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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated our Journal (7): New $39 Tier, Tides, Novellas, Andree Wallin Concept

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

TL;DR: New concept art (and wallpapers) by Andree Wallin. Designer/Writer Adam Heine talks about Tides and Legacies (video). Novella Compilation explained and included in a new $39 Tier. Game Idea forum opened. Second Fathom of Castoff’s Labyrinth achieved.

Hi Forgotten Ones,

It’s been a typically quieter second week of our Kickstarter, but we’re still making the news. When we launched last Wednesday, your outpouring of support led Torment to break Ouya’s record for the faster Kickstarter to reach $1M! Your support will not only make an incredible Torment, it already made history.

Our record was short-lived, with the new Veronica Mars Kickstarter’s success this past Wednesday. But who could talk about their new record without acknowledging ours? =) This week Torment was mentioned by outlets such as CNN and Mashable

New Concept: The Ascension of Kex-Lianish

We’ve received many requests from you to give you some more tools to help spread the word and get more people interested in Torment. The more we raise, the better the game we can create. We are excited to share with you Andree Wallin’s first Torment piece, The Ascension of Kex-Lianish, which shows a crystalline dimension to which you may travel (or perhaps not). It’s available as a wallpaper at our website.

Art lovers – the three concept pieces you’ve seen thus far (Chang’s The Sojourner of Worlds and Sagus Cliffs at Dawn and Andree’s The Ascension of Kex-Lianish) are all options for the Signed Limited Edition Print that’s included in the $1,000 Limited Edition Signed Print tier, as well as the $5,000 and $10,000 tiers. (After the campaign, you will pick which of the available pieces, including these, you’d like.)

Choices, Consequences, and the Tides

Adam describes Tides and Legacies a bit further, and explains some of how they will contribute to Torment’s reactivity.

Novella Compilation – From the Depths

The Novella Compilation features standalone novellas by Colin McComb and Monte Cook andas well as From the Depths, five interlinked novellas by Adam Heine, Mur Lafferty, Nathan Long, Ray Vallese, and Tony Evans. Colin's novella will be tied more directly to the story of our game, with backstory on some of the characters or companions (no major spoilers, of course). Monte's novella will be a more proper introduction to the Ninth World and the Steadfast.

From the Depths will be a series of novellas interlinked, not in their stories or characters, but in their connections to the Tides and Torment's part of the Ninth World. Each novella will take place in the history of one of Torment's locations, and will revolve around the stories of individuals who, through their actions, embody one of the Tides. We’ve talked about how the Tides are complicated and nuanced concepts – through these stories, you will gain a deeper understand of what each Tide means, and how each manifests itself.

You'll read the tale of Luthiya, a young girl who lived in Ossiphagan, back when the town faced destruction by the Fire Wights, and the extraordinary measures she took to save the lives of those around her. And the more personal tale of Reen, who led an expedition into the heart of a murderous city in an insane attempt to cure his wife's deadly illness. The third novella is about the abhuman Baji, forced to choose between his people and a group of air-breathing refugees on the brink of death. Then we tell the tale of Zelor, the artist exiled to a world of creatures who could not see, hear, or – apparently – feel, and how he awoke the fires of their minds. Finally, you'll read about the Great Chila – long before she was ever called Great – and the role she played in the conflict between the rulers of Sagus Cliffs and the fugitives living within the Bloom.

All seven of these novellas are included in the compilation, available at the new $39 tier, the $50 tier and all tiers $75 and up (Colin's novella is included in all tiers $28 and up). They are also available as a digital add-on to ANY tier for $15. Any new novellas we may add will automatically be included with this reward.

The printed version of the novellas is included in all physical goods tiers $250 and higher. It will be a limited edition print run that’s only available to backers. (Note that while we are localizing the game text in French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish, these novellas will only be available in English at this time.)

New Tier at $39

For those eager to learn more about the Ninth World, Torment, and the Tides, we are adding a new Lore Aspirant Tier at $39 that includes:

1. DRM-free Digital Game (PC, Mac, or Linux)
2. Planescape: Torment Developer Retrospective
3. Access to the Official Torment Community
4. Digital Strategy Guide
5. Digital Novella Compilation, which includes all novellas (currently 7)

This limited Tier is the same as the $28 one, except that it also includes the Digital Novella Compilation (at $4 less than it would be at the add-on price of $15).

