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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
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You Asked For It

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)
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Howdy Rangers,

Chris here. There’s a lot to talk about for this update: the level-off, Wasteland art print, tiers $1000 and above closing, and we have some screenshots and portrait art to share. But first, some really good news:

Wasteland 1 getting a separate release!

As you may know, we had a deal in place with EA to give all our Wasteland 2 backers (including late backers) a copy of Wasteland 1, which was to be integrated and launched from the game’s menu like the original Bard’s Tale trilogy into the new Bard’s Tale. We very happy about that, as we’ve always wanted to enable people to get back to the original, and it serves as a good refresher for the sequel.

We recently went to talk with EA to try and get it out in a different, separate format, and they accommodated our idea. We’ve now inked a new deal where we’ll be able to release Wasteland 1 separately. After getting the game in our hands and ensuring it runs on modern machines, we plan to distribute it FOR FREE to all our backers before Wasteland 2’s release, as well as sell it on and Steam for anyone else interested in trying out this classic RPG.

The Level-Off

We’ve been asked to show the game off to a plethora of press in Cologne, Germany later this month. Brian, Matt, Thomas and myself will fly out there and demo one area of the game for around 150 members of the press in 3 days. That may sound like a lot in a short period of time, but don’t worry…German beer will keep us going.

Once we learned the show date, we figured we’d get a little friendly competition going. 2 levels were chosen to have a level-off. The teams would work for 2 weeks straight, making it as great as possible during that time. We’d then select the level that showed the best and spend the next few weeks polishing it up. The level-off winners would then not only get to see their handy work in many (hopefully great) previews of the game, but also be featured here. Our winners were Joby Bednar (level designer) and Gavin Glenn-McDowell (environment artist). To get it ready, they both worked more hours than should be humanly possible and showed a passion that is only getting stronger as we start to see all of our hard work coming together. Of course, they were supported by many other great people on the team as well.

The winning level is…The Prison. In the original Wasteland, the prison was home to the Desert Rangers and was called Ranger Center. When the Rangers conquered the citadel, they moved in. The prison was now open, which allowed the Red Scorpion Militia a chance to call it home. The RSM are not too fond of the Rangers, for reasons that you’ll learn in a few months time.

We’ll showcase this area not just to the press, but we will also create a video based on the area to showcase to our backers.

Joby is on the left caressing the mannequin in the inXile beanie while Gavin is showing off the guns that got him the job in the first place.

Wasteland Art Print

Late last year we managed to track down the original art for the Wasteland box. This box art is one of the most iconic ones in videogame history, a showdown among the ruins of a city bathed in a hellish red light. We convinced Barry E Jackson - the artist of the original - to sign a limited run of high-quality prints of the art. This piece of video game history is available for $320, the edition is very limited and will only be made available for this run of 500.

The print is 14” x 14”, which is the size of the original art, with a 1.25” border an all sides, printed on Crane Museo® Max™ 365gsm Archival Fine Art Paper using Archival Pigment Printing. Each print is signed and hand-numbered, and you can order it now right off our website.

Tiers Closing

As the game is progressing, we need to finalize the in-game backers content. As part of the process, tiers $1000 and up are now no longer available in the late backers store, and backers can no longer upgrade to tiers $1000 and up. Backers eligible for in-game content can put in some of their information in their Ranger Center account. If you were part of those tiers and provided your name, chances are pretty good someone with your name is walking around in our latest build. We do still need some more info to finalize the backer content, particularly on the shrines and statues, so expect us to contact you during this month as needed.

And more!

We’ve been getting some great press coverage of late. GameStar’s August issue has Wasteland 2 on the cover (on the regular version, not on the XL version) and has a multi-page spread detailing skills, factions and more. Our official fansite Wasteland 2 Guru has summed up much of the info from the preview.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun’s Nathan Grayson visited our studio in Newport Beach and offers some extensive coverage. First, an interview with Brian Fargo, Matthew Findley and me that focuses on reactivity. Second, a preview of the game describing combat, skills, locations and quests. And third, a write-up with quotes from Findley about Wasteland 2 acknowledging gender and discrimination.

Last but not least, time to share some more screenshots and art with you guys. First off, a set of screenshots from the Rail Nomads camp and Highpool, some of which you may have seen before if you follow us on social media (full size: Rail Nomads 1, Rail Nomads 2, Highpool).

