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A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera.  We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
A story-driven CRPG set in the world of Monte Cook's Numenera. We are deeply appreciative to all of you who made this possible. Torment: Tides of Numenera is available now for PC on Steam or GOG, as well as PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
74,405 backers pledged $4,188,927 to help bring this project to life.

Updated our Journal...

Posted by inXile entertainment (Creator)

You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!! We just funded in six hours!?!?! 

Our heads are still spinning at the incredible response we have had from today's support of our Kickstarter campaign. We had plans to roll out our stretch goals and to write our Kickstarter updates but never in our wildest dreams did we think we would fund this quickly!!! We are joyfully scrambling right now to get a longer update and some stretch goals in front of you as soon as we can. We should have more to say later today.

You are all unbelievably awesome and we could not be happier about receiving your trust in us. For many years we have wanted to get back to making this style of RPG but it appeared that the market was going everywhere but that direction. Almost every article and new game was focused on being an MMO, multi-player or micro-transition based. This wasn’t our style and we couldn’t generate interest in the classical narrative type of RPG that we all grew up making and playing. Thank you for backing our vision once again and we will not let you down. We will continue to communicate and and make sure we solicit input such that the game is hitting all the right notes.

Our goal is to make great RPGs for you all for the rest of our careers.

Thank you,

Brian Fargo and the team at inXile


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    1. Missing avatar

      mfagerstrom on

      You guys deserve it, congrats. I've been very happy with your updates and progress on Wasteland 2 and I was glad to do my part to help keep an RPG-making studio churning, even though I had never played the original Torment game.

      Keep up the good work and the community will keep supporting you. :)

    2. Jeremy Turnley on

      Way to go, inXile! It's time for us to show the EAs of the world that not only do they not understand the games people are willing to pay to see, but that they don't need to charge $60, censor "mature" content from titles, and have draconic on-line only DRM to make money creating and selling games. With any luck, in 5 years ALL major titles will be decided upon and funded by the masses, and the UbiSofts and EAs of the world will be stuck trying to make ends meet with their sports franchises - nothing would make this old gamer happier.

    3. CashWiley on


      All of the gamers who were playing PS:T, Baldur's Gate, Ultima 7 and the TBS stuff as well...we're still here. It's nice to see the creative folks get a chance to make the games we want rather than the games dictated to us by the corporate dew generation machine that sees less than 5M units as a failure.

      Looking forward to this New Generation of games; Torment and Project Eternity are the future of PC gaming, I think.

    4. Russell Deitch on

      @Itai, that's my quote of the day! :)

    5. Tom D.B. on

      Ah nice!

      And don't worry about stretch goals, just make us an awesome game! :D

    6. The Evolutionary on

      OMG, he did it again! Brain Fargo just set yet another record in Kickstarter funding. He did it last near with nearly 3 million, and now nearly a million in a mere 6 hours?!? Holy cow!!

    7. Missing avatar

      Josh Downing on

      I'm so excited to see these games succeeding so overwhelmingly! It's great to know that others like me have been waiting for years for the games we love to become a reality again. Knowing that our favorite developers out there have been wanting it too brings me great happiness. Keep the projects coming, you have our full faith and backing!

    8. Federico on

      I play games mostly because i enjoy stories and characters. Really. And Planescape Torment simply had one of the best set of story and characters ever, therefore i pledged five seconds after i read "spiritual successor" of PT!

    9. Brent Paine on

      Wow, is that like the fastest kickstarter to hit a million? It's still 20,000 away right now, but by the time I finish writing this it'll probably be there.

    10. Missing avatar

      Vejuz on

      If ever there was a project that deserved to be funded this quickly, it was this one. :)

    11. Bradford Lounsberry on

      Woo hoo! Congrats! Tell Morte I miss him!

    12. Missing avatar

      DX_Blaster on

      Wow great that as the fastest done deal I saw on Kickstarter, not that it is fact as far I know (I know only that I spend 110$ on it) :D. I'm very happy storytelling, single player and cRPG are still (or again) favored by Gamers! (by Gamers for Gamers, not forgotten, never will!). Congratulations and good luck for the rest of the campaign! (let's kick it to 3+mil).

      I have a question: I know one of the key members of the old team was Guido Henkel (a German game designer). I don't know what happened untill the end of PT, but he left before the game was delivered (his face was the blueprint of the PC and the picture on the box cover). Is there any chance or interest in getting him involved in any level for this new Torment like project?

      wbr DX_Blaster

    13. Missing avatar

      Haster on

      Keep the good work going guys!
      And a BIG thanks for making the games i love! I can already see me playing hours by hours..... hope my wife will understand that ;)


      im about to give up my $95

    15. Darklord on

      Oh yeah! :-D

    16. Missing avatar

      Abe Sargent on


    17. Gary Bottom on

      Renews my faith in gaming to see the best going back to what made me love video games. In a sea of mass marketed games with little depth I hope you'll continue to be massively successful and show them what real gaming is. Thank YOU for the courage to make great games and even throwing down on the bill.

