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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series.
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Wasteland 2 first look video goes HD and moves to YouTube!

After about 190,000 views our original video was deleted by Vimeo. After two days of back and forth with them they apologized for the mistake and put it back up, but the link that went out with the last Kickstarter update is still broken. 

We have since posted the video to our YouTube account, and there it shall stay! If you have not already seen it, you can see it here:  Wasteland 2 First Look

We have had a bunch of requests this week for an HD version and we are happy to comply. For the full 1080 HD version use this link: Wasteland 2 First Look HD

 The response to the video has been amazing so far, and we have been busy taking in all the feedback. Our goal with the video was to show some game-play and some of the systems that we have working already. It was in no way meant to be a comprehensive explanation of all the elements of the game, the video would have to be 4 hours long to do all that. But judging by your feedback many of you want to see more and to know more about how things work. 

To that goal, we promise to continue to show our progress in both more videos and more blogs giving details about some of the game systems. Look for our next update with more information about the HUD, the camera system, and the dialog system next week. Thank you all for your continued support and enjoy the video in HD!


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    1. Joel Forth on

      Just wanted to say this is looking really great and I am looking forward to it.

    2. Gaëtan Petit on

      Looks really cool :)
      Keep up the good work :)

    3. Missing avatar

      Christian M. on

      I absolutely love the video. The only thing I loath is the "encounter begins" effect. It completely destroys the immersion for me. I hope to at least have an option to disable it in the final game ;-)

    4. Mickael Godin-D on

      I can't believe it's already been nearly a full year and that we are getting close to release (still 6 months, not that bad!) Anyway, good job guys, exactly the kind of game I've been expecting and, from your previous updates, we can assume there is gonna be substantial content, which I love! (full zombie mode engaged) CONTENT! CONTENT! CONTENT!!!!!!!!

    5. Thiago Morais Siqueira on

      The game is looking amazing! I can hardly wait!

    6. Benjamin Rombeaut on

      P.S: About the aiming system, we could later imagine having some classes with benefits to confuse enemies, disarm them, reduce their movement speed, accuracy... at the expense of damage.
      I'm drooling just picturing a team with a deft and frail sniper dealing heavy damage, a big brute smashing monsters and doors, a charismatic techie skills-monkey, and a weak, sneaky stealth expert able to debuff/wreck enemies !

    7. Benjamin Rombeaut on

      Just in case it wasn't seen in the previous update:
      Encouraging and interesting system. Really working forward to it !
      Though, some complaints/requests:
      - Dialogs would benefit from being a bit more fleshed out, if only to feel like the characters are saying real, short sentences, instead of seeing them shout the appropriate "KEYWORD". A good option would be a simple "What can you tell us about KEYWORD ?"; "KEYWORD ? Tell us more."; or simply a sentence over the keywords list saying "Tell us more about..."; in which case you don't even need to show the spoken keyword in the dialog box at all, only the answers. Indicating the appropriate keyword could be done at the left, in dark colors as to stay inconspicuous and let the writing shine and flow !
      - The interface's design does not feel much post-apo/mechanical; it could help to have it a bit darker, gritty and dirty, with more mechanical detail.
      - We need an aiming system to target bodyparts ! It does not need to be like Fallout where you have 95% chances to hit with reasonable optimization; but it would help to have tactical options in order to disarm creatures, confuse them, make them lose senses... instead of simply aiming and waiting.
      - The perception of enemies seem to be lacking, both in sight and hearing. Improving the thickness of the vision cone and providing enemies with limited perception over some distance (think Commandos 2) would help. Destroying a door should be easier but attract attention from adjacent creatures; while picklocking would require more investment but allow for a stealthier approach.
      I hope you'll understand these concerns and adress them if necessary. Keep the good work ! :)

    8. Missing avatar

      Artificiary on

      Looks amazing! Having some Fallout flashbacks there based on the environment and atmosphere.

      I love the old school interface style but it could definitely do with an overall reduction in screen real estate. That or add the ability to make more aspects of the UI either auto-hide or become transparent.

      Great job so far though, can't wait for more video updates!

    9. Missing avatar

      Faark on

      I'm still not sure about those keyword dialog system. Hope it plays well...

    10. Rhys Corlett on

      The video was great and I really enjoyed it.

      The one bit of feedback I have is that it would be great to add a little bit of context to the dialog system. Adding something in front could help clarify what’s happening like, “Request …”, “Demand … “, “Offer …”, “Suggest …”, “Ask about …”, “Tell about …”, etc.

