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Wasteland 2 is a sequel to the amazingly popular 1988 RPG Wasteland and the post-apocalyptic predecessor to the Fallout Series.
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
Wasteland 2 has been released to great acclaim, earning Game of the Year from PCWorld, and reaching #1 on the Steam sales charts. Now, the Director's Cut comes as a free PC update to all backers as our thanks for making the game happen!
61,290 backers pledged $2,933,252 to help bring this project to life.

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    1. inXile entertainment 3-time creator on

      Hey guys,

      DRM-free discs have been manufactured and are waiting for shipping. No ETA but you'll get emails from us when they go out.

      Chris' employment status with Obsidian does not impact his work on the WL2 novel, he's still working away at that, with our revisions and notes!

    2. Travis on

      @William Looks like there was an email about the DRM Free disc shipping. There wont be a GOTY version offered in the future to DRM Free disc users. What a joke. I can't wait to play through Wasteland 2, be done with it, and never give Inxile the time of day again.

    3. JamieA on

      CE just arrived, the ammo case is real neat

      Just curious if anyone else's manual came with all the images looking really compressed and fuzzy :(

    4. Missing avatar

      GvM on

      Chris Avellone novellas are a good point. Especially as he just left Obsidian...
      Nevertheless I think we gave inXile some headaches with our feedback. So they need more time for thinking about their next steps as not everything works as expected. Anyway some more updates by the team would be nice. I'd like to be excited. :-D

    5. Missing avatar

      William on

      Still waiting for the DRM-free disc. Already beat the GOG release, so if waiting means the GoTY edition will be thrown on the discs as well, fine by me.

    6. Missing avatar

      Stephen Nelson on

      inXile: I'd love to back your Bard's Tale IV project, but until you finish delivering on your promises from this one (from almost 3 years ago) I cannot do so in good conscience. Prove to us that you can follow through.

    7. Ben Galang on

      How do I download this game?

    8. Missing avatar

      Michael Oue on

      As others have asked, what is the status of the Chris Avellone novella and the remaining 3 video production log episodes?

    9. Travis on

      Here I am still waiting for my DRM Free disc. Still haven't played Wasteland 2. Next thing i'll be told is I have to wait for the GOTY edition to be put on the disc. Not what I signed up for.

    10. Missing avatar

      michael dial on

      Has there been any word on the Chris Avellone novel? I'm very excited for any news.

    11. Guy C on

      Wondering if the upgrade to Unity 5 will mean that savegames will not work between the older and newer version. Anyone know this? I want to start again, but wondering if I should hold off and wait for the GOTY version now.

    12. Missing avatar

      Belinda Yamate on

      THANK YOU! The PS4 trailer gave me chills! Very excited about the GOTY edition. And did I say thank you? :-)

    13. Glenn Hansen on

      @Jason Girard. Excellent question. I'm in the same boat. Could you please let me know if you get an answer?

    14. Missing avatar

      photograffiti on

      Free upgrade? So awesome. I'm so glad I backed you guys. You have reaffirmed my faith for good devs out there.

    15. Missing avatar

      Jason Girard on

      Just curious, I bought that the tier that gave me both the emailed steam key at release, and a kickstarter boxed version somewhat more recently. I've long since beaten the game and never opened the box version. Is there a steam key in the box version and is it the 'same' key as the one I received through email? Could I give the box version to a family member and they'd be able to play?

    16. Esper on

      My CE arrived today! Sooo sweet :D

    17. Asa on

      Is Chris Avellone still planning on writing a novella in the Wasteland 2 universe? I'm curious what the status on that was. (As for the developer video blog, I only ever saw 1 episode in the ranger citadel) It would be great to get an update on these items in the next kickstarter update.

    18. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      I received my poster yesterday. Thank you! >.<

    19. ozymandias (ZionEyez,CGC Scam victim)

      My poster arrived today -- there was no end cap on it -- was there anything else in the tube?

    20. Daniel Mackey on

      My Poster arrived yesterday, I love it. NOW to buy a frame to hang it up in.

    21. Missing avatar

      Valad Amoleo on

      I hope the news of a console release means that the PC version will benefit from having the option to use a controller.

    22. Timothy Lose on

      I'm also wondering about backers and the PS4 version. I would be completely happy being able to buy a discounted code if that's possible.

    23. Missing avatar

      James Hunter on

      EXCITED this is now coming to PS4! Any chance of backers getting a PS4 code? (or discount?) Wife really wants to play this on console!

    24. Josh

      Coming to PS4 as well.
      I'll be interested to see how it plays on the console.

