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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series.
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

Less than 40 hours left...

We have less than 40 hours before our Kickstarter campaign ends, and what an incredible last month it has been. I am very anxious to start diverting all of my energies to production of the game itself. I am constantly asked about other projects I might consider, but for now it is Wasteland, Wasteland, Wasteland.

I hope you all had a chance to get a glimpse of the latest concept art from Andrée Wallin. Anyone who played the first Wasteland remembers the first time they ran into the Scorpitron, and this seemed the perfect enemy to prep up for the sequel. Scorpitron 2.0 is much more lethal than its predecessor.

Also we have spent some time thinking about and asking fans what we could put into the $30 tier to make it more interesting and to not disrupt what has already been offered. I think we have come up with an interesting list that may persuade a few people to upgrade. Based on your top requests and a forum poll we now offer the following as part of the $30 tier:

  • An extra digital download of the game in any format. Many people wanted to be able to get a Mac AND a PC version, or PC and Linux, or even an extra PC version for a friend. Now you can. 
  • Access to a collection of exclusive Ranger portraits that will double the pool of character portraits you have to choose from at the start of the game when you are rolling up your Rangers. This unique image collection will not only give you more Ranger portraits, but more Ranger icons used to display your party location on the world map.
  • Access to a four-episode Video Development Blog that will show you an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the design and development of Wasteland 2. Sit in on designer meetings and art-review meetings to see the process behind how the game is made. See interviews with Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, Mike Stackpole, Alan Pavlish, and the rest of the development team as they explain to you what they are doing and why they are doing it.
  • A novella by Chris Avellone based on the universe of Wasteland.

Of course, all backers who are in at higher levels will also get all of these added items too.

Also we will have a live streaming party on Monday night (16th) from 10pm-12am EDT to celebrate the green light of production on the game. Our Kickstarter does not close until 5am the next morning, but we wanted to get some of our friends and family together to celebrate this little bit of history and share it with you. On attendance will be Nolan Bushnell the founder of Atari, Chris Avellone and a few other surprise guests. We will be answering questions received through live chat on the TwitchTV stream as well as from Facebook fans. I will tweet the URL Monday afternoon as well as post it here on Kickstarter.

Thanks again for all the support and faith....

Brian Fargo




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    1. Missing avatar

      Hatswa on April 16, 2012

      You do realize you are calling bull for not being able to play one version of a game on three different OS's that have different architectures?

      That is basically the same as complaining about an Xbox game not working with your ps3, they obviously would not work.

    2. QQchan on April 16, 2012

      Getting versions for every system is as much a given as getting a copy for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360 from in one purchase, as in it shouldn't be.

    3. Bryy Miller on April 16, 2012


      Wait, wait, wait. Hold up. You're saying that its bullshit because you can't have a copy that is compatible with ALL THREE operating systems?

      Do you know how computers work?

      You're seriously crying wolf because you can't have your Dream Feature? And that's what it is: a dream.

    4. Brian Holme on April 16, 2012

      so are you going to add the extra digital copy to the $55 tier then it seams only fair

    5. Patryk Nejmanowski on April 16, 2012

      So everyone over 30$ will get two copies now? Great.

    6. Missing avatar

      Alexko on April 16, 2012

      You devious bastards. It worked, though, I went for the $30 option even though I originally intended to go for the $15 one.

      Best of luck for the development.

    7. Louis Bonaviso on April 16, 2012

      I like the new Tier. I upgraded to 30. :D

    8. AlexVSharp on April 16, 2012

      I'm going to have to agree with Nils. Even the hard-copy only requires a set of cross-platform installers to be included for all versions to be accessible from one disk. With a digital version it's even easier...
      I do hope you reconsider about this, because this way it looks like a cheap marketing trick. :^/

    9. Missing avatar

      creepyfinger on April 16, 2012

      Brian, I only think it's fair that for 50$ you not only deliver my reward, but in addition:
      - clean my dishes and do my laundry for a month (some of it's dry-clean only - you've been warned)
      - drive me around town whenever I need a lift (you pay gas, obviously)
      - stop taking extended bathroom breaks when you think we're not looking (we are, and this is OUR money)
      - erect a shrine in my likeness in your kitchen (example of daily offerings: Lucky Charms, first-borns, etc.)
      I really think you should take the above under careful consideration. After all, I'm kind of a big thing, and my 50$ ain't no chump change.

      (Obviously kidding - love the project so far and just want to extend my sincerest thanks to you and the team for basically rekindling my faith in an industry I grew up on! Looking forward to the developer diaries)

    10. Missing avatar

      Nils on April 16, 2012

      What? Windows OR Linux OR Mac? That's ridiculous. Normally you get all Versions of a game if it's cross-plattform.

    11. Missing avatar

      Stas on April 16, 2012

      could not resist, upped to 30 :) if there ever was a bargain - this is it))

    12. Will Oprisko on April 16, 2012

      @Kevin Richter
      It was confirmed on the forums that these novellas will be digital. However, if they were printed I would definitely up my pledge to $100.