      While I appreciate you taking feedback to heart, please don’t be discouraged by nay-sayers. Just by reading their feedback it’s obvious that most of them haven’t played a game with a key-word system, and I’m sure that once they have tried it they will see that it’s even more immersive and flexible than what they are used to.

      Other than that, it’s looking like ‘the hottness’ and I can’t wait to see more.

    11. Christopher Le on

      Awesome video. I'm sure I'm not alone in asking if there could be videos produced from the perspective of each discipline?

      I'd really like to see how art/design/engineering/QA all are working on and where the overall project is headed. It wouldn't be one long video but short little ones for each team!

    12. JackDandy on

      Can't wait to see the next update!

    13. Dennis Pousette on

      Since distance and speed seem to be important in combat. And I noticed it was mentioned in the textbox and the bottom right when the battle started. For us who don't use Mph and pound. Would it be possible to change this to meters per second and Kilogram in settings?

      Thx for a great taste at what's in store for us! :)

    14. Guy C on

      Must get hands on!

    15. Missing avatar

      James Siddle on

      Loved the video, can't wait for the game!

    16. Missing avatar

      mykro76 on

      Good move switching to YouTube. The Vimeo experience is horrible/unplayable on mobile devices and they don't support captions.

    17. Missing avatar

      Andreas O. on

      You know, I hate youtube (and really anything that signs in automatically with a google account) with a passion and it pains me that Vimeo would be THAT moronic instead of offering a viable alternative.

    18. Missing avatar

      Michael C on

      Yeah, ditch Vimeo.

      Game looks great so far. As long as the NPCs can stay away from being boring stereotypes, I think I'm going to love it.

    19. Tim Logan on

      Vimeo is known to be rather hostile to video's about games, especially if they become successfull (like 190k views).
      I can't find the blog right now, but one of the games that came on humble bundle and within very short time their vimeo trailer (on a paid account) had a lot of views and was then deleted, it was reinstated, deleted again, reuploaded, and then his account was deleted etc etc etc, and a lot of people commented, nodding in recognition of the treatment vimeo had given him.

      Youtube is far better.

    20. Alexander Lyakhov on

      Fantastic video, great atmosphere, graphic style & sound.

      IMHO occasional swearing is OK, life is harsh and there aren't many etiquette teachers in the wasteland :)

      Only few suggestions: please make NPC sight cone invisible and add NPC hearing.
      Also +1 to crawl/crouch/stand stances idea

    21. Cihan Deniz on

      Since the next update will be about HUD, camera and dialogue systems, I'd like to address something and repeat some others that I have raised in the previous update:
      We need Real-Time with Pause controls when not in combat. In Fallout, for instance, controlling your character in real-time is a simple affair because you are controlling only a single character. Controlling a party is a game changer. The game is real-time outside combat and so, non-combat events also happen in real-time. Eg. patrolling hostiles, sending your Rangers crawling around, coordinating an ambush etc. And it is quite simply difficult to coordinate multiple characters for tactical situations in real-time. It can easily become an interface battle where you try to be as UI-efficient as you can. For that reason, we need to be able to pause the game at will, issue commands and unpause again. When I need to coordinate a crossfire on a hostile party, or send my Rangers in different directions, I shouldn't end in a bad situation just because I wasn't quick enough with the interface to handle all of them. So we need non-combat RTwP controls for that.
      The camera. Camera in 3D "isometric" tactical games can be a burden for a lot of people because controlling the camera most often means wrestling with the camera to get the view you are comfortable with, which changes very often. It's a constant nuisance.
      (1) Give us the option to switch between orthographic and perspective projections. One thing that is inherently advantageous to 2D or orthographic projection in tactical games is equal degree of access to information and ease of assessment through the screen. 3D perspective distorts this ease of use because you view more in the distance and less towards the camera which also creates inconsistent UI interaction. Often times, things can be harder to pick or tell apart in the distance.
      The same happens in this video as well, when other sections of the complex or the trees closer to the camera obstruct line of sight by virtue of being in perspective. If the game were projected orthographically, these would not be issues. All of these are the same reasons why a lot of 2D games have a higher appeal to people. You can assess the whole screen all at once without having to rotate the camera to see everything.
      (2) Let us set the FOV angle for the camera so we can achieve results practically similar to orthographic projection by setting a narrow angle. This would also mean ability to zoom at will.
      (3) Camera seems to pitch up/down automatically with regard to elevation/focus. This is troubling because it likely means our ability to asses the environment will be restricted by this aspect. Make that behaviour an on/off switch.
      (4) Let us lock/unlock the camera to the ranger or rangers so that we can pan the camera ourselves if we so choose.
      (5) I'm not thrilled by the camera close-ups during some of the actions *out of combat*. It seems tactically limiting and I could do without that cinematic feel in my oldschool TB game. Let us turn it on/off.
      (6) One neat way to make camera manipulation less tiresome is by making rotation by steps, eg. in 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 degrees so that the player switches between angles immediately, without having to fine-tune it. So you might just as well give us such an option too. Perhaps, there could be "Step-Rotate Left/Right" keys for this, with an option in the game menus to set the step angle to whatever the player likes.
      (7) Since WL2 will be moddable, give us access also to camera scripts as well so that we can fine tune the camera to our own liking.

