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Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.
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      Simon Boddy on

      Just upped my pledge on the back of this news. Chris Avellone is a great writer. Him and his compatriots will undoubtedly improve the game. Of that I have no doubt.

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      Ryanhart on

      Mod kit / Map kit are great to extend the longevity of a game, I would really like to see these. For the social part I certainly wait on for an elaboration of this proposition because social certainly does not equate to Crapbook or similar stuff alone as even simple achievements that can be seen by others as well are already a small, but social feature

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      Gaston Courtial on

      yeahh!! GOOOO LINUX!!!

    4. Peter Wysoczanski - Obsidan Order on

      THIS.... lots and lots of this!!!... this seems like those penny trays you see at gas stations... when u need a penny or 10 just reach in and help yourself... why because we can...

    5. Jon King on

      Why not ask Kickstarter to develop this condition as part of its standard agreements to either allow projects to opt in/out of the idea. Kickstarter can enforce it by developing something that requires projects to choose a project to honour their pledge and promote where the pledge went.

    6. David Carson on

      I would have called the project "Kickback", but I guess that has some unfortunate connotations when it comes to talking about funding for projects, hahaha. By the way, congratulations on hitting the $1.5 million milestone on Wasteland 2! The Mac & Linux dudes will be over the moon!

    7. Rob Crane on

      Taking a kick forward is much more honourable than taking a kickback.Unless you're Homer,then its time to kick some back!

    8. PemrichT

      Kick it Forward is an amazing idea. If this takes off I would actually be willing to back for more money if I knew that a project was promising to help others when all is said and done.

    9. Missing avatar

      TeamSODA on

      I think what you guys are doing is pretty incredible. The 5% kickback means a LOT to me. I worked for Trendy Entertainment all of last year and can tell you that passion has NOT left the industry. Working for a small company trying to get the first game out the door is a process that is fueled only by passion. Barely able to pay my own bills i continued pushing forward working the 70-80 hour weeks up to and past release. While I am no longer affiliated with Trendy is still have mad respect and love for those guys. My point is that movements such as yours show that things don't have to be how they are now. Developers can put all their attention into the project with no fear of the publisher. Your passion is not only fueling the process, but it will likely pay off. You are also immediately creating a fan base that will not turn their back on you. You don't have to 'spin' information to your community because of Publisher contract or NDA's with larger companies. This kind of development can not only be the future for gaming, but for literature, music, film, and almost any other ingenuity. I just hope it can retain the basis of passion that it now holds.


    10. Missing avatar

      Richard Wolf on

      I still got shivers.... the first time I met Scorpitron!

      Bryan show us the way!

    11. Missing avatar

      pmichelhunt on

      Wow that really seems like a magnificent idea and plan! Wouldn't it be great if tons of companies signed up?

    12. Missing avatar

      Jeff Smith on

      WOW, that last idea... what a monumental ideal! I fully support the notion and give you all the credit in the world for being the one who would stand up and say it, and DO it.

    13. Duskilas on

      I almost shed a tear

    14. Steve Knight on

      We, the fans, thank you for making this possible and going forward.

    15. Missing avatar

      Patrick McKinley on

      Great, so when's the Kickstart for Bard's Tale 4??

    16. Missing avatar

      Janusz Kunowski on

      Yea, thanks for Polish language, poland support W2!

    17. Christian Dietzel on

      See Update #2:

      "Through the support of our amazing fan community we will be localizing the game into French, German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. For anyone in those territories that want to help with this, please look for information on our Forums."

    18. Dave Grandisson on

      Is it possible that this game have multiple langage ? i'm already a backer and can understand english quite good enough. But its always fun to have your basic langage too ( and might reach more people)

    19. Mehmet Cihan Yalcin on

      It's actually not that hard to open a US bank account as a foreigner.
      Besides, online payment methods are improving constantly. Even if Amazon does not support non-US accounts anytime soon (and why not -there is demand and Amazon operations are multinational), I'd expect Google Wallet to extend its services to facilitate pledges within the year (so there's competition to motivate Amazon, too).

