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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.
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    1. Missing avatar

      Colin on

      Uhhh... We're gonna need more stretch goals soon. I vote for more companions... I know that since they're going to be so well written we can't have tons of them, but 5 seems so few. I want enough I have to play through multiple times to experience them all.

    2. theAnton on

      Wow, the momentum here is amazing.

      To all the arguments below:

      This game isn't set in our worlds past, present or future, why should it follow the standards of how our world is or has been?

    3. Byron Schmyron Hamel on

      Super good update. I can't wait to meet the toy! What a great character idea. I always wanted a companion who was a piece of a great enchanted wall, who has heard and seen things for thousands of years, and is just a depressingly neutral brute!

    4. T.J. Brumfield on

      I'm excited this project is so successful. I'm excited there is a gender choice.

      I'm disappointed that there doesn't seem to be much value for the stretch goal amounts.

      Consider that Project Eternity added a new race (male and female, a new class and a new companion all together for $300k total.

      Torment is adding just gender for $300k.

      Planescape: Torment had seven companions, and they were one of my absolute favorite parts of the game. Torment: ToN will have five with a stretch goal?

      Great stretch goals encourage people to buy add-ons and increase their pledge level. I feel a little underwhelmed by the stretch goals (even though I'm still very excited to play another Torment title).

    5. Erik Müller-Sandvik on


      Since it's fantasy/sci-fi inspired it doesn't have to take into account medieval, awful views on gender. Since you know.. it's fantasy. It all depends on the Numenera setting, though, and how much it draws from our own dark past.

    6. Missing avatar

      Caligula on

      Is there no place on the internet where one is safe from social justice tards? Go back to BioWare Social Network to complain about the lack of transsexual Dwaren LIs, please.

    7. Brandi Swenson on

      I'm very excited about a female PC. Thank for including it! Also the fifth party member sounds wonderful. I love those more unusual characters.

    8. Krey on

      A female pc ? Meh, TNO's history didn't need gender option to be awesome, but I guess there's some people that might back the game now it's in.
      I'm a bit doubtful about the other stretch goals : since there is already some pre-prod work done (and from the video, very well done), why hire more and more writers ? The game looks very promising, but these stretch goals are a bit disappointing, to me at least.

    9. Missing avatar

      PrimeJunta on

      I am seriously digging this concept art, especially the female PC -- like post-apocalyptic pre-Raphaelites.

      Re the stretch goals, please please please let them be content- and art-related. More and deeper writing, more, and more hand-crafted art, more and more human-performed music.

    10. Silver on

      @Kevin Saunders
      Thanks for the update, I'm pleased to hear about Nathan Long's involvement, he's one of my favorite authors.

    11. Dominique LeStrange on

      @inXile: Thank you so much for putting a female PC as a priority! Judging by these comments, it looks like you've got a lot to live up to.

    12. Jordan "AstroCat" on

      I'm definitely happy to see a female PC option, I know my wife will be stoked by this as well. I think the article by Shanna Germain lays it out really well, a totally reasonable, fair and rationale approach.

    13. frobisher on

      @Kirtswall - You might be complicating things too much with unnecessary contraptions. Consider something straight (or not actually:) ) from ancient Greeks: love between men, procreation as a civic duty ;)

    14. Sadie on

      Also, that concept art for the female PC is amazeballs. I'd be super excited to play as her or someone similar.

    15. Ege on

      I really didnt like the concept art, i hope we will be given an option to have a hair.
      Modding community will add option for it later anyway, you might as well give us some options for customization.