    22. Valeriy on

      I'm actually slightly disappointed in game mechanics: in addition to needless battle outcome summary screen it seems that enemies will ways be enemies and NPCs will always remain NPCs (you can not attak frendly NPC and enemy can not disengage from battle and become NPC). There is no hearing, only lines of sight. And you can not attack obstackles (such as doors and walls) with your weapons (rocket launcher, for example). The game engine is actually inferior to that of FFallout 1 and 2. This is a huge step back.

    23. Christer Edvardsson on

      Comments: This is probably intentional but I am a huge fan of Fallout Tactis gameflow. Approaching a situation slow, appreciate it at your own pace, sneak, set up a fire zone, the spring the trap! One thing in the video I did miss was any representation of the crawl-crouch-stand setup. I am happy that you did included the option to see the hexagon layout. I am sure this has been adressed by someone alreday but this is one of the things I would like to comment on.

      Keep it cool.I am very happy to be sponsoring this game!

    24. David Nemeskey on

      Very nice! A few things that looked a bit strange, though:
      1. Why have the after-combat XP chart? It breaks the game-flow, and we are told the XP of the monsters when they die anyway.
      2. The vision cone is all right, but what about hearing? You tear down a door in the agricultural center, and noone seems to notice. Also, when that single supafly was shot down, if there were others nearby, would they have noticed?
      3. The vision cone should be thicker, and also maybe a bit fuzzy at the sides (where, say, the enemy only gets 50% for detection).
      3. Why do we have to loot in a friendly place? Can't we just ask the lady to open the door? Do they later realize, that it was the party who broke the door, and do they react according to that? It would make the game world feel much more alive. NPCs should care about their stuff.

    25. Missing avatar

      Jabberwok on

      Already commented a lot last time, but a couple things to add:
      It's great to see this in HD. Feeling pretty good about the way things look. I think my previous concern about characters standing out from the world was mostly due to the low video quality. Seems fine with a higher definition.

      The enemy vision cones are awfully thin. Might be necessary for gameplay, but it seems unrealistic, unless they are all wearing blinders.

      The summary window that pops up at the end of combat feels unnecessary. Personally, I would rather just have that information displayed in the regular text box.

      I love that you can choose to have the hexes laid over the terrain. That makes me very happy.

      Kathy's cursing didn't grate as much as last time I watched the video, but I think in general, it's best only used when it genuinely seems warranted, or when it fits the character. Once again, this has nothing to do with sensitivity, but excessive cursing in writing often sounds like it was written by a child, or someone who didn't have a better idea how to express a character's emotions. When I first watched this, Kathy sounded more like a drill sergeant than the scared scientist she appears to be to me. I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt this time around and just assume that she's really, really angry. Also, there were a couple instances in the voice acting where cursing sounded painfully out of place, because it was delivered almost completely dead pan, and it made me realize that I was listening to someone reading a script.

      But yeah, that's a small gripe, and this is pretty exciting. Would love to learn more about how dialogue and character interaction works, and see whatever else you can cram into a video.

    26. Michael Mifsud on

      I am very happy to be a patron for this game and happy with the progress. I mean this in the best way possible - it looks like a combination of what I wanted from Fallout 3 and what I got in Planescape. Excellent.

    27. Daniel Mackey on

      Man the game is looking awesome! I like the atmosphere the look and feel Wooop!!!

    28. just jase yeah on

      One of the best thing about kickstart is not to have to compromise because some christian nutters or nanny group exerts pressure.

      Most people, in times of great stress, swear like sailors. Who gives a shit? Get over it. I agree a low and quiet tone can indeed be pretty menacing but i doubt that translates well for this kinda of isometric game.

