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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Making the date

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Backers!

I wanted to give you all an update on the progress of Wasteland 2 and to answer some of the questions I have received on production. I can happily announce that we remain well financed for development, thus allowing us to ship a product without compromise. This is primarily due to our disciplined spending, project planning and the benefit of our back catalog sales to cover any extra product features and content we loved.

One of the unique aspects to our crowd funding campaign is that we greatly overfunded which is wonderful in allowing us to create a larger experience, one that is in fact quite epic in size. It could well be the largest RPG I have worked on to date. Of course there is an inherent struggle with the original date hovering despite our greatly increased budget and design. In fact, we learned from this lesson on Torment in adjusting our end date as the monies increased and the stretch goals were met. It’s also important to note that we do not profit from the monies raised from crowd funding as we take 100% of that money (plus extra money in our case) and put it into the game, a game that we can be proud of and one that can become a classic.

So let’s get into a bit more detail on timing:

In the next month we expect to have a version of the game that is feature complete, meaning all basic game functionality is in. This covers the combat system, character creation, radio support, world map travel, logbook, inventory, loot drop system, save games, AI functionality and much more. In addition all of the game maps are in and we have been in the process of making art and reactivity passes already. The basic building blocks of each level are in and the artists are fully propping them out, and the progress on this front is staggering. The hallmark of a great RPG is how reactive the world is, so our scripters are busy focusing on increasing this aspect of the game. We have encounters that look at the gender makeup of the party, the health of the party, the NPCs who have joined you and so many of the various world states. This is the kind of subtlety I love and makes the games both deep and re-playable. 

Mark Morgan has had his all music segments assigned and is on schedule as expected. Our particle effects man is working hard through his list so we get the drama and graphical payoff we are looking for. The portrait artists are all cranking on an amazing array of different pieces of art. Our sound team is in full swing with all of the various sounds coming in at a rapid pace.

This feature complete playable is about 6 weeks behind where I had wanted it to be but I can’t be too surprised considering the increased scope. We have been able to accomplish so much in so little time by our experience, fantastic team and tools.

Unity has played a huge part in allowing us to make a game of this scale in a short period of time. The ease of use with Unity, the asset store and our working with the crowd to help source additional content has allowed us to spend less time on the mundane and more on the creative aspects. I read a quote once that said “art is born from adversity and restrictions” and I think that perfectly applies to this process. The process for development of this game is one that was born from necessity and has made us smarter about how to deliver an amazing amount of content for a reasonable budget. We have also benefited from having just one game in production at a time.

As a producer I always find myself in a conflicting role of both pushing on the design and detail to achieve something special yet at the same time keep it on schedule but that is the job. I’m quite pleased with Wasteland 2 from both a graphical and creative aspect; the scope of the game will be quite a surprise for people.

As this tremendous amount of content comes together, we get to the artistry of making a game. I will soon be able to truly experience the game to get a sense of mood, timing, balance, variety, reactivity, strategic thinking and overall fun. The first phase of this will involve getting it into the hands of a few select players so we can analyze what we have and hone in on the right elements. And once we have made several passes at this phase we will open it up for our beta testers to get reactions and help us further hone the experience.

We plan to begin beta testing in October.

You have helped make this game a reality and you will be with us to the end in shaping the final piece through your comments. The best moments in a reactive RPG come during this phase, which provides for touches and details that could have never all been captured in the upfront design. The beta testing will be critical to help us hone in on finalizing a game that can become a classic. And with your help and input we will release the game when it’s ready.

Thanks to this new crowd sourced model of game production we have the luxury of working on a game that won’t be rushed out the door. Under the old process we would often have either retail or a publisher pressuring us to ship a game before we were happy with it. Or the more draconian measure of being sued or having the game handed to another developer to finish, (yes those clauses are fairly common) if we wanted to spend more time polishing our little gem… fortunately we have NONE of this.

Once the beta testing begins in October and once we have enough feedback from testing, we can evaluate where we’re at and set a new release date. By that stage, over ten thousand of our backers will have gotten to play the game with us. In the end, quality comes before everything and fortunately the backers have been in line with us to make sure we get it right.

We are still having a blast making Wasteland 2 and we thank you again for entrusting us to work in a matter that will allow us to deliver to our vision and quality standards.

