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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Revealing the Map

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Rangers,

I’m Montgomery Markland, a producer on Wasteland 2. We’ve got three major items today. World Map, Early Beta and Rewards.

The World Map

Like Fallout or Arcanum, the basic experience on the world map is one of exploration and discovery. 

Your travel on the world map is limited by both physical geography and clouds of deadly radiation. Within those constraints, you can travel anywhere in the region depicted on the map. You have two alternative means of exploration while in this game mode.

[Running out of water and trapped by Raiders]
[Running out of water and trapped by Raiders]

Primary exploration occurs in a 3D map that shows your immediate surrounding environment with representative scale and geographic features of the region. Significant locations, settlements and sites reveal themselves as you scout around. The 3D exploration is in the same style and pattern as Mount & Blade and Neverwinter Nights 2: Storm of Zehir.

[As you discover radiation zones they are marked on your map]
[As you discover radiation zones they are marked on your map]

While in the 3D world map, you can press “M” to bring up a 2D map displaying the entire region. This 2D regional map automatically updates with locations you have either explored yourself, or have been informed of by another Wastelander. The regional map has been handed down from ranger to ranger over the previous century, each adding their own details to what was originally an old-fashioned roadmap from the 1990s.

As you discover radiation zones they are marked on your map In Arizona, locations generally match their canonical layout from Wasteland 1. The map is filled with key locations you will discover through regular playthroughs; but significant sections of the map are side exploration opportunities. There is plenty of space to wander around, discover hidden resources based on your character’s build, fight random encounters and discover minor sites that may be explored in normal game mode.


As you explore the region, you’ll discover three primary things on the world map: settlements, sites and resources. Settlements are major locations, such as Ranger Citadel and the Ag Center. Sites are minor locations such as an abandoned mine or a highway roadblock. Resources include oases where you can refill your canteen and hidden caches where previous Wastelanders have stored ammunition, weapons or other goods.

Exploration is the primary activity; but survival will demand some attention as well.


The Wasteland is a dangerous place, and there are several threats that can end your Ranger career prematurely.

Dying of Dehydration

In Wasteland 2, water management is challenging and important. Your water supply is based upon the number of rangers in your squad and the number of canteens among them. Depending on the type of terrain you are traversing, your water supply is consumed at varying rates. Desert terrain requires the most water, while grassland and highland are more forgiving.

If you run out of water on the world map, you do not immediately die, but over time your rangers will begin to take damage from dehydration. You will eventually die if you do not find a new source of water. Your Outdoorsman skill adjusts the overall water consumption rate as well as the length of time your squad can last without water before suffering from dehydration.

You will find water at hidden oases throughout the region. Oases are discovered as you travel the 3D map; you will discover them from greater distances with a higher Outdoorsman skill. Like settlements and sites, oases will reveal themselves in the 3D world map as they are scouted.

Other water sources are also available throughout the game, inside of major locations, such as Ranger Citadel and Highpool. These in-level water sources are automatically accessible if the level is a friendly location. Water sources in neutral or hostile locations generally require a mission or task to unlock. Once such a water source is available, it is always free. 

Dying of Radiation Poisoning

You'll want to pay attention to your Geiger counter. Clouds of deadly radiation, remnants from the war, drift throughout the American Southwest. Your Geiger counter measures the radiation level in your immediate surroundings in Sieverts (Sv).

You will encounter varying levels of radiation. The lowest rad levels do not damage you, but rather warn you that higher levels are likely near. Damaging levels of radiation poisoning begin at 500 mSv and can reach exposure levels that are instantaneously deadly. Except in these extremely high doses, radiation will not immediately kill but it definitely packs a bigger punch than dehydration. Saving is recommended when exploring the unknown, far reaches of the region.

Equipping your squad members with rad suits will allow them to survive certain levels of radiation. You can also upgrade your rad suit later in the game to a higher quality version to survive higher doses; but remember that there are pockets of radiation in The Wasteland that are at such high levels that no one can survive, regardless of a rad suit. Proceed carefully.

