moment for us…

We are still improving the game on the way to our release date. So with the update after this one, you’ll get all of the fixes and polish that is ongoing, which will have a day 1 update for physical disc backers. If you’re receiving your copy in a digital format, the first download will be for the day 1 update and final game.

What’s New in this Build?

When we pulled the changelist from our source control (since the last update), it was 551 uncurated PAGES of bug fixes, polish and iterated features. This list has been reduced down and can be read in its entirety (but why would you want to do that?!?) here. Some of the main things you’ll notice in this build:

  • Huge balance pass across all elements of the game
  • Enemy AI/Enemy Stats/Damage/Weapons/Dropsets/Skill Use
  • Added a mini-map
  • Lots of new optimizations to memory and load times
  • Tons of new UI improvements (visual and functional)
  • New audio added across the board (weapons/enemies/ambient/player events)
  • Large visual effects pass in all levels
  • Oh-so-much general clean-up/polish and iteration

Preview Press Tour

Our Leader in Exile, Brian Fargo is in Germany right now with our token European Superstar, Thomas (pronounced Bakers) Beekers. They have had many meetings in London and are now in Hamburg getting ready for the next round of presentations. So far, it sounds like things have been going great. Keep an eye out for some great press in the very near future!

Ranger Keenan Out

This will probably be the last update you’ll read from me before the game is released. I’m sure we will continue them as we put out post release patches but this marks a somewhat heavy-hearted moment for me. It’s been one hell of a journey.

My life and outlook on the future of games has been irreversibly changed from the generosity and passion of each of you who made this happen. I will always remember spending 12 hours per day with our President Matt Findley, answering private messages while the Kickstarter was live. This instantly made it all real and created a bond with the (eventual) players that I had never experienced before in game development. When you’re seeing message after message saying “I’m not sure how I can pay rent next month, but I needed to get an NPC in this game!”, it adds a level of intensity to the process that I can’t imagine finding anywhere else. We owed it to you to have as much passion during the production as many of you did on our vision.

This has been a labor of love from the entire team and I’m incredibly proud with what they have achieved. So much of their personalities are found around each corner in the game. We hope you enjoy the attention to detail in the world we all have created.

The next time you see a Kickstarter update, it could read “Brian Fargo proudly presents Wasteland 2….”  

Chris Keenan
Project Lead – Wasteland 2

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    1. Christopher M. Whelan

      "Official Wasteland 2 release date... September 19th! The 20+ year wait is soon over." - Brian Fargo

    2. William S. on

      I really want my 2nd digital steam key before the physical rewards.

    3. Martin Kramer on

      What about releasing the game before any physical rewards stuff? Everyone, and I mean everyone, will receive a digital copy, so why draw it out further?

    4. Cristian Alfredo Damer on

      Please let it be good!
      I wasn't happy with the things i saw at the early release and stopped the same day i tried it out. But During all this time i been checking the updates and the things i didn't like were being addressed so i have my hopes renovated.
      I'm so tempted to load the game again right now but i must wait for the final release.

    5. Jon Callejo on


      Its been very difficult to not do the early access option, I don't want to spoil things for myself. But holding out for another month is like waiting for christmas ;P

    6. Adam Sherman on

      Been waiting for official release to play. I'm very excited. :)

    7. Bryy Miller on

      Please - PLEASE - tell me that you are putting back in the old avatars! I love the new ones, but there are way too few, and I like the Desert Ranger with Long Hair and Native American avatars I had for my prior characters! But I do highly appreciate that now my George Washington can have a proper USA Bandana avatar (although the bandit one was working quite well). In case anyone wants to know, George Washington is my dumb brawler.

    8. diego reig on

      Not "the end" for me, but the start. Won't (never would have) play it until the final latest patched full-packed well-done version. So my tears are of excitement and expectation.

    9. Joe on

      Ok, so I loaded up the game recently, after kinda going on a hiatus (to put that into last save was back in February) simply to keep from "wearing myself out" I gotta say the game is playing incredibly well. Really liking it so far. Just wondering but is there going to be any kind of "force save wipe" before the game officially releases since this i still "beta" status?

