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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated our Journal (13): Just 3 Days Left! See the Bloom in Action

TL;DR: Torment Sourcebook for Numenera Tabletop game, Pat Rothfuss Digital Comic and Companion, New Stretch Goals, Technology Test (video).

Hello Forgotten Ones,

You may be curious about what will happen this last week. From us, you can expect another video or two, a Vision document, and a couple more treats.

In terms of funding, it is typical for a large-ish video game Kickstarter to gain around 20% of its total backers within the last few days – even those that end more slowly have about 15% during this time. In extreme cases, one-third or more of the total funding can arrive during the final days. And most of this is in the last day. Each Kickstarter is unique, and Torment gained a lot of attention early, but $4M or more is very attainable. 

Only 3 days remain, but much is still possible. We pledge to use every dollar to make Torment better and we thank you for your continued support and for spreading the word!

New Add-Ons

We have some new add-ons for you to consider, courtesy of Monte Cook and Pat Rothfuss! To learn how add-ons work, check out our tumblr site.

Digital Numenera Torment Sourcebook – $12 (Add-on EXCLUSIVE)

In part because of the success of the Kickstarter, and the clear appeal of Torment, Monte Cook will be adding a tabletop supplement to Torment to the Numenera product line. This will be a roughly 160-page sourcebook that details the major areas of the game, along with optional rules (like the Tides), creatures and items of Torment, and the major characters. Digital copies of this sourcebook are available only as an add-on -- and won't be available at this price outside of this Kickstarter.

Digital Comic by Pat Rothfuss – $8 (Add-on EXCLUSIVE)

Pat Rothfuss will write a digital comic (at least 12 pages) related to the Torment characters and story. It may even be about the companion he will be designing and writing (see below! =) ). It will be released before the game ships. This digital comic is available only as an add-on.

Hi-res Digital Concept Art + Digital Map – $4

The high resolution digital map is now included in the Hi-res Digital Concept Art, so it is now available in the $50 Tier. The hi-res digital concept art collection (including the map) is now also available as an add-on for any Tier.

Torment Will Take a Little More Time

We purposely designed Torment to be modular so that, if we had additional funding, we could easily expand upon the game in ways that would make sense. Your support has exceeded our expectations. It is clear to us that to create as high quality a final product as we desire, and as you deserve, we’re going to want more time than we had in our original schedule.

Many of you have asked if the unexpected support we have received will require us to push back the release date. While we do not yet know what our final development budget will be, we do know that we’ll need a few months past the December 2014 launch date we first proposed at $900,000. (We’ll provide more details about our schedule after we have time to complete our planning following the Kickstarter.) We thank you greatly for providing us enough resources to increase Torment’s scope and quality bar. It’s our plan to use funds to keep the team on the project longer, allowing us to design, iterate, and polish more, to make a game that truly lives up to the Torment name.

Goals Achieved: Pat Rothfuss Joins the Team (and also writes a companion and comic)

We reached our $3.25M Stretch Goal this past weekend, and Pat Rothfuss now joins our ranks. And further, he’s willing to not just write for an area, but to also write one of the companions. I had the pleasure of meeting Pat for the first time this past Sunday night, as he was in the area for Wondercon. He had been reading about Torment’s story and characters and was inspired by an idea he had for a possible companion. I think it sounds very cool, though I told him he’ll have to persuade Colin. =) Pat will write a companion (either this idea or some other – he’s agreeable to whatever Colin deems best) at a new $3.4M Stretch Goal (by the time you read this we’re already almost there!). 

We also reached the 6th Fathom as we crossed 60,000 backers. We’re within 1,000 Likes on Facebook to add a 7th.

And yesterday we passed by the $3.35M Stretch Goal as well, and will be adding Lacunae to the Castoff’s Labyrinth. Lacunae are figments of your mind that represent parts of yourself (or do they?). Through conversing with a Lacuna, you’ll discover puzzles and quests, and might even enhance your own abilities. As we delve to deeper fathoms, you’ll be able to find more Lacunae with whom to interact.

New Stretch Goals

As we charge through our last few days, we want to outline more of our plans of further improving Torment with additional funds. As before, these Stretch Goals call out specific things we’ll do, but we’ll be improving the game in more ways than just these. While maintaining Torment’s four pillars we’ll be enhancing the game on all fronts –reactivity, features, art, audio, breadth, depth, and polish.