Wasteland 2 at GamesCom

I and a few other Wasteland 2 devs will be at the GamesCom gaming conference in Cologne, running from August 21st to August 25th. We will be showing Wasteland 2 for the press, and discuss the game with them, so expect an influx of coverage following GamesCom. We will not be showing the game to the public on the floor, but we do plan to create a video for our backers and fans, based on the area we’ll be demoing. That area will be either the old prison or the rail nomad camp, both of which are looking good. We'll determine which one we'll show closer to the gaming conference.

What else is new?

The Through The Aftermath podcast’s 50th episode has a one-hour interview with me and Wasteland 2 writer Nathan Long. It covers inspirations, writing post-apocalyptic stories, differences between Wasteland and Wasteland 2, carry-overs from Wasteland and nods fans will recognize. It has some spoilers but is also very information-dense, you can also read summations of the points covered on RPG Codex or GameBanshee.

Wasteland 2 Guru has been adding some great info on the original Wasteland. For instance, here is a copy of the Wasteland Survival Guide, a hint guide providing a narrative walkthrough of the game. They’ve also merged their wiki with Kayahr’s to significantly expand the official wiki’s content.

Speaking of the original Wasteland, remember the Centron Deluxe Model, a cyborg that roamed through the difficult Sewers levels? Well, they’re back, and they haven’t gotten any less nasty (full size)…

Until next time!
Brian Fargo
Leader inXile


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    1. Bryy Miller on

      I may not back every project you do from now on, but when I do, I know 100% you guys can get sh*t done.
      Consider me a fan.

    2. Bryy Miller on

      So, basically, you guys make a game for (by my calculations) $2.8m. You come in UNDER BUDGET. In under a year. You decide to use the rest of the money to add in all the Owlbear/extra content that you had to cut in pre-production.

      And people say it is the exact same thing as DFA.


    3. Frank Talbot on

      Awesome update, can't wait for the beta!

    4. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      The game is on budget. Looks beautiful. There's been great communication with the backers on the forum. I'm not sure what more a backer could ask for ? A small delay was to be expected with kickstarter, and is not a big deal. As long as you don't abuse that trust by piecing it out in episodic format while simultaneously running out of money for an ending- I think everyone will be very happy. inXile is a company that I trust to do it right.

    5. Stacy on

      @ paradroid:From memory, the only reference to aliens in the original WL were contained in paragraphs that the game never told you to read. I think I still remember all the passwords from that game (except the one for the black market), just as there are some numbers that are permanently etched into memory - 302, 711, 821, 883. You probably recognise them.

      @ inExile: Put me in the "I've waited 25+ years, I can wait a few more months" category! Just give me a game worthy of the name; a game I can happily return to every now and then for the next 25 years.

      @ no one in particular: Am I the only one torn between waiting for a finished, polished product and jumping straight into the beta so that I can report all the pesky typos that will plague me forever if I don't? (oh, and the bugs too, of course, but the typos will probably annoy me more)

    6. Jon on

      I don't mind if it leaks into the year 2015, as long as it's a good game.

    7. TrueStoryGuy on

      @mbpopolano24 From reading your comment feed, it appears that you're disappointed that Brian Fargo has chosen "Deep Silver" as a publisher. This is as far as from the truth as you can be. Deep Silver is nothing more than a distributor for inXile. inXile has been quite open about their development, and despite tripling their original $900,000 goal, the game is delayed by a couple months. inXile even explained that they'll use their own money from previous sales of their games to help finance Wasteland 2 should they go overbudget. No reason to jump to conclusions.

    8. Missing avatar

      DM on

      I can deal with a delay, especially since it's most likely due to added story and features, not to mention we'll get a say when we get the beta.

    9. Missing avatar

      paradroid on

      Great job, guys. As everybody else (except for the Troll) I can and will :-) wait.

      Here's an idea: you say that W2 will have tons of references to part 1 and part 1 will be part of the package, no? Because playing W1 is a fairly long ago. I think I played it on a C64 (gasp) 25 years ago (gasp^2).., so my memory is a "tad sketchy" (I only remember meeting the Scorpitron, to be honest...) - and I think there was Radation,, and Aliens or references to Aliens, no?

      So, waht about this: could you send us W1 early so that we have time to remember the good old days and are ready to go when you have the final game ready for RnR? Just my 5c.

