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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Distributing matters

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Rangers, and welcome to update #31. We're about to send out a press release announcing our co-operation with Deep Silver for bringing Wasteland 2 out there and the physical goodies to you, but we wanted our backers to hear the news first, so here's a copy, fresh off the presses:

inXile partners with Deep Silver to distribute Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver today announced a distribution deal for inXile’s upcoming cRPG Wasteland 2. Deep Silver is a veteran publisher and already a long-standing partner for inXile.

inXile is currently working on Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, both funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The deal allows inXile Entertainment to focus on all creative aspects of developing the game, while Deep Silver handles the retail release of the game and the physical good fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers.

“This is a perfect opportunity for inXile: it allows us to continue to focus all of our energy and money into the creative aspects of the game while letting Deep Silver take our game outside of the pure digital space. This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control”, says Brian Fargo, CEO inXile Entertainment. “I’ve known the people at Deep Silver for many years and they have always been a first rate organization to deal with.” 

Deep Silver will also assist inXile in the QA testing of the localized international versions of the game.

“The uber-successful crowdfunding of Wasteland 2 through Brian Fargo and his team has shown how much interest for an RPG with traditional values still exists on consumers’ side aside from what large publishers think the market needs. Deep Silver is very happy to support inXile Entertainment in bringing Wasteland 2 to the retail market”, comments Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.


Can Deep Silver make any changes to the game?

No, we’re retaining creative control. Thanks to our backers, we’re fully funded and free to implement our own creative vision, and directly communicate with our backers and crowdsource ideas.

So this is good news?

Absolutely! For inXile, we always intended to use a third party to handle these matters, as we are simply too small a studio to be capable of handling all the award fulfillment details from a practical standpoint. By finding the right partner, we gain not just time: it also frees up financial resources for us as they are more efficient at handling physical fulfillment than we would be. All of that time and funding saved will go right back into the game. We’ll also benefit from additional support from Deep Silver on things like international version QA.

For our backers and fans, it assures you that distribution will be handled professionally and quickly, and will assure a smooth experience for getting the game and goodies into your hands. This deal also allows us to put a retail version on the shelves, so people who discover the game later can still get a physical copy. The digital distribution and sales are still being handled by inXile.

Does this change anything about inXile’s plans in DRM or DLC/expansions?

Not at all, that too remains in our control. Deep Silver is a perfect partner for this: they have no interest in interfering with our promises when it comes to DRM-free release or any future plans we may have for expansions, all our previous promises on these stand. So the only real impact for our backers is that the physical goods fulfillment is in good hands.

Screenshot & HUD Update

Of course, our cooperation with Deep Silver is hardly the only news we have for you. Everyone here is still hard at work on Wasteland 2. For this update I’d specifically like to focus on the game’s look, where the progress even from day to day has been noticeable and awesome. One point of attention has been the game’s HUD. We gathered a lot of great feedback on it after showing our first pass in our gameplay video, and have crafted a new version based on that feedback, to go along with a new screenshot showing the location of Highpool (full size).

The biggest practical advantages of this new layout are an easier readability while also taking less screen real estate in its basic layout. Meanwhile, our dedication to customizability remains in place: you can move around, minimize and maximize different parts of the UI freely to make it suit your tastes. Too minimalist? Make some parts bigger. Too spread out? Simply put different segments together. Here is another look at the HUD after we fiddled with it a bit, resizing the textbox and moving the character portraits (full size).

Wasteland 2 tumblr

The Wasteland 2 blog has recently been moved to tumblr and our approach to it has changed with it: it will now mirror the Torment tumblr in covering all kinds of tidbits and concept art we release, and it’ll link to Wasteland 2 interviews and more. As with the Torment, we’ll continue to post our Kickstarter updates just like before, and round up any important news on Kickstarter, so the tumblr is purely an added option for the fan that wants regular news and can’t get enough of Wasteland 2.

We’d also like to remind our backers eligible for the backers-only T-shirts as detailed in the previous update to please input their information (size and type preference) as soon as possible so we can get the shirts to you.

There are more developments we want to talk to you all about, so expect to hear from us again soon!

Thomas Beekers
On the line for inXile


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    1. Missing avatar

      Dexter on

      LOL @ people bringing up clickbait articles from places like Kotaku and trying to make any sort of argument based on them.