Hall of Lingering Reflections

This gathering place will offer unique opportunities and tools to help you defeat your foes. It is a living museum, a history, a prison. This subterranean vault is a place of memories, a vault of pain and laughter, built by a forgotten power for forgotten reasons. The memories of its denizens are frozen in time, and so they have no knowledge of the passage of the centuries beyond these walls. Its doors open into smaller worlds, pocket dimensions that house these shells in a simulation of their memories. But who lies hidden here? What secrets might you unlock? And is it possible to spirit one of this company away as you seek your creator?


Increased Companion Depth (including Companion Quests)

We've always planned to make interactions with your companions deep and memorable. At $3.75M, we we’ll commit to this further by adding optional side quests unique to each companion that further bolster their character arcs. Learn who sent the jack to the Stichus tunnels in the first place, or maybe discover why the fallen priest is adept at unleashing horror on his foes. Whether you help them face their demons or use their pasts to your advantage is up to you.

Castoff’s Labyrinth: Alternative Exit to Another Part of the Ninth World

A secret portal within the Labyrinth that takes you back to your body but leaves you someplace different than where you left. Will you take it? At this Stretch Goal, the Labyrinth reveals secrets that will allow you to access a new area in the living world, one you wouldn't have been able to access otherwise. (At deeper Fathoms, more of these portals may exist in the crevasses of your mind.)


Enhanced Tide and Legacy System: Number of Legacies increased from 11 to 16

You may recall your Legacy is determined by which Tide or Tides you favor, and that Legacy affects NPC reactions, item bonuses, and your character's Focus. At the start, we had planned only six Legacies, determined solely by your dominant Tide (plus one for when no Tide is dominant). At $3M, we expanded that to 11 Legacies, so that your Legacy would be determined by your TWO strongest Tides (irrespective of which of the two is stronger).

While Adam, Colin, and I were developing the Tides concept over the past months, we envisioned the full system as including 16 Legacies (ten possible pairs, plus five for when one Tide dominates all others, plus one for when no Tides are dominant). We contemplated how we would handle and leverage this robust system to create an unprecedented degree of reactivity. Prior to the Kickstarter, we crushed our dreams as unrealistic and contented ourselves with 6, which we felt still left us with a more intricate system that most games have.

But at this Stretch Goal we can return to our original, ideal vision for what the Tides and Legacies can become. Torment's fourth pillar is Reactivity, Choice, and Real Consequences and while this pillar covers far more than just the Tides, the Tides and Legacy system are at the core of both Torment’s themes and its approach to gameplay. This means even more opportunities for reactivity based on your personal play style, and a deeper, richer experience for you.

Oasis of M'ra Jolios and More Mark Morgan Music

At this Stretch Goal, we’ll also be adding the major city location of the Oasis of M’ra Jolios (the underwater city in the desert whose concept we sent in Update 11 and whose wallpapers are available on our website). And we’ll be adding even more Mark Morgan music, which of course will be included in the game’s digital soundtrack and audio CD rewards. (We’ll want more music to properly convey the mood and atmosphere of the new areas and companions we’ll be adding – including the Oasis.)


Longer Story

More areas, more villains, more NPCs. We've sketched out some of these already—the First Castoff, the Angel of Entropy, the Ruins of Ossiphagan, the crystalline dimension, etc. But at this stretch goal we'll sketch out an even longer, more intricate story than we had planned. A few of the optional areas and ideas we had planned for the core story showed obvious potential for being extended into major subplots, or even adding to the core plot and storyline. We pared back these ideas to be realistic about the game scope - making a great game requires focus and you have to be willing to cull many of your ideas so that the game will be highly polished. At this Stretch Goal, we have a couple specific threads in mind we’ll resurrect and incorporate into the story Colin originally dreamed up, confident that we'll have the resources to really do them justice.