And finally, a new piece of art to share, another portrait piece for one of the denizens of the wasteland (full size)…

Chris Keenan
Project Lead

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    1. John Lacy

      Any word on the Wasteland 1 gift? Gotta admit, I'm jonzing for a bit of desert fun ^_^

    2. Retcon Raider on

      Heh, twenty hours estimated play-time for a normal person means fifty hours for an OCD gamer like myself. Every corner must be explored, and no stone can remain unturned!

      Regardless, looking good so far. I absolutely cannot wait for this game to hit the market.

    3. Missing avatar

      Rick Enns on

      I can't wait to play this! Any word on when the novella will be released?

    4. Missing avatar

      Brian Bierlein on

      So I'm curious. Why does the press get to see stuff before the backers do?
      We're the ones who funded the project, not them.
      I hate to be selfish, but I think in this case I fell I'm kind of justified. Sorry.

    5. dungeoncrawl on

      Anybody hear any updates on Wasteland 1 release progress?

    6. Rob Thornton on

      Since I did the digital download only, is there any way to purchase an add-on to get the cloth map??

    7. matt on

      Hey guys, I hope you'll be making an art book to compliment this project.

    8. Tyler Head on

      I just upgraded to a Boxed Copy tier on the Backers site. Hope it comes out in amazing quality! Keep up the good looking work.

    9. Tiago on

      Game is looking good.

    10. Missing avatar

      Shatterbrain on

      Lookin awesome, guys. Just make sure we can disable Depth of Field!

    11. Missing avatar

      Ben on

      I love the sense of scale that is in the game, everything seems so large and detailed. Can't wait to play the final product.

    12. Missing avatar

      Vincent Oliveri on

      Thank you for all of your hard work and for getting the original Wasteland back out there. Could you provide some details on how you will handle the paragraphs from the original game?

    13. Costa on

      +1 for a regular unsigned poster of the Wasteland 1 cover! And if you must put a border on it, please use a black border just like the original game box. The white border feels "off" for the Wasteland atmosphere.

    14. Nogard on

      You guys rock ,thanks for the update.

    15. Missing avatar

      JoeyC on

      Everything is looking great except that blur effect, which is terrible. Please at least have a toggle for it. Is it possible to get a total amount raised thus far with late backers? Also would be interested in a more affordable poster!

    16. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great read and summary of the recent WL2 press. I'll be sure to read many of the links.

      Added bonus of new pics and WL1 being distributed as a stand alone makes this update even better.

    17. T.J. Brumfield on

      To everyone asking if it will be released on Steam or require Origin, read what the update says:

      "After getting the game in our hands and ensuring it runs on modern machines, we plan to distribute it FOR FREE to all our backers before Wasteland 2’s release, as well as sell it on and Steam for anyone else interested in trying out this classic RPG."

      So, Wasteland 1 will be on and Steam!

    18. dungeoncrawl on

      You know what would have been better? Getting it ready and announcing 'here it is backers! Ready to go on GOG and Steam. We tested last week. Wait no more. You're welcome.' But now I have to wait....ignorance was bliss. :)

    19. Missing avatar


      @D. Kirk

      Hold off on that praise there. Notice they didn't say how the game will be distributed? There's a chance that this standalone may require you to install Origin to receive it.

      I appreciate the thought, but I'll wait to praise it until I find out if this requires Origin.

    20. Missing avatar

      HunterZ on

      Great to hear that we'll be getting Wasteland 1, and that it will be standalone.

      Any chance we could get it attached to our accounts? (or Steam I suppose)

    21. John Morgan on

      This is great news as I was never able to complete WL1 due to the Finster's Maze bug.

    22. Missing avatar

      George L. Perez on

      Great! although it would be nice to remove killing the dog. Still feel guilty after all these years. But it was rabid. Hope the new game has similar moral issues.

    23. Adrian Wolf on

      REALLY looking forward to this -- super excited to be getting the original Wasteland as part of this (THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!). I have super fond memories of playing it on my old Commodore 64 (RIP) and will love playing it again

    24. Nhymisis on

      I'm not getting emails, newsletters, or updates. I've missed out on some of the rewards and surveys, and haven't provided my address. What can I do to be included?

    25. Lee Sweeney on

      Looks great, will be fun to play Wasteland 2 again, been many years.

      Speed runs aside, 20 hours, is a bit short, I am hoping there are many side quests.

