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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series.
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

FAQ's added for each reward tier

As we try to continue to offer awesome rewards, it becomes more confusing.  For that reason, we’ve added a FAQ for each reward tier to allow you to see exactly what you will receive in that reward.  If you have any questions on it, scroll down to the bottom of our Kickstarter page and check out all the great stuff that you’ll get.  Thanks!


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    1. Missing avatar

      Lotarev Evgeniy Aleksandrovich on

      Kirill, I think we already hit the 3 million $, because there ware payments through PayPal.

    2. Missing avatar

      Kirill on

      Всё к тому и идёт!

    3. Missing avatar

      Yakov Somov on

      Давайте добъём до трёх лямов!

    4. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Looking for Fan feedback about possible changes to the $30 Tier today:

    5. Joseph Goethals

      Of course, with 41 hours to go, it might be tough to figure out the appropriate costs to each additional to be fair. I would certainly be keen on the coin option, but I'll make due with my $100 reward.

    6. Joseph Goethals

      I backed the Erfworld comic project and they took the approach where you could add an item to your pledge by just upping the pledge and it would get sorted out in the backer survey. For example, I ordered a limited stuffed animal. And then added 25 to my pledge for a different toy. Then added 10 dollars for something else, and 10 for shipping. Then in the pledge I answered yes for each extra item I ordered.

      Of course, then inXile needs to make sure they can produce all the coins or tshirts people order. Plus they need to trust that their backers can do math. So a little more management but would allow a lot more options for backers.

    7. Missing avatar

      Kevin Ball on

      @SigSauer I believe they have a paypal donate button on their website with the same donation perks!

    8. Joel Segerbäck on

      @SigSauer My guess would be that the best way is that you set up separate kickstarter accounts for each of your friends who want to pledge, I don't think there should be any issue with the payment then going through your amazon account. Well, unless Amazon or Kickstarter has some kind of block against having multiple kickstarter accounts linked to the same Amazon account.

    9. Missing avatar

      SigSauer on

      Yeah a minor problem: I have talked with friends who are interested in pledging but dont have any credit cards. They do know about PayPal but are more interested, if they could send their cash to me and I will in turn increase my pledge. Now is it possible to take multiple tier rewards or am I restricted to one?

    10. Ant on

      @Stephen Peart a collector eh? Well, we all do our little things: some people like goodies, some of them play games, the others like developing. With a promised mod-kit I guess Fargo has it all for everyone.

    11. Leonardo Garcia on

      how i can select coin, betwen this items (coin/poster/boxed copy) and is not posible get a poster to :P?

    12. Aletheides on

      if some of the 15$ pledgers rise a notch we will be there easily.

    13. Shawn Taylor on

      Hey there still 2 and a half days the geeks and the stranglers will be along shortly. If not 3 that we will get it damn close.

    14. Matus Ladika on

      I hope there will be some pre-orders as well so maybe some money will be added even after Kickstarter is over. But is shame not all 3 millions are raised. Brian deserves at last 50 millions for every game.

    15. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    16. Lee Sweeney on

      Arrg still 500k short............

    17. Ant on

      @Stephen Peart you can't be really into having a latex badge rather than a few additional dramatic quests and plot twists from your favorite developer

    18. Joe Titos on

      Cannot wait for this! I am a backer. :)

    19. Daniel Griffin on

      I love the fact that the game I have waited years for will be funded on my birthday, this is as great a gift as Game of Thrones debuting on my birthday last year! ;-)

    20. Missing avatar

      Joseph Robinson on

      I'd just like to say that URABUTLN, but if I don't get to import my characters from wasteland, at the very least you need to include the proton ax and manglers.

    21. Missing avatar

      Rodey on

      I am glad I backed this project. For years after its release, I would dig out the old C64 and play through the game with my saved characters...all with proton axes and chainsaws.

    22. David on

      We OOTsers prefer 'ambitious' :P

      Any chance of live-streaming the final day?