Voluminous Codex

We always intended for Torment to have a journal that would log your discoveries within the Ninth World. Not the kind of Journal that tells you exactly where you need to go next and what you need to do – you are an RPG connoisseur after all, and don’t need us to hold your hand. But what you might like is a journal to catalog your travels and discoveries, one to which you might refer when some past details elude you. One of your suggestions that we really liked was to take the journal quite a bit further. At this Stretch Goal, we’ll do that – we’ll expand the journal, giving you more lore, more creature and character portraits, and more information on interesting/important events as you come across them. As with the rest of the game’s user interface, the journal will be highly customizable to suit your tastes.

Crafting Numenera

The numenera may be beyond our understanding, but they aren't beyond our use. This Stretch Goal will allow you to learn the tricks to combining the numenera into your own custom cyphers and artifacts. This would not be a rote crafting system, but one that includes some puzzle-solving elements (though not what you'd call a mini-game) and that is tied into the world and narrative. This is yet another idea we started to explore early on for the game, but that felt out of scope for our original budget. But at this Stretch Goal, we can confidently commit to restoring this aspect of our design vision as well.


Expanded Reactivity, Length, and Depth

We asked on the forums whether you preferred a deeper, more reactive game, or a longer story. The votes are overwhelmingly for both. The other Stretch Goals outline many of the ways in which we will do this (such as the increase to 16 Legacies), but there are other ambitious options as well. We have many ideas in mind, but will have to examine carefully what will be best for the game and its narrative. At this Stretch Goal, we will pursue some of these other ideas that we never thought would be possible, with a specific focus on reactivity and utilizing the Tides (and the other methods of tracking your decisions and actions) to make the world both larger and even more in tune with the story you'll be creating for your version of the Last Castoff.

Player “Stronghold”

In your struggle to find your legacy, there may come a time when you want someplace more permanent to call home (or perhaps not so permanent or not so much a home). At $4.5M, we will implement a player stronghold that you may come across in your journeys. The stronghold will be a playable area, a personal hub and base of operations, and it may come with its own quests or difficulties. What will it be exactly? We’ll explore further to see what makes the most sense for the game and narrative. Some of the ideas (from us and from you) vary from a personal airship to a hidden location in your mind, to an alternative dimensional pocket. What it won't be is your typical cozy home - it will fit the atmosphere of Torment's story and Numenera's world. We’ll surprise you with what it may be (and perhaps its form will even depend upon your choices within the game).

Mur Nominated for Prestigious Writing Award

Last Saturday, it was announced that one of our writers, Mur Lafferty, has been nominated for the 2013 John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer. Past nominees include George R.R. Martin (1973), Orson Scott Card (won, 1978), David Brin (1982), Scott Lynch (2007), and Joe Abercrombie (2008). Congratulations, Mur!

A Brief Technology Test

Yesterday, we showed you a screenshot of an area in the Bloom. Here is a brief lighting and technology test that shows a 3D character on a 2D pre-rendered background. Obviously, this is a very quick test – we’ve only had the screenshot for a few days, after all. =) This was basically Koy's weekend (thanks, Koy!). But if this is what we can do in a couple days with pipelines we’re still developing and without programmer involvement, than you can imagine (we know you all have great imaginations!) what will be possible after we really delve into the project and after months of polishing final areas. We added Mark Morgan’s music separately, but otherwise this little scene is running in Unity.

Have a great day!

Kevin Saunders
Project Lead


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    1. Scott Acker on

      If I want the Tides sourcebook in hardcover how should I order it? I added to my pledge but that's only a PDF...

    2. Alan Villarreal on

      We need a good solid million to hit all .. 52 hours, it CAN be done. Break the bank people! lol

    3. Duskwind on

      @John Vanderbeck - what are you measuring the scale against?

    4. Missing avatar

      Johnny Jenkins on

      I think it looks great! Glad I'm backing. The character does seem a bit "dull" compared to the rest of the world. It'd need to see another location to be sure. But looks good!

    5. JDL: Operative - on


      The screenshot and video are the result of a couple of devs spending a few hours on a weekend. That's what makes it really impressive. If this is possible in that short a time, imagine what it can look like when it's polished.

    6. John Vanderbeck on

      I know this is just a test, but this looks odd to me for two main reasons:
      1) The scale looks makes the character seem smaller than a normal human size
      2) The art style of the character clashes with that of the background art, making it feel very much "stuck on"

      Professionally I am a VFX compositor, and when I first watched this it totally jumped out at me as a "bad comp" meaning the various elements in the scene don't mesh together seamlessly. You can tell one was put on top of another.

