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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Quick Status Update

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Rangers,

First and foremost, we wanted to be sure all our backers knew that our $10 add-on which we've been offering on the backer store will be closing down next Friday, the 28th of March. This week will be the last chance to jump on board this limited-time offer.  

On to other news. We're about a month into our three-month plan that we mentioned in update 44, things have been progressing well. We are simultaneously working to fix issues and bugs with the game in general based on feedback to the beta while other team members are moving ahead in finishing all the LA content. While the next beta update (coming soon) will not be quite as sizeable as the last one it is another significant content expansion (adding a new area) as well as UI upgrade (implementing the new barter screen). Here's what we said on it earlier on our blog:

The next update to the Wasteland 2 beta will be another sizeable one. We are adding more content in the form of the missile silo map, an interesting location that is set to challenge your problem-solving skills. Here is a short description from Jeremy Kopman, the level designer on Silo. “Slashed across eastern Arizona is a deep, winding canyon that provides the only access to a vast, resource-rich valley. As if traversing the labyrinthine paths – full of vicious animals and sociopathic raiders – wasn’t hard enough, the area is controlled by a fanatical branch of the Servants of the Mushroom Cloud. These monks worship Titan, bringer of death by the Great Glow… and a live ICBM with a nuclear warhead. Too bad braving this deathtrap is your only way to reach your next mission target: Damonta.”

Other News

We've received a draft of the first of the two Michael Stackpole & Nathan Long novellas, tentatively titled The Earth Transformed. It will be going through rigorous proofreading and editing and then go out to our backers.  

We've also made Wasteland 1 – The Original Classic available on Desura. We're very happy to be joining another fully DRM-free service that offers the game for Windows, OSX and Linux. The key generator on the Ranger Center will not offer Desura but if you're a Linux user who has been waiting for a fully DRM-free option, please do contact us here or on the Ranger Center and we'll get you a Desura key.

On the concept and portrait art front, check out this spiffy gentleman's life motto, along with a pair of creepy dolls we feel go well with our post apocalyptic vibe. 


And finally, we wanted to give a shout-out to an excellent looking Kickstarter project, Ashen Rift, a new take on classic shooters set in a barely recognizable, twisted and dead earth where you fight howling monstrosities. Worth a look for its atmosphere and unique ideas alone. Ashen Rift is from a smaller indie studio rather than the larger efforts we've promoted in this space, and we enjoy supporting the dreams of smaller indies to become professional developers.

Thomas Beekers,
Straightening out the Lines 

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    1. Valeriy on

      @inXile entertainment:
      You are stating that "The Linux build is deep into testing and looking good." but your following sentences are not so encouraging... Too many "likely" and "not yet a certainty"...

    2. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Christian Dannie Storgaard: The Linux build is deep into testing and looking good. We're hopeful to make it live along with the next beta update but that is not yet a certainty. If it does not go along with that build it'll likely be released with the one after that.

    3. dungeoncrawl on

      that's why I don't game on Linux. don't want to get my games late and last.

    4. Missing avatar

      unknown78 on

      Christian Dannie Storgaard -> "Any news on the Linux beta?"
      Thats exactly why i didn't jumped on an early beta. No Linux footage , no linux words in the update ...

    5. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Any news on the Linux beta?

    6. dungeoncrawl on

      @tyler - good that you're not backing kickstarter's clearly frustrating for you. In some ways, I can relate and have pretty much stopped backing Kickstarters too...with the exclusion of inXile and Obsidian and the odd "under $10 here or there" type of project. But regarding how inXile has handled really are being extreme.

      1) What they're saying about having to guess at a completion based on a $1M game is completely accurate and understandable. It's a flaw with Kickstarter's process. Everybody should understand that when you surpass the initial goal, the deadline moves.
      2) Nobody deserves the beta who didn't pay for it. I don't see this specifically in your comments but people how are saying "but you're late so I DESERVE the beta" are being childish (see #1 above). I paid $20 for the Beta in the Tides of Numenera Kickstarter. Nobody else should get it for free. Matter of fact, I'm a little perturbed that others got it for $10...but I got it a little earlier than them...but not by much. I'll know better next time and just wait.
      3) inXile has done a pretty good job communicating with us. Maybe not always on the KS page but definately through other methods.