Second Fathom Achieved

The Second Fathom of the Castoff’s Labyrinth was reached this morning as we surpassed 48,000 Backers! We’ll have the Second Fathom available soon, but in the meantime here is the first, sketched by artist Dana Knutson. (This may not be going exactly where you expect - one's mind is not always predictable...)

Community News

We have opened a new idea forum on our User Voice for ideas about the game. We have prepopulated it with a number of decisions we’ve already made that define the game and our plans – most (if not all) of these are things we’ve talked about before. (Use the filters to see the "Will Do" and "Won't Do" ideas.) We opened this forum in part because many of the ideas being put into the other forums were game suggestions so we wanted those to have a proper home. We’ve also closed down the Torment Kickstarter forum, as we had moved Stretch Goals into their own and this one had largely served its purpose already.

Since Wednesday, more than 600 new members have joined the forums, bringing us to over 4000! Register at our website if you wish to join us.

We also have a couple new community sites we’d like to call out:

First, Paweł "Ausir" Dembowski has established an official Torment wiki – the place to check up on Torment information we’ve released thus far.

And a Polish version of our tumblr has been set up and is being run by Grimuar Sferowca. We’re excited to have their help in offering our Polish fans the latest Torment news!

Finally, Brian, Monte, Colin, and I are planning an AMA on Reddit next Wednesday, March 20 from roughly 9 AM to noon PDT. We’ll send more information next week. Remember to follow us on our Facebook and tumblr pages (and @BrianFargo), if you’d like more frequent news about Torment.

Enjoy your weekend!


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    1. Lignum on

      Rothfuss? Squuueeeeeee!!!

    2. Adam Heine on

      @Pacal -- You might be interested in this article from Monte:

    3. Josh - Sous Chef of the Obsidian Order on

      The structure at the center of that crystalline dimension looks a bit like the Air Force Academy Chapel...

    4. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Your first question should probably best left to Monte Cook as a mystery to reveal and play with. Maybe T:ToN could introduce its own twists. Regarding your second question Monte already mentioned that some of the nine civilizations transcended, i.e. went sublime a la the term Iain M. Banks used in his Culture novels. The description of the remains truly indicate vast technological advancement.

    5. Pacal_II on

      I've got two questions about the setting.
      1. Is the first of the nine civilizations in Numenera our civilization, or at least our in the future. Or in the grand scheme of events our civilization never evolved enough to be anywhere closer to the late ones?
      2. How advanced could these civilizations get? In science fiction we have many approaches. Some more cautionary writers believe our technology won't get too far, and we never manage to create AIs, war and poverty continue to be a problem and so on. On the other hand we have the trans-humanist view, with AIs often much more intelligent and moral than us, with Uplifts, space travel, singularities, nanotechnology and a post-scarcity economy (the more popular view now because of Moore's law). So how did technology evelve in Numenera?

    6. Adam Heine on

      @russell -- Sorry, man. I understand how you feel. Unfortunately, the $65 tier saps more of our budget than probably any other tier; adding more rewards (and therefore more backers) to that particular tier would have the unfortunate effect of making the Kickstarter total look a lot more impressive than it really is :-/

      If you really want the digital novellas, you can get them as an add-on for $15, or you can select the $50 reward tier (it'll lose you the box, but will gain you a digital soundtrack and art book).

    7. Duskwind on

      @russell - we're paying to get Torment made, and the more we pay, the better it will be. And specifically, you're paying $65 to get a physical boxed game posted to you; the $39 tier is all digital. Why should you get something for free that others are paying $39 for? And you also get all sorts of other goodies at the higher tiers.

    8. russell on

      @adam Heine Lame Im already paying $65 bucks dont see why i should raise my amount to get something that is litterly email pushed out to some one giving $39.

    9. Rafał Dryżałowski on

      Let me know if you will ever need English-Polish translators :D

    10. Adam Heine on

      @russell: The digital novellas come with all physical tiers $95 and up. See the tables here for a clearer picture:

    11. russell on

      maybe im missing something, but do you not get the novels with the physical goods level? id have to lower my pledge to read them?