    13. Kevin Richter on April 16, 2012

      Are the novellas all digital or will they be in hard copy too? I know at the $55 level they are digital, but was curious what format they come in at the $75 tier?

    14. Will Oprisko on April 16, 2012

      @Rich Wiatrowski
      The large box copy is the primary reason my pledge is still at $50. Honestly, I would think about going up to $100 but I am not interested in the Wasteland miniature, Wasteland 2 faction badge, or having my name in the credits. I am very interested in the novellas, hence my question to the developers.

      @Floyd Ryan
      I'm trying, but I need more information first. ;-)

    15. Rich Wiatrowski @weaponlordzero on April 16, 2012

      Well, at $50 you get the collectors box. :)

    16. Nameless Knightshark on April 16, 2012

      @Will Just do the right thing.

    17. Nathan Sanchez on April 16, 2012

      Bumped up to 30 for the extra copy.

    18. Will Oprisko on April 16, 2012

      OK, I am tempted to downgrade my pledge from $50 to $30. Be honest, will these novellas by Mike Stackpole be available to everyone after the game has been released, and will they cost anything? Increasing my pledge to $75 or decreasing my pledge to $30 depends on your answer.

    19. Raberg on April 16, 2012

      I just doubled my pledge because i really want to support you guys. Thanks Brian!

    20. Mark Foo on April 16, 2012

      Yup, bumped up my pledge. Well played, fellows.

    21. Missing avatar

      Aramis Sanchez (deleted) on April 16, 2012

      @Joel Connelly
      The novella is an extra one by Chris so it is a total of 3 novellas. $55 gets all 3 plus beta access over $30. I think the beta access and books make it worth it considering the usual cost of ebooks plus the chance to be a part of the beta process.

    22. Lukas Krincvaj on April 16, 2012

      OK, you made me upgrade to 30 USD pledge.

    23. Stormdancer on April 16, 2012

      Very happy to see the ability to have both a windows & linux install, I'll definitely be doing that.

      It would be nice if the save-files were compatible... and I could put them in Dropbox... so I could play on either machine, on either boot configuration. Something to keep in mind, please please pretty please?

    24. Joel Connelly on April 16, 2012

      This makes the $55 pledge less desirable as you are only getting Early Beta Access and and 1 extra novella now when compared to the $30 pledge. Unless there are 3 or more novellas and the $55 backers will be getting Novellas 1, 2 and 3 otherwise it's not worth getting the $55 one (which I was going to upgrade to) and just to get the $30 one...

    25. Missing avatar

      Matan Peled on April 16, 2012

      @Trevor Gowe: Strongly disagree. Check out this list:…

      You see the Steamplay icon? That means you buy the game once, and play it on whatever (Well, Windows & Mac, 'cause that's what Steam runs on). It's 2012 man! Seriously, we're in the future! This sort of thing is standard, and "1 copy = 1 OS" is a nonsensical historical dictate that should remain in the past where it belongs.

      This sort of funky logic is why you need to buy a new BluRay copy of a movie even if you already own it on DVD. I'm not rescinding my pledge, but it's still stupid.

    26. clumsyandshy on April 16, 2012

      Congratulations guys, I'm so glad that so many people made this project possible! I now wish you the best of luck in the development process. Looking forward to all things Wasteland 2 in the future :)

    27. Missing avatar

      noose on April 16, 2012

      I do hope we'll get a great game, and I wouldn't have pledged if I didn't believe in the team, but whether or not we actually do really does remain to be seen. Regardless, I value integrity very highly, and this decision to be greedy has, to me, a high cost of integrity. Too damn high. And that's in addition to the decreased value of utility.

      This is the same kind of crap that the record and movie industries tried, and still tries to pull with DRM and the lobbying for draconian laws to keep their customers from copying their music and movies from shiny plastic discs to ipods and media center PCs, so they'd have to buy it all again. And we all know how popular that's made them. Let's not go that route. Please?

    28. Missing avatar

      Michael Daubenspeck on April 16, 2012

      @ Stephen Problem with the original wasteland is that it is not InXile's intelectually property. They had to secure rights to produce the sequel, else they would have had to do something different. The same reason they did Fallout 1, they had to make something new but dealing with the same theme.

    29. Edward Smola on April 16, 2012

      If you will be using steam aren't you going to enable steamplay so that the game will work of both platforms (Mac and Windows). I know replay games didn't know that was an option till I pointed it out to them.

    30. John funk on April 16, 2012

      I think Stephen Staver has a pretty cool idea, lets not forget about the old as we bring in the new, I say this as I hate using dosbox to play Wasteland.

    31. Stephen Staver on April 16, 2012

      Perhaps you could add a tier that includes the original Wasteland, updated for modern computers?

