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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

InXile to Collaborate with Obsidian/Avellone on Design

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

We have announced a major piece of good news today that inXile has reached an agreement with Obsidian for potential design assistance for Wasteland 2. What that means is that Obsidian’s Chief Creative Officer, Chris Avellone, is going to work with our team on the design and writing of the game!  It is important to note that we say "potential" as they will come aboard assuming we hit $2.1 million in funding. The good news is that we have already seen a spike in just the few hours since this was announced in a press release this morning.

For those of you who don't know who Obsidian or Chris Avellone are, they are the bulk of the brains who worked on Fallout 1&2, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment when I was back at Interplay. More of the band is back together to make sure we bring you a fantastic RPG. Chris is going to help push the density and literary content of the game.

The original Wasteland was an important game to Chris as he recently stated, "Wasteland is one of my favorite RPGs of all time, and when Brian asked if I wanted to work on the sequel, I jumped at the chance. While I've worked on Fallout 2 and Fallout: New Vegas, getting the chance to work on the spiritual predecessor to the Fallout franchise is a honor." 

While the programming work will remain with us here at inXile, we are looking to use a host of tools that Obsidian has created which will help us get assets into the game faster. The faster we can implement and iterate on content, the deeper the game and the more varied choices the gamers can make.

 That’s more good news for all of you that put your faith in us.

Brian Fargo



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    1. Steve Knight on

      Ok, thanks "inXile entertainment". I'm in for $150.

    2. Jake Martinez on

      This is great. I love the fact that inXile and Obsidian have such a good professional relationship (for obvious reasons) and I'm hoping that in the future, once game studios are funding the majority of their own projects again, that we'll see them helping each other out more and licensing technology or tools to make better games. I know this used to happen a lot more back in the 90's and frankly, I think it was a good thing. Here's to everything old being new again.

    3. Wojciech on

      Black Isle reactivation go go!

    4. Missing avatar

      Robert Eubanks on

      Duh. Some fan with a film background needs to do a kickstarter to fund a documentary!

    5. Sole Song (DDFM) on

      Like Marco Torre's sugested. This Kickstarter idea is ground breaking and thought shifthing in many aeras. So a document of the whole thing would be smart, educating and for eternity.

    6. JJL on

      Because filming a documentary costs money? That could be used to make the game better?

      Unless you mean to do it in home film style.

    7. Missing avatar

      Marco Torre on

      Hi Mr Fargo, maybe you already tought about that, but why don't you shoot a backstage/documentary of all of this? I think it would came up a very interesting story.

    8. Daniel Alexander Porter on

      Chris Avellone and his team are a big part reason we got and enjoyed two of the best post-apocalyptic RPGs of the 20th century! This is great news people and we should be giddy with joy from it!!

    9. JJL on

      I am sad at people's ignorance of Obsidian.

    10. Michael on

      You can go on being sad then I will remember the fun i had with Obsidian's games.

    11. Missing avatar

      jai-alai on

      I am sad for the decade.

    12. Max Katsev on

      And yet FONV was one of the best RPGs of the decade.

    13. Lars Westergren


      Actually, when Obsidian were allowed to develop and use their own engine as with Dungeon Siege 3, the result was a very polished and bug free game. It is highly likely that the bugs in their other games were caused by having to learn others engines and tool with extremely tight deadlines.

    14. Rich Slack on

      I too am leary of Obsidians involvement. After FO:NV a swore never to touch a product associated with Obsidian or Bethesda again. I have heard all the excuses. Their tools are suspect.

    15. JJL on

      @Tweeg: 1) Obsidian game has tons of bugs because they do contract work instead of what game developers usually do: They only get paid for making the game and possibly any add ons, they dont' get any royalties or anything based on how much game sells. They might get bonus like they were supposed to get bonus if Fallout New Vegas got 85 or higher on metacritic(it got 84). This means that they can't delay the game because of the bugs, they release the game when release date says so. So its more of publishers fault than theirs :P

      2) Interviews I have posted state that they won't be doing programming.

    16. Tweeg on

      Can you please ensure the double check the keyboards that any members from Obsidian maybe using.
      Specifically the two keys right under the number 1.

      If theres two letters Obsidian seems to have never met, its QA.