    10. Floyd H. Lockhart III on

      My only worries are:
      1. Need to get a copy for a friend who recently left the marines and is going through a divorce.
      2. Keeping the good feedback/plans going so that when they design Wasteland 3 the narrative stays unified.
      3. When inXile makes serious money on both their Kickstarted games, they remember to check in with us with new concepts. ;-)

      Months for more polish, when we forced 'em to go leagues beyond their original spec docs? Heh, that's a good thing. That's several good things. That's awesomeness bottled in furious preparation. May inXile be blessed, and our ventures ever be more and forward.

    11. Missing avatar

      Daniel Evans on

      Constant communication? Check.
      Honest and upfront about game quality vs. release timeline? Check.
      Level of support from backers...100%

      Take your time gentlemen - we trust you. Release the game when it's ready.

    12. Shaun Huang on

      A delayed game can eventually become a good game. A rushed game will be a bad forever. People who criticize the delay should probably apply at Activision.

    13. Missing avatar

      KevinNashton on

      Gonna be so great <3

    14. Roger van Velzen on

      Hilarious btw that @mbpopolano24. I just looked through his comments a bit and it seems that the troll only seems to back games so he can complain about everything. He backs a game, moans about progress and then demands refunds. Call about a cry for attention.

      Anyways thanks for the update, Looking forward to beta testing the heck out of this come October. :)

    15. Marneus on

      It's nice to see you're putting our money to good use. Take your time, make it worth waiting!

    16. Missing avatar

      kwerboom on

      I'm glad you are focusing on making the best game possible. As a backer, I'm OK with the team taking its time to properly develop Wasteland 2 to its fullest potential. When I put money down for a game, I don't expect 'perfect' but I really want something that is 'good'. As I have said elsewhere, I own "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords" and one of the most painful things I've experienced as a gamer is playing a rushed, crashy game with half the content missing.

      Just, for the love of humanity, nothing with a "Duke Nukem Forever" timeframe, please and thank you.

    17. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      maybe we should just ignore the troll? he doesn't even discuss his point, he just ejects venom over all the kickstarters he backed. pls troll, leave kickstarter, go to amazon or steam and buy finished games.
      oh and @Iain Smith thanks for the Survival Guide, that was a great read!!!

    18. Cameron (BLINK) on

      Sounds good to me :)
      May I just second what some others have said, we don't mind about it being delayed, it happens to nearly ALL KS campaigns. The difference between the delayed campaigns that I get angry at and this campaign, is that you have informed us BEFORE your release date that it will be delayed slightly.
      That's the important part for me, you kept us informed! That's all anyone can ask :)
      Thanks Brian and co. keep up the great work.

      To those bitching about it being delayed, go buy the latest EA or Activision piece of shit of the shelf and leave the real games to real gamers. (No CoD and BF are NOT real games, they're dime a dozen FPS with no innovation since 2008). Yeah I just said that, let the hate begin ;)

    19. Missing avatar

      Josh Downing on

      No worries fellas, we trust you to produce a great product and, as you well know, we would all rather wait a few more weeks for a polished piece than something not-quite-there. Personally, I think it's quite impressive that you were able to come close to the original release date, given the vastly-increased scope due to the very successful funding campaign.

      Take your time, we've been waiting on this game since 1998; so stoked to see what you've done for us!

    20. badhras on

      Thank you for the update. I was worried that something unfortunate would happen, given what happened at DoubleFine. Although Black Isle is a different company with different people, there are lessons to be learned. As kickstarters, we have to understand that we are taking on the risk normally absorbed by publishers or venture capitalists. That said, the plan forward is reasonable and preferred. The alternatives would be to hire more people and shorten the scope of the game, or to release on time with a bunch of "free" DLC for kickstarter backers. I've waited 2 decades for this game; I can wait a few extra months. Keep up the good work, and thanks for keeping us in the loop. As with any "board room", you're going to find your haters, but I think you're finding supporters, too.

    21. Glen Proko on

      Excellent: it's all falling into place. Thank you for the update.

    22. Wojciech on

      The choice of using Unity turned out to be a godsend for a RPG with limited budget. I'm very happy about development progress, keep it up!