      @inXile - Keep up the good work. I'm enjoying the beta quite a bit. Just continue to update us regularly and you've got my backing on just about any traditional RPG you make (don't really care for the new Bard's Tale action RPG stuff).

    7. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      The Steamworks publishing/update system is REALLY good for pushing patches out during a beta. And it's free - with any other system of running a beta InXile would have to pay for the bandwidth.

    8. British on

      Err... the first "WL2" was actually a "WL1", of course :/

    9. British on

      "We're very happy to be joining another fully DRM-free service"
      So, you're happy about DRM-free for WL2, but you keep sticking the WL2 beta to Steam ? Makes sense... (and yes, I know it's been told from the start, and that the final release will be DRM-free, yet all this damn Steam exclusivities everywhere piss me off)

      Also, Desura is as much "fully DRM-free" as Humble-Bundle: not.
      The DRM is up to the developers, not the distribution services, as they accept both ways.
      The only true DRM-free distribution service (meaning, that *only* proposes DRM-free games) I know of is GoG.

    10. Brian Sfinas on

      I don't mind them taking as long as they need to finish this great game, but more information would be nice. These "quick updates" that basically say nothing are frustrating. Is that the only screen shot that was worth taking? You can't tell us anything about changes to the barter menu? Boring.

    11. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @inxile pls ignore the Trolls. These points (Release date, beta Upgrade, alpha on steam) have been explained numerous times in so many Updates and comments that it is clear that these guys are just trolling.

    12. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      "Why back at all when I can just get into early access on steam later ?"

      1) The game wouldn't have made it to Early Access if you didn't
      2) You saved up to 75%
      3) You got a free copy of The Bard's Tale
      4) For just under the same price as Steam buyers, you get a free copy of the game
      5) For just under the same price as Steam buyers, you got to play it first

      The Beta period was always planned. It was described in the original project. How does letting people on Steam pay a premium price to jump into the Beta period late affect the release date of the finished game?

      They wouldn't delay the release of the game just so that we all get impatient and pay $10 to play the Beta. That wouldn't work.

      "I take the above quoted phrase as corporate doublespeak for keeping the lights on and employees salaries/benefits paid NOT making the game better."

      What do you think the employees DO sitting in the offices with the lights on? They work on the game.

    13. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      @ tyler

      kickstarter is in no way a pre-order. if you're thinking about it that way, you're thinking about it completely wrong.

      also, if you'll note, what they did with the early access thing was make it more than the cheapest thing you could get beta access here. which means that no matter how you look at it, they're offering it to EVERYONE ELSE for less than ANYONE else, even people like me that backed at that level, could get it. if anything, those that backed at the appropriate level should be miffed at them for offering it to all you cheapo's who backed at 15 dollars. but i'm not. why? because frankly, i don't see why we should feel entitled to something like that. they've done nothing unfair at all. sorry you feel the way you do, but you sure as hell are getting the game cheaper than you could have any other way. so seriously, cool off man.

    14. Ropya on

      They offer you something, cheap, and you spit at them for it?
      Shit. Next time don't back.
      You spot too much bile.
      And instead of paying $15 you can pay $60.
      Seriously, step away from the keyboard and go outside.
      The world is a much bigger place than $15 video game.
      And there are so many things more worth getting inflamed about.

    15. James Jones

      Just wanted to throw in my support for how the project is progressing. I backed a vision of inXile putting out a great update on the type of games I grew up with. I welcome the delay and opening up beta (even if it makes me a little bit less of a special snowflake) because everything that helps make the game better means there's a much better chance of us getting more of these types of games I love.

    16. Thomas Beekers

      Kickstarter is not a pre-order store, and if you treat it as such you are bound to be disappointed.