      Seriously glad to see this project getting alot of support but Obsidian makes me jumpy. Their software has more bugs than a los vegas motel room.

    17. Sev on

      Re "bugs" (in general)...they usually get fixed quickly and aren't complete showstoppers. I can only think of *one* game which has totally irked and disappointed me in the last ten years as completely unplayable from the get-go, and that was "Rage" recently (still won't run...but every other game I own does...hmmmm). And Bethesda gave a wuss answer as to why it failed to run on so many systems (and issued no refunds): basically saying they weren't going to devote as many resources to PC hardware diffs and focus on consoles because it's easier to support that generic platfrom, driver-wise. That's a corporate bean counter decision, pure and simple. That's part of the reason I'm leary of corporate involvement in Wasteland 2. I'd much rather have a satisfying, indie, less-than-prime time version of Wasteland 2 ala Fallout 1 or 2 (ie not 1st person shooter, fully rendered 3D environment Fallout NV style) and have it be playable on any system, have it's humor, story, and imagination intact, not sacrifice character and writing for visuals. That was my whole point with the money levels increasing and the scope what point do you state your vision and settle on a target? Obviously Bryan Fargo had been doing a lot of thinking along these lines behind the scenes, already, and as the money double was able to pursue those plans as is his perogative. As a gamer watching the process, unprivy to his plans, I was surprised by how quickly it elevated. I just want to play Wasteland 2 and I have a strong affinity to the original. I wouldn't care if Fargo programmed it, himself, and released it in the original interface, frankly.

    18. Jason Darby on

      This isn't the first project that has brought in more money than the original amount, double fine and many other games have, even Takedown made $20k more money than they asked for. At the end of the day, you pledge your money based on the information you have. You get a game for $15 if you pledge the lower amount. Just because lots of people want to pledge, does that mean inXile should say, sorry guys no one else can get the game for $15, you will have to wait until its released.

      I agree there is scope within Kickstarter for abuse, but if you don't want to worry about that, then don't pledge for any. As my $75 is going to be no more safer in any of the other projects.

      Personally i hope they meet this new amount.. and i may even increase the amount of my pledge in the next few weeks.

    19. Sev on

      I totally agree on the potential benefit of the Obisidian dev tools transfer, btw. It's a great discussion here. I'm enjoying all input and opinions expressed (and learning a lot).

    20. Missing avatar

      Drake on

      And Patrick that stupid notion of yours is what ruins the industry nowadays,
      Look how IOS market does before you say stop whining what people do with money !
      That is the same whine publisher cut down development time , but have money for big parties,
      Lunch celebrations and code monkeys use to make excuses when they are hung over .
      Or don't want to debug cause it is boring to stare at lines of lines of codes .

      Same crap you been feeding is what publishers tell developers , don't like the change who is funding the project ?
      What is important is to say Fargo got a idea that people doubled his budget is terrific .
      But don't lose sight if the original concept , it isn't often people with support of fans get to chase there dreams , it just proof that people who back this project believe in Fargo .
      Heck even if it is a wasteland remake with modern graphics and combat system .
      Is already good enough for most of wasteland fans .

    21. Missing avatar

      Patrick J on

      It's funny to see people complaining about Wasteland reaching more backed money then they asked for, first of, the original budget for Wasteland 2 was a minimum meaning a minimum to get something Brian would put his name to, more money means they can splash a bit more and get that extra thing, many games are restrained by budget and time, some even suffer from it, on topic example KOTOR2, which should have had 7 endings and even more planets but due to funding and time had to be cut short to IMO a gastly ending on a great game. (Google the restoration efforts for more info on droid planet, droid assassin and the endings and so on).