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Cox on

      Just ignore mbpopolano24, 90% of his comments have just been trolling this game and others demanding a refund and complaining (he also stated he wouldn't post on W2 anymore but guess he didn't have the required dedication to do so) The first kickstarter from a video game developer will always be a learning experience with a few mistakes made and as long as they deliver in a fairly timely manner (I honestly don't care if it takes a few more months to finish up where they release a great game instead of one that is unplayable until patches arrive) Delays happen and nothing will change that and people that back and expect everything to go 100% according to plan should not back things in the future and just buy it when it's released so they have nothing to complain and whine about.

      @Mark L you are very correct in that assessment, and I know I am one of the people that do indeed add a few months to a release date because I know that "life" can happen and induce delays.

    24. Tim Maly on

      I got plenty of other games to play. Looking forward to this one being great and done when it's done.

    25. Mark L

      @Chris J Capel: It would appear that some individuals just pledge so they can complain bitterly and demand refunds, then pledge to another game and do they same thing. You would think that eventually they would realize that some delays are to be expected, and either learn to live with the inevitable delays or quit backing games.

      Personally, I agree with those that are saying they would rather it be delayed, and good, than on time and rushed/buggy/incomplete. I just don't understand why that is such a huge deal with some people. Like Lee Sweeney said, most of us just expect delays and add a few months to any projected dates mentally, and just appreciate being told honestly and ahead of time about the delays.

    26. Lee Sweeney on

      Thank you so much for telling us before the week of release, like so many others do.
      No idea why they wait til the last days, or even after to say Oops were going to miss our date.

      Beta my October, so I think most folks in their mind go OK maybe by November.

      Between KS and Software makers this is normally thought as in the realm of being on time.

      Work Hard, take some breaks, if you see if going later than Beginning of November, tell us when you know, like you did here, and we will know what to expect.

      Good Luck

    27. Missing avatar

      Epyx on

      To the few slagging Brian Fargo or the process. This is new ground. Unlike Double is not an issue. Having read/listened to and played Brian's games for the past 3 decades I can say with almost certainty that he would sooner gnaw off his own arm than ask for more money. He FULLY understands how critical momentum is with Kickstarter.

      If money did become an issue he would as stated fund from other sources and LEARN from the process for a future Kickstarter.

      We will be getting a turn based CRPG...for that I am greatful....and patient. Brian is passionate and cares deeply about his public persona. I have the utmost confidence that he and the team will deliver and we will be in for one hell of a game.

      I backed the following:

      ShadowRun Returns
      Project Eternity

      I did so based on previous industry experience and the vibe I got from the devs during their various pitches. Shadowrun Returns is immenent (few days) and the others will be as well. Relax and enjoy a terrific time for CRPGs.

    28. Missing avatar

      Jeremy on

      mbpopolano24 are you serious or just trolling, getting a beta out around late October after the budget and scope of the game tripped is pretty dam good in my opinion.

    29. Chris J Capel on

      @mbpopolano24: Wow, you really haven't been paying attention have you? And you have no idea how games get made? Or how anything in the world works? Do you have trouble brushing your teeth in the morning?

      'Evil Publisher' isn't publishing. They're distributing physical-only copies and aren't touching the game, so InXile gets the game in shops and doesn't have to worry about a publisher compromising them. There is no bad side to this.

      The game will be delayed? Is this literally your first Kickstarter, or your first videogame in general? GAMES GET DELAYED. Why? TO MAKE THEM BETTER. Literally every single backer or person looking forward to Wasteland 2 doesn't mind this because they aren't morons who think that games magically pop out of the ground fully formed.

      Need a second campaign to get more money? A) Kickstarter wouldn't allow that. B) The game's out in a few months, they just said that. C) They're fine for money, and you realise you've just contradicted yourself don't you? If that 'Evil Publisher' is now giving money to InXile, then why do they need a second Kickstarter campaign? Trouble is, neither exist, except in your mind.

      "Others". Are these the Kickstarter campaigns in your head?

      Right, I'm done. I didn't think a four-line comment could get me so angry. I usually don't let trolls get to me but this guy really pressed my button.

    30. Missing avatar

      mbpopolano24 on

      As expected, lies are piling up. First, an 'Evil Publisher' showed up. Now, the game will be delayed. How long before we'll get the news that they have no more money and will need a second campaign to get through? inxLIE, at least the 'Others' acted with some dignity offering refunds on their own. You know what to do.

