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Update #40

Building a Better Beta - Right Now!


It’s hard to believe we're finally at a place where we're ready to put a playable version of Wasteland 2 into your hands, but today's the day. What a road it has been to get here.

It has been an enlightening experience learning what is entailed with this new transparent development process. I admit it isn’t easy to release code before it’s complete, as I have hundreds of issues on my list still to be addressed, but it’s time for the next phase. All backers eligible for the beta from your original pledge (that is, any tier of $55 or more except the $60 late backer box) or an add-on can now log in to your Ranger Center account and retrieve your Steam key for the Wasteland 2 beta. You’ll find it at the bottom of your Donations page. I should also note that we've had quite a few requests to offer the game on Steam Early Access, which we will do after our backers have had first crack at it.


Creating a deep RPG is a unique challenge, in that so many elements need to be working well together, with 95% of the game's underpinnings complete before beta can begin, which is what we've all been working so hard on this last month. Now, however, is the stage of development where the magic happens. With most of the mechanical issues behind us, now we can really start digging deep into the game and finding ways of taking it from good to great. No amount of prepping and planning can replace old-fashioned hands-on playing, testing and iteration time, which is why we are so grateful to have you, our backers, help us hone this process like never before. So thanks once again to all of you for giving us this opportunity to make your game in this new and open way. Your input has been, and will continue to be, critical every step of the way, and Wasteland 2 will be better because of it.

For your convenience while playing, we put together a reference card. This serves as a basic guide to gameplay and the game's interface.

All the game's major systems are now implemented, which allows us to expedite the amount of depth, fun and subtlety that gets in, but this is an ambitious game both in terms of scale and the amount of reactivity we have planned, so please don’t forget that we are not complete, and that there are still a host of issues that need to be addressed. I’d like to highlight some of these so you know what you’re playing and how the final game will compare.


Because this beta doesn’t include all the Arizona maps, this portion of the game will feel a bit more linear than the full experience will, particularly with the first maps being narrower locations rather than proper hubs. The final game will have a more open feel where you can poke around and check the defenses of higher level areas and perhaps snatch an item or two. So fear not, as there will be more strange areas to discover in the final, and we will be dropping more in throughout this beta phase. In addition, we’ll be adding more quests to each map as well.

A number of skills are not implemented in the backer beta, namely, Silent Move, Salvaging, Animal Whisperer, the backer informational skill and, quite ironically, Combat Shooting (ironic if you are familiar with Wasteland 1). You’ll run into a few situations where you could use those skills and we’ll work to balance and roll them out later, but the vast majority of skills are in so you'll be able to try most possible solutions. The character system is complete but not necessarily fully balanced, many XP rewards and upgrade values will still be tweaked.

The beta is launching only for Windows PC initially. We’ll look into launching Mac and Linux versions soon, but they will need more testing before we feel secure in doing so.


As you may remember, we spent quite a bit of time iterating (based on your feedback) the main gameplay HUD, and that process made it better. We have not had that same luxury yet with the inventory UI and character creation, so we expect a lot of comments and you can expect many changes. There’s inconsistency with fonts and colors etc. and the bottom line is that we are not happy with it yet. So please give us your feedback on it, we’ll be looking to polish it up as we did the main game HUD.

The game is also still pretty rife with typographical errors. Report them as you see them!


I must say I am very happy with the musical score that Mark Morgan has put together, he’s doing a great job nailing the mood we envisioned. We are still weak in the ambient sound area and we know how important sound is for setting the mood and connecting you to the world. In addition, we need more sounds for messaging player successes or failures and the sound levels are not dialed in yet which creates an inconsistency in volume.

We are also not finalized on all of the voices so again don’t assume that voices are set in stone. I thought it better for you to get a sense of the radio with some temp voices if need be.


We all know that the heart and soul of a good RPG is having the player’s actions have consequence, and this is a major focus for us. We have a team of programmers that handle all the scripting for the maps, and most of their efforts at this point involve making pass after pass, adding in more depth to what we already have. This is a combination of adding more places to use skills, more ways to work around situations, and a greater degree of meaningful effect based on what the player has chosen to do. We also need add a greater connectivity between the maps, so your decisions have ripple effects in other areas of the Wasteland.

This will be the greatest area of focus as we analyze your play and listen to your ideas. So PLEASE share your clever ideas so we can turn up the charm and depth.

Along these lines, it probably isn’t a good idea to use the shovel on Ace’s grave.