      Like I said, I KNOW this was a test and its pretty cool to see. Is the background used here just concept art, and something that will get more detailed and better mesh with the characters later down the road?

    7. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Now that I've had a chance to see the Bloom in action video; gorgeously impressive work.

      Agree with the sentiment, if not the actual words, of the poster below!

    8. Richard on

      Hot damn that test video made cum spout out of my eyes and all over my latop, it looks great!
      For some reason I was really surprised to see such a great looking character on a backdrop like that..Technology really HAS advanced since 1999 huh?
      The stretch goals are great too, except for the crafting one. God I hate crafting. In spite of that though I hope you hit them all so you can make Torment the most memorable experience you can =]

    9. Missing avatar

      Gyges on

      Yadayadayada have some more of my money.

    10. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      @Matt Burns: Sounds great to me. Personally, I'm fine with the "immature" and "misogynistic" romances currently in games, but your ideas sound great too.

      As an aside, I *don't* think all characters should be romanceable, nor would I want them to be. That's too much into ego worship of the player character. I wanted to romance Mira in Knights of the Old Republic 2, and I thought it was hilarious that she shoots down the main character, calling him "a nice guy, but too old." It was refreshing, actually.

    11. Macha on

      I, too, am completely with Matt Burns on this subject. That posting is pretty much perfect and how I believe romance should be handled in videogames. Especially on party member relationships NOT involving the main character - characters shouldn't just be possible bedmates for your PC. I really like when they have their own ideas, wishes, and consequently relationships.

      It makes them more "real". For a game, anyway.

    12. Mr Propellerhead on

      I'd like to think that the Castoff's Labyrinth might at least reach "nine fathom deep".

    13. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      concerning romances, i'm totally with what @ matt burns just said. he summed up my thoughts on it quite nicely.

    14. Missing avatar

      Matt Burns on

      Previous comment, first sentence of second paragraph, should read: "if they're handled as maturely and realistically as in Planescape: Torment (in as much [...]"

    15. Missing avatar

      Matt Burns on

      This will be my first and last comment on romances.

      T:ToN should include them if and ONLY if they're handled as maturely and realistically (in as much as it's possible to use that term in reference to a romance with either a half-fiend or a reformed succubus) and NOT if they're handled with the same level of immaturity and misogyny usually exhibited in video game romances. The relationships in P:T were just that: relationships. They weren't hook-ups; the farthest you could take either of the potential romances physically was a kiss, and doing so with Grace killed you. And you could develop your relationship (or not) with each character. There were even hints of developing relationships between the different companions in some cases -- as odd as it would have been, I'm pretty sure Nordom had some interest in Grace. But it was all about the emotional connection to the other characters, and not about unlocking a sexy cutscene.

      Given T:ToN's focus on character development, reactivity, choice, and consequences, I think the possibility of developing a romantic relationship with one or more companions (or non-companion NPCs) is definitely something the developers should consider. It certainly fits into the theme of "What does one life matter?" and could be used to explore the themes of abandonment and even mystery, as well. (After all, what is more mysterious than the human heart?)

      So I, for one, hope the developers DO include romance as one of several different options in developing your relationships with other characters, because I trust Brian, Colin, and the others to handle them in such a way that it supports the themes and plot, rather than for simple fanservice and titillation.

    16. sam2s on

      The kickstarter is not meant to be a store, it is meant to fund the development of the game.
      All the tiers and add-ons are primarily supposed to help bring in more pledges for this purpose, otherwise they would not be part of the kickstarter. The rewards are just an added incentive for backers (in addition to knowing that you helped make this game possible). Also, some rewards are limited/exclusive items which makes them more valuable to collectors.

    17. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      @ deviknyte

      at least 12 pages. since it hasn't been written yet, they don't know how long it'll be. they're just making a guarantee that it'll be that long if not longer.

      and because it's a pledge, you aren't buying it. there's a difference between the two. think something like a PBS pledge drive. it doesn't cost even remotely 100$ to get the dvd of the show you're watching, but that's what they're asking for so they can have operating funds for a while. if they were to charge exactly what something costs, there wouldn't be any money to actually make a game afterwards. which isn't what we want.