      ShadowRun was fun but with the side stuff over in 13hours, mainly because so few side quests.

      The world reacting should make more play throughs possible, which is also good.

      Just please do not make it a cakewalk like so many games are today, and I will be happy.

      Thanks for the update.

    26. Missing avatar

      Bulbatrs on

      the game looks awesome, much better than my original expectations. keep it up.

    27. Missing avatar

      D. Kirk on

      I just want to say thanks for putting the effort into getting us Wasteland 1, and thanks again for making it available through which is the only place I buy games from now (yes, I know I'll be getting a copy for free anyway).

      And I nearly fell off my chair when I read about EA doing something nice! They went off my 'gaming radar' years ago when they starting heavily punishing legit customers for piracy.

    28. Anthony Gosselin on

      loved the RPS stuff

    29. Chris on

      That's Awesome news!! Thanks Guys!

    30. Will Oprisko on

      Do you know which version of Wasteland 1 will be used? I know that there was a change between the original DOS release and the later bundled versions; which were missing the original setup program, which allowed the game's maps to be reset, while retaining the player's original team of Rangers. If at possible, can you work to use the version that includes the option to reset the map while keeping our original ranger team and the Combat Shooting ability?

    31. Silver on

      @Eric Rich
      By your logic we shouldn't buy any older games because they can all be torrented or downloaded for free. And no, abandonware doesn't equal freeware, it's mostly just stuff nobody bothers to sue you about, but it's not usually legit.

    32. Bert Derveaux on

      Great update, topdown view on screens looks epic!
      Looking forward to this, more than ever. Also looking forward to the next trailer with more ingame stuff.
      But still, please take your time make the best game possible from Wasteland 2.

    33. Andrew on

      So will we be able to choose to get a Steam key for Wasteland 1? That would be awesome!

    34. Adam Sherman on

      I require gameplay NAO! :)

    35. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      Now... if only EA would give us permission to do a Wasteland theatrical movie release...

    36. T. Rob Brown Photography & Writing on

      I'm looking forward to this! The last copy of Wasteland I owned was on the Apple II -- so I haven't even seen it for decades. I'm eager to play it again on my PC. Sounds like some good fun and nostalgia. In a related note, I really liked having the classic Bard's Tale trilogy on my modern Bard's Tale game I bought several years ago. That was great for some nostalgia too. I was in junior high and high school when those games released and I have fond memories of playing them for hours and hours.

    37. infestor on

      when is the game getting released?!!

    38. SDX on

      Yesss! I am all in on the retro pain and sorrow with Wasteland 1 as soon as it is out! I was 2 years old when the game came out and it will likely be the oldest computer game that I will ever beat.

      One REQUEST:
      Please make it run in windowed mode and with a possibility to multiply the original resolution.

      Sure it will look pixelated (it will in any case) but at least it will be readable on high resolution screens (Full-HD tablets anyone?) and we can keep the manual open on the screen simultaneously.

    39. Jozape on

      Yay, I will legally own Wasteland for the first time. No more must I exist in limbo.

    40. Ignition on

      Fantastic update! Ö_Ö "Wasteland 1" - my hope was true! My next hope: "STONEKEEP 2". ;)

    41. roffelito on

      great visuals! portrait is a great piece of concept art and has the perfect amount of realism combined with dusty, rusty wasteland ruggedness.

    42. Tomimt on

      20 hours main plot with expanded reactivity is more than enough. I'll take well written 20 hours every time over unnecessarily stretchened out game with grinding and million fetch quests.

    43. CaidKean on


      I'd definitely support that if there is a way to have the Electron Engine (That NWN2 runs on) do proper turn-based rather than semi-turn-based real-time pausable. It just wouldn't be Wasteland if it wasn't proper turn-based so.

    44. SajBear on

      Will the Wasteland 1 release on steam have achievements?

    45. SajBear on

      Will Wasteland 1 for backers be one Steam version or a version. Or both?

    46. SajBear on

      So the game will react to my gay party members?

    47. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @paradroid: I'd pledge to that if they made it a kickstarter campaign

    48. Daniel

      looks great. I'd like to add my voice to the request of an option to get the poster on cheaper paper in un-numbered and un-signed version for a far more affordable cost for us 'common people'. Possible combo it with the green wallpaper version you made for Wasteland2, so people can hang them side by side ;)