      The game isn't fully planed yet (first page said like ~6 months of planing after funding I think?), just like any product that you develop you first have to see what you got to work with, if you are building a car and have a budget range of say $5000 as retail price that will limit you options, if you instead get a budget range of $500000 you can go pretty wild with everything.
      As for Obsidian he has told you what those 400K gets, access to Obsidian dev-tools and help from people how have work both with Brian and with many RPGs and you might complain that oh they only do expansions or sequals of bad quality, you have no idea what they got for making them, time frames ect more games gets killed or end up bad due to too little money and time than bad studios (for ex. see rant blogpost of the game dev that worked on Warhammer Online I think it was and his thoughts about EA and their way of doing things).
      Now just getting the dev-tools is a major break, it will as Brian has stated speed up production a lot, make it possible to put more stuff in the game and so on (there is a reason anyone building anything technical usually keeps their self-made tools, if you ever worked with coding, hardware or likewise you know how much stuff like that is worth, you don't have to re-invent every part every time) and plus that you get a lot of RPG knowledge as well as a "old band back together" vibe.
      But if you don't trust Brian or hate Obsidian etc then just change your pledge and remove it? stop whining about what other people do with their money!

    22. JJL on

      @Paulo: Oh and there is this too line from interview to you:

      RPS: There must be people who look and think “well, they’ve got enough, why bother funding now?” But if you can keep adding new goals to aim for, like this, there’s no reason it can’t just keep rolling.

      Fargo: Well, for the last week people have been saying “Brian, we’d love to give you more but can you tell us what we’re going to get for it?” And I’ve been wanting to tell them about this so it’s been frustrating to just sit in silence because I didn’t want to just throw out something and come back two days later with something else. A lot of gamers have been waiting to hear what else they get when they hit some higher tiers and here is part of the answer.

    23. JJL on


      Particularly this one:

      RPS: Did you think it was all going to work out, or was there a moment of doubt?

      Fargo: Well, when we first went out I was a little afraid because we were asking for more money than anybody had ever asked for before, and I was afraid it would be misconstrued as us trying to be greedy when in fact I knew that it would be the minimum amount of money to do the product justice.

      900,000 was absolute MINIMUM needed to make the game, with more money they can make even better game. Heck, who knows, maybe they would have run out of budget otherwise.

      Here is another interview:…

    24. Michael on

      Really they can't Cash in anything the kick starter has to run it's course and you really don't seem to know anything about the people working on Wasteland 2 or the history they have with games. Paulo have some faith or don't just stop crying wolf when you don't got a wolf barking at you...

    25. Max Katsev on

      You people are weird. More money = better game. How can it be a bad thing?

    26. Paulo Avian on

      @ Lars

      As I said, half of my post was rant, I just think that they used kickstarter and the money pledgers gave as a marketing campaign to get an extra 400k, without us knowing why. If they came out and said 'we are doing a 900k game and the rest in profit' I would applaud.

      I don't think inXile needs 2.1mm, I think they need 900k to make the game they originally set out to, and the one I pledged for (I know games cost a lot more, but the initial project didn't), just cash in the rest and give me the product you promised. There's no need to promise more and ask for more. Development costs time AND money, with all these additions that inXile is now advertising, we will either lose the launch plan or lose quality, in exchange for more content.

      I agree with Sev above, this feels like "kid in a candy store" as he said it. I mean... what's next? 3mm and we can an unreal engine game? No, thanks.

    27. Missing avatar

      Drake on

      Glad to see games are being made I like , anyway fargo cut down the budget .
      If goal was 900k then stick to it , try for the combat system rodeo games hunters 2 on IOS.
      Saves you development cost , they are nuts about classic like wastelands .
      Remember create the game you wanted to play , not the big budget multi billion crap of FPS.


    28. Steve on

      Let's get a co-op mode put in like Baldur's Gate where it doesn't affect single player!

