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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Distributing matters

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

Hello Rangers, and welcome to update #31. We're about to send out a press release announcing our co-operation with Deep Silver for bringing Wasteland 2 out there and the physical goodies to you, but we wanted our backers to hear the news first, so here's a copy, fresh off the presses:

inXile partners with Deep Silver to distribute Wasteland 2

inXile Entertainment and Deep Silver today announced a distribution deal for inXile’s upcoming cRPG Wasteland 2. Deep Silver is a veteran publisher and already a long-standing partner for inXile.

inXile is currently working on Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera, both funded via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

The deal allows inXile Entertainment to focus on all creative aspects of developing the game, while Deep Silver handles the retail release of the game and the physical good fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers.

“This is a perfect opportunity for inXile: it allows us to continue to focus all of our energy and money into the creative aspects of the game while letting Deep Silver take our game outside of the pure digital space. This has the added bonus of allowing us to spend more of the Kickstarter funds on development while continue to retain all ownership and control”, says Brian Fargo, CEO inXile Entertainment. “I’ve known the people at Deep Silver for many years and they have always been a first rate organization to deal with.” 

Deep Silver will also assist inXile in the QA testing of the localized international versions of the game.

“The uber-successful crowdfunding of Wasteland 2 through Brian Fargo and his team has shown how much interest for an RPG with traditional values still exists on consumers’ side aside from what large publishers think the market needs. Deep Silver is very happy to support inXile Entertainment in bringing Wasteland 2 to the retail market”, comments Klemens Kundratitz, CEO of Koch Media.


Can Deep Silver make any changes to the game?

No, we’re retaining creative control. Thanks to our backers, we’re fully funded and free to implement our own creative vision, and directly communicate with our backers and crowdsource ideas.

So this is good news?

Absolutely! For inXile, we always intended to use a third party to handle these matters, as we are simply too small a studio to be capable of handling all the award fulfillment details from a practical standpoint. By finding the right partner, we gain not just time: it also frees up financial resources for us as they are more efficient at handling physical fulfillment than we would be. All of that time and funding saved will go right back into the game. We’ll also benefit from additional support from Deep Silver on things like international version QA.

For our backers and fans, it assures you that distribution will be handled professionally and quickly, and will assure a smooth experience for getting the game and goodies into your hands. This deal also allows us to put a retail version on the shelves, so people who discover the game later can still get a physical copy. The digital distribution and sales are still being handled by inXile.

Does this change anything about inXile’s plans in DRM or DLC/expansions?

Not at all, that too remains in our control. Deep Silver is a perfect partner for this: they have no interest in interfering with our promises when it comes to DRM-free release or any future plans we may have for expansions, all our previous promises on these stand. So the only real impact for our backers is that the physical goods fulfillment is in good hands.

Screenshot & HUD Update

Of course, our cooperation with Deep Silver is hardly the only news we have for you. Everyone here is still hard at work on Wasteland 2. For this update I’d specifically like to focus on the game’s look, where the progress even from day to day has been noticeable and awesome. One point of attention has been the game’s HUD. We gathered a lot of great feedback on it after showing our first pass in our gameplay video, and have crafted a new version based on that feedback, to go along with a new screenshot showing the location of Highpool (full size).

The biggest practical advantages of this new layout are an easier readability while also taking less screen real estate in its basic layout. Meanwhile, our dedication to customizability remains in place: you can move around, minimize and maximize different parts of the UI freely to make it suit your tastes. Too minimalist? Make some parts bigger. Too spread out? Simply put different segments together. Here is another look at the HUD after we fiddled with it a bit, resizing the textbox and moving the character portraits (full size).

Wasteland 2 tumblr

The Wasteland 2 blog has recently been moved to tumblr and our approach to it has changed with it: it will now mirror the Torment tumblr in covering all kinds of tidbits and concept art we release, and it’ll link to Wasteland 2 interviews and more. As with the Torment, we’ll continue to post our Kickstarter updates just like before, and round up any important news on Kickstarter, so the tumblr is purely an added option for the fan that wants regular news and can’t get enough of Wasteland 2.

We’d also like to remind our backers eligible for the backers-only T-shirts as detailed in the previous update to please input their information (size and type preference) as soon as possible so we can get the shirts to you.