    12. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      Sure, but it's hard to tell whether that is more than a generic flag and whether my explanations so far are sufficient to convey the extent T:ToN will be enhanced by it, i.e. the scope of the improvements. Hence my comment, it's perfectly reasonable that it's not clear that advanced features like mind states and intricate systems that model the Tides and the spread of knowledge through locations come with it.

    13. Hiver on

      @ Quantomas
      Did you not see that your posts about that got "considering" tag?

    14. Missing avatar

      Quantomas on

      @Colin McComb and others
      Regarding detailed modelling of who knows what, mind states of individuals, groups and entities so to speak, there is a limit of what you can do with writing and scripting.

      It's feasible in the framework/solution I suggested here:

      Enhanced tools that empower writing allow for tracking the entire scope. This includes tracking who knows what and can systematically be enhanced to model spread of knowledge in the world, Tides reacting to locations and such. No one has done this on this scale before, and it would make T:ToN a greater game with mindboggling possibilities.

    15. Willem on

      Love the concept art, really looking forward to exploring these imaginative and mystical locations!

      Also, I agree with Oscar; very important point. I am not going to go into the justification for using a tide/alignment system as that is an incredibly complex and long investigation involving the truly deep philosophical question of whether the category distinction between “event” (of “category A” reflecting action-reaction pairs) and “judgment” (of “category non-A” reflecting objective-subjective pairs) is truly valid within reality (reflecting problems of idealism vs. realism, etc.). However, the Ninth World is not this world we live in and thus we can leave that alone for now; we can thus consider the tides (which makes the philosophical distinction of event and judgment) as a given. And in this do I echo Oscar’s point that given the tide system, its justification in the game world and extrapolation on its inner workings needs to occur for an intellectual fulfilling experience (of both the game and the Ninth World via the game) in my opinion. I don’t think that should be left to the imagination of the player and also feel that you guys (the developers) should not be scared to take a stance on this (together with Monte Cook of course since the justification needs to agree with his vision/lore of the Ninth world); for example: justifying the system via an “invisible karmic thread” that all sentient or self-sustaining life forms are connected to or perhaps even some “semi-physical/real and semi-abstract field” that all entities are connected to and have intuition of (something akin to the Platonic Forms for Platonists or the “weave of magic” for arcane casters in D&D) and then of course somehow integrating extrapolations on said justification within the game (perhaps even making it a central part of the narrative/character development). I believe this is very important and should be carefully considered by you (it seems from Colin’s comments that you guys are giving this point its due attention) since it is a point that will determine the intellectual maturity of your creation to a great degree I believe.

      Also I approve of keeping mystery in the world, especially with regards to the notions of "magic" vs. "technology" and perhaps even asking some questions through this mystery (reflecting the philosophical question of "of nature"/"immanence" versus "not of nature"/"transcendence").

      Other than that point, I just wish to express again that I am really so excited for this! So glad this is happening. Thanks Colin, Brian, Adam, Monte, etc. for this! All you guys at InXile thank you!

    16. Adam Heine on

      @Pacal: Good questions. Honestly, the Tides are an attempt to kind of codify all of human experience and emotion into five little boxes. So I have no doubt we'll miss stuff :-) That said, I might consider freedom to fit into the Red box. I mean Tide ;-)

      Also the factions won't be strictly limited to the Tides, so it's entirely possible we'll have a "free league" equivalent, even if it doesn't fit a single Tide very strongly.

      As for the colors, we haven't fully determined how we're going to use them yet. So we'll see :-)

    17. Pacal_II on

      Thank for answering my last question, but I've got a new one :D.
      I wonder, why among the values represented by the tides there isn't: freedom. I remember the free league being one of my favorite faction in planescape. Do the different tides also represent different aspects, or "types" of freedom.
      Also, I realized that my two favorite presented tides, mix up into my favorite color! So I wonder, when to tides dominate do they also "create another color", so for example gold and blue, becomes green?

    18. Maciej Szydłowski on

      @Pawel Zawisza
      Przed wyruszeniem w drogę należy zebrać drużynę.