    18. Missing avatar

      Devin Redd on

      Why is the Pat Rothfuss comic so much? $8 for 12 pages?

    19. Trister - OO's Tormented Master Wetboy on

      @ deviknyte

      yes, it'll be on the numenera website, just not at that price.

    20. Missing avatar

      Devin Redd on

      Will the "Digital Numenera Torment Sourcebook" and "Digital Numenera Torment Sourcebook" be available outside of this Kickstarter?

    21. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great update and incentive to up my pledge!

    22. sam2s on

      @Shevek, @Scelous
      Why don't you fight this out at a more appropriate place:

    23. Shaz on

      I enjoy romances in games, but they're never something I expect to be, or demand to be, in them. Restricting relationships to just romances is something I find quite shallow. I would greatly prefer to have a vast spectrum of relationships available. I would love to cultivate a true, deep friendship or a multifaceted rivalry just as much as a romance!

    24. Shevek on

      It kills immersion for me when I know just about every NPC wants to get in the sack with me. This dev team won't be pandering to the masses just like the PE crew didn't.

      BTW, here is future Torment contributor and PST guru Chris Avellone on romances:

      Not a big fan of romances. I did four in Alpha Protocol because Chris Parker, our project director, demanded it because he thinks romance apparently is easy, or MAYBE it’s because he wanted to be an asshole and give me tons of them to do because I LOVE them so much (although to be honest, I think he felt it was more in keeping with the spy genre to have so many romances, even if I did ask to downscope them). At least I got to do the “hatemance” version of most of them, which makes it a little more palatable.

      Also, the only reason the romance bits in Mask of the Betrayer worked was because George Ziets helped me with them since he was able to describe what love is to me and explain how it works (I almost asked for a PowerPoint presentation). It seems like a messy, complicated process, not unlike a waterbirth. Don’t even get me started on the kissing aspects, which is revolting because people EAT with their mouths. Bleh.

      So if I were to implement a romance subplot in Eternity - I wouldn’t. I’d examine interpersonal relationships from another angle and I wouldn’t confine it to love and romance. Maybe I’d explore it after a “loving” relationship crashed and burned, and one or both was killed in the aftermath enough for them to see if it had really been worth it spending the last few years of their physical existence chained to each other in a dance of human misery and/or a plateau of soul-killing compromise. Or maybe I’d explore a veteran’s love affair with his craft of murder and allowing souls to be freed to travel beyond their bleeding shell, or a Cipher’s obsession with plucking the emotions of deep-rooted souls to try and see what makes people attracted to each other beyond their baser instincts and discovers love... specifically, his love of manipulating others. You could build an entire dungeon and quest where he devotes himself to replicating facsimiles of love, reducer a Higher Love to a baser thing and using NPCs he encounters as puppets for his experimentations, turning something supposedly beautiful into something filthy, mechanical, but surrounded by blank-eyed soul-twisted drones echoing all the hollow Disney-like platitudes and fairy tale existence where everyone lives happily ever after.

    25. Missing avatar

      AstralWanderer on

      Will physical versions of the Torment Sourcebook and Rothfuss Comic be made available at any point?

    26. Shevek on

      Biowarians couldn't foul up PE with their romance foolishness so they come here... Man, you'll get to cyber in Dragon Age 3.

    27. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      Speaking of Project Eternity, here is a poll on their forums on romances:

      Most people "enjoy romance," even though most people acknowledge they haven't been done very well.

      I've never understood the players who so vocally oppose romance in RPGs. Last I checked, it's never been required of the player character; it's an entirely optional subplot. So at that point, it's just being opposed to other players having the romance option.

    28. Rob Harvey on

      Like pretty much everyone I imagine - I'm keen to see this game yesterday! :) So I was a little disappointed to read that the ship date will be pushed back to include all the additional awesomeness. Probably looking at mid-2015 now. Not unexpected, and no-one expects a game to ship on it's due date anyway! But there was also mention of modular design. How would people feel if they built a core game, shipped it and then added lots of goodness as DLC free to the backers?

    29. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      How about this: They make some romances as deep as Annah's, and then you yourself simply do not pursue the option. That way, we can both be happy.

    30. Shevek on

      If I recall, Grace touches with a finger and tells you your a nice guy that she'll miss. If that's as far as Torment romances go, I am cool with that.