    29. Sev on

      I won't answer Jyri's hostility with additional ignorance. According to him—by posing legitimate questions banks would ask if lending capital, it's "Who the hell am I?" And, wow, I must need to "get sober" and stop "polluting the world," because I assert Bryan Fargo doesn’t have a business plan or game design (or even screenshots to offer), but he has $2 million he doesn’t have to pay back to anyone…and keeps changing his mind what he wants to do with that capital. LMAO, let's turn down the fanboy rage and 8-bit Euro disco music for a minute, shall we? I’m a big fan and I believe Bryan Fargo will deliver the goods. BUT, he significantly expanded the scope, complexity, and finance target on the fly, after he said $900,000. In the real world, people get fired and sued for that. Conveniently, there’s no obligation to pay back in Kickstarter, but that doesn’t give license to act cavalier toward “investors.” Bringing in Obsidian is an audible I disagree with for numerous reasons which exclude Chris Avellone’s major talent and wonderful creativity. You don't have to agree, but you can respect my opinion, civilly. No offense intended to anyone, but it seemed like "kid in a candy store" mentality from Sr. Fargo as extent of ambition went up with the numbers, and I don't apologize for the observation--that's a lot of money to be handed without obligation to produce anything. Expanding by bringing in Chris Avellone and Obsidian *might* be great for the game and be just what the doctor ordered to get the job done--it might be legendary! Or, reasonably (knowing what we all know about corporations), it might double the budget and push the release date, or kill it completely (Obsidian's a corporation with its own culture and contracts which could dictate policy for development of the game--their accountants could put the kabosh on the project before it's released.) Hey—I love Wasteland and Fallout and I have fears of vaporware, so sue me ;p I don't think it will fail, there's good momentum going and reputations are solid, but I'd like to see the contracts --who'll have control? Read Avellone's interview to see the realities of being a CCO and contract limitations:

    30. Missing avatar

      Bloodgrin on

      Increase the perks in the 30$ bracket if you want to reach 2.1 M by far the biggest type of backers are in the 15$ category. Give some more incentive to up 15$.

    31. Missing avatar

      Stefan F on

      The last paragraph makes me not mind too much, the (at least to me, it would seem) large necessary funding for the Obsidian guys to get on board.
      Seems to be some sort of alliance which allows Obsidian to send them staff for some time (I hope full-time?) and give access (is it realistic to think the software is purchased with the target funding needed?) to better software.
      I love Brian Fargo for his past works, just had to say..

    32. Vyse on

      Well I am sure there are perfectly valid reasons for this, but come on guys, at least explain to us why we need to reach 2.1m for Mr Avellone to join the team. Does he take THIS much salary? Does Obsidian demand compensation for the time he is off working on wasteland? What is it? I can understand that this is a big family reunion for you guys, but if it really takes such amounts of money to get individual people on board, maybe that's not the best thing to do with said money?

      Then again, we never know what individual people can bring to the table... I mean, Avellone is a seasoned pro at this stuff, so maybe his involvement/ideas would make the game better than spending it on more assets, content and so on?

      Well no matter how you look at it, being a bit more transparent about stuff like this would probably be a good idea. You've seen what kinds of discussions are started otherwise

    33. Andre Netz on

      Ok, it's common sense guys... If they bring in a team from another company to work on this un-approved project, they have to still make paychecks. So with the added crew, comes added labor costs, and that's not even touching the subject of production costs associated with a "bigger, better game."

      Please, before jumping to conclusions, realize that even an indie game publisher has to cope with business costs. The days of publishing a quality game in one's basement are long gone. I am upping to the $50 pledge mark to help bring the Obsidian team on board... Who's with me? It's still $10 cheaper than buying any other new release game, and at least with this one we will get a small voice!! It's better than handing $60 over to EA and dealing with "online passes" and 50 billion DLC packs just to make the game feel complete.

    34. Nezimar on

      @Lars Westergren Must be some kind of hipster effect for him. Too much money or success automatically means Fargo's indie credibility is lost. I completely agree with having transparency and would like to know how the funding breaks down, but I'm not going to assume evil is afoot just because there's a new benchmark. I know what I'm getting for my pledge now, and Chris's writing will make it better at no cost to me.

    35. Lars Westergren

      >Why does it need to reach 2.1mm? So he and Chris Avellone can split the las 400k?

      No, so the game can get bigger and better. That takes money.

      >I guess then inXile would just cash in the extra 300k cause they don't have to share it with Obsidian?

      No, then the money will anyway be spent on making the game bigger and better.

      >Pledgers getting screwed just as hard as by those "evil evil publishers".

      Have you provided any evidence that we are getting screwed, other than you immediately jumping to that conclusion?

      >Someone who understands project management can obviously see a lot of flaws in this logic "if you give me x amount I will do that".

      No? That sentence there is the basis of all projects, and all employer/employee relations.

      Look, with every single Kickstarter from the start, the pledgers have been taking it on good will that all the money will be spent on making the product great. Why are you so furious that a project is getting a lot of money?

