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Wasteland 2's video poster

Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series. Read more

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This project was successfully funded on April 17, 2012.

Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series.

Without Further Ado...

We are very proud to provide the first gameplay video of Wasteland 2, which will allow our backers to see how far we've come and how everything is coming together. The usual way of doing things in this industry would see us create a demo specifically for displaying to the press or at game shows, but we're very glad to have been allowed the freedom to create a demo video from an actually playable area, which ensures there's no wasted code. This is a straight video capture of Development Director Chris Keenan playing the game. The only element that is not running in code is the sound effects, as it was faster to do in post, but as you will hear, there is nothing being done audio wise that isn't easily replicated in engine. In fact, we plan to have many more sound effects in the final game than what is heard here.

Wasteland 2 - Early Gameplay Footage

This represents not just the strong synergy of the inXile team but the effects of your continued input via the forums. The game has continued to improve thanks to this communication, and Wasteland 2 will be better for it. The benefits have ranged from changes to the combat mechanics to finalizing the name of our attribute system.

It also represents the success of working with Unity and the asset creation experiment we did to increase the variety and density of the world look. We were pleasantly surprised at the talent that submitted art content, and we look forward to continuing to work with them.

I’d also like to thank the military personnel who joined our Yammer group to help us develop the slang and communicate more real world experiences for us to draw on. We love to learn little things like how much they hate it when movies say “Over and out!”… There is no “out” after “over” dammit!

This first level you will see is one of the first areas you will encounter in the game. The agricultural center was also a part of Wasteland 1. It was an area that Chris Avellone had some affinity for and he did the design for the level. Also thanks goes out to Nathan Long, who provided this area’s clever writing. We had a chance to show Chris the level last week, and when we commented that it was coming together he said “not coming together … it has COME together.”

Our objective was to show off some of the HUD and how both the combat and skill systems work. There are many elements not represented here but to name a few:

  • Minimal particle effects
  • Minimal sound
  • Mini-map not working
  • Inventory, logbook and other character screens not shown
  • Not all skills (in and out of combat) being represented
  • No world map movement
  • It needs more messaging in the UI
  • And not a comprehensive list of all the combat variables

Sorry if we're over communicating, but it's just a reminder: we're just past the halfway mark, so don't expect to see everything that you can expect from the final game just quite yet.

You will get to listen to the latest track from Mark Morgan (at the bottom of this update) that sets the haunting and often desolate tone of the Wasteland. And you will hear our first pass at the radio broadcasting which plays a vital role in communication, reactivity and mood setting. There will be a host of cults who are broadcasting their propaganda while other calls will be the locals who seek the help of our rangers. We have many interesting ideas on how to use the radio in novel ways.

Our vision for this game remains intact and you will see a number of examples that illustrate this. The customization can be seen in the examples of bringing in your own portraits and by the ability to set the user interface in a style that works for you.  

 You wanted a party and turn based RPG with tactical combat, and we are delivering that. The demo helps to show off action points, use of cover, enemy view cones, distance/height/enemy size/enemy speed affecting the chance to hit, ammo configurations, attributes changing the characters strengths and role, simultaneous party firing and more. And we are not done adding elements to make sure you are fully engaged in an interesting combat system. There is still plenty of time for you to comment on the combat system and to help us hone it in. Our goal is to build a very deep combat system, with the potential to dive in and fine-tune your damage-output and tactics, while not absolutely requiring that level of micro-management from all players.

If you played Wasteland 1, you will enjoy the many callbacks to the original, but at the same time there is no need of that knowledge. While certainly not a comedy you will get a healthy dose of the humor that gave Wasteland its charm.

Once again we thank you all for backing our vision…

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    1. Creator Svetlin Balcanski on February 9, 2013

      I have not enough words to say how amazing Wasteland 2 looks after watching the video, just a stupid happy smile on my face!

    2. Creator John Romero on February 9, 2013

      The demo looks incredible. I can't wait to play this game. Excellent, excellent work.

    3. Creator Eugenio Realini on February 9, 2013

      The atmosphere is already very good, the music is amazing. I like the possibility to use different abilities to solve the same problem (and the option to bash doors)! Maybe perception cones are a bit narrow.
      Good work, I'm a happy backer :)

    4. Creator Dustin Martin on February 9, 2013

      Outstanding work. Loving the blend of old and new.

    5. Creator Paul on February 9, 2013


    6. Creator Sam Wise on February 9, 2013

      I was cautiously optimistic about this before, but now I'm just plain excited! This pushes all the right RPG buttons for me, I had a big smile on my face the whole way through the gameplay video and I can hardly wait to dive right in when it's finished.

    7. Creator Yousaf Khan on February 9, 2013

      Keywords?? Pleas NO!!! Gives me BAD flashbacks of word hunting in the old sierra games. Except for that it looks very good!

