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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

inXile announces the launch of our Kickstarter campaign for Torment: Tides of Numenera

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

On Monday we released the news that we would be launching another Kickstarter campaign for Torment: Tides of Numenera today. If your reaction to the news was, “Hell yes, that is awesome news!” you can stop reading this update and head right to the Torment Kickstarter page to check out a lot more detail on the product. There is a ton of information about the team and the project, so please give it a read. We are crazy excited about the opportunity to work on Torment, and the Torment Kickstarter page should be enough to get all of you excited too.

If your reaction to the news about Torment was more like, “inXile, you greedy bastards, why would you launch a Kickstarter before Wasteland 2 is even done!”, then keep reading; we are addressing that point in this update…

 To those outside the industry, it might seem odd to launch another Kickstarter before Wasteland 2 is done. We understand that it raises some questions, and we want our Wasteland 2 backers to understand the decision and to have access to all the information that has led us down this path. The goal of this update is not to convince you to back Torment; the goal of this update is to answer one simple question. Why now? 

One of the keys to success for a small game company is being able to create continuity within the development team. It takes a long time to get a team put together, and it takes an even longer time for a team to settle in to new working relationships, a new engine, new systems, and a new asset creation pipeline. A team’s knowledge and experience grows a lot during a development cycle, and all of that knowledge gained is lost if we let the team break up when a project ships. To address that issue we have developed a very simple strategy that has already worked for us on dozens of titles in the last 25 years. Here is a quick explanation of our development team-structure philosophy:

inXile, with all of our internal employees and outside contractors, consists of enough people to be considered about the size of a team and a half. This is by design. We always want a small and efficient team (the “half team”) to design both our product and our product development plan. This is called pre-production. It is the most important time in a project’s life cycle. This is the time when we want to make sure we slow down and get it right. During this phase we don't need all the engineers and 3D Artists on the project, it is mostly concept art, design and dialog writing. When this process is completed and we are ready to roll into full production we want to have a large team of people ready to make the game. If the planning was done well during the pre-production phase we can be very efficient during production and leave ourselves with plenty of time to iterate and make amazing games. If there is no pre-production done, and the full team is trying to create the design and development plan as they go, months, if not years, are wasted. Having a full team try to start a project when the pre-production has not been completed is like stacking up a giant pile of money and lighting it on fire. This same philosophy served us quite well at Interplay in creating some of the best RPGs of all time.

The “half team” in our team and a half model consists of writers and artists as well as designers and a producer. They are the ones that define the game design, write the dialog, define the combat, the UI, the missions, and even parts of the level design. We spent about 6 months working on this pre-production for Wasteland 2 and we would like to spend even longer doing it on Torment. For inXile, this “half team” that did the pre-production for Wasteland is done, their work on Wasteland 2 is completely finished. We want to get this group into pre-production on Torment to keep them working together on a project we are all passionate about.

Currently, Wasteland 2 is in full production with a team of 15+ people cranking away on it. This is the full team that consists of engineers, scripters, character modelers, environment artists, and animators. This team is implementing the plan created during the Wasteland 2 pre-production cycle. When this full team rolls off of Wasteland 2 at the end of the year, they will need something else to do. Having a complete pre-production plan at that time allows us to roll the entire team onto a finely honed game design. Team continuity is maintained, and efficient production can begin. In a traditional publisher model, now is the time in the project life cycle where we would start to try and sign the next big contract. The best tool we have to get that done is to go back to our new publisher, you, and explain that now is the best time to start the next project.

Our “half team” is ready to start the pre-production for Torment now. They need about 8 months to get this pre-production work done. In an amazing coincidence, in about 8 months I will have a full team that is ready to take that pre-production plan and create a game. The alternative, starting pre-production on Torment after Wasteland 2 is done, increases the cost of Torment production greatly and requires us to reduce our headcount during the process.

Staggering projects like we are doing with Wasteland 2 and Torment is the best tool a single-team company like inXile has to be successful. It has the triple value of making us more efficient, giving us a better game design and making sure we keep our design and art talent working with us.

To make everything as clear as we can regarding the Torment Kickstarter and what it means for Wasteland 2, I will attempt to answer some other questions you might have:

• We do want to be abundantly clear that no Wasteland money is to be spent developing Torment. No Torment money is being spent on Wasteland 2. That said, lots of tools, plug-ins and pipeline processes that have taken man months to create will be shared between the projects if we can keep team continuity.