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter Davies on

      No-one is forcing us to pledge anything though - anyone whose only demand was to get the game for fifteen bucks can still do that, no?

      Personally I'm pleased to hear Obsidian might be onside and I have increased my pledge - after Alpha Protocol, anything else that the Obsidian guys worked on is a day one purchase for me. I do worry that it's a high target to meet though, given that at this point it seems likely that anyone who would want to pledge to this project has probably already done so.

    37. Missing avatar

      Woolfe on

      You know its the publishers that do QA. Not the developers.

    38. Paulo Avian on

      Sorry, but I hate this

      This is extremely shady. The guy asked for 900k, has 1.7mm and is just advertising to reach 2.1mm. Why does it need to reach 2.1mm? So he and Chris Avellone can split the las 400k?

      And if the game turns out to be better or worse with Obsidian we will never know if that's the case for it, so why even do it? I'm not changing my expectation neither I'm increasing my pledge. And what's worse, imagine if Wasteland 2 gets to 2mm, inXile managed to do a mass advertising and all the people that increased they pledge just bought into it. Wtf is up with that? I guess then inXile would just cash in the extra 300k cause they don't have to share it with Obsidian?

      I believe games and Kickstarter reached a point where the bubble burst is inevitable, inXile just proved that the time is already here. Pledgers getting screwed just as hard as by those "evil evil publishers".

      If Chris Avellone and Obsidian want to help and that wasnt a reason to advertise I would be all up for it. And why the hell cant inXile use the extra 800k they already have to hire writers, designers or even Chirs Avellone and Obsidian?! If that's value being add in the game just do it!

      Someone who understands project management can obviously see a lot of flaws in this logic "if you give me x amount I will do that". I believe this is what sets this project from Double Fine's, the transparency.

      Sorry for the long post/rant. This is half rage typing, but I really think it's a low blow.

    39. Jonathan Krarup on

      Hah, it seems many have thought the same as me: Obsidian on board for design/writing?? YES! long as they are let nowhere near the bug-testing/QA :p

    40. JJL on

      To worrywarts, there is confirmation by Chris Avellone in that review that inXile is running the show and that inXile are the ones doing programming. He doesn't seem to be exactly sure what Obsidian will be doing, most likely content design.(which they are good at)

    41. Missing avatar

      Jin Pae on

      Agree with what JJL said. Despite Obisidian's faults, especially in the tech arena, they're master storytellers, and hearing Chris Avellone is going to help with the writing if this hits 2.1 mil convinced me to pitch in.

    42. JJL on

      @Andrew Walton: I say it again: This is how obsidian does sidequests.

      That isn't main quest or any important quest, its one random sidequests in Fallout New Vegas. Also, Obsidian are stated to do quest design not gameplay or programming.(even then, they aren't crappy programmers, their business model just doesn't allow bug fixing because it forces them to release the game no matter how many bugs it has when release time comes)

    43. Andrew Walton on

      Wait, Obsidian did Alpha Protocol? Oh, shit. May regret my $50 pledge.

    44. JJL on

      Its annoying to see people being ignorant about Obsidian :P

    45. Brian on

      Mark, Wahn is right. Obsidian is just a small development studio and they are definitely not a bunch of suits. Back then I think they were known as Black Isle.

      Today I think there latest work was Fallout New Vegas.

    46. Missing avatar

      Chris Woodard on

      This news caused me to up from $15 to $100.

    47. Wahngrok on

      @Mark: Obsidian is not a publisher. They will just be creating content for the game and help out with (in-house) software tools InXile may use. But be that as it may, you still have 15 days to think about your pledge. ;)

    48. Mark Thorne on

      I hope it remains a completely independent effort where 100% of the decisions are not made by any stuffed shirts. That is a big reason why I funded this, not only because it's Wasteeland, but because it's not being overlorded by some publishing entity who's primary concern is profit.

      If there are some assurances I've missed, or someone that can waylay my "I have a bad feeling about this" feeling, I will gladly up my pledge again.

    49. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    50. Wahngrok on

      I doubled my pledge to $30 because if this happens Wasteland 2 will be in the AAA (or at least AA) range for which that seems a reasonable price. I hope more backers will upgrade their pledge as well.