    8. Creator Louis on February 9, 2013

      Thank you for the update. Loved it! Some of my cohorts made comments that I agree with, the most prominent one being having keybindings for actions. I'd like to avoid the mouse as much as possible.

      The one thing that stood out for me as far as improvements go are the radio transmissions. The voice acting there is good but not great, and the problem with that is that it takes me out of the story. I'm no longer listening to someone in the Wasteland world but someone speaking in a mike in a studio. I realize the voice acting thing is a contentious issue among the backers but I think if it is going to be done at all, then it must be excellent. (And I understand it is a "first pass" so hopefully better voice acting is in the pipeline.)

      @Paul Gaffney: I'm curious to know what you see should be done differently to be more faithful to the first Wasteland.

    9. Creator Josh Ankney on February 9, 2013

      Looks and sounds great guys! Keep up the good work.

    10. Creator Scott Shepard on February 9, 2013

      While the dark is deliciously eerie, I hope to encounter some light moments in the game that make life seem worth living. If it's all gloom, then maybe it woud be best to "wipe the slate clean". Can I have an amen, brothers and sisters?

    11. Creator Liahim on February 9, 2013

      Fantastic! Looks amazing. Oh, hard to wait anymore... :)

    12. Creator Moris Notari on February 9, 2013


    13. Creator THU31 on February 9, 2013

      This is awesome. I was worried about one thing - the UI. But seeing this I am relieved. Scalability and customization - kudos to you.

      But about the dialog system. Why the keywords? It feels weird. A text-based dialog system should feature complete sentences from all charachters. Waiting to hear more about that.

    14. Creator Eye-Level Entertainment on February 9, 2013

      Thank you for taking the time to make such a detailed gameplay video! It looks like you guys are doing a great job walking the thin line between honoring the original game and acknowledging all of the changes in the gaming industry over the last couple decades. This is going to be a fun ride.

    15. Creator Diego on February 9, 2013

      Looking good already. Man, I love kickstarter, turn based games are back in full throttle. I backed this, The Banner Saga and Shadowrun, and all of them already look awesome. And it was cheap too :)

    16. Creator Mico Selva on February 9, 2013

      This looks great! Can't wait to play it. Keep up the good work.:)

    17. Creator Sonvar on February 9, 2013

      Very impressive wish it could've ended with the combat with the mechanical monster regardless if he was successful or not. I will agree with a prior poster that friendly fire shouldn't in place except for explosives and fumbles (critical misses).

    18. Creator Björn Fallqvist on February 9, 2013

      Not too fond of the dialogue with "keywords", I really don't like that kind of dialogue system. Other than that, looks good!

    19. Creator Voidy on February 9, 2013

      There is a weird dialogue clip in Russian right after Messiahs' broadcast. It goes like this:

      – I've been working for two weeks and I make $150.. $150 a day.
      – Oh well, great!

      Interesting, to say the least. What are the Russians doing in the post-nuclear post-US wasteland? Could this be an exchange between members of the intriguingly misspelled Red Skorpion militia? Or is it some pre-recorded transmission from the distant past?

    20. Creator WeirdRussian on February 9, 2013

      Excellent job, the game looks like a lot of fun already! :) Thanks for this update.

    21. Creator Celeir on February 9, 2013

      Very nice, I really love it!

      I'm wondering could I make my HUD a little bit less bulky somehow? I speak about bottom part of HUD: yes, this is authentic but uses a lot of screen space in exchange for not so many information (nevertheless this info is useful so it should be on screen).

    22. Creator gandalf.nho on February 9, 2013

      Looking amazing

    23. Creator Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven on February 9, 2013

      Loving what I see so far. As of late I've been going back more and more to turn-based games, so to see your system in full effect is great.

    24. Creator Boox on February 9, 2013

      Looking great so far! I agree with Dominus that the UI looks flat and I don't really like the different fonts you are using but I guess everything is still WIP and is bound to change. The fact that you can move the different UI components around and change their size(?) is great. Also, the AP indicators look very cool! Overall, I really like the atmosphere and the use of the radio. Not to mention the music! I was surprised to really like the 3D style that allows camera rotation. I might even prefer it to a static, isometric view :O Good job everyone at inXile!

    25. Creator BlackDove on February 9, 2013

      This is way better than I thought it would be.

      Rock on.

    26. Creator TanC on February 9, 2013

      To all the naysayers: Ha!

      Amazing progress, if the level of detail is maintained throughout the game, I can't wait to have it in my possession!

    27. Creator Jake D Sanabria on February 9, 2013

      Absolutely fantastic! Love the atmosphere and the time spent on descriptive text as well as the conversation easter eggs. This is going to be an amazing game

    28. Creator Mord77 on February 9, 2013

      Thanks guys... I'm just sitting here with a hangover en you kindly decided to BLOW MY MIND!!!
      Wow. Thanks alot for that...really...

      Absolutely awesome job so far.