      In regards to the distribution deal with Deep Silver, people should read this article regarding the matter from Larian Studios founder Swen Vincke:

      The communication about these types of decisions is somewhat lacking though.

    2. ET3D on

      @Hans Kristian S Gustavsen, I don't think that the goal of Kickstarter is self publishing in the sense of the developers doing all the distribution and fulfillment work. The goal is for the developers to be released from the publisher's creative control, and by giving the developers the funds they need up front we've achieved that. To get rid of publishers altogether inXile will have to sell the game only off their own site, without Steam, GOG or anyone else who would take a cut, and that's not really desirable. Publishers are fine when they deal with selling the product.

    3. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      @HK Gustavsen: If Inxile made a deal with DS that gave DS more control/money/whatever than they deserve for their role as package printers/postal service, then they would be mad. Remember that inxile in this case had no pressure to make a deal, they could have done fullfillment themselves and passed on physical distribution.

      If you want publishers to vanish from this earth, find a different earth. Someone has to fill their role. If you want publishers stripped of their power to dictacte what is published, look no further.

    4. Missing avatar

      Martin Silver on

      It's already in motion so not much to do about it now but---might not be the best news. My sole experience with DS is when they shipped out Darksiders 2 and botched the initial launch. To their credit, they were prompt about fixing the mistake and took the losses upon themselves. Sometimes this resulted in two copies for one person which worked out well for happy accidents. Now this may have been just a glitch as to whether there was tracking issues and no actual shipping problems or something else. It was generally a cluster****. If I'm mistaken and they are not the same company---sorry for impugning your name Deep Silver.

      I'm mentioning it for those who it would affect. I converted to all digital last I checked as space is becoming a problem. But I wish for the best for all.

    5. Missing avatar

      Hans Kristian S Gustavsen on

      I know that InXile says that there are no drawbacks by them using a publisher to deliver the game and physical goods to us, but allow me to be a little sceptical. I was under the impression that self publishing was one of the goals here... Now I know Deep Silver is not the worst out there, they are not EA after all, but still, leaves me feeling uneasy.

    6. Missing avatar

      Xuio on

      I wonder if all the physical copies will be published in English? Are the discs will contain a variety of languages ​​to choose from?

    7. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      @hendawg: Are you also disappointed that your money will benefit the US postal service, the IRS and ultimately even the CIA ? Shame on us ;-)

    8. Denis on

      HUD looks good to me, I like customization, amount of information and really don't feel like its taking a lot of space, good job guys!

    9. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Hey guys, we're gathering all this feedback on the HUD, it is of course still a work in progress and we will continue to polish and tweak and change things. I have one particular question - specifically to those critical of the HUD - can you give us examples of game HUDs/UIs you really did love/like, and cite what you liked about them. Link some screenshots or give us the name, and let us know what's good about their style. We think we might get some great ideas from that.

    10. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      btw, Cihan Deniz - it not only zooms out, it zooms out to a different perspective (I dunno how i can say this better (english is not my first language) so maybe just take a lookt at what i mean (at 06:44 for example):…
      isn't this what you are talking about? if not then sorry for the bother ;))

    11. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Harris on

      I like the idea of the UI looking cobbled together with all the different parts exposed but at the moment it looks slapped together. Like a poor photochop from an old PC Gamer demo disc. But I do like the concept, keep refining it.

    12. Nicholas Russell on

      I'd like to deliver some good news here inXile but that one pixel on the lower right hand corner of the chat box looks a little too shiny for my tastes. Also why does the W in Wasteland 2 look too much like an upside down M? Like the M in Microsoft? I call shenanigans!!! You've obviously renegged you publisher free deal by implementing these game breaking changes!!! Oh woe upon you, sir, woe upon you!!!

      Seriously though, good to hear this new breed of publisher, the one that makes money off of the publishing aspect of things, exists. Game looks great and I'm looking forward to playing the it.

    13. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Cihan Deniz - ah ok, then i misunderstood you. I like it how it looks in the demo-gameplay-video so I for one am happy :)

    14. paradox-fi on

      Finding a partner for distributing physical copies is probably a good thing. I'm not familiar with Deep Silver, so I have no opinion on them. With Thomas Beekers' clarification that Deep Silver only gets their share of the profits from the physical copies, not the digitally distributed copies, I'm OK with this.