Dying of Murder

 You’re not the only survivors in The Wasteland.

Our random encounter system will throw a wide variety of dangerous animals, mutants, raiders and robots at you. Encounter chances are based on an overall percentage depending on terrain type and the general level of danger in the zone you are travelling.

Certain parts of The Wasteland are populated by particularly dangerous enemies. You are more likely to trigger high-level encounters while travelling in those areas. We do not conduct any form of level scaling in this regard; so if you wander off the beaten path you better be ready for a tough fight.

When a random encounter begins, you will have the option to either attack or attempt to run away. Your chance to successfully flee the fight depends on your Speed, Luck and Outdoorsman skill.

Random encounters draw from a wide pool of scenarios. Animals, mutants, raiders and robots will attack from a variety of positions and depending on your skills and abilities your squad may possess the high ground, if any, or your opponents may begin in an advantageous position.

Random encounter zones will match the terrain type you are travelling through and each terrain type has several different encounter layouts. Encounters generally consist of between one to six enemies, though that does not necessarily inform you of the difficulty; one Slicer Dicer will tear through your ranger squad well after you get to the point where six Supaflies are merely an inconvenience.

Skill and Abilities

Your rangers possess a variety skills to help you brave these many dangers. Outdoorsman is the most important for the world map, affecting water consumption, dehydration survival distance, scouting range for new settlements and sites, starting position for random encounters, your chance to run away from said danger, and more. Outdoorsman is the key skill for travel, but you will find uses for it in various other areas of the game as well.

Luck is likely the second most important ability or skill while travelling on the world map. Luck impacts what kind of hidden caches you discover in The Wasteland and how much loot they contain, as well as your likelihood of escape if you try to run away from a random encounter. There are also certain resources and events on the world map that you will only be able to discover if you are extremely Lucky.

Finally, Speed has obvious impact in relation to random encounters, as mentioned above, and several of your other abilities and skills will reveal hidden caches, high value items, unique encounters and undiscovered oases with greatly increased water supplies.


As with all of the challenges facing a ranger on the wastes, we modulate difficulty according to your settings. We provide a specific Travel Difficulty slider, which controls the overall challenge of the world map as well as the level of hinting and signposting present in the HUD and on the map. In easy mode, navigating The Wasteland is simple and does not require much thought. In hard mode, a simple factor like water management can be brutal and challenging. Medium strikes a balance; challenging but with enough freedom to wander and explore.

Early Beta

You’re all no doubt anxious to get your hands on the Early Beta and we’re anxious to get it to you! We’re now in the stage where we have distributed standalone copies of the Early Beta to a small group of external individuals as a test run. This is the final stage where we ensure it is up to our standards and runs on a variety of machines, and we’ll then be ready to get it to you.

Early Beta will only be distributed through Steam, as called out in the original Kickstarter reward tiers. The final release will – of course – be available through a wide variety of channels; but running the Early Beta through Steam is the optimal option. Any other solution would require a non-trivial investment of resources into Early Beta distribution; we feel those resources are better spent on the general quality, stability and scope of the game.


We’re seeing steady progress on the various rewards you’re due. We’ve got specific information on Wasteland 1 and T-Shirts today. We’ll have more detailed information on other rewards, such as the coins, medals, patches and miniatures very soon.

[The original Wasteland 1]
[The original Wasteland 1]

Wasteland 1

We noted back in Update 33 that Wasteland 1 would be getting a standalone release.

Where is it!

First, we’re ensuring it runs on modern machines, higher resolutions, faster processors, and all that jazz. We’re also giving it some polish for rerelease including a Mark Morgan music track, integration of the original paragraph texts into the game, and optional paragraph voice over & uprezzed portraits (both of which may be toggled on and off). We've spent a very limited amount of time on the WL1 portrait uprezzes and if possible we'd like to open up the ability to customize the WL1 portraits to the community themselves. We’ve also added support for multiple save games – now you don’t have to wipe the game clean to start over.