    10. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      @ Samuel Cole
      Thank you

    11. Sir Frank Radefeldt

      That Hollywood Loading Screen looks just gorgeous! And you made incredible progress, reading through the changelog... I´m so looking forward to explore LA!

    12. Retcon Raider on

      @ Brittany Dudas
      From what I've seen, you should have a complete and playable game on the physical copy when it arrives. You just have to install it and fire it up! But there WILL be a day one patch to help polish up the content on the physical releases, since they'll still be working on fine-tuning and optimization right up until the digital release and beyond.

    13. Zoran Cavic on

      Feels damn good to be here =)

    14. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      Awesome! I stopped playing the Beta, though, because I couldn't use my mouse and haven't been able to download any updates since my internet's been out. Will that affect my physical copy in any way?

    15. Tiki C on

      Hoping the humble store get wasteland 2!

    16. Seez - Tormented Snarkmaster of the OOoE on

      Hey guys! I played the beta for the first time over this weekend. I played for a bit, then tried to start a new game with new custom characters, but the appearance options were not working properly (i.e. only one or two clothing options available instead of the full range). Hope this issue can be resolved.

    17. Valeriy on

      You are correct, of course, but without Steam itself this information is useless before release so there is no point to post it here for those who do not participate in Steam deal. And everyone else can read about it on Steam site.

      @Charles Clerc: I bet you are not russian. If you were you would know that the site you mentioned is for EU languages only. inXile made special deal with russian publisher for CIFS countries and thus this stuff does not apply to Russia.

    18. ET3D on

      I hope that the winding down of Wasteland 2 updates would mean more Torment updates. :)

    19. ET3D on

      @Valery, I'm sure that you're aware that the Steam version of the game and the DRM-free version will be the same, and therefore the update log provides quite a lot of information about what's change in the game.

    20. MatS on

      I just read the following sentence: "This project was successfully funded on April 17, 2012. " Amazing that it's been already almost 2.5 years...
      This was my first Kickstarter project I helped to fund, and I'm proud of my small contribution. Thank you very much for all your hard work, so us gamers can go back to the Wasteland universe and have an amazing experience yet again.

    21. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      The end is nigh indeed!

      Congrats to team WL2 for getting this close to across the line; with a little more effort over it goes and best to Chris K, who came across as a responsive and informative project lead. Hell of an effort !

      Willing the project over that line......

    22. Charles Clerc on

      @Dimitry Did you see this? All you need to know about localization for W2.

    23. Janna Ostoya on

      Yes! That's how I always imagined it.

    24. Turk


      looking forward to the good stuff. Thank you for the update and the hard work.

    25. Missing avatar

      Dmitriy Volkovoy on

      Please report on progress localization (in Russian in particular), as the company is they claimed publishes and localize the game, despite the post in January: "We will share with you all the information as it becomes available." since then have not written any word on progress localization.

    26. Valeriy on

      For The Last Update it was quite useless.

      Blah blah blah... here is a Steam(c)(R)(tm) changelog... blah blah blah...

      If I want Steam changelog I can go to their forums but you are correct, I have no interest in Steam at all.

      Blah blah blah... delayed till September... blah blah blah...

      Tat was to be expected... I bet it will be October.

      Blah blah blah... huge PR campaign... blah blah blah...

      As if I care...

      No new information whatsoever.

    27. Laurent Maire on

      Exciting times. We're all rooting for the team. Good luck in the final sprint, can't wait to play the finished game!

    28. Brian Sfinas on

      @Mark, yeah all mac users are experiencing it. They've come out with a patch to fix it that didn't work out but Eric from the support team has assured us they are working on it. They said it should be fixed tonight. Hopefully they are correct.

    29. Mark Maratea on

      Anyone else getting "Failed to Start Game (missing executable)." after today's patch?