      And again, what is the actual difference between someone who late backed for $55 a day before the beta went live and someone who jumps on to Steam Early Access now? This whole point might be legitimate if we promised to cut off backing post-KS but we've always allowed in new backers through our late backer store, and now through Steam, the only difference is they pay more (and get slightly less) than earlier backers. The game was *always* open to everyone who wanted to step in at any time, nothing changed there.

      @someone Yes, of course the majority of money is going to salaries and overhead. How do you think games get made and improved other than by people paid to make them? How would you imagine it works to pour money "right into" a game to make it better?

    17. Missing avatar

      someone on

      @ inXile "Not only that, but all Steam Early Access Games money is going right back into our development fund, so how can you accuse us of greed when we're essentially using it as another late backer outlet to make our games better."

      Because this is the first time you've mentioned that all the early access funds are being poured back into Wasteland 2 development. To be honest, I take the above quoted phrase as corporate doublespeak for keeping the lights on and employees salaries/benefits paid NOT making the game better.

    18. Wushu on

      Good update guys. Though I am hoping to hear more about the refinements to combat, but I am sure that is coming soon. I am excited to see "aimed" shots and such. The crouching is a nice step as well as bonuses cth from altitude differences.

      To all the nay sayers, you have no idea what kind of time and effort goes into development so please don't act like you do. If you want a game to be released on a specific day, EA and others have a bunch of (mostly working) generic shooters and such just for you. Stick to the nicely packaged bland same old same old blockbusters that don't risk anything. However if you want a unique throw back to good old rpgs with a modern engine and a group that listens to feedback and incorporates it.... Well then wait a bit, play something else/or the beta(worth every penny), and when it is done - it will be *awesome*

    19. Andrew Tuckett on

      @Tyler How you can be complaining about this boggles my mind. I don't feel cheated, sorry you do. Early access allows Inxile to make use of a larger audience for bug-testing and design tweaks. Its a win-win for the developer. The $10 extra for early access is nothing compared to what they are asking for from steam users. They have to balance being fair to higher tier backers who paid extra for that beta privilege. This is a pretty sweat deal imo.

      Inxile is overtime for a very simple reason, they over-funded and there is now more game there than was originally intended because that is what we backers wanted.

    20. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      To me, it's not about time at all. Yeah, they are over-time. Big deal. It's the usual. It's the perpetual early access money milking and offering paid 'upgrades' on a game that we freaking backed that just truly disgusts me. I realize I did not back at the beta level, but if inXileis going to just drop their kickstarter projects into early access without even an updated release date on the full game there was no point for me to back at all.

      I have learned my lesson with kickstarter and most definitely will not be backing projects in the future unless they have a good track record. Like it or not Kickstarter is a pre-order store when it comes to videogames. You put in x amount of money and you are supposed to get a game. Why back at all when I can just get into early access on steam later ?

      I never played wasteland. I backed because I wanted to support a cool project/developer that wouldn't be pulling typical dirty tricks. Now they turn around and do the exact same thing as other shady developers and early access. Then the gall to come on KS and tell you they are doing you a FAVOR by letting you pay them more money for a game that you already backed. Yeah, you pay a premium to make THEIR game better. What?! My issues is mainly with this game being released to everyone on steam. It screwed over the little guy backers and showed inXile true colors. All about $$$, not the games.

    21. Missing avatar

      Grenville Wilson on

      ITT: Too many people who think Kickstarter is Amazon. If it was, I would have just checked "One Day Delivery" and gotten Wasteland 2 months ago!

    22. Ropya on

      Dont sweat it.
      I see this as moving along as it should.
      I would rather wait another year and the game be freaking awesome than get it next month and it be shit.
      Take the time you need to make this love up to its legacy.
      As for the complaints about it taking longer.
      Do you people not have other games you can play in the mean time?
      I know I do, so what's the issue?
      Sure, it's running late, of over a hundred projects backed, I've had one deliver on time.
      And that wasn't a software one.
      Hell, I've had playing card project delayed several months.
      And I'm a backer of Relic Knights.
      Which is getting nigh as bad as Ogre.
      When you back on KS you have to have patience.
      I can only imagine how any of you reacted if you had a pre order for Diablo 3.......