    23. Missing avatar

      TOG|JJ on

      you want to see confusing rewards, you should have seen Rich Burlew's Order of the Stick rewards... they went pretty crazy ;)

    24. Kramer Davis on

      How did I just barely hear of this in time?! Yea, box set AND digital copy!!

    25. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      The author of this comment has been deleted.

    26. robert guess on

      digital rewards for the win!!!1!

    27. Andrew Hows on

      Digital rewards are cool - they scale up for free.

    28. Ant on

      Please Mr. Brian, no more rewards. Each new one have to be split around the backers. We want to sustain your budget strong in order to make a good game. Nothing will make the fans happier.

    29. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Fargo and Avellone are still going strong on their reddit AMA. It is not too late to join the conversation..

    30. Bonechip on

      Project Home tab... bottom of the page.

    31. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Gullstrand on

      Well I cant find any FAQ. Can only see the pledges on the right.

    32. Missing avatar

      Veroneze on

      I've raised my pledge to 50$ even though I know customs...

    33. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      LIVE AMA on right now with Brian Fargo and Chris Avellone!

    34. theAnton on

      The description in the side column probably trumps the faq. :)

    35. theAnton on

      That fragile sticker is just inviting trouble from the postal service :P

    36. Missing avatar

      Topias Jarvinen on

      The all-digital 55$ pledge is still unclear, because the pledge description mentions the early access to beta but the FAQ says nothing about it. I myself pledged the said 55$.

    37. Arkimedes on

      Or maybe just put "fragile" sticker on the box....

    38. Arkimedes on

      Just changed my pledge from 15$ to 65$ ,... let's hope the paper box doesn't come to europe squashed.

      Maybe it would be nice if the cover is released in PDF file so people can print and replace it in case it comes damaged ? :)

    39. Missing avatar

      Steve Townsend on

      @Fredrik - read the FAQ, the awards are cumulative but you have to put in $50 to get a physical copy of the game, as I read it. Make sense?

    40. Missing avatar

      Fredrik Gullstrand on

      I dont get it. I really want to fun quirky skill with a 15-30 usd pledge. So I cant get a physical copy of the game if I want this?

    41. Francisco Lara Sánchez on

      Even simple than that. I cancelled my previos pack and got the new one. Just that easy! ^^ Thanks for answering, anyways ^^

    42. Darklord on

      Hi Francisco Lara Sánchez ,

      No only the difference, as you don't get charged until the end.

    43. Francisco Lara Sánchez on

      I have a question. I purchased the 100$ pack but givin'it a second though I would like to have the 150$ pack. How do I sort this? Will it charge me 100 (previous purchase)+150$? And where exactly is the FAQ?

    44. Aletheides on

      Elciled: Yes it does.

    45. Aaron Goldman on

      @Elcile Even if Steam were required to download the game, since it is DRM free that would mean that you wouldn't need to launch Steam when you wanted to play it. Therefore for you worst case senerio is that you would have to use Steam only one time to download the game. That being said, from reading all of the updates, I am under the impression that there will be several ways they are going to use to distribute the game. Honestly, I don't think they have it all planned out yet.

    46. Missing avatar

      greg1450 on

      Awesome. I was going to ask a question here, checked in the FAQ, and found it already answered. And it was a really smart question.
      Well then, I keep my Large Box :-D

    47. Elciled on

      I really hope DRM-free means "something that doesn't need Steam or any other annoying programs"...

    48. Missing avatar

      Fred on

      oh, alright. thanks. but i'm not moving until after the end of the kickstarter, and i'm not sure where i'll be at. can i change it after that? or is it final?

    49. Cassandra S on

      @Fred: You should be sent a survey at the end of the kickstarter, asking what mailing address you want your stuff sent to. Changing your address in Amazon won't do it.
      In short: No worries. You'll be asked what address you want your stuff mailed to, and you can fill in whatever you want :)