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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Denis Kugay on

      It is fairly simple, and you don't have to direct people as to what they should do - we're all here on an equal footing, whether you want it or nor, so be considerate, @leperkhaun. It is exactly for that reason of equality among backers that this bonus limited to some of the first backers and not all of them that the whole idea looks unfair. Looks unfair - is NOT unfair, however (see my first comment).

    2. Jozape on

      @Denis Kugay What? Where are you guys getting the idea you are not getting a gift because you did not pledge for Project Eternity? What is this gift you are not getting?

    3. Tobi (Crusader Kickstarter pls!!) on

      "John Estes about 1 hour ago
      There sure is a lot of whining from people that have 1) probably not shipped a video game and 2) previously funded the project and are now getting MORE for the same cost. I don't like the way the word 'entitlement' gets thrown around so much.."
      AND THIS:
      " John Simms about 2 hours ago
      Guys, it's day one, let's not break out the pitchforks just yet. With quickly approaching 1.5m, it's safe to say our enthusiasm probably caught them a little off guard. Give them a chance to catch up."

    4. Missing avatar

      Chuan Q. Ho on


      You're assuming that if inXile implements gender reactivity, it will result in the female character being a sexist caricature. I think you should give them more credit.

    5. Adam Heine on

      @Peter: inXile owns the Torment trademark, but not the Planescape IP. Planescape belongs to WotC and, when Colin and Brian approached them (multiple times) they were rebuffed. So we went ahead with what we had.

      @Eckhart @Denis: If you are referring to the PST developer's retrospective, it will be available to anyone who backs Torment OR who backed Project: Eternity. So if you're posting here, then it means you WILL get it :-)

    6. Missing avatar

      leperkhaun on

      I have a question. How is them giving a bonus thing away shocking? Who care if they are also giving backers of another project something.

      Grow up. Just because they are giving something to people outside of this kickstarter shouldnt make you mad.

    7. Azjurai d'Angeles on

      As folks said, gonna need higher stretch goals than 2mil, should have that later tonight :P Damn nice thing to have happen though ^^

    8. ethereal on

      Gentlemen. Don't do gender reactivity. Mass Effect, for all its faults, is loved by women exactly because the devs didn't waste resources on it, and the result is a female character who's not a sexist caricature. Nice pic, though.

    9. Denis Kugay on

      Agree with @Eckhart: Josape, it's simple - I did not have a chance to back PE for a very sad and pragmatic reason. However, I did back WL2 and now TTN. All I see with the tidal of this fantastic sweep is some folks who were luckier are getting a gift, and although I am a returning backer ... see? Instead, there's a throw-in of WL2 copies as a by-product here. It's rational, alright. But emotionally it is pretty damn alienating, if you ask me, mate.

    10. David Scott on

      You only planned for stretch goals up to 2 million? You know you're just going to have to think of more tomorrow when that goal is blown past.

    11. Jozape on

      @Rolf W Jr I do not understand. Why is a freebie something to worry about?

    12. Jozape on

      @Eckhart How does this campaign alienate those who did not back Project Eternity?

    13. John Lacy

      Nom om nom nom nom....Eating it up guys ^_^

      And it's funny tha when this is posted ,the first goal is met ^_^

    14. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      Awesome, but dont forget about MODDING! :)

    15. Missing avatar

      Will on


      I believe Eckhart is referring to the PDF "Reflections" on P:T that backers of both projects will get.

      Eckhart I wouldn't worry too much. At the very least, I'm guessing it will be included as an optional add-on for this campaign sometime soon.

    16. Missing avatar

      Eckhart on

      I'm reeling from the fact that this kicks off by alienating those that missed backing Project Eternity for unhappy reasons. What are you thinking?

    17. Missing avatar

      Peter on


      I understand when WOTC/Hasbro bought TSR they bought the D&D IP BUT that doesn't mean the digital rights weren't sold off later and/or permanent leased to somebody else. For example Microsoft owns the digital rights to most of FASA's portfolio whereas Catalyst Game Labs own many of the non-video game rights (and recently the refounded FASA Games, Inc has been repurchasing).

      So basically when Torment was made I'm not sure how the IP was licensed is what I'm saying (i.e. did they buy/license the planescape digit rights in perpetuity) and if not, why couldn't they go back and re-license for a second game (i.e. Hasbro isn't doing a lot with it right now) especially given how fast this kickstarter went and will probably end up as.

    18. Jozape on

      @Eckhart What do you mean?

    19. Missing avatar

      Eckhart on

      Great way to alienate those folks that missed Project Eternity for one unhappy reason or another.

    20. Missing avatar

      Will on

      "Words cannot expr"

      LOL, That's a good one. :)

    21. Missing avatar

      limaxophobiac on

      *and I kind of doubt I am alone in this.

    22. Missing avatar

      limaxophobiac on

      @Charles Baran

      Even as someone who enjoys some of Felicia Days work I can honestly say that having her as the voice actress for the female PC would guarantee me never playing the game as female. In New Vegas I could never un-hear that she was voicing Veronica and I really have no interest in playing the game as Felicia Day.

    23. Missing avatar

      Lywald on

      Good stuff.
      Disregard the whiners and focus on writing instead of gimmicks.
      Those of us core audience will support that more than anything related to "Felicia Day".

    24. Darren Steinheuer on

      Gender option is great. If I am staring at an on screen avatar for 100's of hours, something pleasing to my eye would be the preference. Just saying.

    25. Missing avatar

      Chuan Q. Ho on


      I disagree that "virtually everything a person could think of" has even been thought of, much less written about. The human imagination is infinite. Perhaps my expectations are too great, but I want my mind to be blown at least a few times while playing this incarnation of Torment.