    16. Lobst on

      I'm so glad you guys are doing a female playable character, and -- more than that -- giving her writing the due diligence it deserves. Hopefully you can show other RPG companies that female player characters can (and should) be something more than just men in female bodies! :D

    17. Kirtswall on

      @Ber "I saw someone suggest the world of numenera should be predominantly gay, and I thought the whole concept was pretty funny - since it must be pretty hard to maintain a population without much hetero intercourse. But then I remembered that the world has lots of ruins from bygone civilisations, and thought maybe one could be from a society that turned all gay, and consequently ran out of new people and died out :P"

      You have to remember that the civilisations that came before the present one in the world of Numenera are incredibly advanced, their science might as well be magic in our eyes (they do strange, almost unimaginable things, and we have no real chance of understanding how they work - if they were magic it would make no difference to us). That is to say, that while I like the idea of an all gay civilisation - it probes the imaginative and cultural possibilities of such a world - it raises a number of interesting questions that would need to be answered. Presumably these civilisations are so advanced they can artificially inseminate their females or raise foetuses in a lab via an artificial birthing procedure. This in turn presents two very interesting possibilities - either they CAN create new members, but didn't, i.e. they chose to die out and pass on for whatever reason, or they can't, maybe the technology stopped working at some point, e.g. because some newer technology they invented interfered with it, and they were now so far gone that the prospect of mating bodily was repulsive and alien to them and their tastes. Technological development may also not follow a linear framework, i.e. everyone who reaches X level of technological development must have technology relating to issue Y, they're incredibly advanced, but maybe this particular civilisation hadn't developed technology to allow for the things I mentioned earlier - in vitro etc. - because their biology wouldn't allow it, or their technology and advancements simply probe different avenues.

      "I know this probably upsets someone because its too heteronormative or something, but sorry I actually laughed thinking about it so I thought I'd share it :)"

      I find it a little crass, but I'm not going to vilify you, psychology is too complex to lapse into that kind of paradigm.

    18. John-Paul Caldwell on

      You better start working on your next stretch goals.

    19. Cheap Jeep on

      Fully fleshed out female player character was a great stretch goal so thanks for that!

    20. Missing avatar

      David on

      I like everything you are going for inXile! Locking forward to the game!
      Also, BWAHAHA at all the gender rambling going on here. Sorry nerds, it is IMPOSSIBLE to TOTALLY avoid cooties in this new Torment.

    21. Missing avatar

      Tsumoro on

      Why is everyone getting bent out of shape? They have only stated that their will be a female gender option and that the world will react differently around you. I for one welcome this because I now get 'more' game to play. Because i'll play the male lead first, then i'll replay from a female perspective to see what is different.

      I'm not really sure I fully understand what the issue is really, just from reading the comments its like people are saying that the female character should have the same reactions as the male character, all things being equal.

      This should never be the case, people aren't treated equally by others at the end of the day and that attitude shouldn't be amiss from characters within the game. If there is a sexist NPC the that should be apparent in his dialog when talking to both genders. There could be, for example a homosexual NPC that flirts with the male character and not the female character. The point being that the NPC's attitude towards different genders will make this a very well enjoyed game.

      You honest to god can't have a Torment game in place if you are looking to stifle it's creative direction, it's desire to push the boundaries, to think about issues, of life, of philosophy etc.

    22. Missing avatar

      marina on

      Thanks for the female PC. The concept art looks great!

    23. Duncan Henry on

      Honestly, one of my biggest concerns with Torment 2 was that there would be only one gender of PC. If that wasn't the case, then the fact that dialogue between the two would be completely homogenized. I'm glad that InXile is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that playing a man and playing a woman are completely different experiences within the setting.

      I hope they don't include arbitrary stuff like "Men get +1 Strength" or whatever. Just so long as different characters react differently to your gender and provide you with different dialogue options as a result.

      You guys should include more companions as stretch goals. More companions are always good!

    24. Frederik Vezina

      I love kickstarter. The number of games that get female PC as a stretch goal is amazing, and these usually aren't fake stretch goals - they're games where it wouldn't have happened within a traditional publishing model.

      Other stretch goals are really cool as well. I just went from "i know intellectually that this game is going to be awesome, might as well get the $100 package" to actually being *excited* about it.

    25. Justin Woo on

      Super psyched to see these stretch goals, sad to see so many fellow pledges have such asinine and backwards ideas about gender. Men smarter than women? Really? What kind of bizarre, basement dwelling existence do you live in?

      Regardless, I am deeply psyched to see this game in action.