      One question, though: will the game credits say "published by Deep Silver"? I sincerely hope not!

      The HUD looks great, better than the earlier version. Excellent!

    15. Cihan Deniz on

      I don't want to "zoom out", I don't want to get farther up from the scene. I want to be as close to the scene as I want and still maintain equal amount of reactivity on all parts of the screen. "Zoomed out perspective" is not substitute. Perspective is still perspective and distorts vision.

    16. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @ Cihan Deniz -> I agree, but pls consider that in the gameplay video you could zoom out to get a different perspective... so this (hopefully) might be a non-issue

    17. Missing avatar

      elfkerben on


      I think you are wrong, we found the game and we will get it, some with physic. goods and thats all - and the best, because of THE Game, we all were waiting for. The rest is for inxile, and if there are boxes in the shop, we will get more backers for our next CRPG or whatever. win win for all. this is not like stock market.

    18. Don Reba on

      inXile, I like the customizable interface idea. I think it would be amazing and very much in Kickstarter spirit, if you collected (opt-in) statistics on how people customize their interfaces and shared your findings.

    19. Missing avatar

      KarolD on

      The HUD looks awful to me. It looks like some made photoshoped it in something like 5 minutes.

    20. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @hendawg_ofthemiddle - IMHO my argument stands no matter if you pledged "more money" or less money, because we donated(!).
      "half of the publishers job has been done for them i.e. for Deep Silver"
      -> since the publisher only distributes the physical copies without having invested money for the development, i guess they'll consequently only get a smaller share of the profits compared to if they had paid for the development.
      "Yet the core reason why the physical copy exists, is because of the funding it got. So I think its unfair to people that put much larger sums of money into the funding."
      -> I disagree, because we funded the development of the game, not the retail sale of the finished game boxes. Our money was for making the game and getting our rewards, after that we're out of the equation.

    21. Missing avatar

      chris jakubowski on

      Cool. I am super glad that I spent money backing another piece of Deep Silver shovelware garbage. I thought the whole point of this was so you didn't have to have a publisher wrecking your game? Deep Silver is disgusting, and everything they publish is garbage.

      Are backers at least going to get access to the "Statue of dead girl w/ huge gazongas" collector's edition or are we going to have to buy the game twice to get that?

    22. Cihan Deniz on

      That's a nice scene, I like the interface and I guess it's good that you have Deep Silver backing the retail operations.


      There is a practical problem with the scene in the screenshot (which applies to all of the screenshots and videos): PERSPECTIVE!

      Farther you send your characters without moving the camera in such a scene, the more precise you will need to be with the mouse cursor as the perspective comes into play and ultimately, you will have to pan the camera to get a clear view of where your characters stand and their environment, and you will have to do this all the time.

      One particularly nice thing about isometric games / orthographic projection is that the level of visual and interactive feedback through out the screen is unified. There is no inconsistency as in perspective.

      Regardless of where the characters stand in a scene, they always have the same amount of visual feedback and UI reactivity because there is no perspective. If a character or an object is 100 pixels high and 50 pixels wide in the center of the screen, it will still be 100 pixels high and 50 pixels wide at the top or the bottom, around the corners; anywhere on the screen. And likewise, you will *always* have exactly the same level of visual and interactive feedback. This is perfect interaction.

      Imagine playing the original Wasteland or Fallout like this:

      From a practical standpoint, this is how most "3D isometric" games function. While they might look good, they play terribly because the level of feedback throughout the screen is not unified; it is distorted due to perspective.

      Now compare that to Van Buren tech demo, which was 3D rendered with orthographic projection:

      In a real isometric / orthographic projection, your ability to observe the environment will be exactly the same in all instances, even when you pan the scene/camera. Your characters will never look smaller or bigger just because your party stands somewhere farther than or closer to the center of the screen and your line of sight will never be obstructed just because the camera isn't close enough to have right perspective.

      So, come on, give us a parallel/orthographic projection option! It shouldn't be a big deal as it is a default Unity feature.

    23. Layle Baker on

      To those saying will Deep Silver see money from this, OF COURSE THEY WILL. They probably want some fee for reproducing and distributing physical media and managing the logictics behind that.

      Even getting 100,000 copies on shelves would take so much off of the development budget from inXile that I am glad someone ELSE is handling it.

