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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Distributing matters

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Rangers, and welcome to update #31. We're about to send out a press release announcing our co-operation with Deep Silver for bringing Wasteland 2 out there and the physical goodies to you, but we wanted our backers to hear the news first, so here's a copy, fresh off the presses:

inXile partners with Deep Silver to distribute Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver today announced a distribution deal for inXile’s upcoming cRPG Wasteland 2. Deep Silver is a veteran publisher and already a long-standing partner for inXile.

inXile is currently working on Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, both funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The deal allows inXile Entertainment to focus on all creative aspects of developing the game, while Deep Silver handles the retail release of the game and the physical good fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers.

“This is a perfect opportunity for inXile: it allows us to continue to focus all of our energy and money into the creative aspects of the game while letting Deep Silver take our game outside of the pure digital space. This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control”, says Brian Fargo, CEO inXile Entertainment. “I’ve known the people at Deep Silver for many years and they have always been a first rate organization to deal with.” 

Deep Silver will also assist inXile in the QA testing of the localized international versions of the game.

“The uber-successful crowdfunding of Wasteland 2 through Brian Fargo and his team has shown how much interest for an RPG with traditional values still exists on consumers’ side aside from what large publishers think the market needs. Deep Silver is very happy to support inXile Entertainment in bringing Wasteland 2 to the retail market”, comments Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.


Can Deep Silver make any changes to the game?

No, we’re retaining creative control. Thanks to our backers, we’re fully funded and free to implement our own creative vision, and directly communicate with our backers and crowdsource ideas.

So this is good news?

Absolutely! For inXile, we always intended to use a third party to handle these matters, as we are simply too small a studio to be capable of handling all the award fulfillment details from a practical standpoint. By finding the right partner, we gain not just time: it also frees up financial resources for us as they are more efficient at handling physical fulfillment than we would be. All of that time and funding saved will go right back into the game. We’ll also benefit from additional support from Deep Silver on things like international version QA.

For our backers and fans, it assures you that distribution will be handled professionally and quickly, and will assure a smooth experience for getting the game and goodies into your hands. This deal also allows us to put a retail version on the shelves, so people who discover the game later can still get a physical copy. The digital distribution and sales are still being handled by inXile.

Does this change anything about inXile’s plans in DRM or DLC/expansions?

Not at all, that too remains in our control. Deep Silver is a perfect partner for this: they have no interest in interfering with our promises when it comes to DRM-free release or any future plans we may have for expansions, all our previous promises on these stand. So the only real impact for our backers is that the physical goods fulfillment is in good hands.

Screenshot & HUD Update

Of course, our cooperation with Deep Silver is hardly the only news we have for you. Everyone here is still hard at work on Wasteland 2. For this update I’d specifically like to focus on the game’s look, where the progress even from day to day has been noticeable and awesome. One point of attention has been the game’s HUD. We gathered a lot of great feedback on it after showing our first pass in our gameplay video, and have crafted a new version based on that feedback, to go along with a new screenshot showing the location of Highpool (full size).

The biggest practical advantages of this new layout are an easier readability while also taking less screen real estate in its basic layout. Meanwhile, our dedication to customizability remains in place: you can move around, minimize and maximize different parts of the UI freely to make it suit your tastes. Too minimalist? Make some parts bigger. Too spread out? Simply put different segments together. Here is another look at the HUD after we fiddled with it a bit, resizing the textbox and moving the character portraits (full size).

Wasteland 2 tumblr

The Wasteland 2 blog has recently been moved to tumblr and our approach to it has changed with it: it will now mirror the Torment tumblr in covering all kinds of tidbits and concept art we release, and it’ll link to Wasteland 2 interviews and more. As with the Torment, we’ll continue to post our Kickstarter updates just like before, and round up any important news on Kickstarter, so the tumblr is purely an added option for the fan that wants regular news and can’t get enough of Wasteland 2.

We’d also like to remind our backers eligible for the backers-only T-shirts as detailed in the previous update to please input their information (size and type preference) as soon as possible so we can get the shirts to you.

There are more developments we want to talk to you all about, so expect to hear from us again soon!

Thomas Beekers
On the line for inXile


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    1. Sharkey on

      SWEET, I have great respect for Deep Silver after they picked up Metro: Last Light to publish. Great news indeed!

    2. Missing avatar

      Peter The Wondergoth on

      Seems like you got a great deal for distribution congrats ^_^ (and its very nice to know you guys still get 100% from digital sales :))

      With the deadline for upping to the $500 tier coming up what are the chances we could get some details on the doomsday survival kit? I know I'm not the only one who could be convinced to part with the extra $250 for shinies :p

    3. Jalister on

      I this scenario, I don't think using a publisher is bad. Since inXile got all their own funding, there is no creative control from Deep Silver. inXile can't be forced to release early, or release nickle and dime DLC. Deep Silver is basically a means of getting a finished product into physical form and on store shelved.