Combat and World Economy

This area is fairly robust, but there has been little work in regards to balancing the difficulty, so expect some areas to be quite hard while others may be too easy. In these types of games the balancing can swing wildly from day to day with just a few variable changes. Just tweaking the amount of ammo that can be found can greatly change the experience. The enemies you’ll meet in the beta are pretty early-game, which makes fights a little more straight-forward, as their AI is simpler than some of the later-game enemies. There are not very many merchants right now, and their inventory is not particularly balanced. Basically the world economy has not been balanced yet. The currency and item drops and their trade value will likely seem off to you, as it’s far from final.

We are also missing quite a few SFX in combat and we need to better message how much the player can actually do. Again we will be keen to get feedback on this area of the game. In general we like that the game is a bit hard, but only so long as the player can learn from the battles and conquer them armed with that knowledge.


The fog of war is not incorporated in the navigation map so you’ll be able to see some detail but not be able to explore or see most of the discoverable areas that will be in the final game.


The code for handling the camera is also not final, and again your feedback will help us to dial it in and give enough user options to make it work for everyone. We still intend to integrate destructible objects to add greater realism and visual payoff into the scenes.

Options Menu

Please make sure you check out the options menu, as you can customize a number of things, like saturation, edge scrolling, etc. Giving you the option to customize the experience as much as possible was another goal of ours. Again, expect many additions here, but there is already a lot of fine-tuning you can do.

Other Topics

There’s some more topics to talk about that are not directly about the beta content, so let me cover those one at a time.

Press or Video Coverage

If you’re a twitch streamer, YouTube personality, or work for the video game press, you’re probably wondering, “What am I allowed to do with the beta?” For the Wasteland 2 beta, we are not putting any restrictions on written and video coverage. Feel free to stream the game, produce YouTube videos, blog about it or write articles about it. You’re free to use any revenue programs available, such as the YouTube Partner program. The only thing we ask is that you explicitly mention that this is a backer/early access beta, and not necessarily representative of the final product. Other than that, please do share - the more the better! Do note that the focus of this beta is on getting feedback from our backers and not about getting press reviews.

CenterCode and Documentation

Though I continue to tell the programmers not to put bugs in their code since they will just have to remove them later, we know there will be many a pesky bug. With that in mind we’re launching our CenterCode bug reporting site now as well. Each eligible backer will be receiving an invitation email to your Ranger Center primary email. Follow the link to register on CenterCode, providing detailed information on your PC as you do so.

The site itself is pretty straightforward; you can report bugs and input suggestions which go straight into our internal bug reporting system, where we deal with duplicates and assign them to the appropriate developer. Simply describe your problem or suggestion, go into as much detail as possible (especially on how to reproduce bugs) and hit submit. The other important function of CenterCode is the “Resources” tab, which we’ll use to provide technical FAQs, system requirements, troubleshooting info and more as we progress in the beta.

I must also give thanks and praise to the hard working team here at inXile. I am fortunate to work with such a bright and passionate group of people who are hyper focused on making a game we can all be proud of. Thanks, everyone!

We’ve all been pouring our heart and soul into Wasteland 2, and I hope it shows. I’ll never forget the elation from those first two days of our Kickstarter campaign and how happy I was to get this chance. Now, after the long journey, I am filled with excitement and nervousness.

Thanks again for your support, have fun, and let’s work together to make a classic.

Brian Fargo,
Your leader in Exile

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    1. Missing_small

      Creator Richard Doll on January 6

      Here is another request for the beta to be available on Mac (and Linux for that matter). Unlike a number of posters who are angry about early Steam release to non-backers my only gripe is with the fact that non-PC gamers who backed this project should have had a beta on their respective platform before the general audience has access to the beta.
      Even that is just a minor issue.

      At this point I am looking for an update from the product crew regarding the availability of Mac/Linux betas.

    2. 208457_1021227419680_9574_n.small

      Creator Vincent Azara on January 4

      @Jess Montgomery... the beta has been open for a while, backers have had there chance to say what they want... time to batten the hatches and get on with it. Focus on development, polish, depth, gloss, improvements and making a truly memorable piece of gaming art. The expectations i hold for this game are tremendous and my faith in Brian and his team is absolute.