    32. Antonidas|Archmage of the Obsidian Order on April 16, 2012

      WTB Scorpitron 2.0 to dissuade door sellers and/or preachers. :D

    33. Missing avatar

      Trevor Gowe on April 16, 2012


      He's a DRM fanatic... no use trying to convince him of anything.

    34. easy82 on April 16, 2012

      I feel a bit strange about finding out I could have downloaded the game only to one OS for my original $15 pledge.

      I guess my problem is not unique: what if my laptop with Linux on is not powerful enough to play the game? I thought in this case I could just download it to my desktop which has Windows on, and play the game there. But one of the main reasons that I've backed this game was the Linux support!

      I mean, there are no minimal requirements for the game to consider now, as there is no decision about the technology being used for the game yet (2D or 3D, and which engine?). So I've increased my pledge maily for this reason... but I admit, the extras come handy, too.

    35. Tom Minton on April 16, 2012

      You're getting a GREAT game for $15. The rest is extra goodness.
      Go try to buy a game for a greater value...

    36. Missing avatar

      darius4242 on April 16, 2012

      The big issue here isn't what rewards you get at whatever tier. This is a beginning. I don't know if you realize this but we're all part of a radical change in the gaming industry. We, the fans, get the game we want directly from the makers of magic. No clueless suits in between. So just pledge as much as you can and you feel comfortable with and see yourself as a winner. The rewards in each tier are great but they shouldn't take focus away from the real issue, the game-changing revolution we have started. A paradigm shift if you will.

    37. TommyGun on April 16, 2012

      I think supporters that get a copy of the game should be able to download either PC, Mac or Linux as they want. If you play on two different platforms this should always be considered as 1 copy, not 2 or 3.
      Just like Valve's games on Steam, if you bought the game you can play it on either PC/Mac without any limitation. Please take this request into account!

    38. Missing avatar

      noose on April 16, 2012

      Woah, I am not pleased with the news that we do not all get the rfeedom to choose what OS to play on at any time. I really thought that was a given, as the distribution itself hardly costs you a dime. And as a user of all three OS's, this severely affects the value I'm getting.

      I also think the value of the $30 tier is more than enough without the extra download, and would have upped my pledge in a heartbeat if not for this semi-extortionist attitude we're now seeing. The video dev blog alone would have done it for me. Please reconsider.

    39. Missing avatar

      darkmage0707077 on April 16, 2012

      I like the sound of the new rewards! Hopefully, it will attract more people to upgrade to $30 at the home stretch.

      As for cross platform support: I don't mind if it's not "all-in-one", as that takes up space in the box/disc/download, so having it be just one or two platforms per person sounds like a good deal to me. Seriously, who here is going to have a good reason to ever install their game on Windows, Macintosh AND Linux? Maybe one or two in a million? Having it for 2 would be more then enough for most people who use one of the three, or some combination of 2 (usually "Windows for gaming and something else for real work").

      On that same token, I'll be interested to hear details on the logistics of gathering info from backers and sending out all the different combinations of os-specific discs in each box.

    40. Panagiotis Papadopoulos on April 16, 2012

      Well since you can gift the extra copy to a friend i don't see an issue here

    41. Tiago on April 16, 2012

      Sounds nice and all, but I just want the game really.

    42. Josh on April 16, 2012

      @porcupine Exactly

    43. Porcupine on April 16, 2012

      Look, I'm not complaining myself but those who do, do have a very good point. A) The game gets made for every platform at this point no matter what and B) nobody can play on two different platforms at the same time and they have already paid for the right to play the game; therefore by allowing them to play on whatever OS they wish neither does inXile lose any money, nor do players gain something they are not entitled to already. So yes, I expected cross-platform to mean all platforms too; but I can live with one.

      And anybody who thinks people are going to start buying multiple copies just to play on multiple OSes if they can only pick one should please lay off of whatever he's smoking - it's just as much delusional as stating that every unlicensed copy of software/media is a lost sale.

    44. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on April 16, 2012

      @Benjamin Green , I can't really remember if this was discussed later before over the rest of the games ,like DFA ect ,but my first impression is that the same goes there as well .

    45. Missing avatar

      Alex on April 16, 2012

      The additions are honest, you got my 30$:)

    46. Missing avatar

      Yargo on April 16, 2012

      A novella by Chris Avellone based on the universe of Wasteland.

      What is that?

    47. Daniel Alexander Porter on April 16, 2012

      These additions are great, thanks Brian! I can't wait for this game. And I will definitely be tuning into your little soiree tonight...

    48. Benjamin Green on April 16, 2012

      As someone who regularly moves between different OS's, I'm thoroughly displeased at this revelation. Why have you forsaken me? Your the first developer I've tried to support who has restricted their cross-platform release in such a manner and it's hardly endearing.

    49. Ilias ThE RetrospecT on April 16, 2012

      Yes , please lets keep the tones in a low profile .After all were civilized human beings and can communicate : )