      From how I read the update, they are not adding money directly. It does seem like Deep Silver may be fronting the costs for the physical products in some way though, since Thomas states "This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control".

      Deep Silver recently bought Saints Row and Volition. From what I've read DS has not asked Volition to change a single thing with Saints Row 4.

      I'm not worried about this arrangement.

    4. Missing avatar

      Chris Louth on

      Is there any way to have more info in the HUD? Like, what weapon is that in the lower-left corner? Precisely how many HP does the guy on the left have? And who's the guy on the right? Don't get me wrong, it looks good... but the #1 through #6 icons could use some text as well.

      Maybe mouseover details?

      The text box on the bottom right is *awesome*.

    5. Missing avatar

      Abeyant Flux on

      The UI design looks fine, what's the deal with the "high-res" screenshots? Everything but the UI looks decidedly less sharp than in the original gameplay video.

    6. Grogmonkey on

      Game Dev 101

      Why traditional publishing is bad:

      The publisher funds the creation of the game and, as such, has full control over the game, from content to quality to release windows. They can withhold cash to developers if they miss milestones. By controlling the money, they sit in a very powerful position. It's very much a one-sided relationship, where the developers are at the behest of their publisher overlords.

      This is when creativity gets stifled, and where developers get screwed.

      (Some publishers are actually really nice, as it happens, and can be quite useful.)

      Why this announcement isn't the same:

      Deep Silver have no power in this relationship; inXile have already got the money to fund the development of the game. All Deep Silver offers is the kind of scale that allows for the distribution of a physical product throughout the world. They are not the traditional, 'evil' publisher that holds all the purse-strings and can dictate to the dev team. They are simply a distribution partner (and also by the sounds of it a QA partner, which is good for getting a less buggy game).

    7. Vinzius

      It would be interesting to know the % of money Deep Silver will make on each physical copy. Can inxile answer this question?

    8. Missing avatar

      Mindblighter on

      UI and distribution aside, I'm surprised no one has commented on how lowpoly the game looks. I'm not asking for Crysis 3 fidelity here, just more polygons to smooth out some shapes. Highres textures wouldn't hurt either.

    9. TheChosenOne on

      Depends if you offer a boxed product with a golden nugget and a diamond at $50 or a normal boxed copy at $50. You might get a lot lower funding without such rewards or lose out on a large audience aswell. It isn't done just for the heck of it.

    10. Missing avatar

      Nubcakes on

      Once again, I am impressed with everything presented. I kinda liked the old HUD more, but eh... The new one is very good too. I do hope there is a way to scale it up. I like large HUDs with old school styling.

      The news about Deep Silver is perfect. I don't think things could be any better. Excellent work inXile! I am VERY impressed with how this kickstarter has been handled.

    11. William Rose on

      I'm happy with the HUD

      The move to partner with a publisher is sensible. Having said that, I am hoping you have paid them a flat fee or something like that, instead of giving them a cut of the profits.

      I don't hate publishers (too much), but I would like their corporate fingers away from crowdfunding...

      I trust inXile in this and I'll reserve judgement for after the facts.

      PS: this is why I've been against physical goods. All they do is take a chunk of the money you are pledging that does not enhance the product in anyway, but only add logistics problems...

    12. Chris Taran on

      Glad to see this news guys! Hopefully Deep Silver makes your lives that much easier!

    13. metzger on

      Wow, the updated UI and world graphics (distance blur) look stunning, great improvement over the first iterations. Way to go inXile!

    14. ijusten on

      I have no opinion on the publisher-deal.

      But having whined about the HUD in the alpha, this looks a far better built! I especially love the matrix printer! I hope whoever came up with that got a gold star. I wonder what it looks like animated?

      The picture of the gun doesn't seem very clear; in fact it looks a bit messy and could do with a little less detail. I would perhaps have used the polaroid-trick (or something similar) from the game inventory on this. I really loved that one.

      The bullet-counter (?) needs a better background. The ten- and single digits don't seem to be the same number due to the separation. But the digital numbers itself -- I love those.

      The middle-part with the actions... I like how it looks like it's stripped from a computer. Again, the buttons itself look a bit messy and I would perhaps use a solid colour on the background instead that grayish goo, but otherwise it's good work.

      All in all, a great improvement over the first-look video and the inventory, both of which I hated with passion.