    19. Pawel Zawisza on

      Great to see such a big support from the Polish community. For the record, localizing the game in Polish means this will most likely see a physical release of some sort. At the end of 1990s CD Projekt (the guys who made the Witcher) localized all of Bioware games, using star-ridden cast. Imagine Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, etc. giving voices to PS:T, that was the level of Polish localizations we were given.

      My guess is CD Projekt contacted Inxile Ent. and struck a distribution deal (they are also a huge publisher in Middle/Eastern Europe). I think it will be a great success and help bring a lot of older gamers to the fold - my father adores cRPGs, however he cannot play as often as he would like to due to the fact so many games nowadays are reflex-dependant.

      Also, the subjects of novellas are incredible - wouldn't be surprised if all of the ended up being Cast-offs. This way we have some sort of continuity (PS:T - previous lives of Nameless One, Numenera - previouos cast-offs). It's shaping like one hell of a game!

    20. Duskwind on

      @Torment Fan - Pre-rendered cutscenes featuring the PC (as seen in Planescape) would be one obvious reason. Allowing for two genders already requires two versions of any such cutscene to be rendered; allowing for every possible combination of hairstyle, skin colour, etc would be impossible.

    21. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      @Colin McComb Nice to see you on here.

      Quick question: why is character customization (hair, skin color etc) not being implemented? I'm not arguing the feature should or shouldn't be but I noticed on the community site it was quickly set as not planned.

    22. Colin McComb on

      @Duskwind Man, talk about posting at the same time...

    23. Colin McComb on

      @ Pacal_II 1. There are people who know or suspect, yes.
      2. Some of it will certainly feel like magic, and without the knowledge to distinguish it from science, who are we to say there's no magic? That boundary will remain very blurry, especially from a player's perspective.

    24. Duskwind on

      @Pacal_II - 1) Yes. Though I expect the average person just doesn't understand the difference; technology is so incredible that magic as a concept is probably redundant. 2) Other dimensions aren't that uncommon in SF - think hyperspace or aliens ascended to a higher level of existence or parallel universes.

    25. Colin McComb on

      @Oscar Barda - That's always driven me crazy too, and it's one of the things we're talking about.

    26. Missing avatar

      the-beast on

      Any chance you can provide a few more wallpaper resolutions for those of us that can not afford a widescreen monitor? Something like 1280 x 1024 would be brilliant.


    27. Oscar Barda on

      Speaking of Tides : please please please pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase find a way to justify the shared knowledge of alignments.
      What I mean by that is that I hate hate hate it when I murder some dude in the middle of the desert and then come back to town and everyone hates me for it.

      Maybe some races have a weird psychic link that alows them to know who murdered the others, maybe if you equip some NPC's weapon you just kill and come back to town someone goes "Hey! That's brad's gun! Look at the notches on the guard, he would have never given it away, KILL THAT DUDE!" or something like that.

      But really, if it's just non-justified "everybody's watching your every move and knows your reputation" that's gonna end up feeling half baked to me.

      Same thing, maybe simulate the spread of the player's reputation / influence on the world or something like that.

      Example : Save a town from an attack, farm around and then go to the next : boom, they heard about you.
      Do the same but rush to the next city, they have no idea who you are...

      Thanks for reading if you did :)

    28. Pacal_II on

      I've got two questions about Numenera.
      1. Are there people who realize that what surrounds them is technology and not magic? Basically some rationalist faction or just individuals who realize this.
      2. Is there no magic at all? The hard thing for me to imagine is how can other dimensions be non-magical. Are they other planets to which you travel by wormholes or some kind of virtual realities?

    29. Starker on


      Yes, but a billion years into the future, so it might just as well be. Who knows how it has been terraformed or how the solar system itself has (been) changed... For example, there's a pangaea again.

    30. Pacal_II on

      So as I understand the setting of Numenera is our earth, not a different planet colonized by humans a long time ago?

    31. Balgin Stondraeg

      "Updated my alignment system." Awsome :).

    32. Balgin Stondraeg

      Is that the second consecutive video in which I hear the wonderful voice of Michael T Wiess - the original voice of the Nameless One from Torment? Lovely :).