    23. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Please message us if you need a Desura key (we'll check this comments but messaging us ensures we don't miss you). As gandalf.nho said, is working on Linux too but I don't think they're planning it until the Fall.

      Also note AA was broken for that screenshot.

      As for the point on the release date, we're aware of complaints here, so let me try to explain it again: You have to set your estimated delivery before the project starts and can never change it on Kickstarter. That means you have to estimate before you know your scope, budget or team. No software company in the world could give you an accurate estimate in those circumstances, not unless the project is very small-scale and the estimate extremely safe.

      We gave a best-guess estimate for a roughly one million dollar game. We not just tripled that but have since put significant funds of our own into the game, such as money from the sales of the Bard's Tale. Not only that, but all Steam Early Access Games money is going right back into our development fund, so how can you accuse us of greed when we're essentially using it as another late backer outlet to make our games better. It's priced slightly higher as our late backer store was, as well, so it is essentially just a continuation of our $55 late backer option.

      For a game of Wasteland 2's scope and budget, we're on schedule and making great progress.

      As others have pointed out, the $10 upgrade is not something we had to do. We didn't want to sell short backers who aimed specifically for a beta-including tier like $55 or $75 or who later purchased the $20 add-on, but we didn't want our lower-end backers to be obligated to upgrade to such tiers, so we choose the middle route to meet you half-way. It is simply another option and many have happily jumped on it, but it's not for everyone in which case that's fine, there's no obligation.

      @Maciej All release notes are available on our tumblr and regularly linked to from our updates:
      We've also kept everyone informed with screenshots and explanations on our plans in general and things like the inventory overhaul.

    24. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      How is "playable beta" not the same as "early access"? That's what the Steam Early Access system is for - playable betas. The Kickstarter rewards even say the beta will be via Steam. People need to read what they're being promised instead of making assumptions.

      InXile have given a lot of information on their development progress. If you're not satisfied you could probably ask them on here or on their forums too and they'll probably answer any questions you have. There is actually quite a bit of information on what is currently being worked on in this update. I don't understand why people keep complaining about things that are obviously not true. Am I missing something?

      Regarding the delay, if a "typical big bad publisher" was involved in this game they wouldn't have allowed the dev team to make a bigger, better game and take longer than the original estimate. It would have been the opposite. They would have forced the devs to ship a broken and unfinished game.

      They would have done this because development time costs money. It doesn't generate money. How can you say Brian Fargo is like a greedy publisher when he's prolonging the development time? There's no way the dribble of income from $10 Beta Access upgrades is outpacing the development costs. He is losing capital by extending the development time.

      I didn't even notice the game was past the original ETA. It seems like it's been progressing relatively fast to me. I have a lot of other games to play in the mean time. If taking more time makes the game better I'd rather wait. I'd prefer to play a classic RPG I'll be a fan of forever next year than yet another mediocre one this year.

    25. gandalf.nho

      A tip for those who wants DRM-free and Linux but don't want Desura, GOG sayed they will start with Linux support in a few months

    26. Missing avatar

      Stephen E. Baker on

      Could I please have a Desrua key?

    27. Randy Snow on

      I hope the ICBM has a impact on the ending. Weather you choose to use it or let it rust in peace.

    28. Missing avatar

      Rob Roy on

      The levels are looking great. I'm amazed they can get so much out of that game engine. It just goes to show you, its not the tools its the craftsmen!

      To anyone pressuring them to release an unfinished game now:

      Do you *really* want an unfinished game now and *forever*, or a polished and possible classic a little later and *forever*?

      Stop being silly.

    29. Maciej Stańczyk on

      I think demanding refund is a little bit over the top, but I can see why people are angry. InXile promised to report their progress in development to people who backed the game - with beta or not. And all last updates are saying is "wanna know how development is progressing? well I hope you bought beta access then, son". No summary or changelog.