• The pre-production of Torment is not going to hinder the development of Wasteland in any way. As explained above, they are different teams during the pre-production.

We hope this update helps to explain the logic of why we are launching this Kickstarter now. Based on our experience we know that now is the time to get Torment rolling. We also hope that we can count on your support for Torment, and if not your support, at least your understanding. This system has always served us well so we think it makes sense to try and re-create it with you.


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    1. Alex on

      Boy I'm ashamed to have a similar name of that Alextended fellow. Planescape the "most disappinting Infinity engine game"? It's the only one worth anything! Also, designers and programmers are two separate entities, they're obviously more than satisfied with their work on W2 or else they wouldn't move on to the next project, and one I'm ecstatic about at that. :)

    2. Kirk Woll on

      Vincent, you have just got to be trolling. A first person co-op Wasteland 2? Do you have even the slightest idea what game we want them to make?

    3. PerryMercer on

      That's great news, but right now all I care about is Wasteland 2 getting completed and sent to me first. I would have held off on Torment until Wasteland 2 was completed. Why? Because if you finished Wasteland 2, and the game was awesome like we all know it will be, your backers from Wasteland 2 would all support Torment. All the backers would know that you can get the job done and deliver a great game, so of course they would back your next project. Anyway, good luck on your funding for Torment.

    4. Frank Talbot on

      I can't be happier with this news, and great update by the way!

      As much as I can't wait for Wasteland 2, Planescape : Torment has always been in my Top 10 (and I've played A LOT of games). I'm glad Torment be able to re-use the experience + tools from the current project.

      And for those complaining, like nexus said, what else do you expect concept artists to work on before Wasteland 2 ships? Of course, they could design new characters and environments, but then the current team would have to integrate them in the game, delaying it.

      I don't know exactly how it works for video games but I'm an IT Manager and we work pretty much that way for software projects. It takes a lot of time to design the software, sit with the customer, work on the marketing/business side, work on the docs, get everything approved, etc. and if we did it like some of you guys whining are suggesting, I'd always have a situation like : Team A (design) working, Team B (devs) doing nothing, Team C (maintenance/support) doing nothing...then Team A doing nothing, Team B working, Team C doing nothing, etc.

      We'd lose a lot of money, talented people would leave and work for competitors, and by the time the tech we developed for Project A could be used for Project B, it would probably be too old to still be relevant and/or those who know how to make it work its magic wouldn't be in the company anymore.

      Anyway, I support this move and I'm glad to be pledging for both projects!

    5. Missing avatar

      Devon on

      Co op fps wasteland 3 would make me pissed...

    6. Vincent on

      i have to agree with Alextended, finish Wasteland 2, make it everything you said it would be ... then we can talk about more money. Counting you chickens before they hatch has never been a good strategy.

      FYI: Wasteland 2 will probably be good but a Co-op FPS Wasteland 3 would be in a league of it's own.

    7. nexus says on

      > no matter how you put it that's still staff not working on Wasteland 2. They would not be sitting around doing nothing if you did not start another project and it's not like games cannot be improved by extra work

      So what exactly would concept artists be working on on Wasteland 2 right now? What would a writer be doing when all the dialog is complete?

    8. Red on

      Hey Joseph, they've demonstrated the gameplay and demoed it to industry folks with no complaints. The engine groundwork they've laid for WL2 will directly transition into the new game. What they're doing makes perfect development sense. I'm really glad Kickstarter is allowing them to get the funding they need to do back to back projects.

    9. Joseph De Santis on

      Can't believe so many people threw even more money at these guys without ever even touching their first game.

    10. Briahlen on

      I haven't been this excited about a game in a long time.

    11. Missing avatar

      Pysiu on

      pledged and thank you!

    12. Missing avatar

      JJ on

      I pledged for the Torment collectors box, it's all I could afford. I wish I could pledge more; I want to see more great CRPG games and after seeing that fantastic gameplay video of WL2 I am convinced InXile is the company that can deliver what I'm looking for. To the doubters - give them a shot to get off the ground with these two projects - it's only 25 bucks and if they succeed we can expect many more CRPGs from InXile, possibly more TORMENT style games, so have some faith!

    13. Missing avatar

      Paul Horrigan on

      @ Alextended

      Oddly enough i found it to be one of the best games to come out of the setting, the story was deep, dark and the planes were so facinating, i finished it and wanted more more more, so im pledging for sure,

    14. Karl Goodloe on

      @ Dimitrios Dentonas
      They're not using a "half team" for Torment, they're using the designers that are finished with Wasteland *FIRST*, and when the developers are done, they will be working on Torment as well. The same total number of people (the same people, in fact) as Wasteland. They say production will be longer for Torment, so with everything else being equal, more time = more money.