    20. Adrian Gordon on

      I'd like to concur with Guenter. This is an amazing idea and could really help keep the wind in the sails of this kind of awesome crowd-funded stuff. But It's disappointing Kickstarter is for US applicants only, myself and others in the U/Europe I know have looked into our local crowdfunding alternatives and found they are not remotely comparable.

      However that pans out though, you sir are amazing for agreeing to do this and I'm sure many great games that otherwise wouldn't get made will see production thanks to you.

    21. Mehmet Cihan Yalcin on

      Yes, redirecting resources is a noble gesture, and we'll see if the resources will enable a fund or a grant or a foundation. However, your guidance and your support would mean even more than the resources you can contribute. You can return to your publisher's days (Interplay's publications, including those that were not internally developed, included amazing works) and throw your weight for promising people and projects. Your name holds immense value. Crowd funding as a system is in its infant stage now, next year, after these projects succeed and yield returns, you will be able to gather resources an order of magnitude greater than this. Moreover, your word would add huge credibility to the projects you judge valuable, increasing their ability to gather funds, again, by an order of magnitude.

      I would definitely like to see an Android version, and unlike most, I am not obsessed with seeing all the resources go into making the game 'bigger'. Fallout 2 was bigger, but Fallout was cohesive and consistent, and could maintain the suspension of disbelief. It was not the case for Fallout 2 in my experience. I would like a believable, immersive environment with thematic consistency. But at the end of the day, I trust the judgement of this team; they know what to do far better than anyone else.

      As for the idea of open sourcing the project, my two cents says: Definitely. The pedant in me says the license's got to be LGPL as opposed to GPL, but that's a mere technicality. Crowd funding and open sourcing are two sides of the same coin: Freedom. You have nothing to lose at this point by open sourcing the engine, and everything to gain. Not merely for this project, but for its social, economic and political aftereffects.

      Most people who contribute to this project do so because they believe in an ideal. And you would have a hard time to find more devoted idealists than those in the free software (I think it's a defect of the language that we need to add 'as in free speech' here) community. As soon as you open source the project people would get involved; competent, driven people, and their contributions as developers would far exceed the dollars they could spare. More important perhaps, is the fact that you would get in close contact with capable, enthusiastic people that may well drive future projects you are thinking of supporting.

      Please consider it. That gesture, more than anything else, would give the message of 'developers sticking together'.

    22. Guenter Dachauer on

      Great Idea, but please take into consideration that Kickstarter is only available for indie developers wich are located in the us. There are also very good indie developers in the rest of the world, which didnt get a chance of partizipating on kickstarter. So when you trully start a project like you mentioned with support for other developers, please dont limit it to one crowdfundingpage which only operates in one country of the world, make it available for the whole globe.

    23. Christian Dannie Storgaard

      Ben Woolf, the original DOS version of Wasteland is floating around on the internet and shouldn't be hard to find, but I do like the idea of say, a $5 pledge that gives you Wasteland 1 for DOS (and a link to a DOSbox guide for it).
      Also, ~20.000 until Linux + Mac support! :D

    24. Ben Woolf on

      I have to confess I'd never heard of Wasteland before backing this project. I do however confess to spending hours playing Elite on my BBC Micro, backing the project was a no-brainer. I recently relived those "Elite" years through an open source version of the game. A quick question.... Is there a windows/dos version of the original Wasteland for us uninitiated few? Not wanting to distract from the bigger project, but it would be great if you could release the original to backers?

    25. Andrew Gibbons on

      Please Succeed! .. You guys are pioneers of a new game development future! We beleive in you!

    26. Jonathan Koay on

      Love " Kick if forward". I will definitely back these projects.

    27. Missing avatar

      darkmage0707077 on

      I decided to up my pledge amount and became the first person to dive into the $2500 mark. I was kind of nervous about it at first, since it means I won't have the money to support other projects for a few months. This post - especially the Kick it Forward idea - tells me I made the right call in the end, and that I can be proud to have supported this project. Here's hoping WL2 is as awesome as the first one was/is!

    28. Alexander Robbie on

      Awesome, so awesome. I'm glad to be a backer of this project, and now the "Kick it forward" philosophy.