      You HAVE to have a different company at least handle physic retail distribution. I am pretty sure Deep Silver has no final say on media contents, DRM, box art or anything like that (they may have input, but not the final word). Deep Silver can get all the boxes printed, the DVDs stamped and shipped to retail locations in various parts of the world. All of this is probably being done for a small percentage of the revenue (or profit, depending on the deal made)....

      Beyond that, I would think, that is where Deep Silver's involvement ends. This is the kind of relationship that is a good thing. Otherwise, it would be an DOWNLOAD game only (which is not bad either, but retail presence can bring in more $$$ for future games that may not require any more Kickstarters to fund).

    24. YourFavouriteHorse on

      One very minor comment: the old 'Nixie Clock' style action points bar was better. Nixie clocks are better than every other kind of clock.

    25. Missing avatar

      Xardion on

      I guess all we an do is wait ti see if Deep Silver does anything stupid again.

    26. Missing avatar

      Erachten on

      I like the hub, I think it has a good look to it and it's not very bulky. My only problem I see with it is the weird brown color on the outside edges of the action bar. I think it's suppose to be part of the circuit board but it kind of looks like 2 small brown blobs done in mspaint.

      Also, I agree with Patrick that Courier New looks more like something that would come out of a typewriter.

      Other than that, looks awesome. Glad to hear about the deal with Deep Silver. It seems like all they are doing is helping you guys, instead of limiting like some publishers do. Some people may complain because technically they are a publisher and the point of kickstarter is to not have one, but it looks like you're getting all the benefits without the negatives so good for you.

    27. hendawg_ofthemiddle on

      @Tobi @Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!)
      Do you want to actually read my comment? I was saying if you donated more money - like 100$ or more to the project.
      My Angle was also more it seems unfair that they wont make money out of the Physical Copies. A Publisher like Deep Silver. Usually gives money to developers for production. The Wasteland 2 game, only exists because of the money that was given to it by the backers. Deep Silver wouldnt even fund it.
      Now they are going to be distributing it. It means, instead of this being a Crowd Funded project. It is split funded project. In which, half of the publishers job has been done for them i.e. for Deep Silver.
      Yet the core reason why the physical copy exists, is because of the funding it got. So I think its unfair to people that put much larger sums of money into the funding. Not to get some slight payment. At least from the Physical Sales- considering it was a split publisher job now that Deep Silver have been added to the mix. Whom by the way, have had minimum amount of losses due to them not putting any money to the project. So technically, they have potential to get full profit.
      I paid for a copy of the game. So I aint fussed.

    28. cthuun on

      agree with Patrick Samp.
      i dont like the UI.
      especially the motherboard elements left and bottom.
      these elements look much to new & shiny. they need a much more worn out look (more decay etc) a bright green color. really?
      the type is clearly not arial. but a serif font (maybe like typewriter would be more suited.)

      so besides having no convidence in publishing this game 1st hand - deep silver will get its share. hmm?! i dont like a pub beeing payed with backers money.
      i cant get it why developers get in bed with the publishers godspeed despite condemning them at the beginning of the KS campaign?

    29. arleas on

      As far as I'm concerned, finding a publisher at this stage is good news and shows how close they're getting to a finished product. I only ever wanted a digital copy of the game, but I know there will be lots of people who want something physical and without DRM (Even Steam is DRM).

      I trust that inXile knows what they're doing or I wouldn't have given them my money (Twice even). I'm eagerly awaiting the finished product but of course I hope that they take the time to do it right.

      Keep up the good work guys :)

    30. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      awesome Pat, I like what you did there!!!

    31. Hohenheim on

      Are there any regional restrictions apply to the game? Deep Silver have added restrictions on the launch of Saint Row 4 for Russia and CIS, for example.

    32. Patrick Samp on

      Since I can't seem to be able to edit my posts, and Kickstarter doesn't embed pictures:

    33. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      * and by "no" I meant that backers are not entitled to "make money out of it" just because they backed the project. and in my opinion it is not for us to judge how inXile distributes the game boxes and who makes money with that.

    34. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @hendawg_ofthemiddle *sigh* no, because people who pledged for this kickstarter donated money for the development of the game.