    15. Thomas Beekers

      To answer some quick questions:
      @tarasis Only physical versions will be handled by Deep Silver. Digital distribution is all done directly by inXile.

      @Michaeljack We still determine the release date, Deep Silver has no influence on that.

      @coperoco It was planned to find *a* partner all along and I think Brian has said as much in earlier interviews, we let you guys know as soon as we had one. Backers are getting a lot out of it; this deal represents a significant swing in budget so we have more money and time to spend on WL2 (quite a bit more) and because a third party handles fulfillment we won't have the physical goods creation and shipping problems some other Kickstarters have had.

      @dropkickpickachu Deep Silver gets money for sales from copies they distribute. They do not get any money from the Kickstarter budget nor any money from digital sales.

    16. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      anyway, nice update and cool that you try to keep ressources focussed on the game as much as possible! and as you said, it was clear from the beginning that fullfilment would be outsourced.

      regarding the UI screenshots... i think tht the design of the minimap (very fallout-ish) is a bit nicer than the rest of the UI. I like it how you can customize it. I'm wondering whether the resolution of the actual game world be better than in the screenshot or the same?

    17. MarialmPontes on

      Yes, the thing you are getting is the game, as per stated in the kickstarter description, DRM free.
      Whatever they do after the game is done, it's their business, and their business alone.
      Couldn't care less about their involvement really, but if it helps InXile, I'm all for it.

    18. TheChosenOne on

      "who thinks that dismembered female torsos in bikinis are a good marketing opportunity: "

      They are. :)

      "Annoyed that big publishers cater to horny men who can't get laid over anyone else? Or that indie devs I respect would associate with such infantile BS?"

      That you connect a statue with breasts to such childish thoughts says more about you then other people. You shame the gamer community.


      Hud looks great, so much better then the previous one.


      And people who think inXile should do everything themselves are just plain [CENSORED]. Learn a bit more about the industry, the costs, the specilisations, amount of people/work/money required to do certain things.
      In the end it should both benefit DS and inXile which in returns benefits the people who like the game.

    19. Corey Shaughnessy on

      @E As tasteless as the torso was, I believe that was a decision of the local marketing team.

    20. Jan Smejkal on

      Note: I missed the "update your t-shirt info" call in the last update. I bet many people will too. I am surprised you are not sending mass e-mails from the ragnerHQ (or I haven't received one). Do it. ;-)

    21. Sensuki on

      inXile probably LICENSED the physical good rights to Deep Silver, so Deep Silver make and sell the physical copies and inXile get a slice off the top (for no extra effort).

      This is a much more healthy developer/publisher relationship than the traditional model.

    22. Missing avatar

      LambCuddles on

      @E - you honestly think horny men are interested in a zombie toy? come on. that is ridiculous and if you cant see that, you need to step outside once in awhile.

    23. James Bywater on

      Great news on the Deep Silver front, sounds like a great deal for you guys as well as us.

      Also, many thanks for putting out the update in such a clear, concise way that addresses all concerns.

    24. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      well i would guess that of course they'll get money for purchases! and it's inXiles own god damn decision what they wanna do with game sales because you DONATED for the DEVELOPMENT of the game, NOT how and via whom they sell further copies.

    25. Tomimt on

      I like this new UI, the icons need some more polishing, but overall it's in the right direction.

    26. tarasis on

      HUD is looking very good.

      Not sure about the Deep Silver news (have mixed views on them from Track Mania & Blood Bowl), it makes me slightly hesitant. Will they be publisher on all platforms, or only physical versions? Are they adding more money to your dev budget in anyway, beyond you not having to do the distribution/ fulfillment?

    27. Missing avatar

      Denis on

      Good news. I was wondering, how you'll manage with delivery procedures. Now with Deep Silver in charge I’m sure we’ll get everything in time ;-)

    28. coperoco on

      Why is Deep Silver benefiting from the risk the bakers took when funding the game? Are WE getting something out of it? If they wanted to take Wasteland 2 to the stores, why didn´t they fund it? I understand the decision from inXile financial point of view and I´m sure the result will be somewhate better for it. But after the pitch video and updates, and all the talk about publishers I can´t shake the feeling that im beeing cheated somehow. If this was the plan all along (as you state in the update) why weren´t we informed?

    29. JackDandy on

      Sounds good, and looks great.
      I'm glad to hear you've got it all planned out, both development and reward-wise.

    30. Chris Patterson on

      Dang, you guys are just all sorts of full of good news :) No DRM changes, DeepSilver is a good group to work with, screen shots look amazing and seriously make me want to play NOW, just all around good stuff. Thanks guys!!!