    3. Meanbadger1.small

      Creator Jess Montgomery on January 4

      Bounces excitedly when is beta done damnit, I want to play now!!! I being but a poor man couldn't aford the glories of beta access :P

    4. Missing_small

      Creator GoodKnight on January 3

      Just for funsies I'm gonna post my opinion on the whole early access on steam and no early access to backers at lower tiers.

      I think it's BS.. Why? because they overshot their due date. Other kickstarters that did that (original sin is the latest) released the Alpha to anyone who backed the game and deserved the game. Even if they didn't pay for Beta access. Why? because they overshot their due date.

      So yeah that is my openin. Even though I would never play the game in alpha or beta it's just the bloody principle..


    5. N721980527_1318703_9716_2_glitchart.small

      Creator Christian Dannie Storgaard on December 26

      What's the status on the Linux beta?
      Unlike a lot of commenters I have absolutely no issue with the Steam early-access option (I don't get the issue, you never said the beta was exclusive to backers and the price is still favourable to backers), but it's getting extremely annoying seeing all the media coverage of a beta for which I've paid good money for the privilege of playing, but can't due to using Linux.

    6. Missing_small

      Creator Anatoly on December 24

      It amuses me to read things like "what's the point in backing the game". The fact that you will have the game *at all* IS the fucking point. And people on steam just provide more funding, meaning better chance of them not run out of funding and actually finishing the game. Besides, i didn't pledge to play the game. I pledged to support the project. And I see my support being valuable as now i can see that the game really does exist, and it's got the early beta and all the updates and whatnot.

    7. C360_2013-07-02-23-07-34-790_(1).small

      Creator Pedro on December 22

      I'd like to know where to report my suggestions/bugs!

    8. Aerotank.small

      Creator Valery on December 22

      You have valid arguments. But...

      There is more dangerous thing than risk of spoiling the game for you with beta. It is called "eternal beta".
      Nowadays, with advent of the "Early Access" game developers lost their motivation to finish their products. After all, why stop developing and release the game for 20$ when you can sell "Early Access" indefinitely for triple prise?! Look at Xenonauts: they was in developement for who knows how many years, successfully finished Kickstater campaign in June 11, 2012 and now full time in "Pre-Order" (never mind them promising the final product in Oct 2012). They definitely can continue this. Overgrowth someone? Planetary Annihilation?

      This list can stretch indefinitely. There is non-zero probability that Wasteland 2 will join that games and those stupid backers (myself included) who decided to wait will finally have their chance after the rest of the world will be done with it for over five years.

    9. Backerprofilepic3.small

      Creator Darkangel on December 21

      Unless i read it wrong, everyone playing the legit steam version pledged on ks on a tier that offered that acess, or payed the comparable steam price.
      I didnt, and i'm fine waititng for the release version, since as a general rule i think playing pre-launch versions will spoil the final game for me (thats why i'm not playing the beta versions of xenonauts).
      Can't please everyone as the posts here and on steam forums show:
      - steam price too high --> steam user deserves a lower price since its an early acess game
      - beta availible to buy on steam --> ks backer deserves that acess for free
      - lower the steam price --> good luck convincing me to pledge on ks if you ever launch another project
      - give free acess to all ks backers now --> good luck calming those who pledged more for that acess.
      - pirates playing the game now ? no comments

      Despite all the noise i think what inxile did is ok: want to play? pay the price, Dont want to pay, wait the launch. Sugesting the third route makes no sense as a backer, but pirates will pirate regardless.

    10. Missing_small

      Creator Tyler on December 20

      I mean, the game is even on torrent sites. PIRATES are playing this game before me. It leaves a really bad taste in your mouth.

    11. Missing_small

      Creator Tyler on December 20

      Samuel Perry,

      What exactly is the point of backing these games if they will just be available on Steam early release before backers can even play them ? I figured the beta would be a release on steam like Amnesia Fortnight which gave you access to games that weren't available on the steam store. I like the idea of wasteland, but I'm not one of those huge fans who is going to plop down a $50+ to do a company's beta testing for them. You know they usually pay other people to do this stuff right ? You're paying for the privilege to do grunt work for them. You say it 'won't be long' until we have access ? How long is that exactly ? Because I've seen projects on early release that stretch out for 6months - 1yr. I put my money down early to show support and because I thought it would give a better experience with looks behind the scene, early access, etc. Now I find out it's just like any other early release game on steam. I would not have backed if I had this information from the get go. I'd have just waited for the regular release.

    12. Reidflsm.small

      Creator mike mcdrunk on December 20

      Carson, you went to your Ranger Center account? You have to log in there, select the Donations tab and go to the bottom of that page for your personal early beta code.

