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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Update 29: How many squeezins can I fit in my bag?

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

In this update, you’ll find a relatively quick video detailing some features of our inventory screen. Our top design goal with inventory is to make sure it is functional and easy to navigate. We considered the positives and negatives of things like grid vs. list backpacks, weight-based or “tetris” style along with navigation details to see which elements will work best with our design. Being that Wasteland 2 is a party-based game, you will essentially have between 4 and 7 inventories to access at any one point. This could become tedious if the design doesn't promote easy management and trading. To reduce this nasty element, we added things like double-click to equip/use, column-based sorting for major characteristics, hot keys for trading, and our smart-loot favorites system.

Check out the video below (in 1080p for best viewing) and let us know what you think! We want to hear your thoughts on improvements to functionality that could be made before release. Please feel free to do so as a reply to this update, on our Facebook page, and our forums and blog. The more vocal you are, the better chance you have of being heard!

Before you get to the video, here are a few things on our task lists that aren't shown in the video. These weren't fully implemented yet but will be prior to release.

  • Key bindings for menus and commonly used items. You’ll have the ability to designate hot keys for quick navigation of things like trading items to a specific party member or entering into various menus.
  • Mouse-overs for all relevant icons and backpack items to give detailed stats. Each of the icon details on the item pictures and inventory slots will have mouse-overs that show all of the granular stats you've come to expect from hardcore RPG's.

Please be gentle. I was sick when I was recording the video earlier this week... 

Damonta – The Airplane Village 

Here is a new screen shot from a work-in-progress area in Arizona we have not talked about yet. This night shot is from the town of Damonta, which was built from the ruins of the real airplane graveyard that is located south-east of Tucson, Arizona. When we saw images of the real location we were inspired to create a level of the game set in a makeshift village built from the remains of over five thousand airplanes. We will have more shots and a level overview from Damonta in the next update…

Production Update 

In our previous updates we mentioned our end-of-April milestone: “having all level geometry blocked in and all encounters and interactions scripted”. We’re happy to say we've pretty much hit that milestone. "Pretty much?” you ask? We hit what would satisfy the letter of that milestone. While we had all encounters blocked in, there were still issues that needed to be cleaned up and sorted before a full playthrough was really possible. For that reason, we set an end of May milestone to clean up the block-in pass for a true beginning-to-end playthrough from a conversation and mission perspective. This means Wasteland 2 is in a fully playable, “alpha-ish” state. The beta is still months away, and we’re tracking well towards it. 

Our first priority was to block in all maps, and now we get to move onto the phase of propping them out to make them more presentable. We will be iterating and polishing the levels from a gameplay standpoint while the art team is making everything look amazing. As the art gets better, we will have many more screenshots to show off to all of you! 

Our Community Manager & Line Producer

We would like to introduce one of our newest employees: Thomas Beekers, also known as Brother None (a Fallout reference so obscure most people miss it entirely). If you've sent in a question to us through Kickstarter or our backer centers in the past few months, more likely than not it was Thomas answering. Thomas has actually been helping us out since before the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, when Brian Fargo reached out to No Mutants Allowed to get some extra feel from the hardcore RPG communities. After the past year of valuable feedback and help in Wasteland community interaction, it only made sense to bring him on board full-time. 

Thomas has been around hardcore RPG communities like NMA and RPGCodex since the late 90's.  He has also worked as a game reviewer and editor for RPG website GameBanshee for the past six years while also finishing up his BA in History and MA in Russian Studies. His activity in the gaming community makes him ideally suited to help us on community interaction, as well as providing feedback in our earliest alpha tests for Wasteland 2. Thomas is also going to help reaching out and finalizing the in-game backer content in the coming months. 

Until next time…Have a great week everyone! 