    26. Malnara on

      Thanks for adding the gender choice. As a female gamer, it is soooo appreciated.

    27. Jean-Luc Picard on

      Thanks for adding a female PC inXile. Shame that such a mundane thing as being able to pick a gender can get so blown out of proportion. Was hoping that Torment fans were more sensible than that.

    28. Missing avatar

      Kirtai on

      I wonder how many people realise that the PC may not even be human, but rather some hyper-advanced technological construct.

      After all, this is a post-singularity setting so assuming it'll be based on modern (or even human) sensibilities is silly.

    29. Missing avatar

      Beth C on

      Extremely excited to have the option to play as a female pc. (I'd appreciate it if the stats of the two were equal)

    30. aratuk on

      I think having two stretch goals $500k apart this early in the campaign is okay, since the Kickstarter is still in its initial momentum. However, It might be a good idea to have them come in smaller increments during the "midgame" part of the campaign, as it will keep people's attention if you're hitting more goals, more frequently, rather than having longer periods where nothing tangible is happening.
      For instance, the $2 million goal has three components, two of which could have been spaced between $1.5 and $2 million, just to lend a sense of progress being made. Like I said, it doesn't matter much right now with all the early momentum, but over the course of the next month it would be helpful in keeping the conversation going.
      Project Eternity did a very good job of tying tangible additional content to the progression of fundraising by having more than one track for stretch goals, with the mega dungeon in addition to the regular goals.

    31. Missing avatar

      limaxophobiac on

      "I.e. realistically you could do (using standard RPG stats):
      Female: -1 Strength, +1 Charisma, +2 Dex, -10% HP
      Male: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, +10% HP"

      Wow. This level of ignorance reminds me of a guy on a DnD forum I was on long ago complaining about people calling him a racist for giving black characters -1 Int and +1 Strength and honestly expecting people to agree with him.

      No, women are not less intelligent than men (average female IQ is the same as male and IIRC the record for the highest IQ ever recorded is held by a woman), and looking at politics and entertainment I can't see how men are less Charismatic.

      Also the setting isn't medieval fantasy. It is science-fantasy.

    32. Antony Zymosis on

      Oh God! You are all beyond any hope

    33. gandalf.nho

      Nice to know we will have the option of a female PC

    34. Ber on

      I saw someone suggest the world of numenera should be predominantly gay, and I thought the whole concept was pretty funny - since it must be pretty hard to maintain a population without much hetero intercourse. But then I remembered that the world has lots of ruins from bygone civilisations, and thought maybe one could be from a society that turned all gay, and consequently ran out of new people and died out :P I know this probably upsets someone because its too heteronormative or something, but sorry I actually laughed thinking about it so I thought I'd share it :)

    35. Missing avatar

      Malte Schaper on

      Nice Update. Please watch out for Heteronormativity ( I'm sure you guys are aware of this. You rock!

      Schepp himself

    36. Ber on

      Looking forward to this game! I like these well spaced, substantial stretch goals :) Not the comments on this update so much though. Adding a female PC option is a big deal, it means either writing lots of alternative dialog depending on gender, or weird androgynous dialog that ignores character gender, which means either spending a chunk of development on it or compromising game quality. So, it's understandabe if some backers are nonplussed about. That said, I'm pleased to see it, I sure inXile will do a good job and it will be worth the expense.

    37. Missing avatar

      Peter on


      You are mistaking the argument. The fact is adding a second GENDER has huge resource ramifications (more modeling, more writing, balance issues, etc etc); it's irrelevant if it's a male, female, or a hermaphrodite. This is a RPG, not a FPS .. i.e. you can just throw on a new skin AND people will get pissed (hence the balance issues) if one gender is better than the other or they disagree with pro's / con's.

      I.e. realistically you could do (using standard RPG stats):

      Female: -1 Strength, +1 Charisma, +2 Dex, -10% HP
      Male: +1 Strength, +1 Intelligence, +10% HP

      On the writing side you have to deal with (being a fantasy environment) patriarchal issues, gender role issues, and touchy social interactions around sex (especially prostitution), i.e. need to track perceived promiscuous as a reputation type with huge negatives for female characters. Also you characters classes wouldn't be allowed for certain genders or you might have glass ceiling issues.