    29. Missing avatar

      Patrick LoPresti on

      Looks great, but a bit too much profanity, IMO. A little bit is fine, here and there. But taken to excess, it comes across like a high school kid trying to sound cool, swearing just to prove he can.

      A good voice actor can express fear or anger without profanity. The most terrifying people I know do not even have to raise their voices.

    30. Martin Kramer on

      Fuck Vimeo. They're just to hip to care. Their loss. Now, onwards to a good dialogue system :)

    31. Missing avatar

      Daniel McGuffin on

      VERY interested in hearing about the dialogue system next week. The current system (really more of a monologue) didn't appeal to me at all: I like the keywords, and I like the "type in your own keywords" system, but I'd like to see my characters actively participate in the conversation, even if it's just the "party leader", although I'd love to see pre-made characters chip in as well.

    32. twincast ~ Mangy WoOS-DOoD Mage

      re Vimeo: Actively crippling one's own market share is a sure-fire way to self-destruction. *shrug* Not like I care.

    33. Missing avatar

      Makali on

      The first look video is awesome. I'd love to see more of everything, skills, character creation, encounters, etc.

      BTW, I love the way dialogue is set up. I always prefer in depth text driven dialogue compared to voice acting. Less voice acting means more room for content!

    34. Not One Of Us on

      So far, looking like the game I wanted. Keep it up.

    35. Ryan "Keokuk" Smith on

      Hi, I'm very glad that I helped get this off the ground. Kudos for you guys for sticking with it and plugging away at getting this made pre-production and onwards. Obviously the work is its own reward but seriously hope you know how much I'm looking forward to this gem.

    36. Darklord on

      Wow just watched the video, in HD and it looked AWESOME!!! Can't wait to play it. :-D

    37. Daniello on

      Wish I had pledged more to this awesome game.

    38. Missing avatar

      Nziv on

      Thanks for the update.
      Greate video, can't wait to get my hands on the game.

    39. Sylvio S Maia Conde on

      "we are no longer going to allow game walk-throughs, game strategy videos, depictions of player vs player battles, raids, fraps, or any other video gaming videos that simply depict individuals playing a video game."

      "with the intent of inspiring creativity and providing a place to share video with friends and family. The Vimeo staff does not feel that videos which are direct captures of video game play truly constitute "creative expression" "

      Wow... Just wow.

    40. Missing avatar

      Sam Mell on

      Awww man, you can't leave us hanging like that! Seriously though, this looks fantastic so far for less than a year's worth of work, I for one am quite impressed. Cannot wait to see Wasteland 2 released!

    41. Koshinator on

      Vimeo has always been a shitty service....

    42. Jae Park on

      This looks unbelievably awesome and I'm really glad to have helped fund this adventure :)!

    43. fredgiblet on

      I finally have internet again so I got to watch it, pretty cool, definitely looking forward to it.

      Something I'd like to see is surprise rounds. I'm a sneaky kind of guy in games like this and it's a little frustrating when you take a shot from a hidden location and everyone immediately turns and engages you. I'd like to see a round or two of confusion and dis-orientation before the reaction comes.

    44. Madopal on

      Way to go, guys. This looks fabulous so far. I wish I had had more time to participate in the community stuff, but I've been following as best I can. I am definitely looking forward to playing!

    45. Adam Sherman on

      Great...Now I have to watch the video again, and be sad I'm not playing...again. :D

    46. Gamemaniac3434 on

      First off it looks great, and reminds me of fallout, which I just started playing and love so cool. The only irritation I foresee is that the swearing from that scientist is a little irritating. I have no issue with swearing, but try to avoid killzone 2s mistake of swearing=maturity. Other than that, cool beans guys, keep on goin with the good work!!!

    47. Daniel Sobral on

      To be very honest, aside from lack of a soundtrack, if you delivered that as a game to me I'd be well enough satisfied. :-) Then again, I assume most of the time is actually spent producing all the storyline, quests, side quests, items, descriptions, dialogs and similar stuff.

    48. David Godin on

      Very pleased with the progress of the game. I don't have any specific feedback, save to say that I would be keen to see some non-combat gameplay as part of your next video. Not really sure about the dialogue system with only key words on the player's part, but it's also very early yet, so I'll withhold forming an opinion. Keep up the great work; very proud to have backed this.

    49. Jeffrey Steuben on

      I watched the video a second time as soon as I finished it the first time. Yay more video updates! Soooo stoked.

    50. Craig on

      0.0 I cannot wait for this to come out! This is just fantastic!