Chris Keenan, Development Director, inXile entertainment


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    1. Missing avatar

      mmennuti on

      @Erik: I absolutely agree. Lists can be very functional. There's a good reason spreadsheets are used to sort through large amounts of data on PCs. Being able to sort on columns is very handy when comparing items. Columns are really the key there. Why mouse over a dozen items in a grid to see which has the highest damage/range/whatever value when you could see that at a glance for multiple items in a list sorted in descending order?
      The problem with the poorly designed lists in other games is that the rows of the list don't contain any useful data on their own, and you have to click on each one to get details, or they don't support useful sorting. That's clearly not the case here. This looks like it's on the right track to me, though I do think there is a little more padding between lines than is necessary right now. They could tighten it up a bit if they used alternating shading in the background to make the lines clearer.

    2. Anthony Gosselin on

      Good stuff guys ! Maybe the polaroid-style is a bit out of place. I don't know, maybe you could try some kinf of filter on it. Overall, it's looking awesome though. I like the favourites and their impact on loot !

    3. Khalaq on

      Mouse-over info is fine if it comes with an adjustable delay. Those who want the mouse-over most of the time will set the delay to "short," and those who find the mouse-over only wanted occasionally will set it to "long."

    4. Missing avatar

      Fenris on

      thanks for sharing.

      one concern though: the spacial distance between the picture (top right) and the to-be-dragged-object "disconnect" the two. This could be mitigated if we were given the option to have the picture right beside the object (instead of the sketch of what category the item is). For reference: this would look somewhat like the fallout inventory - which was list-based as well. (and a real pain... but you took care of usability so that is not a problem).

      Please consider giving us that option (you promised options ;-)). For me personally that is somewhat of a major concern, because if the picture is nowhere near the item the weapons "become number" - I hope you get what I mean...

      And: the weapon is out of proportion. I hope that is just a bug?

      Thx a lot!

    5. Igor on

      too lazy to read all things down there, so i apologize if somebody already told the same:
      pop up info when you put a mouse cursor over weapon/armor or any wearable item where you see comparison of current item to the one in your backpack.

    6. Morten Poulsen

      I like being able to view stats of inventory items at a glance, so if sorting and stacking works well, I'm with that rather than grids. I do have a (minor) gripe with the visual expression. In the top left, the white on black letters seem out of place with the rest of the graphical design. Maybe make them look like the party list to the left?

      And congratulations to Brother None, landing such a sweet job! Well, at least I hope it is sweet :-)

    7. Missing avatar

      Wyatt Harris on

      Lots of good suggestions below especially being able to customize the inventory UI.
      Inventory seems to always be the boat anchor when I play RPGs. I love looting and grabbing everything I see but then that quickly leads to a backpack full of crap that turns a fun game into bookkeeping.

      Some suggestions:
      1. Make sure that every item you pick up is useful.
      2. If items have no use, ie. joke items or just junk, make sure there is an easy way to dump them if the player doesn't want to deal with them. (ex. Guild Wars 2 'Sell Junk' button)
      3. I don't mind joke items a bit as long as they are easy to manage. In other words items that are just there to get a laugh.
      4. If something is important, make it obvious that it is important. I hate carrying around 10 pounds of keys or other ambiguous items "just in case".

    8. Missing avatar

      Jason Wieland on

      Love the UI.
      One thing is can you please make it so you can full-screen the Character/rotate him/her around to show off your items.

      Also if you can full screen the polaroid picture would be awesome too.

      As the game is top down-view you can't always see all the detail, so I think being able to see all your pimp items up close makes the experience so much better.

    9. Missing avatar

      firesock on

      I have some... concerns over that inventory screen, I can see the arm swing on opening getting annoying and the spark catches the eye when it moves quite a bit...

    10. Marius Smit on

      Inventory looks amazing! I'm getting excited.

    11. ethermay on

      I just would like to say that when you click a weapon, the font you are using for the numbers to detail the stats underneath the pretty picture of each weapon/item is quite hard to read. it should definitely be easier to read there.