    13. Missing_small

      Creator Carson Wong on December 20

      Still no Beta Key. What's going on guys? I paid for this at the $55 tier, my rewards clearly state that I get in on this beta, I even received an invitation to join it and that my beta key was ready for me, but NOTHING. I submitted a ticket 5 days ago and NO RESPONSE. Get it together. People who didn't even back you are buying this on steam and playing right now and I'm still waiting while you've had my money for over a year.

    14. Missing_small

      Creator Gabriel on December 20

      Huhh, guys seriously, I'm going to have to agree with lee perring here. The difference between the $50 tier and the $55 tier isn't 5 bucks, it's more like $25 due to postage fees and having to create a physical product that actually costs money!

      I wish there was a $75 tier that included the $50 goods and early access to the beta. Oh wait, there is! It's the $75 tier!

      Too bad the people who purchased the $50 package don't have a way to upgrade to the $75 package, right? Oh wait, there's something called the "ranger center"? And in it there is a section called "UPGRADE FROM ANY TIER TO ANY OTHER"? Well that's handy!

      As for the PoS DRM-crap that is steam - hey, they specifically said the beta would be done through it, so I can't complain.

      The only thing I can agree with is that steam's version is priced too low. The $55 tier is somewhat equivalent to steam's offering, but you also get a DRM-FREE version. I don't think this makes up for the fact that you helped fund the project when it was an uncertainty, so yes this was a bit of a ripoff, but don't compare it to the $75 tier, since in that tier you also get the physical goods (which cost money to produce and ship)!

    15. Missing_small

      Creator Samuel Perry on December 19

      Tyler, you're out of line, bud. This isn't "spit" in anyone's eyes. Now lets let them make a great game, ok? Without bringing all the FUD about the enterprise and questioning the premise of KS in here. It won't be long now before we all have access. They're paying a premium to get beta access, a bit more than the backers have done.

    16. Missing_small

      Creator Tyler on December 19

      Really disappointing to see this available on Steam as 'early release' before I can play it, when I backed it. Next time I'll just wait for the project to be done and over with, and pick it up on Steam sale I guess. Because there seems to be no benefit to backing. It's too bad, because this was one KS I thought wouldn't get screwed up. Excellent way to spit in the eyes of the people supported you. I don't expect to see multimillion dollar game projects anymore after this and DF...

      Perhaps there is still hope for project eternity to have an untarnished release...

    17. Missing_small

      Creator LastRogue on December 18

      inXile Team,

      I'm seeing a lot of frustration here on the comments for the beta release notification. While I am not able to participate in the beta and can't understand their frustrations first hand, I think you guys are one of the few kickstarter programs that I have backed and have had a great time getting to see your updates to project. Beta tester's frustrations aside, and frustrations from those that cannot participate in the beta aside, I think you have done an excellent job of bringing this project to fruition. Please continue your hard work, and thank you for taking the money backers have put down toward the game, and putting it to good use. You have made me a new fan of inXile out of this kickstarter and I have high hopes for this game and your success.

    18. 414868_10150456812651640_659801639_9113508_879716688_o1.small

      Creator Alex on December 18

      Why hasn't there been an update to signify the beta is now on general release? It leaves a slightly bitter flavour in the mouth that the game is available for all to buy on steam and the non-beta pledges are unfilled. I'd be more vexed if I were a beta backer.

      Actions like this reduce my trust in kickstarted games.

    19. Missing_small

      Creator john talcott on December 18

      Guys... It has been a week since the beta release. Please provide an update that someone is at least looking at the bug reports that are high priority and involve the word "CRASH". It is pretty traumatizing to peek into the game, see how cool it is, build your party, get your first mission, venture into the wasteland.... and BAM!! crash. Is Windows XP OS an issue? I hesitate to upgrade due to lack of support for some of the older games that I still play.

    20. Missing_small

      Creator Carson Wong on December 18

      I received a Beta invitation for being a backer, but did not receive a key. Submitted a ticket on the 15th. Still no response.

    21. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Lee Sweeney on December 17

      Got a True Bleu, Blue Screen of Death.

      Someone is making a Direct Hardware Call, it seems.
      Can not reproduce but I have gotten 2, it has been a few years since I have seen one, If I can reproduce will send steps.

    22. Missing_small

      Creator Zheng Kai - Kung Fu Master of ∞ on December 17

      Holy shit!I can't log in ranger center!What's going on!