    25. madGamer on…

      yeah i saw to. nice new features. i hope have the option for controler in pc version. and i hope pc will be always the focus :)

    26. Chris Paoli on

      Wow, just saw that this is coming to the Xbox One.

      I am very interested to see how you guys translate this to controller input. In my mind, it sounds like a nightmare.

    27. Rene Lorentzen on

      I received the poster yesterday. For some reason i ALSO received the shipping confirmation regarding the poster yesterday. So i guess the shipping notifications for EU are a week or 2 after the actual shipping ?.

      Just waiting for the Doomday prep kit :)

    28. Missing avatar

      Oscar Villarreal on

      What's the status on the mod tools? I haven't heard mention of them in a while.

    29. Missing avatar

      cb.spike on

      I just joined "Month is gone and I still don´t have my already shipped CE box" club.

    30. Missing avatar

      Stefan V

      Got my CE yesterday! Yay!

    31. Eugene Zheng Yong Sheng on

      @Aesgard : You are not alone; i have not received my physical items either~

    32. Adam Lichi on

      collector's edition came in, it had a download key (what the hell for? i donated well fro this and i get treated this way?) and after it was all installed, it wouldnt boot.
      ive been greeked...

    33. Missing avatar

      Aesgard on

      Is there someone waiting for the CE to arrive? Mine is yet to come although I got the shipping notice on Dec, 2nd

    34. Todd Jacobson

      Is there any word on the Survival Packs? Received the CE a few weeks ago and it looks great. Very happy with it. Have not heard anything about the Survivor Packs though and never received any details about them. Just curious if those were still being send or if I should be worried. Thanks

    35. Missing avatar

      Lars Rinde on

      I held off playing until the first few patches had come out, and am now nearing the end with 99 hours clocked. What a ride it's been! Thank you for an excellent execution, it's been thoroughly enjoyable and full of nostalgia. This last year has been truly great for us old-school RPG lovers, with Wasteland 2 and Divinity: Original Sin both delivering tons of great characters, quests and optional details. Hope to see even more in the coming years!

    36. Missing avatar

      Slarkki on

      So, when will the Red Shoes DLC be coming out? I mean playing the game with the current shoe choices is cruel. We want red boots!

    37. Francisco Soares on

      Just got my CE, looks awesome. Thanks

    38. Chris LeBlanc on

      I am reporting in to say that my CE arrived today email shipping notice was sent Dec.2.2014.

    39. Missing avatar

      tbrass on

      Any updates on the modding tools? I haven't seen mention in quite some time & it would be a shame if this community faded away before we have a chance to do some really incredible things in the wasteland...

    40. Colonel Skills on

      Chris, I'm Canadian too and I don't even think I got a shipping notice on the CE yet.

      Came here to check on it and I see others are in the same boat. :\

    41. Chris LeBlanc on

      Have any Canadian backers received their collectors edition? I received shipping notice on Dec.2.2014 but nothing has been delivered.

    42. Nick Grugin on

      Maybe I missed it but so far I have only seen 1 Video Development Blog, any news on when the other 3 will come out, or did I miss mention of them in a prior update. Thanks for the great game :)

    43. Missing avatar

      Mark on

      Still no package or shipping confirmation

    44. Kevin O'Neill on

      Got my collector's edition box set today, but not my Doomsday Prep Kit. Hopefully that comes soon! I think it was announced somewhere that these were shipping separately, but if anyone can confirm that, it would put me at ease! Thanks! :)

    45. Daniel Mackey on

      So excited, my backer swag arrived today, all autographed and everything. I'm happy.

      Brien and crew, you all rock. Great job. Keep up t he good work you all do.

    46. Missing avatar

      Brittany Dudas on

      Yesterday, after having received no shipping confirmation, my signed Collector's Edition and big boxed copy arrived. It was shipped UPS ground from California. I had no idea what it was until I opened it. Be careful when you open yours, since if you go to deep, you might scrape either the metal box or could even scrape the signatures off.

      Thank you, inXile. It's very nice. I just wish I knew it shipped.

    47. Sharkey on

      Woohoo, my pal cage showed up and everything is beautiful! :D

    48. Missing avatar

      Stefan V

      I also havn't recieved shipping confirmation.

    49. Yves de Montgaillard on

      Still received no package, nor news since the " your collector edition has shipped email" that I received on december 2nd. on the 21st, I posted a comment here, got no response at all. Now today I see people receiving their *signed* editions (which were sent later) ... what's the holdup here ? People in NY, USA received theirs over 2 weeks ago, and i'm in Montreal, Qc, Canada, not exactly far ... :(

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