Wasteland 1 will be made available for free to all backers (including late backers as well as people getting it through the rewards associated with backing Torment: Tides of Numenera or Project Eternity), and sold as a separate title on GOG and Steam.

[The optional settings menu]
[The optional settings menu]
[Uprez comparison shot]
[Uprez comparison shot]
[Wasteland 1 paragraph text integration]
[Wasteland 1 paragraph text integration]


Responses to the t-shirt survey have been processed and shirts will be shipping out very soon. We’re also switching to a new system for any t-shirt stragglers; you’ll receive a code on Ranger Center which you can redeem at the J!nx website.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for backing. And thank you for your impending feedback and bug reports during the Early Beta.

Montgomery Markland

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    1. Michael Brooks on

      Dear "October Beta Antagonists/Fatalists"

      Please be quiet, there are those of us who are willfully exercising the self control to not harangue an already busy development team with entitled whining.

      Or - at the very least - complain on a site that isn't FULL OF UPDATES YOU REFUSE TO PAY ATTENTION TO.

      Your friend,
      White Knight

      P.S. - Mr. Fargo, please love me now.

    2. Vladimir Kotelnikov on

      For everyone wondering what happened with October Beta:
      “Ok the beta for Wasteland 2 is really close but I’m not quite comfortable releasing it in its current (technical) state. I’m excited to get it in your hands but we want to give a little more love. Sorry for the lack of communication on this, it can be hard when you’re this close. Stay tuned!”
      -Brian Fargo

    3. Missing avatar

      Kenny on

      I rekon you guys are a bit behind..but hope we hear what's up in the next update. been lookin' forward to this for awhile!

    4. Missing avatar

      Charlie Elmer on

      What happened to the October Beta.

    5. Emery J. Huang on

      They said October for the beta release. When is that going to happen? There are barely 4 days left in the month!!

    6. Scott on

      Honestly: not that crazy about the 3D map. The art style is identical to the combat map. Is that brass disk in the middle part of the interface? It's clunky and confusing. The 2D map looks awesome. I'd rather we just traveled on that and save the very realistic images for the other 99% of the game. Why do some of the raiders have a color filter on the top of their portraits and others on the bottom?
      Everything else, water and radiation management, etc. sounds fanspastic!

    7. Scott Fite on

      "Beware of Harry, The Bunny Master."

    8. dungeoncrawl on

      Really wish somebody would say 'target date for WL1 = x'. Target date for beta release = y.

    9. reynolds on

      I like the radiation mechanic because it fits in very well with the setting and present a challenge that can be tackled as the player sees fit.

      I hate the hydration / dehydration mechanic. As this will likely affect large portions of the game and behave like a persistent drain on my ranger's "hydration" stat, it is going to be a dull chore to manage. I know we're going for an RPG with classical roots here, but occasionally there are good reasons some features are best off left in the 80s and 90s.

      I understand that to some this feature is the type of simulation they’re looking for in an RPG, but I would actually prefer an option to turn off dehydration completely (as a separate option from “Travel Difficulty”) if this is going to be included.

    10. Missing avatar

      Gary Wolfe on

      I am in a tier where I am to get early beta access. How will I be notified as to how acquire my beta? I see it's to be through steam, which is fine. I'm curious as to if it will be in another project update email, direct email, or something else? And when do you anticipate this occurring?

    11. Steve Dozniak on

      > However, I do agree with several other posters that it should be optional, as a lot of folks don't enjoy that sort of mechanic at all.

      I think the Travel Difficulty slider is just for that.

    12. Alex L on

      Arcanum, loved that game and am very glad you referenced it for it's world map. If that were your next KS you'd have my money!

    13. barbarian_bros on

      @nukecoke : it may be specific for map travelling... but iI still prefer it. It's less 'heavy' than the one we've seen on previous screenshots.

      @Lucas : "Your Outdoorsman skill adjusts the overall water consumption rate" I hope that one ranger with high 'Outdoorsman' skill level give you a bonus in term of water consumption... but I hope it to be sort of cumulative : if you have 2 'outdoorsman' spécialists, ths bonusshould be higher (but not doubled), and higher with 3 specialists and a higher capped bonus if every ranger in the team is a specialist.