    23. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Christopher Moss on December 16

      So did anyone else see this comic that they talked about WL2?

    24. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 16

      You can still pledge more on your own KS pledge through the Ranger Center if you want to get in beta.

    25. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Paul Smith on December 16

      I'm really disappointed that I won't be able to join the beta or give any feedback :/ Been waiting over a year with the rest of the folks to get one. I don't really get what the value is in locking it down to people who paid $60+, is having less beta feedback somehow going to result in a better end product?

    26. Trikolorful3.small

      Creator Gareth Brading on December 16

      I am concerned that people can in essence "jump the queue" on Steam Early Access. The same thing happened with Planetary Annihilation. I can see the reasons for doing it but still, it feels like turning your back on the people who pledged less, just so people who are willing to pay top dollar can get in now.

      If I bought into the Wasteland 2 beta on Steam now I'd pay £29.99, equivalent to $48.95. That is $25 less than the minimum beta access the Kickstarter offered. I fail to see how that is in anyway fair to those who originally backed Wasteland 2 at $75.

    27. Missing_small

      Creator Bryce on December 15

      Who is the Alan Moore Swamp Thing fan on the dev team?

    28. Missing_small

      Creator Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on December 15

      I backed at a 150 tier and don't have a code in my account page.

      Posted a ticket, hopefully I get in Monday.

    29. Missing_small

      Creator lee perring on December 15

      Woopsie... I am blind, found my key now under the donations tab haha.
      Ignore me!

    30. Missing_small

      Creator lee perring on December 15

      Cant seem to get beta access its not showing up in my account yet I pledged for the $55 tier... help please :P.

      Also just a quick note, I see people complaining that $55 DIGITAL tiers got beta while the $50 physical teir do realise it doesnt say you get access to beta in that tier only the 55 does AND physical goods cost a crap ton more to deliver so lets say out of that $50 they spent $15 on manufacturing and then you essentially have a $30 digital pledge... so why should you get more? You essentially cost them more, the digital version costs bugger all in comparison.

      Apologies if that comes off dickish or whatnot, I thought best to make sure people get back to look at how much money inxile actually got from your pledge and that it didnt mention beta...dont know about the people getting free access to the beta, if they have then thats a bit odd!.

    31. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Jim Chaney on December 15

      Yeah, not very pleased that my $50 has been tied up in this for the last year+, and now someone else can jump the queue for half that and use the beta feedback to drive the game's direction.

      Yeah, I could have backed at a higher amount, but then I would be paying *even more* than the Steam backers, months and months earlier, for the same input. Very unhappy with this (but cannot now see a resolution since each kickstarter band is getting what they paid for, we just have a new, cheaper band available 15 months later).

      Next time, you can guarantee I will be awaiting the retail version, not trusting y'all with a free 2 year loan.

    32. Missing_small

      Creator William on December 14

      There's a long and complicated story about fallout rights. Basically bethesda owns it now, and interplay is bankrupt. And beth is NOT going to lose it. LOLZ.
      The GoG free offering going on right now, is a promo, has nothing to do with that. Games have been offered free before, and continue to be offered free, and has NOTHING to do with rights.
      GoG rotates free games occasionally to keep people visiting the site. If you claim the free games, they will stay in your account forever.

    33. Facebook_thumbnail_001_medium.small

      Creator Stephen "Stoibs" D on December 13

      It's the same (slightly more actually) price on Steam as the Beta tier here was Space Monkey, this is actually the fairest way they could have done it. If you're not cool with it because you want to play the beta then there were specific beta tiers here you could have pledged at...

      On related news, wow the amount of whinging and crying and 12 year old rants over there on the discussion boards and the stickied topic is toxically, facepalmingly cringeworthy.
      Actually quite amusing to see the tears of these children, but yeah - Wow faith in humanity lowered. :O

    34. Lodbacker.small

      Creator Space Monkey on December 13

      This whole business of releasing it early on Steam while some KS backers won't be able to access the game for a long while is NOT cool.

    35. Cthulhoo-epok08.small

      Creator William Shuster on December 13

      The beta is about 4GB

    36. Fb_profile_picture.small

      Creator Ketil K on December 13

      Nice. How much do I need to download to get the beta? 1GB? I am sceptic to download the data-files twice so I will rather wait for the linux beta. Linux is the OS I am capable of troubleshooting. Don't think a VMware windows install is good for troubleshooting a beta.

