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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated our Journal (15): 1 Day Left! More Add-ons, Sagus Cliffs Set to Music


TL;DR: Sagus Cliffs in Unity with new Mark Morgan music (video). New add-ons! Colin McComb answers some of your questions (video).

Hello Forgotten Ones,

28 hours left. We had a strong showing yesterday – over 2500 new backers (hi!) and $150K! Today is going even better – we’re well on track to eclipse yesterday’s totals. A special thanks to Obsidian Entertainment who, in a classy show of solidarity, formally pledged to Torment today, helping us to climb toward their own record. Can we reach $4M and become the most funded video game Kickstarter yet? RPG fans unite!

To review the rewards included with each pledge Tier, check out the tables on our tumblr site. Descriptions of the rewards can be found here

And to look at the available add-ons (and how to include add-ons in your pledge) check here.

We'll be sending a brief update tomorrow morning, but with this one you've seen all we have to show. =) Onward to the finale!

Sagus Cliffs Technology Test

Here is a brief video of the Sagus Cliffs screenshot in Unity, accompanied by a new piece of Mark Morgan’s music that he composed for this area. We hope you enjoy!

New Add-ons

We have a few last add-ons to announce based upon requests we’ve received.

Wasteland 2 Beta Test Access – $20 – Get in early to try out, and help us tune and polish this soon-to-be classic RPG later this year. (Note that wherever it makes sense, we’ll be adapting the Wasteland 2 systems for use in Torment, so in polishing Wasteland 2, we’re also building a stronger foundation for torment.) Just in case you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out our first look of Wasteland 2 from February. You’ll need to have added-on a copy of Wasteland 2 (either through a Pledge Tier, through an add-on, through the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter, or through the Wasteland 2 Store) to be a Beta Tester.

Wasteland 2 Digital Soundtrack – $8 – You’ve heard a sample of Mark Morgan’s music for Torment. With this add-on you can get the 40 minute soundtrack of Mark's music for Wasteland 2. This add-on will be made available at the same time it is released to Wasteland 2 backers.

Wasteland 2 Digital Concept Art Book – $8 – Wasteland 2 concept art by Andree Wallin, Nils Hamm, and Chang Yuan. This add-on will be made available at the same time it is released to Wasteland 2 backers.

Wasteland 2 Autographed Collector’s Edition – $250 – You will receive a special collector's edition boxed copy of Wasteland 2 (PC, Mac, or Linux; DRM-free) that is SIGNED by key Wasteland 2 developers including Brian Fargo, Chris Avellone, and Colin McComb. The collector’s edition also includes a cloth map, instruction book, digital soundtrack, digital concept art book, a miniature, a faction badge, and beta access to Wasteland® 2. An additional $20 is required for shipping outside of the United States.

Limited Edition Signed Print (Limit one per backer) – $750 – This is the print that's available through the $1K Limited Edition Signed Print Pledge Tier (as well as all higher Tiers). We are happy to announce that your choices for the print will include The Ascension of Kex-Lianish and Dust and Water concepts by Andree Wallin. We expect the size of these pieces to be approximately 32” by 14”. (Other concept art pieces may also be available.) We are still researching our exact print methods but this will be a high quality print. We are looking at possibilities to print it on cotton rag paper, with a parchment paper surface, to create a true art reproduction feel. Unframed.

Stretch Goals Reached

With the flurry of activity yesterday, we surged into the 9th Fathom of the Castoff’s Labyrinth and past the $3.6M Stretch Goal. And about an hour ago, we sailed past the $3.75M Stretch Goal as well. The Hall of Lingering Reflections, deeper companions, companion quests, and a new area accessible through the Castoff’s Labyrinth have all been added! 

Next stop is 16 Legacies, the Oasis of Mr’a Jolios, and more Mark Morgan music! Here we come, $4M!