      I was personally not a big fan of the D&D games, but I certainly approve of them finding something to do other than send those people home.

    15. A New Hope on

      @ Alextended

      Pre-production takes a long time, this is when you decide what your game will be like how it should look etc.…

    16. Missing avatar

      Alextended on

      Personally I"m not pledging for Torment: Tides of Numenera, I'll wait and see how it turns out. For me, Planescape: Torment didn't make up for its flaws with its story and interactivity. It's probably my most disappointing Infinity Engine game. Of course, I don't imagine you intend to keep this the same but instead hope to have a game that plays as well as it reads.

      However, I'm also not too happy you're doing another kickstart before putting out Wasteland 2. The claim you work on an one and a half team structure which means that until Wasteland 2 is done only a small pre-production team will be on the new Torment is logical but no matter how you put it that's still staff not working on Wasteland 2. They would not be sitting around doing nothing if you did not start another project and it's not like games cannot be improved by extra work, or like things always go as smoothly as possible. Would you, if things don't go as planned, delay both games or shove Wasteland 2 out the door to focus on Torment? That will depend on your own situation when and if the time comes, not what's best for me, obviously.

      Plus, I want to see what you're capable of before giving you more money. My Wasteland 2 pledge is already a risk, even if the video you put out recently made me feel more confident about it. Torment is also a more expensive proposition. For example the very first boxed tier is $15 over Wasteland 2's (while still asking another $15 for international shipping) and doesn't claim to use an old school large PC game box or have extras like the cloth map which are reserved for even higher tiers. Just the basics.

      These and other things make me feel like you're potentially selling Wasteland 2 short or risking too much about it, biting more than your small studio (perhaps smaller than the teams making the classics these games are succeeding) can chew, and generally a little worried about the whole situation. So yeah, I'm not too happy with how things are handled, but I will obviously check it out when the time comes, and I'm obviously in the minority as it will probably grow to be the biggest video game software related crowd fund yet, unless it's been more front loaded than usual.

      Besides, shouldn't the dream be that you can be successful enough to self fund rather than rely on publishers or even rich fans that buy the $10k tiers and the like? Why not wait and see how Wasteland 2 performs before asking for more?

      Not to mention the name would be way better as Numenera: Torment :)

    17. A New Hope on

      @ nils

      Nevermind what I wrote, I missed the fact that this game will not have anything in common with P:T. Yes they could´ve used another name but I guess they used Torment because that is a name that many knows. As long as they don´t pretend otherwise I have no problem with this but I agree to your objection. Hopefully this will be a game that will be as good as P:T and I´m will probably donate to it myself.

    18. A New Hope on

      @ nils

      Planescape is not the name of the game, Planesape is a D&D realm nothing more and this game will not be played using D&D rules so calling it Planescape would imo be wrong since that implies it will be a D&D game.

    19. nils on

      My main objection is that, well, if it's not Planescape TOrment, then don't call it Torment. I know you can, but it's still.. meh.

    20. Missing avatar

      portyk on

      So aside from all the complaining, how shocked were you guys when you blasted through your funding goals in one day? 2 million already is.... amazing! Congrats!

    21. CSDare on

      By "all," of course, I mean three or four, but that's three or four too many. Consider me very excited about both Wasteland 2 and Torment.

    22. CSDare on

      Can't help but laugh at all the whiners here. The video game industry really does breed some of the least understanding, most sheltered individuals out there, though I suppose you can't blame some of them for being young and inexperienced with how the real world works.

    23. Dimitrios Dentonas on

      I'm bothered by the fact that you ask for 20 bucks for a digital copy of the game, while in wasteland you asked for 15. Considering the money you will save by using the "half team", Torment should be cheaper than Wasteland. Oh well.

    24. Missing avatar

      John B on

      Malor- the open questions which remain are:

      1)how much wasteland 2 money went into tool development which are planned to be reused in Torment,

      2) how does testing and patching fit into this schedule, especially for bugs which show up after the new game is in full development.

      I agree wholeheartedly with Mr Goss that it's good to see solid, single-purchase, DRM-free games being developed by a top notch team. I'm a little concerned about a couple of the details tho.