    37. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 13

      The backer upgrade options are still available at the Ranger Center as are the reward change options.

    38. Cthulhoo-epok08.small

      Creator William Shuster on December 13

      I don't think that you can still change your reward on the ranger center. But if you still can you should for the beta access. The upgrade center was open for a while, but I know they took down the beta access on the torment pledge center.

    39. Dsc_3813.small

      Creator Ryan Saul on December 13

      Was pretty confused that the $50 tier didn't have some sort of beta access. But reading back through the tiers I guess this was more-or-less obvious. I'd like some sort of beta access add-on, but I guess I'm not sure now. It looks like early access is $60 on Steam, which seems steep. I can probably wait tbh.

      Maybe this question has been answered in one form or another, but would inxile prefer us to get all-digital or boxed? I can probably just go with the all digital if doing the boxed copy is too much trouble for them. Another $5 is probably worth it for early access.

    40. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 13

      I think you can still get the 55$ international version through the backer portal, but then you'd loose the game box.

    41. Tiger_by_kimu_sama.png.small

      Creator Jeremy on December 13

      Will there be any way for the $50 tier to upgrade to beta access? It's weird for the $55 international friendly all digital one to have early access but not the copy I have where it's the boxed copy and a digital copy but then early access is $5 difference. If there's an option to donate an extra $5, I wouldn't mind that.

    42. Gravatar.small

      Creator Vinzius on December 13

      It's more or less my opinion of a crowfunding project. In comparaison it's like giving the opportunity to anybody to buy a product (like on a website) before all backers receives their own one. If inXile really wanted to make its backers happy, they could have waited before doing this early steam access... or even not doing it at all. There is no reason for doing it, except rising more money. If it was really needed, they could have told it in a different way. I'm sure that they won't apologize about this. It seems they don't give a fuck (when reading facebook answers they give).

    43. Cthulhoo-epok08.small

      Creator William Shuster on December 13

      How is it disrespectful? Many backers of Torment got Wasteland 2 beta access without backing this ks.

    44. Gravatar.small

      Creator Vinzius on December 13

      @William: my problem is that non-backers can get access before backers. I can wait. But I find disrespectful that they allow early steam access this way.

    45. Cthulhoo-epok08.small

      Creator William Shuster on December 13

      I'm glad they are using their buzz to become the third top selling game on steam right now.

    46. Cthulhoo-epok08.small

      Creator William Shuster on December 13

      No mac players are getting to play before you Vinzius. There is no dishonesty they have never said that mac players would get beta access before general pc players. You are unhappy, but that doesn't mean they are being dishonest.

    47. Officer_b.small

      Creator Tomimt on December 13

      There was never a beta promise outside Steam. If someone doesn't want to use Steam, nor Windows at the first phase, then that's their choice, but there's no reason to feel screwed because of it.

    48. Missing_small

      Creator madGamer on December 13

      @Vinzius the game in steam as early acess costs 55 euros = $55 im very happy with my pledge. its cheaper and will have drm free :)

    49. Gravatar.small

      Creator Vinzius on December 13

      1/ Users who aren't on Windows, and have a steam key, can't play the beta (while some who didn't pledge can)
      2/ Any ks project doing some early steam access is just a fucking shame if not planned and told from the beginning.

      It's just a matter of being honest with the backers, and not screwing in the final months like that.

      I hope I'll receive my collector edition before the game is available on Amazon, or I swear they'll hear me.

    50. Dungeoncrawl.small

      Creator dungeoncrawl on December 13

      If it costs people to get early access I'm all good. i paid $15 as a backer, then $20 more to get early access to it during the Torment Kickstarter. I'm $35 in for a digital copy of the game and early access. If people are now paying $55 for that, I saved $20 and am good with it.

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    One digital copy and one full LARGE BOXED COPY OF WASTELAND 2, complete with worn cloth game map and old school instruction book. Also features the digital soundtrack and digital concept art book from previous award. Also receive an early release episodic Novella (Part 1) on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a member of the original Wasteland story team. The Novella will give hints and clues being built into the actual Wasteland 2 game. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $55 or more
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    2274 backers

    THE INTERNATIONAL FRIENDLY ALL DIGITAL PACKAGE! You get one digital copy of the game DRM free for PC, Mac or Linux, digital soundtrack, digital concept art book, episodic novella part 1 and 2, and premiere access to an early playable beta on steam. This comes with no physical goods to help with VAT, duty and shipping costs for our international fans!