      One more thing, i agree with the people saying that the weapon/armor/item's stats/picture should display when you overlay on each item and that you shouldnt have to actually click each and every thing you want to see the picture and stats for.

      Thanks and i hope i help somewhat.

    12. Missing avatar

      bqsylou on

      1°) Items should always have their icon displayed (and not only when right clicked or in a tooltip)

      2°) I agree with dlux :
      "Inventory lists!?!?!? Are you effing kidding me? I am tired of the damn annoying inventory lists, they drive me mad and are such a waste of space. We have a PC including a MOUSE and not a damn Console with a controller. It must be SLOT BASED. That is is it. Anything else is unacceptable."

    13. Missing avatar

      Kocki on

      The clickable areas should give feedback on mouseover so that I can see which items I can click.

    14. Steve Dozniak on

      Eheh, love the inventory! Looks usable.

    15. Steve Dozniak on

      Gratz, Brother None! Поздравляю!

    16. Rinu on

      @Lars: If they keep current system or add tiles, I don't really care as long as it is easy and fast to use. Changeable UI would be interesting.

    17. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      @Gubb: Since many backers will have access to the beta, providing an API before that seems unnecessary. Between the release of the beta (if modding were to be included) and the final release there should be enough time for modders to implement their preferred UIs. After all, that's pretty much what the beta is for, testing and tweaking the final little detail for the official release.

      @Rinu: Yes, list based inventories have often been designed quite poorly, usually (but not always) because of the limitation of the console's inputs. Skyrim, in its unmodded form, got a lot of criticism for that too, but some of the modders introduced quite useful changes, such as enlarged lists as well as sorting and filtering options, enabling the user to more clearly navigate the amount of items available. If done right, a list based inventory can be quite powerful, but of course there are always personal preferences, so not everyone will be happy with that. That's why I think an option to create UI mods would be very handy, enabling everyone to create (or choose) their preferred UI setup.

    18. Gubb Jonas Jonsson Lundblad on

      @Lars Yeah, modding the interface would probably be the best option. And better yet, the possibility to do so could perhaps be declared before the game is launched, along with an API? That way, people could make their own, preferred UI and have them ready when the game is released, so others can use them as well.

    19. Rinu on

      @Erik: My latest experience with such inventory was in Witcher 2. I tend to grab everything I see, so I had many items of same type in it. Scrolling to one item I needed took so long every time that I gave up in the end and interacted with invetory only when it was really necessary. I don't doubt that this system can be done right but it was handled badly far too often in my experience.

    20. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      @Archo: I wholeheartedly agree, the overall style and color scheme of Wasteland and WoW are very different, so the tooltip should also represent that. That picture was only meant to illustrate the layout/structure of the information given to the player, not the amount of stats (Wasteland 2 seems to have far fever stats than the typical MMO) or the colors used.
      Instead of being a nice clean box the tooltip could be a crumbled piece of paper or a weathered clipboard with handwritten notes about the items (icons for the different stats plus the numeric values) or something like that for example.

      @Gubb: Giving the player different UIs to choose from would be ideal, but I don't think that it is feasible from a workload perspective. Alternatively the ability to mod the UI would enable the community to create a nearly unlimited amount of variety (WoW and Skyrim are great examples for the ingenuity of the fans when it come to modding the interface), so that might be a more efficient way of "giving everyone what they want".

    21. Erik on

      I don't know why people hate lists so much. I'd rather have an inventory that's functional first, stylish later. Lists allow you to sort things by weight, value, power, etc. which is much quicker than a grid based inventory where comparing items is usually done by mousing over individual items back and forth.

    22. Gubb Jonas Jonsson Lundblad on

      One alternative could be to let the player choose what kind of UI they would like in the inventory, a little bit like how the in-game HUD works. Some might prefer a item list, while others would prefer pictures and/or more information. It's more work though, so I don't know.

