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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Karthik on

      @GarrickWinter: "Being able to fine-tune your PC is a huge part of RPGs, and gender can be a huge part of who your PC is."

      Not in Planescape: Torment. Torment tells a very specific story, tailored to the protagonist character. This was one of its strengths. You could only customize The Nameless One's stats, and even that had an in-fiction justification. Everything from the scars on his back to his eye kept in storage had a story to it. So adding a female PC is a _very_ big deal. I imagine they would have to rewrite a significant chunk of the game to make the story equally personal but distinct and reactive to both genders. Torment is entirely about a "pre-made" character, like a character in a novel.

      Frankly, I think the problem with Torment's setup is that it's billed as an RPG. PS:T was really more of a really deep adventure game, a massive piece of interactive fiction with graphics. No one complains about being able to customize April Ryan in The Longest Journey, for instance.

    2. Richard on

      Oh god/goddess...reading some of these womyn posts makes me worried InExile will go the Bioware path to cater to the super vocal feminist/GLBT crowd.
      Perfect way to ruin a setting, as can be plainly seen in ME3.

      Aside from that, loving the 2M stretch goal, I hope we'll make it soon! Also loving the PS:T production diary, it's a great reward for fans!

    3. Sadie on

      Excellent, I was hoping we'd be able to choose protagonist gender. I don't mind playing male characters in set character stories (like Geralt in the Witcher), but it really is nice to have the choice.

      Congrats on shattering the 1 million mark in what has to be record time!

    4. Glenn H. on

      I love the design for the female protagonist! If they don't have any appearance customization during character creation, I hope they stick with this look... Not just because she looks great, but also because it's a versatile look and can fit a lot of characters.

    5. Zigmar on

      Thanks for update. And idea for a further stretch goals: how about a good voice acting for the whole game, at least in one language? It will be great for the game atmosphere!

      BTW, while gender selection might sound good, I'm not huge fan of it. I afraid that making protagonist gender selectable it will make some parts of his past/present/future "generalized" to accommodate into single storyline. I afraid (hope baselessly) that no major story ark would be gender-related. Anyway, looks like an attempt to fit two main pratogonists into single storyline. However I trust you guys, and while I would prefer a set gender for main protagonist, I guess you know what you are doing :)

    6. Russell Deitch on

      "This is gift for all backers of Torment: Tides of Numenera AND all backers of Obsidian's Project Eternity."

      AND is BOTH. This should say OR as the Home page makes clearer.

    7. Bryy Miller on

      It's just concept art, guys. It's not indicative of anything.

    8. Nina - Order of the Goat on

      Oh wow - the female PC design looks absolutely awesome! Love the rough edge to her... exactly the kind of character I favour playing. My femshep looked surprisingly similar (though less fantasy-y). :)

    9. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      Being able to fine-tune your character is a huge part of *some* RPGs. A lot of RPGs - Pen & Paper RPGs for that matter - start with a premade character. They do so because it is easier to get a player into the setting and story if you have some hooks and plots already in place.

      Planescape Torment (the game to which this game is a spiritual successor) was a game where you couldn't choose your gender. And the reason why having another gender is a stretch goal is because it aims to be so deep and interactive that it isn't just tacking a female model in the game, you have to do the whole writing part too. Being able to choose your gender in a game means nothing if all it does is mosify your character's model to have breasts.

    10. Guerric Haché

      @David Ah, thanks, I seem to have forgotten that. Still surprising in this day and age, but I suppose if there is a history in the franchise, that makes this less out-of-the-blue.

    11. Missing avatar

      limaxophobiac on

      yeah I would have been totally ok if the character the game was about was set in stone as male or female, just like in the original Torment, but I know the ability for players to choose their own prefered gender is appreciated by many

    12. Torment- The Enduring Exile on

      A small nit pick but that PC is a bit androgynous. If it's going to be female then give us the option to make it feminine.

    13. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on


      I'm not trying to turn it into anything, I made a remark that just crossed my mind. And no, I didn't read much of it.

    14. Rinu on

      Very happy to have the option to play as female character :).

    15. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on


      In the first Torment, you can only play as a male. Which is OK, I think, in a game where you play a specific character with a defined past. Just like The Longest Journey isn't any less of a game for only letting the player play as a female.

      That said, being able to select gender seems like a cool idea for this new Torment.

    16. ethereal on

      @YT Cheng: whoa, accusing your opponents of intellectual deficiency and Nazism is real classy. Eat a lollipop.

    17. Guerric Haché

      Hm, I'm kind of shocked that the ability to choose your gender was going to be a stretch goal and not a core part of the game. Quite shocked, actually, especially since I suspect that the male would have been the default PC. Being able to fine-tune your PC is a huge part of RPGs, and gender can be a huge part of who your PC is. Frankly, at this point, I would have just pretended it was planned all along.