    25. Missing avatar

      Malor on

      Mr. Goff says: "While I would split hairs over the idea that "no Wasteland money is to be spent developing Torment" as you mention that results of that aforementioned money are in fact being used to develop a second game and will not be part of it's bottom line..."

      Well, I think you guys are sort of using the same word in different ways. What he was trying to say, I think, is that no Wasteland money will be *diverted* to Torment. So the existence of the Torment project won't starve Wasteland in any way. But, by launching now, he can get a force multiplier on the Wasteland expenses, being able to re-use a lot of that work for the next title. It means the team doesn't have to spend the money twice.

      Makes perfect sense to me.

      This also means that, right around the time Wasteland ships, they'll be back with the next idea, as they'll be wanting to keep the pipeline full. Hopefully, they can come up with something brilliant!

    26. William Goff on

      While I would split hairs over the idea that "no Wasteland money is to be spent developing Torment" as you mention that results of that aforementioned money are in fact being used to develop a second game and will not be part of it's bottom line, I understand needing a budget for another title. As my fellow backers pointed out below when you start any new project a budget of some kind is needed and being that the public is now in effect your publisher/investor I get why you would turn to us again considering how eagerly we funded your last project.

      We enjoy seeing this sort of rebirth of the old style of game making. I am pleased that in a era of gaming where I just finished reading an article from a newer "industry leader," whom in my opinion, came within just two clicks of calling us all "self important whiners" (my words not theirs). That you would volunteer such a post on a now long since funded kickstarter is an excellent act of good faith.

      It is clear you understand the importance of community and clarity and for that I will be happy to lend you some more money to continue the ideas of community over the idea of blanketed micro-transactions and cumbersome DRM.

    27. Groghunter on

      I LOVE that from now on, every year or so, I get to back a new and exciting concept, and watch the project happen, start to finish.

    28. Missing avatar

      Will on

      Excellent write-up, Mr. Fargo. I've no concerns left.

    29. Missing avatar

      Thiefsie on

      This of course is perfectly normal business practise in (I would imagine) all consultancy, skill based services. So I applaud the ability to move forward fast.

      Unfortunately I think $25 is a bit high considering the Wasteland tier, and I feel a bit miffed at the earlybird savings. Regardless I have still backed at the early tier as I support your kind of games and love Planescape to bits.

      I'm curious as to what you will be working on next in 8 months time.

    30. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great explanation as to why KS Torment even though WL2 isn't done. Other companies should follow this model to avoid fiascos like Colonial Marine: Aliens.

      And to quote lots of my fellow posters, just take my money....I trust Brian and inXile to do a great job.

    31. José Augusto on

      Shut up and take my money ! (2)

    32. Shinosha on

      Shut up and take my money !

    33. Missing avatar

      Daniel McGuffin on

      Besides, this is how publishing, and capitalism in general, works. They go to the publisher, and say, "hi, we'd like a budget of $900,000 to make Torment 2." The only thing is, now we're the publisher. They can't make a game if they don't have the budget to do so. Any money that they might have is needed to pay their employees and the rent for the office. I mean, we do want inXile to keep their heads above water, don't we? I sure as hell don't want another Wildman on my hands.

    34. Ber on

      Thanks for the heads up, I was ready and waiting to back the new Torment game as soon as it launched :) Also, thanks for the detailed explanation of why game companies like yours really need overlapping projects to stay efficient.
      ps. Cutter, you are so naive to think that just because they have a small games company they could bankroll making a game - it doesn't work like that, if they run out of support, they'll probably run out of cash in just a few months. It happens to a games company just about every week of late.

    35. SL128 on

      I was a bit cautious, even with the previous mention of preproduction, but this post has definitely sold me. Take my $20, ha ha ha ha!

    36. HazMatt on

      This is a great post - thank you for laying it down for us! I, for one, am more than happy to sign on for the next project (and PST was one of my all-time favorite RPG so that's a no brainer for me). Hell, keep it rolling like that - pitch another great project in 8 months and you can count me in on that one too. I've been more than happy with the status updates, please keep them coming!

    37. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      @Espen way to not read or comprehend what I wrote. It's all pretty self-explanatory regardless of Brian's explanation. This site is not intended for people with money who just don't want to take any personal risk when they can afford to do so. And yes, it's incredibly tacky to ask for more money when you haven't even delivered one project, much less ensured it's on time and actually good. I never said they couldn't do this, just that I think it's in very bad form. In other words, it's not cricket, old man. Is that clear enough for you or would you like me to point you to the Google translator?

    38. Missing avatar

      Bartosz Adamski on

      I like it when people don't "beat around the bush" and answer the right questions before they even get asked. My money is on you guys. We trust you Brian!

    39. Missing avatar

      Bulbatrs on

      what happens to torment if w2 gets delayed? games always end up taking more time to develope that intended.

    40. Bryy Miller on

      This is a great response. Thanks.

    41. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      This is one of the reasons I support InExile far more than just the cost of the game. Open and straightforward, and they know people are what makes good games. On Wasteland and now Torment, they focus on the people creating the game. A writer or an artist is not just headcount, different people have different level of talent.

      I realize Brian is also trying to grow his company, but I am happy about that as well. He has a business sense, but his career has been mostly about making games. We need that in the industry. This makes me happy.

    42. Christopher Rider on

      Great update. I had basically all of these misgivings and didn't see this update until I messaged inxile through torment to ask. they bounced me here.

      Now I still have a small misgiving of backing torment, just because I don't have a finished product to see how they did this time, but seeing as how they're going to hit their goal, I can always just buy torment when it comes out instead of kickstarting it. If I love wasteland 2 that much. (Though I am sooo tempted to kickstart anyways)

    43. Alan De Smet on

      @Cutter: Q: "I'd like to use Kickstarter to get my project out there, but I don't really need money. Is that okay?" A: "Absolutely. Kickstarter is about more than just money. A Kickstarter project is a great way to connect with your audience and spread the word about your work." from . It's been there for at least a year (when I was looking into starting a Kickstarter project) and probably longer. It may not match what you want Kickstarter to be, but it's what Kickstarter wants to be.

      And as others, and the original post, have noted, overlapping projects is common and necessary if you want to keep a team together. For me, I don't mind; so long as they deliver the game I pre-ordered on something approaching a reasonable schedule, I don't believe I have any legal or ethical cause to be upset.

    44. Missing avatar

      Giovanni Manca on

      I'm seeing the Torment counter... I'm ready with a bottle of champagne ;)

    45. fredgiblet on


      1. They aren't soliciting, at least not by any measure that I've ever seen, this is actually relevant to W2 in more than one way since it has an update on the status of W2 and an explanation for those who want to know of why they feel they can take on a second game while W2 is still in development. Both of these are, in fact, important to W2. Considering that some of the people likely didn't know about the new project yet it's reasonable for them to announce it here as well so that their backers know what's going on and don't find out second-hand, including the link is part of announcing it.

      2. As they explain in the post it's SOP for game companies to get new projects going before their current ones are finished, that is ALSO SOP for most businesses, a business that waits until they don't have any work before they look for more contracts won't be around for long.

      3. Again as they explain in the update waiting for W2 to be released will require them to fire people, waiting for W2 to make sufficient income to assure that they have the funding to move forward with a new game will probably require them basically dumping the whole team.

    46. Missing avatar

      Michael Cunningham on

      A great approach to make the best use of your resources. I didn't get the "Torment pledges now started" e-mail but will follow-up after my morning cuppa. (5.26 a.m. in Brisbane)

    47. Missing avatar

      Espen Gätzschmann on

      @Cutter - Way to demonstrate that you didn't read the update, eh? Let me quickly refute your three points, though the update does it on its own: 1) The update is a reassurance to W2 backers that Torment has no impact on the former's development, which is a fear a lot of people would have. 2) It's the only way the gaming industry can work without firing people all the time. You know those developers that go bankrupt less than a month after their game's release? Yeah, those are the ones that didn't get a project going early enough. 3) What sales? Wasteland 2 hasn't had any sales to fund Torment with, so what the heck are you talking about? If inXile isn't going to fire 1/3 of their staff right now, this is how it needs to be done. Again, this is all explained above. Reading is underrated.

    48. Paul Raupach on

      Spot on Update. Backed Torment. I look forward to playing Wasteland and backing your 3rd project in around a years time!

      You understand that you now have to keep this schedule up forever right?

    49. Emil on

      Nice update. I will sure back you up. I understand the 1,5 team philosophy, but you did not mention how to support the game after it has been shipped. How committed will you be to release patches to wastelands 2 after it has been released if the whole team has jumped on to Torment?

      I know very little about the gaming industry but isn't the after sale normally supported by the publisher? So it would be interesting to know how you are going to handle it!

    50. Missing avatar

      Cutter on

      Woops, posted before it was done and there's no edit. Anyway, point being as much as I LOVE PST - still my fave CRPG of all time - I will not be backing this because of the aforementioned reasons.