    31. Michaeljack on

      One question, When you say Deep Silver have no creative control does this also mean they cant pressure you for an early release?

      As to the screenshots and HUD, awesome! those graphics are so good and knowing they are 360 degree rotatable just makes it moreso

    32. Mark - Member, Mutant League on

      Bootsy81 I didn't see dropkickpikachu moaning at all, in fact he asked a valid question and you decided to start moaning at him! :)

    33. Adrian Gordon on

      Not entirely sure how comfortable I am leaving backer fulfillment stuff up to Deep Silver... But if it helps ease the strain on the development team I guess that's for the better.

    34. Stephan Hammes on

      Nice HUD and the deal sounds reasonably.
      Arthur B's comment on that topic is exactly my opinion.

    35. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      @Nigel: I would guess they either get a fixed sum (which I doubt as it wouldn't mean freeing any resources as they said) or they get a part of the income from selling the physical boxes (very likely) or some mix of both

    36. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Thanks InExile for this step. At the moment I am so annoyed with Kickstarters which thought they could handle a publishing in retail and the sending of all physical stuff themselfs. And the end in all of them was that the people who bought the things with Gamestop (Ouya) got it earlier than some of the early backers all around the world.
      There are when done the way inexile deals with it no disadvantages. There was no retail publishing planned in the first place. So every sale in retail will be an add to the value. Also the risc of publishing in retail regarding money are now completely outsourced to Deep Silver. Even if the game flops in retail InExile would not have a problem. They only can win with that deal.

      Regarding the HUD. I like it very much. Thanks for all the effort. And please take your time for the game. I would wait half a year longer if I get a polished game. :)

    37. Missing avatar

      E on

      Should know better than to engage, but sigh - @LambCuddles - tell me what you mean by "butthurt". Annoyed that big publishers cater to horny men who can't get laid over anyone else? Or that indie devs I respect would associate with such infantile BS?

    38. madGamer on

      i like the new HUD. good job

    39. J.L. on

      Have to agree with what E posted below.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matthew Love on

      Guys it's looking great. The graphics look pretty decent too, appropriate for the budget.

      I also like the work put into the HUD.

      Keep it up!

    41. Arild Jacobsen on

      The UI is looking good! Very pleased with the promise of resizable UI

    42. Missing avatar

      LambCuddles on

      looks awesome guys. great progress and direction. cant wait to play it.

      @E - i can't believe people are still butthurt over a zombie torso. that is so funny!

    43. Bootsy81 The Orders High Priest of Funk on

      How did I know the first comment would be someone moaning? Seems to be the case more and more on KS these days...

      Thing is dropkickpikachu, is that someone has got to handle the distribution of physical copies. Reading between the lines here I'd suggest that if InXile handled the physical distribution themselves it would cost them much more money, time and effort to do than to simply striking a distribution deal with an established publisher who already has the resources to handle it in place. Will they expect a cut to cover it? Sure, no one does anything for free in business. But will it cost InXile less and free them up to concentrate on the game? More than likely. They'd need to get copies of the game made, boxes and cover art produced, deals with shops to get the game on shelves, have the game shipped to stores etc etc. The list goes on and on. Now that's all taken care of and they can get back to making the game. Job done.

      I don't think this is a bad thing at all and if it really bothers you that much, stick to the digital copies of the game.

    44. Jan Smejkal on

      Nigel Lau: Why are you talking about publisher? This is about distribution, not publishing.

    45. Missing avatar

      Joe Szabo on

      I see it as DS acting more along the lines of a warehouse/shipping company. One that will put physical copies in your local Walmart as well as sending out X physical rewards to KS backers. I'll hazard a guess and say inXile said here's X $$ for shipping physical rewards, and here's X commission for each retail box sold.

    46. Louis Bonaviso on

      I'm okay with this. Take your time and finish the game.

    47. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on

      ps: most important is for me: no DRM in Retail-Boxes

    48. Missing avatar

      The6uest on

      This sounds fine with me, but it would be nice if all backers had the option to get the backer tshirts now that you have someone else handling them. While you guys finish the game, Deep Silver could take care of any extra shirt orders.

    49. Dominus on

      I'm sorry but I still don't like the interface, it is very old school (in a bad way) and unprofessional.
      The only thing I like is the minimap, otherwise it all looks like some photos put together in Paint. :(
      The wires and other electronics are too visible and colorful vs the important elements.

    50. Missing avatar

      vamp1r0 on


      I assume it's a licensing deal, with inXile giving their licence to sell physical copies to Deep Silver, so inXile won't be affected in terms of money. They're even gonna get some part of the profits from this physical and local sales that any other way wouldn't be happen at all.