      Still backing, of course, because I think it's important we have more fiction-driven single-player games. But please don't let this be a sign that the game is going to marginalize women. Whether or not the *setting* is hostile to women is another issue entirely, and that isn't a real problem; it's about whether or not the plot itself (insofar as not player-created) collaborates in, tolerates or criticizes systematic maltreatment of a particular group, whether or not that maltreatment is endemic to the fiction.

    18. Bryy Miller on

      Please don't try to turn this into a "publishers wouldn't let them make decent girl" argument. Have you even been *reading* this thread?

    19. ethereal on

      @Adam Heine: that link is awesome.

    20. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on

      Which is actually a bit ironic, considering Hunted: The Demon's Forge. :) They're obviously taking Torment more seriously, now that they can.

    21. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on


      Seems so. I'm just glad the female PC isn't a sex symbol wearing a metal bikini. Not that I expected anything like that from InXile.

    22. Missing avatar

      Duane S. Crowe on

      People are debating the ethics featuring a female PC? Seriously?

    23. frobisher on

      It only seems this way because you don't have the time to read the whole discussion :)

      It's not like you lost anything valuable though, so I wouldn't bother. It's 5435th iteration of the same story where people are talking about two different things while some are additionally using their own definitions of misogyny (probably because actual one does not support anything, so it's inconvenient).

      Oh, also - 1566th argument about fake world that can/should/mustn't/etc be defined by our world definition of sexism. At least by its current definition - and supporters that still cannot provide any equivalent of a control group for "non-sexist" civilization to compare ours with. In other words: not worth reading either.

    24. Ailantan | Story addict on

      I'm really happy that i can chose to play as female, it was one of first questions i was to ask about the game, and you already made it possible. I don't have problem with playing as a male (Witcher,Torment) but when i have a choice i enjoy playing as my own gender. It let me immerse into game world more.

    25. Turk

      ugh, i came to post my support for this game and all i see is pseudo intellectual sexism dribble from folk who have major issues trying to assert their fallacies onto a ficitional universe where single player experience is exactly that. If you do not like the writer, dont read his work. Or in this case do not play his game. No one wants to know about your emasculated utopia or pro nazi femist theories

    26. Missing avatar

      eva jolli on

      @adam heine & shanna germain thanks for posting that link, now i've backed the game.

    27. Rosveen on

      I don't have time to read the whole discussion, but it seems that there are people who don't like the concept of being able to play a female character. Really, guys? Really? Shame on you.

      As a woman I'm very grateful for the opportunity to choose my character's gender. I have no doubt that you'll incorporate it in the gameplay in such a way that no one will feel offended (except for sexists, but this cannot be helped). I'll back the project through PayPal when it opens :)

    28. Stephan Hammes on

      You could ask Guido Henkel to participate in the retrospective thing.

    29. Aditya Tejas on

      A good yardstick for sexism is Mount and Blade.
      Your female character has the same stats as a male one. The same endgame options are available to you. You can absolutely become empress of Calradia. You even gain renown faster just because of the sheer novelty of a female commander.
      But it's significantly harder to get a political foothold, because none of the lords take you seriously.
      I'm generally edgy about videogame writers inserting sexism into games, just because most of them aren't, well, the Planescape Torment writers. But I have full faith that you folks will handle it well.
      Really, as long as we don't get into -4 STR territory, no harm done.

    30. Missing avatar

      David Holmin on

      What have I missed? What is there to be offended about regarding the gender selection?

    31. Missing avatar

      limaxophobiac on

      @Adam Heine, I don't really think anyone familiar with the people behind this expected anything less than that.

      (Also given the art we have for the female PC and say, the art chosen to market femShep for ME3, I think the people holding up mass effect up as some kind of golden standard of how to portray women in RPGs are doing themselves a disservice.)

    32. advmal on

      Well I hope someone's offended enough by the gender aspect to open a $95 spot for me. :)

    33. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      Sometimes you just have to embrace the sheer absurdity of people raging about the potential sexism in a game that doesn't yet exist. As a said: 1) mention "gender: female"; 2) ?????; 3) sexism!

    34. advmal on

      This whole discussion is insane.

    35. Pogopuschel on

      Does deeper story means there will be new environments (maybe introducing new npc's) where this new parts of the story take place?

      And wouldn't it be nice to give the new novel to every backer?

    36. Missing avatar

      Peter on

      Also I"m indifferent on the gender issue UNLESS they factor it in like Fallout does. If it's just a skin, who cares; go spend your valuable coding time somewhere else.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter on


      I understand the IP ownership but when Black Isle Studios made Torment they had to license (not buy) the Planescape IP from Hasbro. What I'm curious on was it a single license IP situation (i.e. just for Torment and nothing else) or a license on any future Planescape video games also. I find it odd Black Isle would license it for a single game without optioning future games (on the chance the first game succeeded). Then again Hasbro, like Games Workshop, is pretty notorious for how the license IP.