There are more developments we want to talk to you all about, so expect to hear from us again soon!

Thomas Beekers
On the line for inXile


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    1. ET3D on

      @Aaron Ritter, inXile could deal with disc/box/shirt manufacturers, get the stuff and ship it to backers. That's what most developers do on Kickstarter. Double Fine certainly did some of that from what I remember from the documentary.

    2. meganothing dread bard of torment BOSB on

      Mmmh, one could take that space rangers HUD, but use buttons that look like the bulky buttons of old radios. That might give the right retro feeling.

      Apart from that I must say I like the presented GUI. It looks like pieces of tech cobbled together by hot wiring. I just think that the wiring will look out of place if you move one gui element connected to them somewhere else.

      I assume the icon on the leftmost button (beside the LED display) is a placeholder? I can't imagine what that button is for and the icon looks amateurish

      The text display is the best part, excellent idea. But since the game will have lots of text a proportional font might be better even if it destroys the retro feeling.

    3. Cody Orr on

      Looking great!

    4. Missing avatar

      zmonkey on

      Thanks for the update guys! Congrats on the good news. Keep up the excellent work.

    5. Corrodias on

      "I wonder if Double Fine could have worked out something like this." -- No; inXile is essentially paying DS to distribute physical goods, but DF wanted money coming -in- to expand their game. Now, obviously, somebody was going to have to manufacture discs and stuff. Surely we don't expect inXile to buy a disc pressing plant, a box manufacturing plant, a shirt factory, a textile factory, and a COTTON FARM for raw material... and then send employees out as couriers to deliver each of your packages, just so that they never had to do business with another company?

    6. momentsofpassion on

      I'd like to make a suggestion for the screen layout:
      You could make the overview map transparent at about 15% and opaque at mouseover. That would allow you to upsize it a little bit without narrowing the view.

    7. N.tony on

      Compared to the old HUD, the new one looks really more usable.
      What I still don't really like is the "flat" feel of the bells-and-whistles... I think I would still try to make most borders thinner, or semitransparent, or make them appear 3-dimensional/bulging? Maybe adjust their brightness according to the lightning of the scene (that's probably too much, but who knows)? I would stop trying to make interface elements "as if they were made in that world", however, that's only my opinion.

      Regarding the examples of the HUDs I personally like, I can't avoid bringing up this game:
      Space Rangers 2
      The game, of course, is in a different genre and setting, however there are things in their HUD and interface in general that worth looking at.
      The interface is trying to be as minimal as possible, and at the same time provide all the necessary information in a fast and clear way. Compare the last 4 screenshots and notice the amount of panels in the lower right corner.
      Pop-up hints neatly highlight useful information (sorry, I only found this in Czech):

    8. Missing avatar

      Grenville Wilson on

      So, the "didn't read the update and not going to let that get in the way of shouting" crowd is out in force today.

    9. Luis Bermudez on

      This sounds great! I wonder if Double Fine could have worked out something like this.
      Thanks for the regular Kickstarter updates (in addition to your blog updates)!

    10. Michaeljack on

      @Mark Fox I couldnt agree more, in fact if slacker backer options were still open i'd probably up my pledge to collectors edition to show my support

    11. Michaeljack on

      I hopnestly dont get why people are so pissy about Deep Silver. Its not like people who paid for a boxed version are having to pay again and ffs, do you guys seriously expect inXile not to sell copies of this game to regular customers? to do that a publisher is required.

      The game has been funded and developed without a publisher, DS are simply distributing it, you people (yes, i used that phrase intentionally) dont want this game to be available to the general public or something?

    12. Missing avatar

      Mark Fox on

      @Shatterbrain I pledged for a collectors edition myself. I think it is a positive that Wasteland 2 will be available in retail. It means more people will get to play it, and hopefully enjoy it, meaning there will be bigger demand for our CRPG niche genre in future. It will help keep the genre alive in the future.

