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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

In the final stretch....

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

I have received many a question about details of the game and this video will help shed a bit more light. We will communicate all of the remaining points of our vision shortly after we start production next week and after we have spent more time on the forums. We want to get fan feedback on a few more items before we solidify our final vision document.

I did want to give some detail on what the definition of a party based game was since there seems to be some confusion. In specific terms you will be creating and customizing four Rangers at the start of the game and typically you would give each of them different skills to create experts in certain fields. Skills in Wasteland range from lock-picking to bomb disarming to even toaster repair. This creates the dynamic of having players taking very different approaches to exploring the world. In addition there will be three slots for non-player characters to join the party. They will be similar in most respects to a player created member except you will not have 100% control over them. They will have quirks that could range from momentary indecision with them not firing their weapons at an opportune time, to being trigger happy and wasting ammo or even stealing from your characters. This opens up a wide range of possibilities on which NPCs you decide to have join your ranks.

And while we have brought Obsidian into the mix, I think it is important to note that this is my baby, and I will be producing it and managing the programming here at inXile. There seemed to be some confusion on whether it  will be a joint production, but the main facets of our involvement are with the use of their tools for asset integration and the design talents of Chris Avellone. Part of the charm and variety of Wasteland 1 came from the way different designers would approach their areas, and I wanted the same dynamic again. Only this time we have added the brains of Chris into the mix, and I am betting he will add ideas to Wasteland 2 that would have never been in the game otherwise.

Due to popular demand, we have added a backer only T-shirt to the rewards.   Here is a preview of what a few of the shirts will look like.

I hope you find the video useful. We are now in the final stretch....


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    1. Missing avatar

      Bradley Stumpp on

      I am really excited about the t-shirt but I liked the 55 dollar international reward level. I live in the US and just did not want to get stuff shipped... but I can't download the t-shirt! any chance I could score one when the time comes?

    2. William Limratana on

      Would like to see a nicely designed shirt with subtle reference to wasteland rather than the standard human billboard style.

    3. Lars Augensen on

      Hmm, I wish the T-shirt didn't look like it was churned out in Powerpoint. And had less text.

    4. Serkan Pekçetin on

      Mark Morgan is a legend. Let him express his ideas to the fullest.

    5. Nigel Heng on

      Hmmm i don't see this update on the WL2 blog...

    6. Missing avatar

      Mark E on

      People I think need to remember they're raising money for a game. Video games are their business not selling t-shirts at cost.

    7. René M Jensen on

      Sounds very cool, like Deus ex 1 where you pick stuff like locking and such having to make choices, is something newer games sadly try and avoid, and thats sad, because replayability is fun, and making meaningful choices is awesome as well.

    8. Andrew Triebe on

      If this game is anywhere near as good as the first icewindale and baldur's gate games, it will be incredible, I cannot wait to try this.

    9. Moeez Siddiqui on

      I'm one of those who never played the original but did play Fallout 1 and 2, so hopefully it's a smooth transition for me.

    10. Armin Momtahan on

      @PatrickD don't count on the original, as EA still has the rights over that game and unless they can make a profit out of it they won't just hand it over

    11. PatrickD on

      Any chance we might see the original Wasteland (or a variation of it) available for mobile devices? I'd rather have that than a t-shirt. But for what it's worth, I like the one depicted on the right.

    12. Missing avatar

      MCOne on

      oh cool - shirts^^, let's rise the pledges :) and hmmmm and when did you say does the beta start?? ;-)))

    13. Charles Clerc on

      Make a good game and T-shirts can have camouflaged angry birds for all I care :-)

    14. Missing avatar

      Rogeriomartins87 on

      Well, I still think they are not very pretty, I would prefer the shirt to have the rangers logo on the front and wasteland 2 written on the back and that is enough.

    15. Merin

      @d3sirio - you AREN'T paying $50 for a t-shirt. You are donating $150 and getting a t-shirt plus everything in the $100 pledge reward as a THANK YOU. If you were looking to pay cost for a t-shirt, a pledge drive isn't the place to be doing it. The pledge has to do much more than cover the costs of the "rewards" - you are donating to the game, and based on how much you donate they give you "thank you" gifts. The gifts will, BY NECESSITY, be worth far less than the amount pledged.

    16. Missing avatar

      Sherlock on

      If you're gonna have NPCs that steal from the party, make sure you include the ability to shoot them. :)

    17. Missing avatar

      d3sirio on

      50$ for the t-shirt? That's a bit too much.

    18. Tom Neale on

      If you are setting up a new ranger base will this be a gameplay element. Based on one of these models
      Story progression element (progress largly liniar based on completing tasks and missions) Strategic You choose to invest resources and upgrades
      RPG choices things appear based on critical story choices or how you do things
      Delegated: nominate people for roles affecting how elements progress

    19. Missing avatar

      exuras on

      The party system, with dynamic events sounds godlike! Really looking foward toward it.

    20. Paul Chaplin (@CottlestonPie) on

      @Steve Brown: I tweeted Brian a couple of weeks ago about just that, and will do so again and mention what you said about Double Fine. :) I definitely agree that seeing Ron Gilbert with doing shoe-on-head was priceless. ;)

    21. Missing avatar

      SpinachConvention on

      Any chance that the T-shirt could be available for separate purchase? I can't afford to go up to the relevant level of donation!