      I don't wanna play beta because I didn't bought it. But I want SOME info.

    30. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      To all those complaining about the delay:
      They raised more than three times the budget originally intended, so of course the development will take longer than planned. Even game projects where the total scope is well defined at the beginning of development routinely have delays. So how do you expect a project that was originally scheduled for a 900k production to meet the same time frame as a 2.9 million production? You can't just simply hire three people for every position to offset the greater scope because that would introduce a lot of overhead and inefficiency that would eat up your budget and leave you with little to show for it in the end.
      It seems that some people on Kickstarter need to be routinely reminded, that his is not a store. You are not buying a product. You are investing in an idea and a company. There are no fixed delivery dates and any number of unforeseen problems can and will lead to delays. If you are too impatient for this, don't fund Kickstarters, go to Amazon and order something for your instant gratification...

    31. Missing avatar

      Archangel on

      @Ryan: It is Estimated Delivery.. and for the original money they asked. This conversation was already had in these comment after almost every update, you could have read some by now. KS does not allow projects to change Estimated delivery date afterwards, if it did, they would have added a year because they got 3x more money than they asked at first.

    32. Ketil K on

      I think desura is a great service, possible to download through browser for full install, or through desura client for incremental install. I think desura is great, much better than steam.

      I do understand that some people rather want humblebundle or similar. I think that distribution platform is a must.

      I really look forward to linux beta for wasteland 2. I really don't mind if you say only one distribution is supported in the beginning. We can as a community give feedback for how to support the rest of the large ones.

    33. tarasis on

      I'm another who is happy to wait for them to deliver (as long as they _do_ deliver). I fully understand that delivering projects is complicated and takes time. Most projects I've backed, be they software, books or music have run late. But so far all of them have delivered.

    34. J.L. on

      Looking good, although I don't think I want to join that, ah, gentleman for dinner or anything... (c;

    35. Missing avatar

      Jacob L. Lemmons on

      As someone who has spent time in the computer industry, I'd like to relate a joke that is all too true and addresses some of the complaints I've read here.

      You can have a software project that is on time, on budget, or bug-free. Pick two.

      Personally, I'd gladly sacrifice on-time for bug-free at release.

    36. Porcupine on

      Hmmmm, that last picture gives a whole new meaning to "baby boomer"...

      @Tyler: I see nowhere stated on the right that early access would be exclusive to backers; and being a year (or more) late is the industry standard on Kickstarter games, so inXile is right on target in that regard. Does that make it right - sure, no; but if you were expecting anything else it's definitely your own damn fault. Caveat emptor and all that jazz...

    37. Valeriy on

      @Panagiotis Papadopoulos: At this stage we can pretty much forget about it. Their hyped 10$ proposal is at its end and we are not even given a date of the release.

      @inXile entertainment:
      Desura is a bad choice for Linux but if we are not given any other options... Where can I get the key?

    38. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      Thanks for the update, I'm very excited for the game!!

    39. Tor Iver Wilhelmsen

      Tyler and Ryan, Kickstarter is not a store; you backed a project with a given reward, don't expect more freebies than that. Exclusivity deals usually end, and game projects nearly always are delayed, so any date on this and any other game development project on Kickstarter is at best a guesstimate. The alternative is for Kickstarter to stop allowing video game projects. (i assume you two have learned your lesson and stopped backing such projects already though.)

    40. Missing avatar

      Magnus P. Bjarnason on

      Hi guys, how do I get a key for Wasteland 1 on Desura for Linux?

    41. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      To me, playable beta does not mean early access. It means an exclusive beta for backers. Perhaps it's a difference of opinion, but I just feel gypped. Please refund my money so I can spend it on some games that I can actually play. We all know this will be likely %50 on a daily deal <3 months after release anyways.

    42. Missing avatar


      @Leon Moor, the problem with the sidebar is that it also says the delivery is estimated as Oct 2013. I would say being 5 months past that and not even close to release is well beyond that window. Regardless of what their excuses are, they failed to deliver in the timeframe or even remotely close to it and now they are trying to get people to give them more money to play a game they should have had 3 months ago at the latest.