    13. Missing avatar

      Tyler on

      Doesn't matter to me long as it doesn't interfere with development or schedule. Even if the game is 6 months late I'd be fine. Any longer then that you lose major points. If I'm not mistaken all these guys handle are product design like the box, and all the retail shipping. I purchased digital only so it doesn't effect me, but even if these guys managed to screw up Dead Islands production - I doubt they can screw up something like box design and physical distribution. I'm really glad a kickstarted game was able to get a retail release and not just digital. I'm totally fine with games and genres being kickstarted and then getting popular enough to go to mass market. In fact I hope that is the way it goes more often so we can start to see some sequels of other good big games that we loved, made the RIGHT way. (i.e. not just a cashgrab like... Dragon Age 2 for example) It's cool for Indy stuff too, but I don't play a ton of truly indy games. Game looks more and more amazing each day. Keep your heads down and don't pull a DoubleFine. :)

    14. Missing avatar

      Shatterbrain on

      Now that I know it's coming to retail, my boxed copy is looking less appealing.

    15. Daniel McMinn on

      I'm very unhappy with Deep Silver as your distributor/publisher. Had my money not already been deducted, I would've withdrawn my funding now, because I'm boycotting them for breaking their word when they said they wouldn't sell anymore of these idiotic female zombie torsoes with Dead Island: Riptide. I really don't feel comfortable about this. I know this won't change anything, but I did want to voice my opinion. You could've looked to another company.

    16. Missing avatar

      Mark Fox on

      GOG, Steam, Origin etc. are the digital distributors, Deep Silver are the physical distributors.

      Someone was going to have to print and fabricate the physical versions. May as well be someone who has experience in that part of the business. This saves backers money that can be better spent improving the game.

    17. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Was merely answering your question Tomimt since you found the whole deep silver thing so "Amusing"

    18. Preceptor on

      Hmmmm I have mixed feelings about the publisher deal. Well, I trust Brian Fargo made the best decision in the light of the situation because If I remember right, they didn't intend for physical distribution of the game from the start. That will probably bring more money to the game that they would spend in the physical goods. Also Deep Silver probably injected money for the production of the game. But that, after the Double Fine fiasco speaks a lot about the crowdfunding model as a whole. Looks like the amount of money that was raised isn't enough after all nowadays... The model as it stands today cant fund medium to big projects and it will take a lot of years for people to pledge 20 millions for a game or so... I really want to believe the crowdsourcing will work but I really am finding that hard to believe right now.

    19. Tomimt on

      @Stephen "Stoibs" D: what's wrong with inXile wanting to some one with experience in handling physicala goods the shipping of physical goods? It's just an unnecessary expense for inXile to start handling large amounts of physical goods.

      But then again, for me it's not an issue, as I rarely buy any physical games anymore. I've pretty much shifted digital myself.

    20. thenthomwaslike on

      This hud looks much better than version 1. I'm very impressed!

    21. Jörn Huxhorn

      While the look of the HUD definitely tickles my retro fondness, a UI with less bling would probably be better in the long run. I suspect that the retro fascination would decrease over time and stuff like the cables that obscure part of the screen without any plus in usability would simply annoy (mildly, but anyway).

      Not sure how hard this would be, but couldn't the HUD be moddable?
      Parts of it (e.g. the avatar and weapon images) would still have to look the same but most of the remaining UI could - theoretically, probably - be modded into something like the minimal XCOM HUD.

      Beside that, Patrick Samp has some good improvements in his concept.

    22. Eero Salonen on

      UI look good. I like how wastelandy aesthetics look and elements don't seem to waste unnecessarily space.

      It is good also hear that you found good distribution partner.

    23. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Jean Luc - I love how your comment reflects the personality of your namesake :)

    24. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      "The deal allows inXile Entertainment to focus on all creative aspects of developing the game, while Deep Silver handles the retail release of the game and the physical good fulfillment for the Kickstarter backers."
      Couple that with what I said earlier about them being not very International friendly and it's not that surprising really..

    25. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @ Dexter - thx for the link. Mr. Vincke should also not forget that some gamers (like me) just want a game box!!! honestly, among the best of my gamer experiences was opening the box of Ultima VI and Fallout! digital games for me are like *download, download, update, dowanload* - "meh, let's go". with Ultima and Fallout the immersion began with peeling of the foil of the game box. man I still remember the fallout ring binder, that was AWESOME!

    26. Jean-Luc Picard on

      I think the UI still needs work. I can understand going for a kind of "asymmetrical aesthetic" but I'm not so sure it's working out. I'll leave elaboration to others. Then again, with less than 3 million $$$, maybe we can't afford to be too demanding.