Colin Answers Your Questions

Colin’s flying down to Newport Beach today to attend our closing party tomorrow and so that we can meet over the weekend to start planning Torment’s next steps. But before stepping onto the plane this morning, he took a few minutes to answer some of the questions you’ve posed on UserVoice


For those who may have missed it, we had a talk with Colin recently and on Tuesday we released his second attempt at an apology for the Complete Book of Elves.

We’ll be streaming live from our closing party tomorrow beginning about 14:30 PDT. You’ll be able to watch on our Twitch channel here. Besides Colin, other special out-of-town guests include Monte Cook and Shanna Germain (Numenera Lead Editor). And some of you!

Just 28 hours left!

Kevin Saunders
Project Lead


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    1. Robcat on April 5, 2013

      Two animated screenshots. Did not expect that way back when. This kickstarter has been very impressive.

      Colin, you are great :-)

    2. Missing avatar

      Hmm-Hmm. on April 5, 2013

      This just gave me the plan to someday find Colin and ask him to sign my copy. Preferably with a comment on how elves deserve the book.. or something along those lines.

    3. Corey on April 5, 2013

      I dunno. I liked the Complete Books of Elves. We used it as a weapon against the DM. "I failed my saving throw? Are you sure? Hmm. That's okay, I want to create an elf anyway... oh, so I did make it after all?"

    4. Nobody on April 5, 2013

      Your Labyrinth is a Ball contained in itself.
      A recursive loop the idea is not new but for some people very flashy.
      So Matt is right: Don't shake it!!

    5. Missing avatar

      Hans Olofsson
      on April 5, 2013

      I must admit that I was a little bit sad when I scrolled down to the new add-ons and didn't see Wasteland Novellas listed there when there was so many other Wasteland add-ons added. They are basically the only thing I haven't been able to pickup (through their pre-order site) for Wasteland that I want.

    6. Missing avatar

      Matt on April 5, 2013

      The crystal visible out the window in the picture for the 10th fathom of the Castoff’s Labyrinth, I wonder if it's the same one visible in the ball, which would mean that the entire Labyrinth is contained in a ball inside the Labyrinth. Don't bump the table, that's how earthquakes happen :P

    7. FightingFurball on April 5, 2013

      we can do the 4,5kk,right? :)

    8. Adrià Amor on April 5, 2013

      Common guys if you won't finally add new tempting high tiers, at least include some cheap addons for the last hours compatible with the current backers of Wasteland 2 that already have the music, beta and stuff. A cloth Map would be great

    9. Veevoir on April 5, 2013

      @Steve: Until he starts to introduce himself "Hi, I'm Colin McComb and I'm sorry for the book of elves".
      But seriosly, everyone who sees rules/setting books as something more than mere guidelines for GM should consider playing pen and paper FPS.

    10. Steve Dozniak on April 5, 2013

      Say, how many times total can we make Colin apologize for that book?

    11. Missing avatar

      Roger on April 5, 2013

      It stills crack me up that you guys thought at some point you may not get funded... :D

      Will the physical add-ons be available through a shop (at higher prices, I assume) after KS is finished? I can't really pledge more than I already have, but give me a couple of months and...

    12. Jean-Luc Picard on April 5, 2013

      Colin, make a video where you just keep saying "elves are awesome, elves are aw...". Fight it out with MCA maybe. :P

    13. Alexander Barger on April 5, 2013

      Just increased my Pledge from 35$ to 75$ - hopefully we get to 4Million in the LAst 17 Hours :-)

    14. Samael the Butterdragon on April 4, 2013

      Can we possibly have some cheaper physical add-ons? More books, a strategy guide, a glass, anything, really - haha, I'm more likely to end up blowing more on individual items than I am to on a big item like a print. Getting a lot of little things feels nicer and I'd be eager to buy add ons since I'm comfortable with where my pledge level is at.

    15. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on April 4, 2013

      Into the final stretch now and great to see that the community is inching toward $4M.

      MM's music is amazing and of the many exciting $4M stretch goals, more of his music is among the best.

      Good luck during the final countdown!