    31. Shevek on

      You might want to recheck your facts.

    32. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      No, I am not. I never said you could hook up with most of your companions. Likewise, I never said you were trying to get them "in the sack."

      You were able to romance Fall-From-Grace and Annah, the latter of which I romanced in my original playthrough.

    33. Shevek on

      PST was not a game where you could hook up with most of your companions. You also did not try to get them all in the sack constantly throughout the game. You are thinking of Baldur's Gate 2.

    34. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      Shevek: Well, you're more than welcome to your opinion on romances. They are popular with part of the fanbase, like myself, and I like the Bioware romances.

      That being said, again, the original Planescape: Torment had romances. I mean, that is the game they are taking inspiration from. So what you're saying is, "I hope they don't make Torment like Planescape: Torment."

    35. Shevek on

      Scelous: I hope they do like the Project Eternity team did and just say no to romances. Romances suck. Character relationships? Sure. Bioware-like romances? no thanks.

    36. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      @James: Yeah, I know. But their vagueness really worries me. They're all like, "Intimacy can take many forms, and there may or may not be unspecified levels of intimacy between the player character and animate and/or inanimate objects."

      That tells me next to nothing, and I worry they're just hedging around the issue. For instance, "physical coupling." Does that mean those more fleshy scenes from Bioware games, or does that mean any kind of romantic relationship whatsoever? Are they just referring to things like sibling relationships? I have no idea.

      I don't care so much about specific romantic scenes, but Planescape Torment had some great romances in it, and I feel like if Torment: Tides of Numenera is going to be a true spiritual successor, then they better have some romance in it. With a game like Torment, I'm more interested in the various forms of relationships between companions and less interested in walking around and hitting things.

    37. Shevek on

      Project Eternity started the upward surge much earlier than Torment has. Eternity started breaking the per day average of the Kickstarter about six days prior to the thing ending. This one is 3 days before ending and still has not broken the overall average. PE broke the mean about 9 days before the KS ended. We begun steadily breaking the mean yesterday. There is a difference.

    38. Damir Durovic on

      Exceptional strech goals, those will be three great last days, and have a sense that with this wonderous writing and design team we have one of the most promising RPG games ever coming our way...

    39. Jables D Brew on

      This looks ridiculously good! Thanks for the video.

    40. Missing avatar

      Matt Burns on

      @Duskwind: I really hope that Torment follows the trend shown in your spreadsheet for last three days' percentage increase. If so, we should end up at between $3.95m and $4.55m, averaging out at $4.25m.

      So basically for all those who've said that these new stretch goals are overly optimistic... As well as Project Eternity did in its last three days, considering this game was concieved as a spiritual sequel to P:T and has the added publicity of being developed by the developer that broke Kickstarter records with Wasteland 2, I think Torment might be able to do even better.

      So I think the new stretch goals might be just optimistic enough.

    41. Captain Shrek on


      Since 2D has been given a chance i would like to see just for the sake of comparison how a 3D real time rendered 'background' would look like. I think this would only be fair considering the graphics of W2 look quite nice and seem well suited for TB tactical combat.

      As you obviously have expertise from that area would it be possible to whip up a quick demo of the same/ similar scene?

    42. Missing avatar

      Kyle Haight on

      @Kirtswall True, KickTraq can't factor in closing surges. Even so it's useful data. If KickTraq is projecting $3.7 million if things continue as they are then $3.7 million is pretty likely at this point. Even a tiny surge would hit the $3.75 million stretch goal easily.

    43. Nicholas Russell on

      Awesome update as always man. Really loving the video and all of the planned stretch goals. Also, Congratulations Mur Lafferty for your nomination! Here's hoping you win dude.

    44. Missing avatar

      Sergiy on

      Now that further stretch goals are revealed im kinda scared that we'll never reach 4.25m

    45. James on

      And on a separate note, I love that footage! It's the kind of thing I always imagined from a modern IE game.

    46. James on

      They've already spoken about romance in the game, and that they want relationships and intimacy where it makes sense, and only then. They're not interested so much in physical coupling.

    47. Missing avatar

      Scelous on

      The main thing I care about is companions with a lot of depth. And there better be some romanceable NPCs in the game. I'm telling you right now there better be.