    26. Missing avatar

      Tim on

      Ahaha you're going to need some bigger stretch goals it looks like you'll have 2 million within a number of hours.

    27. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Chuan, in stories, yes. But so has virtually everything a person could think of. Besides, he is a side character, not the focal point of the story.

    28. Missing avatar

      Chuan Q. Ho on

      One criticism I have to make is that a shapeshifting "ball of goo" is a fairly cliche trope found in numerous settings.

      Not saying the implementation of it cannot be original and fascinating, just that shapeshifting goo has been done before.

    29. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      This already is a game in which reactions to what you do/say depend on many things. Adding another gender is adding another thing to which The game reacts.

      (I'm not implying it is a small task, though. Just saying.)

    30. Corpselocker on

      Yes... sadly, she just made soap. The soap lady had no clue how to handle her sheer awesomeness.

    31. Missing avatar

      Roger on

      I hope you have the 2.,5 and 3M stretch goals ready, because it looks like you'll be needing them in a few hours. Just saying... :)

    32. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Corpse, sadly, just made soap. Not wore soap, lathered soap, or hid under soap. But her being the personification of cuteness, was still amusing.

    33. Jonathan Krarup on

      I am over the freaking moon that they decided to make gender a choice in the end! :D
      Whatever they do to add gender specific content is just the cherry on top, but I'm fed up with talking to to my girlfriend and female friends about awesome games they must try, and then having to quietly cough "butyoucanonlyplayasaguy". Sometimes it'll only result in a slight annoyance, but often it means that they end up not playing it at all - PS:T being the biggest point in case.

      Good job guys - THANK YOU! :D
      *going to check out higher pledge tiers now*

    34. Corpselocker on

      She made soap, you said? Mhhh mmhhh... must google now... mmmhhh muhhmmm...

    35. Corpselocker on


    36. Missing avatar

      Taziar on

      Today, I spent 5 minutes watching Felicia Day making soap. Someone here sent a link of a video about a game designer. Got bored. Saw Day. Clicked. And Soap.

    37. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      @Peter as with all D&D things, Wizards of the Coast own Planescape scenario.

    38. Jozape on

      @Leonardo Jorge I do not recall any significant differences in gameplay between a male and a female in Skyrim. I believe the only difference was in a few non-dialog mode comments from NPCs. There were many more reactions to class and abilities.

    39. Edgardo- WeresheepMonkey of Original Sin on

      To those wondering about the added cost of having a gender option in a game, take a look at this article on gender and gaming:

      Although it is about a broader issue, it does adress the fact that adding a gender option can double the cost of production in some areas. Just something to think about.

    40. Missing avatar

      panther_512 on

      Personally, with full respect to the developers, mr Fargo and everyone involved in this project, I find these stretch-goals uninteresting and even worse just "marketing tricks" to lure backers' support. I sincerely hope I am wrong with this, but almost 1 million after the main goal and all we get is a vague "deeper story" promise.

      We need specific, quantitative stretch goals that will give an immediate feeling on how bigger/better the game will be with the extra money.

    41. Jozape on

      @Leonardo Jorge You can select your gender in Skyrim(as well as a about a dozen races).

    42. Robert McNamara on

      @Leonardo: They've already had to budget the game. Let's say they allotted 300K to writing, with a goal of a 20 hour main quest and 20 hours of sidequest content. These are specifications they'd need to properly budget/document the scope. Now, they need to have a rough idea of how they intend to use additional money-- whether it's to increase scope, or reduce writing time. Let's say they went purely for increases in scope (gameplay) and every 300k added 100k to the writing budget. You could reasonably say that that 20 hour quest now becomes a 26 hour main quest.

      No need to oversimplify the requests of myself and others, nobody is asking for anything as silly as you imply. "Roughly 20 hours of anticipated play becomes 30 with x stretch goal" would be more than enough.

    43. Leonardo Jorge on

      And selecting gender being the default on RPGs... I think I have being playing very different games than you... Or people are taking the customization (and shallowness) of Skyrim as the default... (I don't know if you can select gender in Skyrim, have never played it, just repeating what I have listened about that game)

    44. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      So a question I have is "Who currently owns the actual rights to make a electronic game using the Planescape universe" and why NOT make an actually successor? I.e. I supported this game but I truly do love Planescape as setting and would love to see a success in fact, not just spirit.

    45. Secretfire on

      @Robert - see, we can all, each and every one of us, unite behind trying to con the Devs into asking Miss. Day to be a VA. She'd totally do it, too, and then blog incessantly about it. I wouldn't be surprised if she isn't -already- a backer, I mean, heck, she's a huge nerd.

    46. Missing avatar

      Devon Reynolds on

      Concept art is beautiful. One thing: I know that this is a broken former avatar of a god, but I would still really like her to have hair.

    47. Missing avatar

      Michael on

      Ha, I think you're gonna need stretch goals past 2 million!

    48. Leonardo Jorge on

      Oh my... There really are people asking them to say
      "See, this extra 1000$ will be for rendering double the amount of whiskers on the cat you se at the adventure X at point Y if you had done Z beforehand"??
      They don't have the game ready, they are very far from it, how can they say how many new sidequests or weapons or whatever will be added at a stretch goal, if they probably are so early in development that they don't even know how many weapons and quests are going to be in the game?

    49. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      @Vlad Zheleznyak
      The fun thing about gender in Fallout 2, I think, is that it wasn't so much that your character changed, but that how people reacted to you changed. Those reactions could lead to very different developments in the same scene. I'm hoping they are aiming for something along those lines.

    50. Robert McNamara on

      @Adam: If roughly true, then yes! Thanks :)