    16. Wolf Bennett on April 4, 2013

      @Colin, truthfully (I might be a minority here) I found your first apology suffecient, and personally never allowed anything out of the Completely Broken line of books in my campaigns (this after reading through Complete Book of Thieves) I also hope you gave as good as you got. chin up, you've got an excellent game in the worrks. >:)

    17. Dren Sokic on April 4, 2013

      This is gonna be epic. I really hope we'll get to the stronghold tier though.

    18. Missing avatar

      Joyce Huang on April 4, 2013

      @ET3D Putting in additional add-ons rather than adding stuff to tiers is probably just geared towards a different group of backers; for instance, I've already opted for the digital $130 tier, so going up one level would be $350, almost triple what I'm currently pledging.

      I mean, I'll actually probably still do it, but it's not an easy decision to make, whereas adding $20 here and $12 there for some cool little things that'll help out with the pledge total is almost a no-brainer. (And once I'm at $350, there'll be nowhere higher to go - my place is cluttered enough already that I really don't want additional physical goods that are just going to get lost in a couple of weeks.)

      You can just think of (current tier) + (selection of add-ons) as a new, customizable tier, I guess? Isn't it the same thing?

    19. Missing avatar

      Alexander Aas on April 4, 2013

      I am really liking the style so far, and this is only very early pre production!

      Good luck tomorrow, I might even bump my own pledge up a notch.. :)

    20. Kristan Alicesun on April 4, 2013

      So I got myself on the guest list. Thanks for that!

      But, WHERE is the party being held? I can't show up if I don't know where it is. Is it being held at your office or somewhere else?

    21. Johannes 'Waldgeist' Rebhan on April 4, 2013

      @Jason Watts QFT. The DM makes the game. He has to control the power level. If he can't do that, he should not blame mechanics, because mechanics, no matter how well designed and playtested they are, are always exploitable (and this nowhere more true than in D&D, no matter the incarnation)

    22. Jack Hepburn Raine on April 4, 2013

      @ET3D do kinda agree with you PE added stuff to tiers rather than just add ons.

    23. RafTen on April 4, 2013

      Thanks for answering my question Colin! Now I can die happy ;D

    24. ET3D on April 4, 2013

      @Thomas Beekers, I think that Kaeroku's point was about the feeling of value, not about the ability to get copies. I get the impression that at this point inXile is trying to "milk" backers, by offering more and more add-ons which aren't included at any pledge level. An alternative method to get more money would be to add more value to tiers, and thereby encourage low level backers to upgrade to a higher tier. This could also encourage more new backers to pledge.

    25. Sebastian Hosche on April 4, 2013

      On posters, I really hope the 'cold, calculating Jack' will be in the final selection as that's the poster I want!

    26. Olna Jenn Smith
      on April 4, 2013

      Oh, Colin. You're my favorite. *amused*

    27. Missing avatar

      matt on April 4, 2013

      So when's the beta for Wasteland 2 launching?

    28. Richard Luijten on April 4, 2013

      I'm so sad that I can't attend the closing party. Kinda sucks to live so far away sometimes. Anyway the kickstarter is moving great and it seems like we might be able to beat 4M so here's hoping for that awesome city!

    29. ET3D on April 4, 2013

      The Wasteland 2 project changed the $30 tier near the end to make it a lot more compelling. I feel that this could be done here too. I'm itching to upgrade, I probably will, but I'm sure that adding a little more here and there would help. I agree that even offering a second copy could be something to push people to upgrade. There are around 35k people in the $28 level and under, and I imagine that a little push could send a few thousands of them over to a higher tier, as happened in Wasteland 2.

    30. Missing avatar

      PrimeJunta on April 4, 2013

      Colin McComb is getting seriously good at deadpan delivery.

      I'm also becoming quite attached to the CCJ's "Dafuq is this? Dafuq was that?" animation. It's delightfully out of place in the Sagus Cliffs tech demo.

      Godspeed to 4M.

    31. Pacal_II on April 4, 2013

      Again. My complaint is that the character and environment look to differently. As if the character came from another game. Maybe that's why she's so dissoriented!? :D

    32. Grym on April 4, 2013

      can't get enough of that music!