    30. gandalf.nho


    31. Missing avatar

      Emeraude on

      Good luck with that mad last dash to the finish.

      Don't forget to rest and keep hydrated though (and abuse coffee. Coffee is life, coffee is love).

      I must say I'm glad I could support this being done. Salute to all the team. Cant' wait to see you on the other side of release.

    32. alcaray on

      Thank you @Gareth!

    33. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Welp, was one hell of a journey. Had to stop myself from playing the Beta after a few hours in to prevent spoilers.
      Can't wait to play this closer version of what Fallout 3 should have been. =)

    34. Missing avatar

      Gareth Clifford on

      @alcaray and @josuha read update 51 beta for all, is mentioned ( in that if you only getting one key and select a steam key you will not be able to change to a gog key) I am assuming once the game is released we will be able to get keys to get it from there.

    35. Steve Dozniak on

      The Steam beta update fails on Mac with a crash (if you run it without steam), if ran with steam it fails with "Failed to start game (missing executable)" thing just like Jorge said.

    36. alcaray on

      Did we ever straighten out who will be the "other DRM free digital distribution methods" that will be available to us at release?

    37. Jorge Cardoso on

      I'm getting a "Failed to start game (missing executable)" with this last update, on Steam for Mac... Any way around this?

    38. Matthew van Andel on

      I'm with Scelous. If you feel the game is done, send the digital rewards to everyone. I don't my Collector's Edition box to start playing.

      But then again... if you feel you want or need that extra time and the physical goods are convenient deadline... by all means take that route!

    39. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      @elfkerben I'm confused what you mean we should all start together. Every single backer at all levels, high and low, are getting a digital copy. Meaning when the digital copy is released, everyone can start.

    40. William S. on

      I also agree with Scelous. As a physical goods backer I want you to give me the Steam keys before shipping the physical stuff. I am really enjoying the game, and restarting it with this massive patch.

    41. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on

      I think its ok to wait, till the physical stuff and all is complete, to release the game to all the backers. We all in and we should start together. The higher tiers also did a lot to reach the goals.

    42. Shmee on

      Since this is the last update before the gold version, will my saved game from this update carry over to the gold version, or will I have to start over? Does this update include all the areas?

      Thanks for all your hard work! I am glad that the game is almost completed!

    43. Samuel Bickel on

      I pledged for the physical Collector's Edition and I vote for releasing the digital version as soon as it's ready as well. I don't want you guys to hold up the game on my account (especially since it doesn't really do me any good since I've got the beta loaded up ready for the gold patch)

    44. Missing avatar

      Equlan on

      I completely agree with Scelous' sentiment (and I'm getting a physical copy as well). As far as I can tell all physical reward tiers include a digital copy as well, so it's not like anyone will get "cheated".

    45. Stephan Hammes on

      I'll just wait for the next Torment update then ;)

    46. Stephen Staver on

      Congrats to the Wasteland team!
      I admit I haven't had a chance to really get in to play the Early access as much as I wanted, but I'm kind of glad that now I'll be able to play based on the final vision.
      Again, congratulations everyone involved, and thank you for being awesome, and all of your hard work.

    47. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      I'm a backer who is getting a boxed copy of Wasteland 2. I'd like to think I can speak for all the backers when I say there is no reason to delay the release of Wasteland 2 due to shipping of physical products. By that I mean, I can't imagine any of us Kickstarter backers saying, "No, no, I don't want my complete, playable digital copy until my cardboard box arrives." So I'd ask, as a backer, that you release the digital copy whenever you can and not base it around the shipping of physical products. We do live in the 21st century, after all.

    48. Asa on

      Since we are getting close to release, are there any differences between the minimum system requirements in the Steam Early Access version and the minimum system requirements in the final game?

    49. Joshua Oster-Morris on

      I've been patiently waiting to receive access to the game. I am a Digital download supporter. I have no intention of installing any sort of game service in order to play though. Will I ever actually get a chance to play the game or when I signed up for a download did you really mean that I had to install Steam in order to play?