Wasteland 2

by inXile entertainment

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    1. Dennis Skyum on

      Yeah, I'm gonna have to unsubscribe from these updates now. Lemme know when you've got news about Wasteland, and not your other projects.

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      Jacek on

      I am going to unsubscibe for these updates. I am interested in the Wasteland information, the project i supported. I dont need more spam, i already get enough. Please dont mix projects youre working on, many of us doesnt care about them. If we would care, we would subscribe or even support them as we did with Wasteland. Peace.

    3. Asa on

      Good luck on Bard Tale IV! But before I pledge for a new campaign I'd like to know if Chris Avellone still working on a novella/novel for Wasteland 2> It was one of the rewards for backers for pledged $30+ and there's been no mention of it since the game was released.

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      lovfro on

      When will we be seeing a fully patched and playable GOTY-version of Bards Tale, then? A year?

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      lovfro on

      Oh, yeah. Also, totally in agreement with the many others chiding you for abusing your kickstarter backers with endless, irrelevant information and advertising fr projects other than Wasteland 2. Shn you.

    6. J Pierce on

      I had already unsubscribed months back. Unfortunately, that only unsubscribes you from the emails. It does nothing to remove this filler from your KS activity stream. If anyone knows a way to do that, I'd love to hear it (other than via Stylish/Greasemonkey, as I could do that myself and it wouldn't get rid of the green dot).

    7. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      @Asa - Yes, Chris Avellone's Wasteland 2 novel is still on the way! We're reviewing a draft that Chris sent us recently. It will be a while before it's in your hands, though. We're sorry for the delay, but think you'll find it was worth it.

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      Brett Gregory on

      I personally like to hear about new projects from teams I've backed in the past... It's not as if there are going to be dozens of posts about it, I think it's totally fair to send a message saying "hey, check out our new project if you want, link here" Sure if they will giving weekly updates on the other project or something there may be cause to complain. But I guess everybody has different ideas on this kinda thing

    9. Asa on

      @InXile Thanks for the update on Chris Avellone's Wasteland 2 novel, much appreciated! I've gone ahead and backed Bard's Tale IV. Because one good turn deserves another, and because I remember playing the original Bards Tale on an Apple IIGS as a kid.

    10. James Bywater on

      Thanks for the heads up, I've gone and backed Bards Tale IV. Never played the originals, but I like the look of it, good luck!

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      Jason Devine on

      Is this the bard tale game with all the bad jokes and whatnot or is this bards tale from back when I had to play it on floppy discs at my school library?

    12. Asa on

      Jason, it's a sequel to the latter. The version with all the bad jokes is not canon (they didn't have the license to the original game world when they made the 2004 version).

    13. J.R. Riedel on

      For the record THANK YOU FOR POSTING HERE!

      I know there are several people out there who disagree, but for me, I would not learn about your other projects if you didn't post here!

      (If I didn't care I would simply unsubscribe from the emails, like I have done for other projects)

    14. Jeremie Lariviere

      Cool! Thanks for posting that it is live, I really appreciate it!

    15. J Pierce on

      The way most other projects I've been in have done it is to include a checkbox on the survey asking if you want their newsletter. That way people who want that (and as you can see, plenty do) get it and the people that don't (again, as you can see, plenty don't) don't get it. It's the best solution all around, really.

    16. Bryy Miller on

      "Yeah, I'm gonna have to unsubscribe from these updates now. Lemme know when you've got news about Wasteland, and not your other projects."
      You do know Wasteland 2 is out, right?

    17. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Yea, these 'other project announcements' we get every couple of years is just so overwhelming. Lol.

    18. Welverin on

      You went with early bird tiers again, so no, I will not be backing it.

    19. Jalister on

      I'm thankful for this update. Sure it would have been nice to have some news on Torment, but I would not have wanted to miss the news on the new project because there wasn't anything to report on Torment. I actually wouldn't have missed this because I have a post-it note on my desk, but this update is still appreciated.

      I actually missed a third Kickstarter project that I wanted to back because the developers did not bother to post about it on the previous two projects.

    20. Bill Gates on

      Way to take a stance! I mean, there's only 15,000 early-bird slots, with nearly 5,000 remaining as I write this. But how DARE inXile limit ... errr ... restrict ... ummm ... but, hey, you showed them with your valiant stand against early-birds!

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      Patrick Adams on

      Wow. 30 years ago I learned hex and stopped being afraid of line editors. This game started me on my career.

    22. Jalister on

      I actually understand the need for early bird tiers. The first two days of a project can be critical to get momentum going, and those early bird spots can help get that ball rolling. Like Bill mentioned, there are 15,000 early birds spots. I actually hate it when the early bird spots are very low, like 50 or 200. You can be early, and still be late when the total is that low.

      If you are so against early bird, then pledge on a regular tier.

    23. Mark Lagace on

      Never received Wasteland 2 key after supporting that project. Not going to be a sucker twice. I do think it's a great project though.

    24. Timothy Patrick Bishop on

      Ok already, we fucking get it. Can we stop getting Bard's Tale updates in the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter. The people that care are already on that page. Please keep us update on the GOTY edition or say nothing.

    25. Missing avatar

      BladeRnr on

      Wow do people like to complain!

      Out of 63 updates we got maybe... what... 3-4 about the two other games made by inXile, Torment and BT4? That's certainly not abusive and I for one have been glad to get them.

      @Mark Lagage Wasteland 2 has been out for months! Obviously you've never followed the sign-up instructions or there's been a glitch. Why make a pointless complaint about being "suckered" here instead of contacting inXile to fix the problem?

    26. J Pierce on

      I think the issue really isn't any one particular project. KS is unfortunately rife with creators thinking KS is a mailing list. It's not, but it's super easy to sign people up to a mailing list if they are actually interested at the time of the survey. It's win-win.
      I complain about it a bit - even though there's not a ton on a given project - because having backed a lot of projects I get updates here, there and everywhere. It's pretty annoying to get a bunch of updates and none of them be for the thing you're interested in to begin with and no way to say "please take me off your list."