    22. Steve Brown on

      Any plans to do a live feed of the final hours? I seem to recall DF saying that they reached their highest $/hr during that (or something close). Hell, seeing Rob Gilbert with a shoe on his head got me to upgrade my pledge to the next tier.

    23. Daniel Katz on

      @Ronan73 I believe it DOES still come with two copies. It says the $100 tier (the collectors & a digital copy) PLUS the extra stuff. It's the same reward, just different wording.

    24. Ed130 The Vanguard on

      Will the $150 pledge have both the T shirt and the poster/coin or are the two items separate?

    25. Axel Gibson on

      The only really important thing for my that i would want you guys take advice from me is that the game needs ALOT of in game content. The best games (in my experience) are the game that have alot of "volume" and less "surface area". Also great replay value. I want to be able to play the game several times and actually get a greatly varied experience everytime. Otherwise, I trust your teams judgement on gameplay. Besides, thats what mods are for.

    26. mark vigue on

      "can, as a backer, purchase the T-shirt separately! "
      Indeed. I am willing to pay $15 more for a shirt but I cant swing 150$

    27. Corpselocker on

      I'm a $100 backer. I'm glad he didn't give shirts to the 4400+ of us. I'd rather the funds go directly into the game.

    28. Joshua on

      All $15 pledges as of this moment make up $440,000 of the $2.3 million total. So....yeah, without $15 pledges, there would be a Wasteland 2! ;)

    29. Missing avatar

      Andreas Bergmann Steen on

      Thats because without people like me who pledge 15$, there WOULD be a wasteland 2 ;)

    30. Missing avatar

      NParker on

      The shirt is only available with the $150 or more? :/ Bummer.

    31. Missing avatar

      Lillfot on

      For the love of all that is holy, please tell me I can, as a backer, purchase the T-shirt separately!
      Please, I don't have the economy to swing $100+$15 just for the shirt, but I'd gladly pay for the T-shirt and shipping!

    32. Pal Fulop Mozes on

      I'm sure, if you add beta for the $30 tier, let's say "late beta", many backers from the $15 tier would update there pledge for the $30 tier.

    33. Missing avatar

      Koinonos on

      With Brian and Chris the story is in excellent hands. My hope is that like Bethedsa they will release a modding SDK kit, and many DLC's for the game. It's updated content from the fan the base that will keep WL2 fresh until WL3 comes out like mods do for Fallout 3/Skyrim until their successors are made.

    34. Missing avatar

      Woolfe on

      Oh MAN.... You realise my kids are going to starve this week. I WANT THAT Tshirt. Damn you Brian Fargo!! :-P

    35. Missing avatar

      SaucyemmettC on

      Baladors Gate is in the background....
      Did he make that game, caus its one of my favs

    36. Missing avatar

      Sean B. Brown on

      Nice. Loved the info and the video in general. Better than the acting from the others any day of the week. Damn I'm psyched for this game.

    37. Missing avatar

      Justin on

      I like everything I've heard in this update video. Everything!

      Having the opportunity to watch the development of this game is a phenomenal bonus as well. Keep up the great work. =)

    38. Kenny Chik on

      It's so evil that the reward of $250 tier has been added making me so confusing.........

    39. Missing avatar

      Cameron Reniewicki on

      My mind just exploded like a blood sausage.

    40. Andrew on

      Oh, also, it appears the t-shirt essentially costs $50 as it's the only difference between pledging $100 and $150 ? That's a pricy shirt! hahaha

    41. Andrew on

      Have to pledge $150 or more to get the t-shirt? Dang.. I really can't go that high unfortunately. $100 was already really a stretch for me unfortunately! :(

    42. Steven Pickles on

      I'm a sucker for a t-shirt, just upped my pledge from $30 to $150 :)


    43. Mathew Barker on

      I like these because I get to find out trhe ins and outs of videogame creation.

    44. Missing avatar

      Erin Amerman on

      @Bryan Sharkey, thank you. Somehow I missed that post when I read through the thread originally.

    45. Ronin73 on

      I should say the new $150 tier not the old one.

    46. Ronin73 on

      It also seems that the $150 tiers no longer include both the collectors edition and the large boxed copy. That's disappointing.

    47. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on

      Everything sounds great. :)

    48. Ronin73 on

      I'd really need to see the poster and the coin before deciding which of the $150 rewards to take.

      People pledging this kind of money are either diehard Wasteland fans or insane :P you had to realize that you would get bombarded with requests with a tier option to get everything rather than a either or proposition.

    49. Kurt Lehnardt on

      Yeah I would love to get the T-Shirt for an additional $15 pledge or something as I already made a pledge but don't want to spend an extra $100 for the shirt.

      Oh well. I'll just play it naked.

    50. Sharkey on

      @Sondre-Yeah, I would at least include everything at the $500+ tiers, add more incentive for reaching those spots! I would love to see a Desert Ranger ballcap at the $1000+ tiers! XD