    14. Missing avatar

      Henri Vuorenmaa on

      @Thomas Beekers: Thank you so much. I was worried the map might be like that in the final version of the game too, and that would've been highly un-immersive. :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Lucas on

      The outdoorsman skill works for the whole group or every ranger needs to have it ?

      By the way Game looks awesome, Thank you guys!

    16. Missing avatar

      nukecoke on

      @barbarian_bros Isnt it a specified UI for worldmap travelling?

    17. barbarian_bros on

      Love the way WL2 is going. The new screenshot also shows the new look of the UI... i prefer this one, much lighter than the one used in the previews screenshots.

      About WL1, it seems you use an upscale filter like Super2xSAI or SuperEagle... which IMAO have a far too smooth aspect, destroying much of the original (pixelized) details. Please allow us to use a less blurry filter, like 'normal2x' or 'bilinear2x'

    18. Slargos on

      Participate in the beta, and help make sure this game becomes what it must.

      Or wait until it's finished, to avoid ruining any of the pleasure of a pristine Wasteland title.

      Oh, the horrors.

    19. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      @Montgomery: I loved every single word you wrote about the world map, but I'd love even more to have interesting options before an encounter takes place. I mean, things like: bribe the riders, intimidate them, set an ambush, hide your rangers, etc. Contextual options would be even better.
      I know it's too late for this kind of features, but I'm a HUGE fan of Darklands. So, let me dream :D...

    20. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      screenshots (+ UI) and character portraits look awesome, i am sooo looking forward to holding the game box in my hands, umpacking it, installing it and going on an adventure, w00t!

    21. Kampilan Asul on

      Looking good. Keep up the good work, guys!

      Will inform people in my FB timeline about Wasteland 1! I'm sure a lot of my friends will want to get it :D

    22. Missing avatar

      Mindblighter on

      This all sounds well and good, but I was left wondering how exactly does your group composition play into this survival aspect?
      For example, it makes sense that if you have an outdoors specialist his knowledge benefits the whole group almost as well if they all had good understanding on survival skills. He tells which moss to squeeze to get that vital drop of water or what herb to rub on an abrasion to alleviate the pain.
      Similarly it would make sense if one guy with super luck would prevent the whole group from getting ambushed. Or does the fickle Lady Fortuna work so that one guys bad luck mitigates the good luck of another? ;)
      For speed on the other hand this kind of thinking no longer makes sense. Having Usain Bolt on your team can't possibly make the obese nerd you keep around for his tech skills run faster. I suppose you could use the group average for any one of these variables but that seems a bit cheap. I'd like some elaboration on these, please.

    23. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      As they said, there's a travel difficulty setting, so you can just put it on easy if you don't want to deal with resource management. Personally, I like it. I want to feel like my rangers are actually navigating a hostile desert, and struggling to survive

      I like the way the world map looks. Will we be able to switch to a local map at any point, or only at locations or encounters?

    24. Francisco Santiago on

      Crap. That is a much better update for Wasteland 1 than I would have hoped for. I was expecting the standard DOSBox fare. I was thinking of waiting and seeing if someone would port the entire WL1 scenario to WL2's engine, but that may no longer be necessary.

    25. Missing avatar

      PuceMoose on

      >>No level scaling thank the gods.

      Yes, 100x this! I love to be able to go places and completely wipe the walls with enemies, and, in other places, get completely torn to shreds. Area-based scaling = good (and sensible), player-level-based scaling = lazy.

      I've always been a sucker for inventory/resource conservation, so I like the sound of dehydration management. However, I do agree with several other posters that it should be optional, as a lot of folks don't enjoy that sort of mechanic at all.

    26. emperor25 on

      Smoothing over pictures always look worse than the most half-assed of efforts.

    27. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      You had me until dehydration/water management. Sorry, but I can see that sucking the fun out of the game quick. I have NEVER seen a single game that implemented a FUN resource management and I seriously doubt W2 will be it. This is right up there with stupid timers, they just are really bad. It crosses from fun to annoyance.