      Yes I already here the howls of fury; folk seem to forget medieval/fantasy settings aren't twentieth century neo-feminist paradises .... i.e. go play sci-fi if you want that.

    38. Razvan Florentin Popescu on

      I love to see you guys are prioritizing writing above all else ! ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT !

    39. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      That retrospestive could be released in form of a blog... more semi-regular "news" for us update-hungry bunch. ;)

    40. twenty3x on

      I'm glad Project Eternity is not a competitor! I can't wait to read/view the introspective on the influence PS:T has had on people or What can change the nature of a man?

    41. Mr.McDougle - Shadowrun Exile in Torment on

      At first I thought: Heroine? Another of these big busty gals with long flowing dark brown hair(not blonde because that would be to light for Torment)... but then I saw the concept... bald... with tattoos & "mutations"(or whatever)? AWESOME! :D
      I guess I´ll try to play as her at some point.

    42. Bradley Don Ciccio Kane on

      LOLyou guys ran out of characters! I'm already happy I backed!

    43. Missing avatar

      timoto on

      Hmmm, perhaps a 3rd gender can be added for another $300k :)

      No, but I'm sure it is a lot of work to add all the unique counter reactions to a new PC and all that is related to her.

      So glad to see that a great team has found a way to generate a follow on project with such ease through crowd funding.

      The game project costs I believe are extremely reasonable based on the quality of what has been shown for Wasteland 2 so far. Actually wondering if these projects are pure KS funded or match funded from another source.

    44. Pawel Zawisza on


      I trust the writers thought about including a female PC so it doesn't radically impact the story. Defending single-gender choice of a 1999 in 2013 is silly, times are very different and you should be able to select your gender. If not, make it what Torment is all about - make female PC the default one, defying 99% of modern 'dudebro' market.

    45. Diego on

      @Pawel Zawisza

      Yeah, let's remove choice and make the game worst just to annoy people that made the project possible! AMAZING idea, dude!

    46. Pawel Zawisza on


      Also, can you post some concept art about a powerful being or a character? Maybe some short glimpse on the man mentioned in the plot?

    47. Pawel Zawisza on


      Since people are having issues with the Female PC - make the PC female-only. That's right! Make it really well story that also plays and debunks stereotypes about women as videogame characters.

      Take that haters!

    48. popkhorne on

      @Russell: I read their sentence as follows: FOR ALL x (IF x is a Torment backer, THEN x receives gift) AND for all x (IF x is a PE backer, THEN x receives gift); so in order to receive the gift, you can be a Torment or PE backer. By contrast, if they had written that it is a gift for all backers of Torment AND PE, we would have FOR ALL x ((IF x is a Torment backer AND x is a PE backer), then x receives a gift), and then you would have to back both games in order to receive the gift.

    49. Richard on

      I read some more and seriously saw people talking about separated bathrooms. .
      In a comment section about a video game..

      This isn't youtube guys.
      So glad we didn't have any of this crap on PE.
      I'm out.

    50. Missing avatar

      Karthik on

      @Zigmar: "how about a good voice acting for the whole game, at least in one language?"

      Planescape: Torment had 800,000 words.

      A large chunk of that was dialog. If Tides is to have the same level of detail, imbuing every NPC with more character than most companies' entire catalogs can muster, voice acting is a terrible idea.

      Also consider that recording sessions (a) are expensive, and (b) jam up the edit/rework process. It seems to be a progressively worse idea the more I think about it. According to David Gaider, lead writer on Dragon Age, reactivity in Bioware's games these days is severely limited by their "word budget" due to voice acting constraints.

      Finally, Planescape: Torment had your companions speak on occasion when delivering important lines. These voices were full of character, and to this day I swear I can hear Morte speaking every line of his dialog, even though I _knew_ he had no more than thirty recorded ones. I think this approach to voice acting--as flavor, not staple--is a good idea.