    31. joedpa82 on

      1. Delayed? No problem
      2. Suck? I go burn down ur office. (Just kidding)

    32. SDX on

      Any chance we can get a copy of Wasteland 1 at the time of Beta release? I would love to play through the archaic game before a full blown Wasteland 2 experience (I don't mind waiting, but you know...).

    33. Donald M Pollack on

      I have no problem with a delay. I know this game will be content rich and polished.

    34. Nogard on

      Great update,keep up the good work guys :)

    35. Silver on

      Thanks for the update, Brian. :)

      I'm pleased to hear that WL2 continues to make such speedy progress. The insights into the development process are also greatly appreciated.

    36. Missing avatar

      LambCuddles on

      I love reading your updates, Fargo. You always sound positive, gracious and excited. You are completely in control of this. I'm so glad I helped fund it. Thanks!

    37. Tiago on

      Looking forward to seeing more at Gamescom. I hope you guys can still finish by this year.

      But it's no big deal; I have enough to get on 3DS to play and I'll be getting a PS4.

    38. Missing avatar

      Łukasz Kamiński on

      Fine, but don't pull another "Double Fine Adventure" here please.

    39. Missing avatar

      Philip Nicholls on

      Would be great to have this game for christmas :). Of course I'll (and Im sure most others will too) understand if you have to delay further to fix bugs and give the game final polish.

      The amount of times games come out these days and I dont buy or play them for over a month as Im waiting for patches to fix bugs. I expect there to be some bugs on release, however id rather not have to do the above with this game :).

    40. CosmicMeeting on

      A very inspriring update.You instill confidence and shows that creativity can come with fiscal responsiblity. The best bit for me is "the scope of the game will be quite a surprise for people". I like to be suprised. :)
      Then there is Torment which I look forward to even more (if possible).

    41. Missing avatar

      Carl Lewis on

      I am more than happy to wait for the extra polish.

    42. Gerdo Lammers on

      Great update. I'm happy you guys can finish the game the way you want it to be finished. I can patiently wait anyway. Better to have something great than something rushed.

    43. Mark Clarke on

      Can't wait, And I love this for you guys, feels like you have a huge community, millions strong, of game testers so that when it's fully released this game will be the shiniest gem in site with NO or very, very little bugs in it at all.

    44. Gubb Jonas Jonsson Lundblad on

      Very good update! Really looking forward to the game (and the videp)!

    45. JackDandy on

      Thank you for this update. I have a feeling you made this one in response to these bad news delivered by DoubleFine a little while ago. And you know what? I don't mind at all. Showing off that you used your money responsibly and have a coherent plan of development does nothing but reassure me for backing this project. Thank you Brian and the team at Inxile.

      Can't wait to play the game!

    46. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on

      Thx Brian for all the infos, i will also wait for quality and do not rush it out before you feel it is done.

    47. ET3D on

      I think that a beta on the original release date is pretty impressive. I hope you take your time after that to fix all concerns and make it a great game that will meet with critical acclaim and good sales, which will both prove the viability of Kickstarter and provide inXile with enough money to continue developing games like this.

      @James Hurst, assuming that by "some Kickstarted games" you mean the Double Fine Adventure, they haven't asked for more money from backers, they're just looking for other sources to cover unplanned development costs. Brian Fargo already put more money into the game up front, and the post mentioned back catalog sales as helping finance the game, so it's not all that different in that the game uses more money than has been pledged.

    48. Kampilan Asul on

      Take all the time you guys need. If at the end of it all we get the most awesome videogame RPG ever made, then I'm willing to wait.

      I'll have to make do with stuff I bought from the Steam Sale for the meantime. Like, you know, the old Fallout games XD

      Fallout: Tactics. Still so awesome after all these years.

    49. Ber on

      My only surprise was that this was the first discussion of extra time to make this game! Like everyone else below, I too have been extremely impressed at the speed you've been able to work, the professional conduct of inXile and the quality of game previewed so far. I shall patiently await for when inXile consider this game 'done' :)

    50. Missing avatar

      Donald Derrick on

      No one thought you could deliver a $3M game at the same date you promised to deliver a $1M game. That's effectively impossible. I'm deeply impressed that you are moving as fast as you are, and have been extremely excited about the quality of the material in your updates. Keep up the hard work, and take your time to make sure the end product makes you all happy!