      If it is in, please make it OPTIONAL so we can turn it off.

    28. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Paragraph voice overs? Sweet. I am so going to play the game again. I haven't exploded anybody like blood sausages since I owned a C64.

    29. Missing avatar

      Brian McGuire on

      Might I suggest a device you can find somewhere along the way which extends your dehydration time by converting your party's pee into drinking water, Costner style?

    30. Nigel Heng on

      Great update! :D

    31. phobos2077 on

      This is the time we've all waited for so long... Best update ever, indeed.

    32. Shadow on

      I am SO FREAKIN' EXCITED!! Great update folks!

    33. Missing avatar

      Robert Ellis on

      You forgot dying of waiting.

      ... must linger just a little longer for Beta keys...

      it hurts...

    34. Scott Everts

      Nice update! Looking forward to the Wasteland 1 re-release too! And thanks for the shout-out of Storm of Zehir!! I'm the guy that made those world maps. :)

    35. DJ_Serperior on

      I'm not the biggest fan of that uprezzed portrait, to be honest. I think it's super cool that you guys are going through the effort to bring the original up to speed though. Having those integrated paragraphs is going to be great. Any chance that we'll still get a paragraphs pdf with the original so we can still read the ones that aren't directly relevant to the game?

    36. Missing avatar

      Eric Cox on

      So excited with a Storm of Zehir style 3d map (It's what I wanted and posted about on the forum) as that to me seems a great improvement to fallout/arcanum style and it hasn't been used enough to get blah yet.

    37. Thomas Beekers

      @Josh Moody We "fog of war"-ed it so that we could avoid spoilers for our backers.

    38. Missing avatar

      Josh Moody on

      This looks amazing. Super excited. One thing I'm concerned about is the "fog of war" on the 2d map though. I'd get fog on the 3d map, and a "blank canvas" on the 2d map, but I'd expect the 2d map to be somewhat filled in with details (high level details like "needles here", "vegas here") but otherwise be blank - especially if this is a map that has been handed down to me from ranger to ranger.

    39. LuckyLuigi on

      No level scaling thank the gods.
      Not sure if I am more excited about playing WI again or WII :)

    40. Jamie Lynne Powell-Herbold on

      I am very excited to play through WL1 again with the paragraphs in place. I don't know how many years it's been since I've actually read them. :)

    41. Missing avatar

      Daniel Holmes on

      Any idea when the beta will be available? Weeks? Or days?

    42. Missing avatar

      Sebastian on

      Bah. Fuck steam.
      The rest of the update sounds extremely exciting, though. Can't wait for the live version.

    43. gandalf.nho

      Nice update. Curious to test the beta and already reserved spots in my GOG's shelf for both Wasteland games

    44. Alex Dickie on

      Fantastic update. I can't wait to check out the beta.

    45. Sean Long on

      "[...] significant sections of the map are side exploration opportunities."

      THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU, thank you ...!!!!!

      I so very, very LOVE "side areas", and the alinearity (or at least, illusion thereof) that they can create.

    46. Stewart "Zoot" Wymer

      While I normally don't like resource management (like food and water and such) I think in Wasteland it makes a lot of sense. I think it will work far better in WL2 than say, Fallout 3/NV due to the pacing. Excited about the WL1 "remake"/polish, having the paragraphs in will definitely be fun and the other gimcracks, as well as having it work well on later OSs. (although I must have finished it a couple of years ago through a DOS prompt I believe)

    47. alcaray on

      Wow! Thanks for the WL1 fix-up. I've played it using dosbox, but I am inspired to play your new version when it's available. Nice not to have to flip back and forth between a pdf and the game.

    48. Missing avatar

      Pesticide on

      please please please bring map location randomization for sake of re playability!

    49. Missing avatar

      ukshadow on

      Dehydration eh? I was hoping for food and the like as well. Maybe they just catch lizards and rats as they go?