    29. Creator moozaad on February 9, 2013

      I'm sorry, did you just say meow?

    30. Creator Jerry Marsh on February 9, 2013

      Edit: that should read " slicerdicer" at the bottom------- I hate spell correct!!!! Always inserting the wrong word.

    31. Creator Daniel - Obsidian Order on February 9, 2013

      I am soooooo excited... This looks absolutly amazing!!! this game's a dream come true... We are entering a golden age for RPGs. :)

    32. Creator warci on February 9, 2013

      SUPERB work!!!!! Better than i dared hope, love the feeling of actual contextual depth and the fact that you guys managed to combine it with pretty visuals and user friendly controls. Cudos! Very glad i backed this.

    33. Creator sam_banshee on February 9, 2013

      That is impressive stuff!
      One question - would all or at least most actions binded to keyboard? I.e. select whole team, etc.? In the video most of the actions are clicked with mouse and that sometimes is very annoying.
      Again - amazing work!

    34. Creator Jerry Marsh on February 9, 2013

      Look in' GREAT!!! Gonna be drooling for months now. It's going to be a looooooooong wait to get to play. I already know that I'm going to play the original just before the game is ready to come out to refresh myself with all the critters and npc's.
      Loved the slicer dicker at the end. Keep up the good work. I'm definitely happy that I funded this.

    35. Creator Emmanuel Tabarly on February 9, 2013

      Awesome work, and I love the different factions, sent chills down my spine.

    36. Creator Dominus on February 9, 2013

      Love the update, but I have a small critique about the UI (I work in the gaming industry doing this sort of graphics)

      - in UI in the game looks a bit too flat, I mean I would prefer something closer to Fallout's UI, where it was really an interface tot the game, right now in W2 looks a bit fake, too 2D, give it some more depth. Like in the Dialog Window, the keyword buttons are just floating there and when are pushed are just getting bigger artificially, I would prefer those to have some clickable sound and animation.
      - I think the text in the Text Window is also a bit too big, a smaller or configurable font size would be nice
      - The Action Bar maybe it could be done a little more compact and more realistic .

      Also, please make the GFX that selects the elements that you interact with less obvious, more subtle - I'm refering at the white circle under the rangers, the glow on the enemies/objects when selected etc.

    37. Creator Kevin Lisek on February 9, 2013

      Keep the friendly fire option in, please. Not only is it realistic, but it creates more interesting combat scenarios. Even competent shooters have to pass up shots that risk hitting friendlies, who may be moving around (bobbing and weaving, advancing to cover) that isn't explicitly covered by the animation.

    38. Creator Tomasz on February 9, 2013

      Wow! That was great to watch! It is even better than I imagined.

      There are only 2 thing I can criticize:
      - When camera moves up there is too much fog. I get why is that, but this could be changed.
      - UI is little to big. I do not like when so much space is wasted. Maybe icon with skill could me attached to window with gun(on the left). As gun image is not so great looking as it was in Fallout 1 and 2 - maybe it could be smaller?

      Big thanks for your work! I am proud to be backer of this game!

    39. Creator Brett Harrington on February 9, 2013

      Wow, this is really coming together. Very impressive!

    40. Creator mangrove on February 9, 2013

      Stoked for this! It is coming together wonderfully.

    41. Creator Kevin Lisek on February 9, 2013

      BUCKETS, my friend. It looks amazing. I absolutely love the dialogue window for combat giving descriptions, I hope it's quite varied. You guys are way on the right track!

    42. Creator Pysiu on February 9, 2013


      I wouldn`t change a thing- i rarely say this about games! :D

    43. Creator Lewis on February 9, 2013

      Friggin' great.

    44. Creator Jerry Dugger on February 9, 2013

      I think I just came a little

    45. Creator Felix on February 9, 2013

      Awesome! I really hope I can get one of those cyborg folk as a Ranger!

    46. Creator David Jørgensen on February 9, 2013

      Excellent.. Love it so far.. \o/

    47. Creator Mark O'Toole on February 9, 2013

      Absolutely phenomenal.

      One minor, minor point right at the end: I wouldn't go with a robot 'roar'. The 'roar on entry' is so overused and boring with monsters/baddies now, and I think the robot crashing down and the whirring of its gears is effective enough. I'd consider it with all monsters actually. The only things that would give you a warning roar/noise would be mammals and birds. Everything else would surely just attack you or ready its defences as soon as possible.

      Del Toro was talking about it a lot concerning the Kaiju in his new movie Pacific Rim.

    48. Creator Paul Gaffney on February 9, 2013

      I'm still sad to see that this is the direction you're taking the game, because it wasn't what I thought I was getting. While by no means do I begrudge you my donation - I knew what I was getting into - I nevertheless was looking for Wasteland 2, not Wasteland Fallout edition.

    49. Creator Wojciech on February 9, 2013

      I would say "Shut up and take my money", but you already did. Fan-tas-tic.