      As for the "publisher" thing, people just need to learn to read, think and use common sense. That's all.

    27. Tomimt on

      It's somewhat amusing how distrustful some people are towards word "publisher" despite publishers role in here is just to take care of the handling of physical goods.

    28. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Quitin (and others) - I'm wondering whether this debate could have been avoided if inXile would have just used the term "distributor" throughout the update instead of (once) uttering the taboo word "publisher" ;))) (-> see (among others) Sgt.Knumskull's post)

    29. Missing avatar

      Ol'Curmudgeon on

      No wait.. that's incorrect (whew) Deep Silver has nothing to do with them.

    30. Missing avatar

      Ol'Curmudgeon on

      Deep Silver is also owned by the Koch Brothers?! Great.... this story keeps getting better.

    31. Missing avatar

      Baudolino05 on

      @Patrick Samp: hope you re taking the example of Fallout's UIs due to their aesthetic qualities, and not for the functionality, which is almost non-existent in both games (and I'm speaking as a diehard fan of the first two Fallouts).
      Thumbs up for XCom, anyway...

      @InExile: I trust the thematic incoherence of the UI is exactly what you want to achieve and, as long as the other parts of the UI (inventory, journal, etc...) are equally incoherent, I'm fine with that...

    32. Missing avatar

      Martin Silver on

      @Dexter: I made the erroneous assumption that Deep Silver helped with distributing Darksiders 2. Despite my disclaimer at the end, it's an unfair charge as it was inaccurate. I went through my email quickly and it was Digital River who helped THQ with fulfilling distribution. Error in memory. Apologies once again to Deep Silver and glad that inXile has found a reliable partner to help with certain business portions of bringing Wasteland 2 into the world.

    33. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @Cihan, I re-read your first comment and I read the linked article and i whole-heartedly agree although for me personally it isn't a top priority thing. btw, do you have an (some) example(s) of games that use the perspective that you "criticise"?

    34. Missing avatar

      Quintin Ang on

      Will join with others in saying that adding a publisher to this game has caused me great concern. I guess the issue is that the term publisher in reference to gaming brings to mind a third party who's main concern is to get their share of the pie at the expense of the end user experience. Specifically in regards to Deep Silver, I have played 2 games that they have published, and while Sacred 3 was a decent one, Dead Island was a good game concept that could have used another 6 months of QA and bug testing, but instead got rushed out of the gate to meet some arbitrary summer release deadline. Launch the game when it's ready, not before!

      With regards to the HUD itself, I do like the fact that it is customizable but would like to see options other then the dot matrix printer style for the text box. Maybe a green text terminal font on a see thru background as an option? I can see myself rapidly getting sick of the text on a simulated piece of paper and turning off, even thought that means I would miss dialog. Character icons and shortcut buttons look alright, and I like the fact that they are moveable and resizable. Was wondering if there would be an option to adjust detail level on the mini-map? I personally prefer a simpler mini-map with less texture and detail and easier to see info, something like the HUD views on games like Tie Fighter or Wing Commander.

      Game looks great guys, just make sure that the people you are asking to help you release the game to us don't fumble the launch and ruin your hard work.

    35. Thomas Beekers

      @Ol'Curmudgeon (and others) please don't misunderstand the notice about QA. They're helping us with localization. The actual game-testing and iteration is still going to be done by the backers during the backers-only beta.

    36. Bryy Miller on

      Just like when the news came that Wasteland 2 would be distributed through Origin, people need to realize that a distributor is different from a publisher.

    37. Missing avatar

      Ol'Curmudgeon on

      This concerns me.

      'Deep Silver' had their names all over Dead Island 1 and Riptide, and they were the lousy cash-grabbiest most bug-filled games of recent memory... hopefully this doesn't speak to the quality of QA they'll provide for Wasteland 2.

      Which begs the question: "What is inXile entertainment thinking?!? Why partner with such a shady, internationally-disliked operation?"

      I really, really hope nothing negative comes from this.. Wasteland 2 was one of the games I was REALLY looking forward to playing..

    38. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      in addition to the fallout 1/2 examples of UIs being "aus einem Guss" (homogeneous), here's another one from Civ5 - i don't mean that the UI should look like that or that this style should be used, i only mean that all of the UI elements fit together(!):

      so i personally would prefer an UI that has a rugged look like in Fallout 1/2, maybe more minimalistic, but homogeneous like the Civ5 UI...

    39. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Well I hope not, that would indeed be a blow for kickstarter funded games everywhere to see Publisher Influence creep in and negate the entire point of crowdsourcing.

    40. Thomas Beekers

      @Stephen "Stoibs" D We retain control over pricing as well. Regional pricing is an issue I feel strongly about, and we will have fair pricing across regions. The Steam version will be published by us.

    41. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      I like the UI. I just hope we can re-size it.

      I like the Dead Space UI, but that would not work for this type of game.

    42. Sgt.Knumskull on

      A distributer is NOT a publisher! Many seem to forget that simple fact. If inXile thinks Deep Silver can handle the job and they know each other why not. The argument: "let them do it more efficient and we have more money for the product" works fine with me. I know deep silver only from shitty releases but I will give it another try since it is inXile we talkin'bout here.

    43. Patrick Samp on

      It's kind of difficult to give examples of good UI, because there aren't that many isometric games and lots of games usually have bad HUD design. But I'll try nonetheless with examples from different games.
      Yeah, PipBoy style. One of the best.
      and another Fallout game. It's simple, it's clear, no clutter. It also has that great used/rusted aesthetic without it distracting from the vital information
      CoH2. I just really like the brushed metal look. Some think it's boring, I think it's elegant. Also I think it offers a clear line between HUD and the game itself. I think it distracts if you can't tell at first glance to what any element belongs.
      and now for something completely different. Much more futuristic. The UI elements stand mostly for themselves. There are almost no unnecessary, fancy elements. Very minimalistic, simple geometric shapes.
      Stalker (and some of its mods) have great UI in a postapocalyptic rusted style while still looking extremely professional. Like very well maintained and working, but still old.

    44. Stephen "Stoibs" D

      Oh FFs, I have absolutely zero Respect for Deep Silver. I wish I knew that some of my money was going to be rewarding them and their behaviour.

      If you're a Yank you probably don't know what I am talking about - These guys are notoriously bad for being one of the worst, greedy, selfish regional price gouging publishers out there.
      Australian? LOL look forward to paying up to double for your games then. Because, Greed!! (Dead Island Riptide was; and still is $70 on Steam, Same with Last Light) I have little doubt that they will try and push this game to cost more for non Americans reason..
      At Least I'm already a backer here and don't have to put up with their bullshit as a silver lining...

    45. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      thx for the link (and your patience) Cihan!

    46. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @inXile - i loved the fallout 1 / fallout 2 UI because it "felt" right.. the color palette and the "rugged" look. it seemed to fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the game. this layout, the computer elements, they look too clean and "new". the colors of the wires and the motherboard thingy look too bright. and most importantly it looks like random elements thrown together instead of "aus einem Guss". Is there someone who can translate that phrase? it means one piece instead of stuff thrown together. if you want it more minimalistic than fallout 1/2 maybe rather go with Pat's version...

    47. Cihan Deniz on

      Tobi, no, that's just changing the tilt angle.It is known that the tilt angle changes automatically when you zoom in and out. See this post for a detailed explanation on what I mean:

    48. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      @ Hans Kristian S Gustavsen - come on man, they are not publishers with any creative control about DRM, release dates, creative control etc. they are only producing and delivering boxes... there is a difference between the two... we all want the game on as many shelves as possible, don't we? and inXile simply wouldn'T be able to do that and even if they could, they would have to reassign ressources away from actually creating the game, and do you guys want that???

    49. Missing avatar

      Dexter on

      @Martin Silver "My sole experience with DS is when they shipped out Darksiders 2 and botched the initial launch."

      Darksiders 2 was published by THQ, Vigil Games was summarily dissolved after THQ went bankrupt and remade as CryTek USA.
      Nordic games bought the Darksiders IP and now owns it. I have no idea what Deep Silver has to do with Darksiders at all...

    50. ET3D on

      Regarding the UI, the only thing I'm wondering about is whether that text box is resizable (both width and height) and the text size can be changed.