    33. Steel Phoenix on

      I disagree that the Gold tide is inherently good vs. evil... I can see lots of ways that you can make it evil. Empathy, charity and compassion... remember the tides are PERCEPTIONS of your legacy. I could appear to be empathetic and compassionate in order to quietly manipulate people to my side. Charity and sacrifice don't necessarily mean that I lost anything in the process. Maybe I stole from someone else, kept the bulk of it and gave out tokens to the disenfranchised as evidence of my good will. I can see Gold as being quite the subtle brand of evil.

    34. Vít Novotný on

      It will be interesting to see how the system of tides plays out. The binary good / evil system has issue rewarding those "in between", let's see if this helps alleviate that w/o bringing its own set of issues. I lke the colors thing, by the way - reminds me of the Nix's Seventh Tower book.

    35. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      Hmmm, that is actually a good idea lukasz, it would be cool if the labyrinth would reflect the direction of your tides.



      the greater good



    36. Missing avatar

      Oliver Uvman on

      Lukasz: The Labyrinth will be a reflection of the castoff's mind. If you want a dark labyrinth, maybe you'll need to play a dark character? :)

    37. Vít Novotný on

      @Łukasz: I, too, (baselessly) thought that the Labyrinth would be underground. It doesn't mean it should or needs to be so, just what "a labyrinth" evokes to me.

    38. Łukasz Hajnc on

      Castoff’s Labyrinth looks strange its lake a ship i dont lake it. It is not sufficient enoght darkness for me. To sweet.

    39. Robcat on

      @ Adam Heine, Great video, you're a natural!

      As an aside, I'd like to echo Jess Montgomery's comments about the V.Mars kickstarter. I found Adam's sincere and articulate video much more compelling than their slickly acted/affected pitch (amusing though it was), which actually turned me off their project.

    40. Taragon on

      i like this alignment system. ive been feeling in most games ive been playing that alignment is way to binary with pretty silly eveil choice. without evil options, the tides seems are far more reasonable system, that i wont have to make stupid choices and just play more naturally

    41. Adam Heine on

      @Azriel: The Tides are independent of good and evil (well, mostly -- the Gold Tide does encompass a lot of good, sacrificial actions). The consequences of good or evil actions will be handled more by the specific actions rather than the Tides themselves.

      For example, if you killed them all, then both groups would fear and/or hate you for it (the consequence of being evil), but the reflection in the Tides would be a possible increase in Silver (e.g. admiration, respect, or power). Does that make sense?

    42. Erik on

      I meant to say the $39 tier and the $50 tier.

    43. Missing avatar

      Azriel on

      I am a bit worried that the tides seem to lean too heavily toward positive/good action by their very definition than actual evil/negative way. Oh join one or the other group or kill them all and you get respect? what? I really do not want to see evil action become meaningless. Oh, its all perspective! There is no evil or good, however your actions funnily enough always seem to be good and your evil actions seem to be sorta bad. Yes there are shades of grey, but you have to have clear cut good/evil paths as well or your choices become meaningless. So many games just screw the option to play an evil character..oh sorry, darker shade of grey character. Might want to reword some of the tides so they are about even in good/evil/neutral, so far it leans toward good actions by the wording.

    44. Don Reba on

      Judging based on actions, not motivations — my inner sociopath approves this.

    45. bloodraven43 tormented Weresheep on

      you guys are fkin all these hoping the updated my journal isn't copywrited at hearing that....cant wait to play this game...this kickstarter is the best so far that ive seen.

    46. ET3D on

      @Anthony DePasquale, you can add the art book and soundtrack for $8 each as add-ons.

    47. vladtempest on

      those wallpapers are really cool, but could you please upload some versions that aren't so heavily jpeg compressed? would use the latest one as desktop background otherwise. :)

    48. Theobeau:OOoE\Mad man with a box/Exiled on

      Great update as always but have also noticed that the funding is slowing down. Maybe Ms. Mars is getting all the loving!

      How goes the attempts to up pledges from mid level pledgers? As someone who likes physical goods, I've pledged to a mid tier but the next physical up is almost double. However, if I was on the corresponding digital tier and wanted to take advantage of the next step up rewards, it would only be a 40% increase.

    49. Adam Heine on

      There's an easy-to-read table of all the tiers and their rewards here:

      And the add-ons (plus information on how to add them) is here: