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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Gavin Greenwalt on

      One request I would like to make as a surface pro user is that you either take advantage of the touch API in Unity or else provide a Left Click only UI friendly option. This seems like the perfect type of game (turn based) to be extremely tablet friendly with only minor interface considerations.

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      Stephen E. Baker on

      @Valery: At this point, for the impatient linux savy backer I'd suggest GOG version to get the resources and compiling the InXile DOSBox code to get the full WL1 re-release experience. Yey open source.

      I have too much else going on right now, so I'm holding out in hopes that more official channels raise attention to the linux market. I have heard of others having success using their own compiled version though. (

    3. dungeoncrawl on

      Can we get an official update? It's been 18 days since the last and I'd love to have some type of estimate on the beta.

    4. Valeriy on

      I personally stopped to bother with W1 version for Linux. It simply don't have that much of a value. GOG will not bulge in its position regarding Linux and I won't use Steam no matter what. So it is optimal to just use original version with native DOSBox. After all we have every right to grab the game from any site or place or torrent we like and not limited to Steam or GOG only.

      But this whole situation shows how poorly inXile sat up its distribution channels. And lack of Linux support from the "Day 1" is just plain disgraceful.

      P.S. The next update should be called "Not even close, Not even close..." :-(

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      Joshua Megerman on

      Can we get an official statement from inXile about the Linux version of WL1, what is and isn't going to be available (Steam vs. GOG) and some sort of ETA? I'd really rather not have to use Steam for it, but if that's my only option then I need to know it so I can try to make it work on my systems...

      Also, do I have to pick a single platform when I pick Steam or Or do they provide multiple platform options for a single key? I'd rather not, but I'm sure I can make the DOS/Windows version work somehow if that ends up being my only option...

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      Warren Brent on

      For those who are interested, Linux up and running for Steam:

    7. JAMES on

      I got the email where i am supposed to go and sign up to get the games and such but it will not send me back an email ... I would love to be playing wasteland 1 right now but it will not set an account up for me on your website ... I have been trying and waiting now for days ... Please help thanks

    8. Matt Clemson

      T-Shirt arrived present and correct in the UK!

    9. Missing avatar

      Daniel Holmes on

      I like the old scans of the paragraphs with pen highlighting which were used...I remember doing something similar so many years ago.

    10. dungeoncrawl on

      @thomas - yeah, I'm trying really hard not to look at that stuff if possible. I've found it isn't possible to find JUST the nugget I need without stumbling into something. The inXile forum was a great help for this one place I was stuck.

    11. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @dungeoncrawl, I think there's an item you have to find for your characters if you want to make that trip. Not going to say what or where, but I'm sure there are spoilers for a 25 year old game on the interwebz if you can't figure it out.

    12. dungeoncrawl on

      @nukecoke I go anywhere near Vegas and I get annihilated. Still haven't figured out where I'm supposed to be at this level. :)

    13. Piotr Stolarczyk on

      awesome song, would love to hear more like it :)

    14. Missing avatar

      nukecoke on

      Just cleaned the sewers under the temple in Las Vegas, gonna go to Sleeper Base soon.

    15. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      Precisely ET3D. I just moved my Dad over to a Linux laptop because Windows 8 was so horrible. Rather than having to teach him how to use 8, he's mostly been able to figure Linux Mint out on his own.

      In other words, you never know when MS is going to screw up badly enough that you switch to something else. A few years ago, he could barely use a computer, now he's using Linux and doing most of it on his own. The more quality Linux games and software there is, the better MS has to be in order to retain customers. And you can never be sure that you won't be running something else at some point. Computers often times outlast their OS these days.

      It's kind of interesting how it's almost always the Windows fanbois that meta-complain that the rest of us don't just accept that we're not getting the same thing they are. As if it actually affects them one way or another.

    16. dungeoncrawl on

      Lots of illogical, entitled Linux fans out today.

      P.s. NOW I'm trolling.

    17. Missing avatar

      kwerboom on

      It's good news that you got Wasteland 1 out.

      I really like "Cries of a Dead World". If its possible, it would be neat if you could get it into the game.

    18. ET3D on

      @dungeoncrawl, your posts add nothing to the argument, only prolong it, that's why they were called trolling. Besides, think of it this way: people who want a DRM-free Linux distribution want it for everyone, including people who pay money. It's a legitimate concern, and it would be good of inXile to offer Wasteland through a service which does provide support for DRM-free Linux, such as the Humble Store.

    19. Valeriy on

      @dungeoncrawl: Stop trolling, please. You expressed your point enough times already.

    20. dungeoncrawl on

      @thomas - just because somebody disagrees with you doesn't make them a troll. Seems like you couldn't come up with a reasonable response to the 'you paid $0 logic' and decided to play the troll card.

    21. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @dungeoncrawl, stop trolling. I've got better things to do than to feed trolls.

    22. nils on

      WL1 works like a charm. Is there a way to replace the "mushroom cloud" title with a redrawn image too, or is that too hardcoded? Cause I always thought that was a really, really ugly image. Even back when the game was "current". :)

    23. dungeoncrawl on

      @thomas - 'I see no reason not to gripe....' Because you paid $0 for it. $0.

    24. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @dungeoncrawl, I'm familiar with the saying. I'm also familiar with the fact that there's still things I can't do on a computer unless I"m using an MS sanctioned platform because MS encourages developers to use non-standard bits on the internet.

      I personally see no reason why Linux supporters shouldn't grip a bit, seeing as the DOS version of WL works just fine in Linux and it's the upgrades that broke that. I know there's sites out there that carry the original versions that would work just fine.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chris Olson on

      When asked what alternatives there are for people who want a true DRM-free distribution (i.e. no signing up for external sites, access program downloads, etc), inXile replied as follows:

      "We do not offer alternatives, we're distributing both WL1 and WL2 through digital retailers, and we distribute our rewards through our pledge management system. We've found distributing keys directly through emails leads to too many instances of lost keys and other problems."

      While I see their position, I don't agree with that their position is truly DRM-free. Given that the question was asked about WL1 and WL2, I'm guessing it applies to Torment as well, which is unfortunate for all three cases.

    26. dungeoncrawl on

      @thomas - ever heard the comment 'never look a gift horse in the mouth?' Not being snide. Just never understand ppl complaining about a free gift. Had you been promised a DRM free Linux version as a stretch goal, I would understand more. But a free bonus gift?

    27. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      @dungeoncrawl, why not? Most of that started before the email came out, and the email itself is somewhat vague on the details of whether or not choosing Steam or GOG will limit the ability to get the Linux version. Also, when some of us redeemed our codes, we hadn't yet received an email.

      OTOH, judgmental posts like your serve no purpose whatsoever other than as snide comments. At least the folks noting that this isn't the usual DOSBox release have a point. An unenhanced version of the game largely works on any platform that DOSBox supports.

    28. Missing avatar

      John Potts on

      Does anyone know where there is a support forum where I can get help on Wasteland 1? I installed it through steam and the game starts but my mouse doesn't work right. I can move but can't select anything on the menus. There doesn't seem to be a community on Steam yet.

    29. ET3D on

      Thanks for the comments about Steam vs. GOG (especially Xod for asking inXile). I guess I'll go for the Steam version then, to have the option of Linux if I want it.

    30. Missing avatar

      Equlan on

      @David Rosen: I downloaded my copy of Wasteland 1 from GOG several days ago. Have you doublechecked your "My Games" page?

    31. David Rosen on

      Just an FYI .. although the site says "Wasteland 1 is now available on and Steam for backers" .. after redeeming code on .. it just says "soon" - its not available for download .. yet ?

    32. dungeoncrawl on

      Are people really complaining about a free gift given after the kickstarter was completed?

    33. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Never mind, I think everything is as it should be.

    34. Missing avatar

      Will on

      I backed both Wasteland 2 and Torment (each at the $100 level). I was hoping to get both a GOG and Steam key for WL1 as a result, but looking at my account page at inXile the option is not there.

    35. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I wish I had known that the GOG version of WL wasn't compatible with DOSBox without special trickery. Normally, you can just take the install directory and remove the files for use with DOSBox, but that doesn't appear to be the case here.

      It's a shame that the Linux version appears to be Steam only, especially when there wasn't an advaned warning that choosing the GOG version would prevent us from getting the Linux version.

      And @Ketil, I disagree, Steam comes with horrendous DRM on most of their catalog and the program itself is full of bugs. GOG has no mandatory installer and the DOSBox games normally run just fine on Linux when extracted with innoextract. This particular release is strange because DOSBox was integrated directly into the release rather than launched separately.

    36. Ketil K on

      I did read the message from inXile before I read this update and I just have to say that I love them. They are the best gaming company ever, they have not disappointed me once. I have faith they will overcome their challenges because they listen to their backers. inXile treat linux users seriously at the same time as they treat windows and OS X users seriously.

      I wish gog was a solution for me, but they refuse to distribute linux games so it's no point of supporting them from a customer point of view. There are users that don't care about linux support though and there is a large userbase that like gog and want them to distribute it. I respect that and want inXile to support them.

      Steam is a better solution for me, although it's not nice to require people to install an application to download their games. My experience with steam workshop was horrible as the downloaded content was not activated, but I had to find out where steam downloaded it and extract it to another steam specific location. Still there are users that like steam for it's advantages and disadvantges and I want inXile to support them too.

      I don't know what the third solution is going to be, but I trust it will be a good one.

    37. Serian on

      Before I decide on platform, is it definite that the steam version also gets the extras that are available on GoG? Are there any differences?

    38. Missing avatar

      Saxon1974 on

      Pretty cool thanks for releasing Wasteland 1! I like the added music and the up-res portraits. Don't love the smoothing on the text so I turned it off. I always preferred the C64 version of the game over the PC port though.

      Will you all be tinkering with it based on feedback or is it a one time deal? Reason I ask Is if your going to take feedback can you change the walking sound to one that sounds more like walking? I cant stand the pc blips and bloops stand from the late 80's era games.


    39. Justice Pie on

      Got my shirt a couple of days ago, thanks!

    40. LionsPhil on

      Excellent, thanks for pointing those out (Steam includes extras, has no DRM), Nicolas and Xod.

    41. Datayum on

      Wasteland 1 is DRM-free on Steam !
      I asked InXile, here's the answer :

      "Yes, our Steam release is DRM-free, it will launch fine without Steam once it's installed, and you can move the install folder and everything.
      We will roll the Linux version into our Steam copy later."

    42. Christian Steudtner on

      Really awesome song - wouldn't mind seeing that on the soundtrack we get ;)

    43. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Melo on

      Nevermind, saw this in the forums:

      Brother None wrote:
      Alright, if you installed Wasteland 1 on Steam you may have noticed an update passing by. That was the extras being downloaded, you can find them now under Steam\SteamApps\common\'Wasteland\Extras!

      Steam it is, then.

    44. Jalister on

      And Nicolas just pointed out something else to love about GOG. The extras.

    45. Missing avatar

      Nicolas Melo on

      Does the Steam version include the extras from the one? The manual, Wasteland Survival Guide, reference card, Paragraphs, Wasteland music and 5 Wasteland 2 unique artworks.

    46. Missing avatar

      Thomas on

      I was able to get WL 1 running on Crossover, but it appears that this release isn't one that uses DOSBox, so that means that I won't be playing on my Pandora.

      But, at least it seems to run fine in Crossover, so it should work fine with Wine.

      Can we please get an older copy or permission to download a DOS version of the game?

    47. Valeriy on

      This happy Linux user just wants to say "Hello!" to GO along with the one-finger figure on a hand.

      And Steam is not my cup of tea either.

      I'll wait for Humble Store.

    48. Jalister on

      12363 votes on the wishlist for Linux on GOG. It also has more comments than any other wish by far. I guess it's time to start pushing the Humble Store.

    49. dungeoncrawl on

      @jalisyer - you're making my point. 'I don't understand why gog won't support Linux?', 'Linux has come a long way', the post on the main comments section about 'the mystery of drm free Linux'. It's rife with issues, concerns, caveats, hand wringing, etc. Too much trouble.

    50. Stevan on

      I'm laughing at myself for being so excited to play a 20 year old game that I beat when I was a kid. WHERES MY CODE!?