    33. Kim Fredrik Svendsen on April 4, 2013

      Wow, the game graphic test is amazing! Together with the music its almost hypnotizing. And so dreamy like. It pulls my imagination in so many ways. :)
      I get the feeling this game is going to be a huge experience. As a composer and artist this is very inspirational for me, to say the least.

      I have been waiting for this for so many years, I can almost not belive its happening. And by the hand of you guys, wow. Speechless. :)

    34. Huinehtar, Tmted Reign for Eternity on April 4, 2013

      Even if I was awaiting for these kind of things... Stunned, stunned, what's I am now.
      Tomorrow will be a great day.

    35. Thomas Beekers
      on April 4, 2013

      @Kaeroku: you can add additional digital copies as add-ons to your pledge, at $20 a piece

    36. Missing avatar

      Sorokin Andrej on April 4, 2013

      I would be a total ass if wouldn't back the game of my dream. God speed InXile. Cheers from Ukraine 0/

    37. Tomimt on April 4, 2013

      I sure hope there will be a pacifist option for playing the game through. Or at least to most situations, as it's always good to get more options besides bludgeoning someone to death.

    38. Missing avatar

      Alex on April 4, 2013

      Companion Quests!!!!
      Can't be more excited!

    39. Missing avatar

      Kaeroku on April 4, 2013

      None of the add ons are really compelling for me - I don't want T-Shirts, Mugs, pictures or music - I'll see the art and music in the game, and the gear is just not my style. What would compel me to spend more (and probably others as well) would be additional sharable copies of the game. The 25$ tier provides one copy, and most successful KS campaigns including P:E offered additional copies at higher tiers (with a bulk discount price, usually.)

      Would offering like, 3 for 60$ or something along those lines be up for consideration? We're close enough to the deadline that people might be a bit chagrined if they missed the opportunity, but it could also help push us over the edge. I want this game (more even than P:E) to be everything it could possibly be. I'll be very disappointed if we don't see Crafting Numenara, etc.... so please consider options that are likely to result in significant pledge increases, such as the one described above.

    40. Jack Hepburn Raine on April 4, 2013

      Also if you have finalised prints can you finalise posters.

    41. Jack Hepburn Raine on April 4, 2013

      was really hoping for printed comics or and source book. especially source book.

    42. Cgemici
      on April 4, 2013

      I wonder if the stretch goals after 4mil will be broken up or if more will be added. If nothing else is going to come between the goals, at least changing them so there is something like 4.1mil codex, 4.25 mil crafting should make people feel more of that the next goal is so close feel.

    43. Jason Watts on April 4, 2013

      Bah, don't give in to bullying Colin! The Bladesinger was only a problem for DM's who couldn't control their game and properly impose its negatives. A buddy of mine played one in a longstanding campaign, none of us ever felt overshadowed by him in the slightest, and the DM made damn sure his kit restrictions came to life in the campaign.

    44. Missing avatar

      Brian Bierlein on April 4, 2013

      How about add-on cloth map? :(

    45. William C Crawford on April 4, 2013

      Oh good. Companion quests. :) I was very much hoping for that one.

    46. JonNik on April 4, 2013

      Excellent, especially the music that is obviously going to be a huge part of building the atmosphere for this game. This piece from M.M truly nails it for me...

    47. Don Reba on April 4, 2013

      That was a much better apology. Well done!

    48. Dieithrio on April 4, 2013

      It would have been great if you had put the basic box of Wasteland 2 too, and not only that expensive one :(

    49. Missing avatar

      Tilly on April 4, 2013

      :D You did great!!

      ... and in Uservoice, could unused proposed Stretch Goals be moved to Game Ideas (if applicable)? That'd make me feel ever so special. c:

    50. Ante Vukorepa
      on April 4, 2013

      I think i need more sleep. I've somehow managed to read "Complete Book of Elves" as "Complete Book of Elvis".