      I find it hard to believe Hasbro flat out refused also, curious what terms were offered.

    38. FrozenSnowy on

      Words cannot expr indeed! just a few hours after the update we got two more writers in. I hope you guys have more ideas for stretch goals ;)!
      (BTW, I entirely agree with more story and IG content instead of more junk - we want a proper RPG!)

    39. Adam Heine on

      Vasiliy wrote: "Sexism is definitly depends on Cook's Numenera setting."

      You might be interested in this article by Shanna Germain, editor of the Numenera game:

    40. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      Because it was a hot day in the ancient world and women decided to facilitate heat exchange? I don't know. Why do scots use kilts? I never really understood it. I watched Braveheart and it made no sense. Isn't northern UK cold? Didn't they feel chilly?


    41. Vasiliy Khokhlov on

      ME is console multigenre game, and Torment is pure classic RPG, there is no use to compare them. Sexism is definitly depends on Cook's Numenera setting. This is not our world and existence or nonexistence of sexism must be explained in lore. It's cool to have gender choice and reactivity. I'd like to explore dark themes of the genders and all. Common people, it's just a game. You roleplay your character, not yourself. Even if your character is just like yourself, he/she is not aware of our world problems. So there is no need to be offended by game themes - it's another world, another times. Maybe you can fight that sexism right in the game, change the world to your views, or at least try it! It's RPG, not unreactive book.

    42. Missing avatar

      Chuan Q. Ho on

      @ Daniel & alcaray

      There's no biological imperative for separate bathrooms. Discussing reproduction is idiotic because nobody is discussing reproduction. That's called a straw person argument. Clothing proportion is a dumb example. Jeans and t-shirts are still jeans and t-shirts regardless of the specific measurements. Why do women wear dresses and men do not?

    43. FatSoDa on


      here beginith the lesson

      If a straight man meets a woman he reacts differently than if he had just met a man. This is the nature of binary sex relationships. I'd like to see it all in there, homosexual, transgender, bi-sexual, celibate all of it. Sex and Gender are linked. Sex is one of the primary drives of _all_ human interaction ask any psych. It would be foolish in the extreme for the writers of this game to ignore sex and gender. Giving us more options to play what _we_ _want_ in relation to those things is good.

      Here the lesson ends

    44. Missing avatar

      DSR on

      Money well invested when you know it goes to the right people making something you know they will deliver ten times its initial worth.

    45. Missing avatar

      deleted on

      This user's account has been deleted.

    46. alcaray on

      @Chuan Q. Ho

      Respectfully, you are nuts. Men, try as hard as they may, cannot make ovum. Nor do they need clothes to accommodate hips nor busts of comparatively large proportions. Women do not have much use for urinals though they are quite effecient for men. I could go on.

    47. Kamos | Exile in Torment on

      Err... What I just read: "men and women have different bathrooms and different roles in reproduction thanks to sexism."

    48. efesus on

      I am so glad to hear we will be able to play as female character. It adds A LOT to the game, especially if you like playing a game more than just a few times.

    49. Tony Evans on

      The subject of sexism can be tricky when it comes to choice-driven games like Torment will most definitely be. Designers and writers ideally want to provide players with every reasonable choice, whether controversial or not. And characters within the game world also need to also be believable.

      For instance, Dragon Age 2 allowed the player to choose whether to be a sexual deviant, or a prude paragon of virtue, or the shades of gray that lay between. And there were characters the player interacted with who were sexist, and others who were more virtuous. If Dragon Age 2 had opted to tip-toe around issues of sexism, homosexuality and a number of other controversial and polarizing subjects, do you think the depth of choice and the believability of the characters in the world would have suffered?

    50. Vigilance Press on

      As a big fan of the original Mass Effect, I would also lend my voice to the chorus of players seeking strong female protagonist options, being able to play the character as I want to rather than as a game script forces me to play her. I also hope strongly that both male and female characters will have a voice in the game. It is common to have the main character be 'silent' on screen, but I much prefer Mass Effect's vocal protagonist. I feel much more inspired to care about a character with a strong voice in the narrative. I also hope strongly that we will be able to design the look of our characters as well. Being able to play the game multiple times is much easier if I can make the main character's appearance different to represent the different approaches I'm choosing with each playthrough. And I assure you, if you're making our choices through the game be meaningful, I *will* be playing through multiple saves... and I will want to play these alternate versions concurrently (so please, have good character/save management!). I look forward to a great game! :)