    23. jo_i_ells on

      My comment it's not about the UI but the image of the character. It isn't his gun (AK or whatever) in a different scale than his body? Maybe it's just me...

    24. Rinu on

      I agree with dlux that inventory searchable only by scrolling is very uncomfortable. I prefer tiles. Something like this: with a quick info appearing when I hover over them, ideally with comparison with my current equipment if the item is weapon or clothes.

    25. Gubb Jonas Jonsson Lundblad on

      And I agree about the "inswing" of the Inventory. Overall it seems a bit off to have an arm separated from the rest of the UI that shows the character. Maybe use something similiar to the View-Waster 3-D to switch between characters? Here's a link:

    26. Gubb Jonas Jonsson Lundblad on

      I don't think "Mouse over" on the items is a good idea. That kind of functionality can easily "clot up" the interface if done incorrectly. A better idea in my opinion would be to bring up said "mouse over"-information when an item is right-clicked.

    27. Missing avatar

      Heisjustauser on

      Methinks I generally like what I see so far. I am not to worried about the inventory list, as long as I find what I want fast. I also think the ability to classify items as junk or compare them is important.

      What I find totally ridiculous is the animation of the inswinging screen. IMHO anything which distracts me accessing the inventory or takes time to access it should be gone immediately. I honestly also do not need a very fancy UI in an inventory...clean and simple is nice.

    28. Archo on

      I get what you are saying - I like the idea of computed stats that show how much better or worse your new weapson is. This can be a tooltip, I would agree. The colorful clunky list that is computed in your picture, is definite not the style of inXile. But when we look at right side of the UI under the smbyols for damage etc, this is a place where the compared stats could appear, and underneath the computed advantage/disadvantage.

    29. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Consolized Dragon Age/Skyrim style inventory lists. My god, I can't believe it...

    30. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Inventory lists!?!?!? Are you effing kidding me? I am tired of the damn annoying inventory lists, they drive me mad and are such a waste of space. We have a PC including a MOUSE and not a damn Console with a controller. It must be SLOT BASED. That is is it. Anything else is unacceptable. PERIOD.

      Design some decent icons and make it slot based. Sorry for ranting, but this really makes me mad.

    31. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      I really like how the lists work for the inventory, as well as the color choices. The one thing that struck me when the inventory first opened is just feeling like there are too many moving parts, what with the screen swinging in, the character moving in the portrait and all that. It seems unnecessary, and possibly even slightly annoying. I feel like I would prefer something less clunky and a little more realistic looking (ie: if the UI were a real piece of equipment, why would that screen move around like that?).

    32. Şahin Alp Taşkaya on

      most probably somebody else has already said that, but wouldn't it be great if we can assign hotkeys for combination of gears like a different helmet with a long range gun or a harder armor with a melee weapon?

    33. James Jones

      Love the active character markers. This style interface has been sorely missed. The inventory descriptions are great too. Hope they're not all just placeholder. Like the pictures for the inventory items a lot as well.

    34. Adam Neugebauer on

      Ignorant of how hot-keys may change things, I considered the inventory screen purely using drag-n-drop. There are three main sections to the inventory screen in three adjacent columns: the team list, the character image (for the selected team member) and the inventory list (for the selected team member). If I was using just the drag-n-drop method, I would mostly (only?) be dragging from the inventory list to either the team list (to trade items) or to/from the character image (to equip/unequip items). In this scenario, it would seem most user-friendly to have the inventory list in the middle of the three sections. In the current arrangement, if you want to trade an item (without hotkeys), you have to drag it across the character image. Not a huge problem, but if you wanted to optimize utility it seems to me like putting inventory in the middle is the way to go.

    35. Rinu on

      It's great to hear that things are going well. The inventory has a nice touch however the polaroid picture is kind of rough around the edges. The visible "teeth" were a bit distracting. Same for yellow picture of pistol.
      I know it's alpha and all, just saying.

      And have a great weekend too!

    36. Missing avatar

      Skirge01 on

      I hadn't thought of it until I read what Jeff A. said about dragging all the way from the right to the left. If the inventory can be dragged to either the character images or to the "rag doll", then I think the inventory itself should be between those two, putting the rag doll on the right side. Overall, though, I really like the design. Two related thoughts:

      1. It would be great if when you picked something up from inventory, there was an indicator as to who could use it (assuming there's a limitation on what certain characters can use). This might be more appropriate for Torment, but it could start in Wasteland.
      2. Another great indicator to show would be who currently has the ability to carry something you're moving. Perhaps just darken the character to show that it's probably not the right choice or even shade it yellow if they're getting close to their limits and red if it's too much. I'd actually love to see them turn their back on you or flip you off, but that might get old after a while.

    37. Missing avatar

      alexei on

      @Scott: And how does a group inventory work when you split the group, going to different places on the map? Is it like a parallel plane of existence where every party member has access at all times? :P

    38. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Manca on

      I like all the settings of the inventory. In my opinion, there are only two flaws:

      1) I can't recognize the "s" easily. To be sincere, the design of the "s" letter is a little bit nasty.

      2) Many old games has many mods. Mostly, there is always a mod for bigger font. The last I found out (because I needed) was the one for Mask of the Betrayer. Maybe someone has already told you this, but if you can add an option which allows to enlarge the font size, I would be very happy =) The same for Torment.

      Everything else seems to me simple and friendly at the same time. I appreciate a lot the cure in every description. Energy Cells reminded me of Fallout 2, it's nice ;)

      Good job and go on in this way!

    39. metzger on

      Love the ambiance of the inventory. Agree with Jeff A. on the arrangement stuff, and the polaroid preview seems to be a bit out of place in contrast to the rest of the screen.
      With that said, the game seems to sport some serious personality, and am enjoying the progress so far. Take it easy Chris & co., and best of luck

    40. Missing avatar

      Arseny on

      Congrats Brother None on your new position! Glad you guys brought him on board, he was one of the most reasonable and responsive people I've seen on the forums yet! Молодец Tom!

    41. Kim Fredrik Svendsen on

      Awesome! Gret work guys!

      A couple of coments:
      Agree with many others here, the size of the guns looks out of proportion, and thus a bit childish. This is a game for grownups, no? ;)

      Regarding inventory management I also agree with many others, and id like to echo this post in particular:

      "Andrew Hows wrote:
      Inventory management, IMO, has historically been the most finicky and least rewarding element of RPGs. Give that we're going with a weight limitation, can we just abstract that out so that the inventory is for the entire party? ie: the weight limit is the sum of the carrying capacity of all party members, and the inventory screen just shows the entire party's inventory?
      How much does the constant click-click-clicking required to shift items over from one member to another actually add to the game? Does add difficulty, or interest, or is it just logistical overhead?"

    42. Jeff A. on

      The only thing that bugs me about the inventory screen is that the list of characters is on the far left, while the backpack is on the far right. So, moving an item from one character to another means dragging it all the way across the screen. Any chance we can get the character list and the backpack to be adjacent to each other?

    43. TheChosenOne on

      This game also won't have the same system and huge amount of impact on the skills and massive item economy like Diablo 3.
      I like the look but it is a bit boring. A little touch here and there would make it a bit more fun to use/watch. You will see it a fair deal during the game ofcourse.
      And perhaps make the icons/lines a bit smaller so you can have more stuff on the screen. Or make the whole screen used a bit more instead of the empty space around the edges.

    44. Missing avatar

      Cuddles on

      I like it. I agree with a few people who already mentioned that being able to see weight limits for everyone would be handy.

      On the other hand, I definitely wouldn't like to see weapon comparisons. One of the biggest problems with Diablo 3 is that there is basically no thought required at all - you mouse-over an item and if the numbers are green you equip it. Wasteland 2 will hopefully be a game where simplistic comparison like that doesn't hold and where the bigger number is not always better. Faster vs. stronger, range, damage types, versatility, and so on, should all be important, and those just can't be summed up with a simple "This weapon gives higher dps" popup.

    45. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      @Archo: Yes, if they are done badly. But tooltips can be used quite effectively to compare items, because they provide a whole new layer for information, effectively doubling the screen space. Some WoW interface addons have developed quite extensive item stats views and comparison features:
      The item on the right is the one in the inventory, the one on the left the comparison with the currently equipped one. Differences are automatically calculated and displayed at the bottom, making the decision -which one is best for your character- very simple. No switching between items, remembering stats or calculating stuff in your head needed.

      I have expanded on those features in a post below, including the aspect of comparing gear between multiple characters in the party, I would love to hear some feedback on those ideas, since I am by no means an expert in interface design. Also I doubt that the developers would listen to a single voice (nor should they XD) so getting some feedback and discussion on those ideas going should help to form a more representative picture of what we the players actually want.

    46. Archo on

      I hope we can all agree on the fact that item comparison doesn't go well with tooltips or popups as you have to keep all details on mind.

    47. Paweł K. on

      I don't know if it's the case with video compression (in 1080p) or with me, but I find it difficult to read text on buttons, in inventory and character names.
      Overall I think UI is ok :)

    48. Missing avatar

      Lars Banning on

      I like what I'm seeing so far, but I feel there is some room for improvement:
      -The space actually afforded to listing the items seems rather small, potentially leading to tedious scrolling if large amounts of items are carried per character.
      -The current and maximum load for all the characters not currently selected are not visible, making load out balancing (especially once close to the combined limit of the party) rather difficult (lengthy switching between characters to see who still has space would be required).
      -A way to compare items to the currently equipped item would be very handy, ideally as a tooltip, similar to the way most MMOs (especially WoW) do it. Bonus points if the character that the item is compared with can be cycled through with a push of a button, especially if the character selection is remembered while switching between items.

      Since the last point might seem a bit confusing, I'm going to try and explain it a bit better:
      Hovering the mouse over an item would create a tooltip window, displaying the stats of the item (icons and values would be enough here). Hitting a key (traditionally [shift]) would open up a second window next to the item stats with the stats of the currently equipped item (of the currently selected character). Differences in stats should be marked (better stats of the item in the inventory in green, worse stats in red, ideally with the difference "-x/+y" calculated). While this comparison view is displayed (for this the key to open this view should probably be a toggle, making the view permanent until the mouse is moved away from the item or the key is pushed again) another key (for example [ctrl]) changes the character the item is compared with, enabling the player to compare items without moving the item to the target character's inventory first. Optionally the selected character is remembered, so that moving the mouse to another item in the inventory and opening the comparison view again will immediately compare the item to the same character. Switching between characters or closing the inventory resets this to comparing the item to the currently selected character, requiring the player to cycle through the characters again.
      Preferences for this behavior may vary from player to player, so an option in the settings might be preferable (since you seem to put quite a bit of effort into enabling interface customization to the players liking).

      I have no idea how well this would actually work in the game, but comparing items has always been one of the most frustrating tasks of inventory management, especially if the interface gives no or only very few support for this. Optimizing the load out ("min-maxing") I think is an essential part of the game experience for many hard-core players (at least it has always been for me), so supporting this task via a clear and informative interface would be great.

    49. Pavel Stangel on

      I was always wondering where did the nickname Brother None come from. And now I now...from not choosing a name in Fallout and joining Brotherhood of Steel. Hilarious :D

      Also, the inventory looks great.

    50. Missing avatar

      Rick on

      I worry that all the work you're putting into the mechanics of the inventory might be overshadowed by the clutter and dead space cause by all the panelling, cables and paper clips. I find that screen very hard to read because its so full of distracting animated elements.