      The ineptitude of their team is not the problem of the backers. They failed to deliver on their end and now want more money from people to play the game they should already have. Hiding all of this behind the guise of "making the game better" is a scumbag move that is the antithesis of Brian Fargo's constant complaints about publishers.

      I know Brian doesn't care about these negative comments like mine anyway, as long as he gets his money (oh hey, just like a publisher!) but I had to say my piece on this and will leave the comments in peace now. I respect everyone's right to disagree with me on this so hopefully you can respect my right to my opinion as well. I sincerely hope all of you eagerly anticipating the game get everything you hope for, it is the least you deserve for how you have been treated as the people who made this game a reality.

    43. Panagiotis Papadopoulos on

      So, what is the status of the linux build?

    44. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      Check out the reward levels on the side guys --->
      The ones that are $55 and above say "premiere access to an early playable beta on steam"
      The beta available to Backers is exactly the same as the Early Access version on Steam. The only difference is that Backers got to start playing it several weeks before Steam buyers did!

      From day 1 the beta was only supposed to be available to backers who pledged $55 or more. It's part of the reward for pledging more money. It was never meant to be for the people who pledged $15 for the game only.

      BUT since then they've allowed all Backers who pledged under $55 to upgrade to Beta access by paying $10 as an add on. Or you can still upgrade your pledge to one of the higher levels and get all the other bonuses the level comes with. E.g. I changed my $15 pledge to the $30 one and now I'll get Beta access, two copies of the game, the soundtrack, exclusive ranger portraits etc.

      To get all that on Steam (if you weren't a Kickstarter Backer) you have to pay $60 - and you don't even get a second copy of the game.

      Most other Kickstarters aren't so lenient about allowing Backers to upgrade their pledges this late into the project's development. I'm actually a little embarrassed about taking advantage of the offer.

      I seriously don't even see the cause of the criticism, let alone agree with it.

    45. Asa on

      On the other hand I think Inexile is doing great and support them 100%. They are doing exactly what they promised, taking their time to make a quality game without being rushed by a publisher. I can care less who paid how much for the beta, I'm waiting for the final game before I play. In the meantime I'm looking forward to those novellas. Keep up the good work!

    46. Ropya on

      What did I miss?

    47. Missing avatar


      @Tyler while I don't agree with all of your points I do agree that this project is showing Brian Fargo and his company to be exactly the same as the publishers he was complaining about. I guess money changes everything for him and his alleged values. I know I personally won't be purchasing anything that he is involved with in the future and will be strongly encouraging everyone I know to do the same. At this point I wish I would have never backed Torment and I will be selling my Steam key for Wasteland as soon as I get it to prevent him from getting another sale from someone else. All of this is just my opinion of course but regardless of how good (or bad) the game is I want nothing to do with inxile.

    48. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Beta ≠ Early Access. Perhaps I missed it, I saw that steam would be hosting the beta, but I saw nothing about it just being available to everyone as an early access title in the kickstarter. It would have made sense to release it like DoubleFine released their prototypes, but they want to milk you all for every penny.

    49. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      IIRC from day 1 of the Kickstarter campaign the "early access" reward was only available to the $55 pledge tier. If you pledged under you were explicitly told you're not getting early access.

      If you want early access now just add $10 to your pledge. This means if you only pledged $15 to begin with you can upgrade it to $25 and get everything the Steam purchasers are getting for $60.

      If you use the backer store to pay as much as the Steam purchasers do then you get a lot more content than they do. I don't see how they're getting a better deal.

    50. Missing avatar

      Leon Moor on

      So if I just donated $15 to upgrade from the $15 tier to the $30 tier, when can I change it on the "Your Rewards" page? The donate page says to check back in a week, but will I still be able to change my tier then?

      I don't see the problem with people paying $60 on steam getting early access, and guys like me who only backed for $15 not getting early access. I'm glad I could pay less and not get early access because I don't want early access.