    35. MH on

      If all Deep Silver does is taking care of the logistic aspects, I'm fine with that. Some of the guys on Kickstarter spent weeks or even months figuring out the logistics and shipping out the reward stuff. It takes away valuable time and resources better spend on the game instead. Hope they really don't interfere with the creative process, the game stays DRM-free and won't be castrated for non-Steam users in the future like Shadowrun. But I trust Fargo and the gang on this one.

      I like the redesign of the hub, especially the optimized readability. Two minor things: I think it would look better, if the action point counter would be merged (don't like the visible gap between the two digits). And the End turn button looks, I don't know, cheap? Flimsy? I think you'd be better off using a symbol instead of text, like a stop-sign or something. Other than that, I think it looks wonderful. Can't wait to play this game!

    36. hendawg_ofthemiddle on

      Hmm , I was hoping crow funding was to benefit developers not publishers. In some ways deep silver are put in distributor role . Which really, is all publishers should do. But it means our money has financially been beneficial for publishers too. Due cutting their costs , to none tbh. Along with them going to make money from the hard copies . I purchased the game when I funded it. But if someone has given much more money, it but unfair that they won't make money out of it, whilst Deep Silver will- they wouldn't even fund the game. So it only exists because of the backers. Does in someways take advantage of people.
      Bit disappointed that a means to remove the publisher has become a means to reduce their costs. When point was to remove them.

    37. Missing avatar

      onyxhammer on

      I'm liking the whole look of the game. Itching to play it. :D

    38. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      i didn't want to say it but i must confess that i totally agree with Patrick Samp.

    39. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Vinzius - well i don't think that this information is interesting at all. and i don't think we have a right to know that. i pledged money for the development of the game and they'll give me a present (boxed version of the game) because they are so appreciative. I can't remember that with my pledge i somehow have the right to know about their financial dealings in regards to the distribution of game boxes.

    40. jemandem on

      What about the $15 for international shipping out side the us? Now with distributor on your hand 15$ is a lot money for no value..

    41. Missing avatar


      The HUD looks great so far! The font could be switched to something a little more fitting, and some of the edges could use a little love, but I like where it's going.

    42. Missing avatar

      nin on

      While the whole screenshot looks great, the UI in particular looks excellent! Congrats!

    43. Matthew Farmery on

      I am a bit surprised by the news of partnering with Deep Silver, but at least its been well explained, and as long as they don't try to muscle in and change things or take ownership over the game, then in part I dont see an issue with this, but I guess a need for a distributor would be needed anyway, but anyway, as for the HUD, I'm fne with that too, looks great

    44. Greek Winter Media on

      Im not against using a publisher, but Deep Silver has a LONG and SORDID history of extremely draconian DRM and forcing it on their developers even when the devs didn't want it. Im talking stuff as bad as limited activations (See 'Risen' as one of the worst examples where people couldn't even get their game to run often)

      This concerns me greatly, You guys need to be VERY firm with Deep Silver that this game be DRM free. Im now having nightmare visions of boxed copies with online only activation and limited installs since that kind of crap is Deep Silver's MO.

    45. Michael Hoffmann on

      Happy backer here, thanks for the update! Looks like a good investment of my 250 bucks! :)

    46. gandalf.nho

      Very nice screenshot and UI and great to know about Deep Silver

    47. Maël Brustlein on

      The UI looks stellar. And congrats for the deal with Deep Silver!

    48. Patrick Samp on

      I apologize for the following harsh words, but man that is a terrible HUD if you ask me. It looks like it was scrapped together from various non-related google search pictures combined with terrible paint skills.
      I'll try to go into some more detail:

      1. What's with all the circuit boards and wires? Also some of the circuit board images are stretched terribly, and it shows.
      2. Why the paper printer look? How about a regular screen more like the minimap?
      3. Is that Arial font? If you're going for the whole retro thermal printer look why not use a font that has an according look? Even Times New Roman would be better. Other suggestions for fonts: SimSun, MiriamFixed, Dotum, Courier New.
      4. Left bottom corner is just a mess. None of the elements look like it belongs to the other ones.
      5. the ability bar at the bottom is too cluttered. The icons don't stand out enough compared to the noisy background

      I'll try to post a picture when I get round to it.

    49. Datayum on

      @Abeyant Flux: It seems they pasted the HUD images over a bare screenshot of different resolution.

      The new look is much better to me, good job !