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  • Pledge $75 or more
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    1131 backers

    $50 pledge + Early release episodic Novella (Part 2) on the Wasteland 2 world created by Mike Stackpole, a NYT bestselling author and member of the original Wasteland team. Also, get PREMIER ACCESS TO AN EARLY PLAYABLE BETA ON STEAM. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $100 or more
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    5218 backers

    Previous reward + COLLECTOR'S EDITION PREMIUM BOXED VERSION which of course contains map and instruction book. But additionally comes with Wasteland miniature, Wasteland 2 faction badge. Also get your name in the credits in a special thanks section. The premium box replaces the standard box but also comes with a digital copy of the game. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    407 backers

    The $100 reward + a backer-only WASTELAND 2 T-SHIRT. You will get to select between one of four shirts. The T-shirt will not be available anywhere else. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $150 or more
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    776 backers

    The $100 reward + a limited edition numbered collectible coin, a WASTELAND 2 POSTER and one large boxed copy. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $250 or more
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    1200 backers Limited (300 left of 1500)

    One $150 reward + your boxed collectors edition copy of the game will be AUTOGRAPHED BY BRIAN FARGO, ALAN PAVLISH, MIKE STACKPOLE, CHRIS AVELLONE and other key development team members. You will also receive 2 digital download copies (so you can leave your collectors edition sealed up!) and a lv1 Desert Ranger medal of honor (real metal medal) limited edition collectible. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $500 or more
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    172 backers Limited (328 left of 500)

    Previous reward + WASTELAND DOOMSDAY PREPARATION SURVIVAL KIT. All your doomsday needs in a themed Wasteland collectible bag. You’ll also receive a lv2 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible. (Please add $15 for international shipping)

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  • Pledge $1,000 or more
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    147 backers Limited (53 left of 200)

    Previous reward + BECOME AN NPC, WEAPON, OR LOCATION in the Wasteland 2 world! We will get your name and (if relevant) a picture of you to add your general likeness to the actual shipped game. Brag to your friends and beg them not to take you out with a Meson Cannon. You’ll also receive 5 digital copies of the game and a lv3 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $2,000 or more
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    2 backers Limited (23 left of 25)

    YOU GET TO PLACE A PERSONALIZED COLLECTIBLE ARTIFACT IN OUR WORLD and write its backstory! It could be anything from an engagement ring to a teddy bear. We will have 100 of these rare and semi rare items that can be found throughout the Wasteland 2 world. When collected, all players will learn about the personal touch that you added to the world. You'll also receive a signed Collector's Edition, boxed version and 8 digital copies of the game to do what you'd like with, in addition to a lv4 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible. (This does not include NPC/Weapon/Location as well)

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $2,500 or more
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    13 backers Limited (12 left of 25)

    BECOME AN NPC, WEAPON, OR LOCATION AND PLACE A PERSONALIZED COLLECTIBLE ARTIFACT IN OUR WORLD and write its backstory! You'll also receive a signed Collector's Edition, boxed version and 10 digital copies of the game to do what you'd like with, in addition to a lv4 Desert Ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible.

    Estimated delivery:
  • Pledge $5,000 or more
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    9 backers Limited (6 left of 15)

    Previous reward + We will BUILD A STATUE, in your honor. After getting a picture of you, we will carefully craft this in game statue. You are now forever a part of Wasteland history. At this level, we will also sign and frame actual original concept art from the game. With 30 digital copies of Wasteland 2, you will be a hit with your friends. You will also receive a lv5 Desert ranger medal of honor limited edition collectible and AN EXPLODED BLOOD SAUSAGE Wasteland limited signed and numbered collectible figurine. (for the game, you'll get 1 signed collectors edition and 30 digital copies)

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  • Pledge $10,000 or more
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    12 backers Limited (4 left of 16)

    Previous reward + COME TO AN EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE PARTY hosted by Brian Fargo, Alan Pavlish and other key members of the Wasteland team (must be able to travel to Newport Beach, CA). Talk design, previous works or anything else you’d like to discuss. Also, a shrine in Wasteland 2 will be erected in your honor. You’ll receive 50 copies of the game to do what you want and our deep appreciation. You'll also receive a medal and AN EXPLODED BLOOD SAUSAGE Wasteland limited signed and numbered collectible figurine.

    Estimated delivery:
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