    29. Ben Pottinger on

      Loved your post Brian. I agree with you 100% about your kick it forward idea. I have found so many wonderful indie games recently and love joining these kickstarter campaigns!

      I have another idea. How about you share with you backers other indie games in progress or kickstarter projects you love the idea of? For example, two unreleased games (neither kickstarters, yet) that I am hugely excited about are "Lone Survivor" by Superflatgames, and "Under the ocean" by the guy who made under the garden.

    30. Aaron Timlake on

      If you do end up making a tablet version, I hope you make the PC/Mac/Linux version of the game touch screen friendly!

    31. Missing avatar

      Helge Volkening on

      as for me: Save the money for the next project: an oldschool adventure like Zack McCracken...

    32. deVoid Studios on

      Brian. Before today there was Valve, there was Blizzard. They are no longer the last bastions of hope for us gamers.

    33. Missing avatar

      Entrei on


      Please come back in game as a notorious mobster again! :) Maybe Faran Brygo's son?

    34. Missing avatar

      Mehedi Ahmed on

      This is a truly great idea.

    35. Missing avatar

      Dragan on

      Just do me a favor and don't release the game till it's good. Don't commit to some particular date and rush the game if it isn't ready. Do it right and bring back the goodness of gaming.

    36. Cheyne Morton-Carnahan on

      Awesome update and fantastic idea in "Kick it Forward". If only the industry had started this 20 years ago, I think things would be amazing at this point. This project and of course Tim Schafer's give me hope that creative, intelligent designers working together with passionate fans can turn the industry into something new and wonderful. Thank you for never throwing in the towel, and being the creative force you always have been.
      The only suggestion I would put forward is making the final product community moddable, much like Bethesda has done with their games. It is through the community and the ability to add to the games that has garnered them so much fan support.
      Additionally, DDP, great suggestion. Perhaps that comes after the initial release is successful...?

    37. Steve Victory on

      I really do look forward to this project getting up and running! I loved the first Wasteland so much, and I can only imagine what you can do given the technology that is available now.
      If you need any help testing, please feel free to contact me, I would be proud to be able to help if the project needs it. Either way, I wish you the absolute best.

    38. D. Duncan Pickard on

      Personally I think console and tablet support should be separately funded kickstarter projects. That way those that want such support can have it, if they are filling to fund it. The money raised as part of this project should go towards making the desktop version more awesome.

    39. Avi Nerenberg on

      I really like this Kick it Forward!!

    40. sworcery on

      you amaze me with each update. you are a good dude.

    41. Max Shields on

      Talk about paradigm shift: Three thumbs up to Kick it Forward!

    42. Cinemaware on

      We are in full support of this ideal! We couldn't have said it any better: "our power as developers will ultimately come from us sticking together" !!!

    43. Missing avatar

      fakum12 on

      Kick it Forward = awesome.

    44. Missing avatar

      Ihana on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    45. Missing avatar

      Ihana on

      This comment has been removed by Kickstarter.

    46. Missing avatar


      @Jim Chaney: From the project home page: "At $1.5 million, the world gets even bigger. You’ll have more adventures to play, more challenges to deal with, and a greater level of complexity to the entire storyline. We’ll add more environments, story elements, and characters to make the rich world come alive even more. We will even be able to bring Wasteland 2 to OS X and Linux! And after $1.5 million the sky is the limit." So platform support isn't the only upgrade at $1.5 million.

    47. Paul Trowe on

      "Kick it forward" what an awesome idea and very altruistic. This is the only way to live life. We're in!!

    48. Jim Chaney on

      One point re: stretch goals and platform support... I don't know how to phrase it other than 'Why?'. Early pledges would have been for the original product on PC, and since I don't have a Mac (or Linux install disk ;) new platforms are not appealing. Even though I have console(s), as you say, this is not a couch experience like that. However, *more content* is very appealing.
      I understand that with 26 days to go, more subscribers is good, but I don't think I am being too parochial to say that, for most backers, making that game deep would be better effort than adding more platforms (spreading it thin, to stretch the metaphor too far).

    49. Missing avatar

      Ben Floyd on

      This is amazing. I hope this idea catches on and creative freedom returns to the developers.