    18. Nicolas Bukens on

      Congratulations InXile;sorry for my bad english,i from Belgium.
      back in the days , there was Arcanum,Fallout,Planetscape and few others,and after a long road of tasteless games,finally you give us hope for better days in video games.
      You rocks guys

    19. Johan Lundström on

      Anytime, Mr. Fargo. Congratulations on achieving a new kickstarter record. :)

    20. Missing avatar

      SoulPL on

      do not "thanks", just do it - we love you

    21. Goran Alajbegovic on

      Brian Fargo, so old school he doesn't even know that it's "micro-transaction" and, with good reason, does not care. You guys are amazing. :') <3 Brian

    22. Missing avatar

      Thomas Struger on

      This is amazing, congrats and good luck.

    23. Missing avatar

      Eric Ritzen on

      Don't thank us, thank you for making these great games!

    24. Chris on

      Watching this Kickstarter get another 10k every 5 minutes is honestly making my day. I can't wait to play this.

    25. Bob Miller on

      Brian, games haven't been going the way us old school gamers have wanted in years. Your version of customer development is pure, put it out there and if they come, then do it. Marketers are good, consumers are better. Phase I accomplished, fair winds inXile.

    26. Itai Raccah on

      You had us at "Torment".

    27. Missing avatar

      Lbonen on

      Just to chime in that $95 went too fast, could not wake up at PST 6AM to claim that one :( (PST, what an uncannily familiar acronym).

      Could you guys consider creating another phys. tier between $110 and $250 - for instance, throwing in a digital copy of Numenera for some reasonable price? Pricingwise, I right now am better off preordering a hard copy from the Numenera website and buying in to your $110 tier.

    28. Russell Frisch on

      You guys are making awesome games! Glad there are enough of us out there to support them!

    29. ratrimble on

      Proud to help you out and will continue to do so every time you have a project Mr. Fargo.

      PS. Start training up some young uns to take the helm and grow with this.

    30. Thomas Harris on

      Out of all of my friends, I am the only one who has heard of Planescape: Torment, played Planescape: Torment or beaten Planescape: Torment, and that is extremely disheartening because this is my favorite game of all time.

      I just wanted to thank all of you who funded this game, it is incredible to know that while the community who loved Planescape: Torment is maybe not the biggest, is has definitely shown itself to be one of the most dedicated and enthusiastic.

      Congrats inXile, I cannot express how excited I am for this game!

    31. Interstellar Marine on

      Five hours right? Not six.

      Congrats everyone! We are getting a great game!

    32. Missing avatar

      d20_9999 on

      I had been burned out on Kickstarter. Then I saw the word Torment, and I knew my wallet was in trouble. Add to the fact that I foolishly passed on Wasteland 2 the first time, and the $45 tier was the perfect solution.

      I look forward to seeing this game come to life.

    33. Brandon on

      @Brian Fargo you have to know, every one of us loves you man. You are making games in a genre that has been dead for years and the thing is? This is many of ours favorite genre.

      If you keep making these games you can bet myself and others will keep on funding you.

    34. Laurent Zalinski on

      Brian, I wanna thank you for the many many hours and countless sleepless night's your games offered me so far, and I hope that these next games will provide the same for me again. If I had more cash I'd get the 10000 dollar pledge immediately.

      Thanks from a huge fan !!!

    35. Xavier Moiny on

      Good luck with the dev, it will be a pleasure to follow it!

    36. Missing avatar

      digerbop on

      Found out about this awesome project via The Story Board put on by Geek & Sundry. Waiting for the stretch goal for Pat to do some writing for the game. ;) lol. I am looking forward to this game and as always am a fan of pre-release demos... food for thought. ;)

    37. Stefan >> DEXYD << on

      Is it December 2014 yet?

    38. Keet Wong on

      I would hug you guys if I could.

    39. CChase, Lone Wolf of the Obsidian Order on

      Love you guys! Thanks for bringing back a major piece of my childhood and a successor to THE best story driven RPG ever :)

    40. Missing avatar

      Gökhan Akdeniz on

      Lovely and truely deserving it all. Congratulations.:). I love you all for carrying out this great dream.

    41. Missing avatar

      David Sims on

      So, I heard about this on Geek&Sundry yesterday. Time to talk to Pat on those stretch goals? Looks like you'll be breaking the million mark pretty soon.

    42. Eric Tykwinski on

      @inXile Team - I would rather say thanks to you guys. You are actually listening to your fan-base and trying to create games that we want to purchase. Congrats...

    43. Jerry MacDonald on

      I am a gamer that played Gold Box DnD, Bard's Tale, Infinity Engine, Aurora Engine, and all the one offs. I'm a gamer whose demographic has changed as I've grown older. I may have less time for games, but I still long for the same imaginative games I first played on my C64. The mainstream seems to always conentrate on one demographic where each generation enters with new tastes in gaming. But the people who like games like Torment fall off the radar. We are still here though, and we have or middle-aged incomes, and our weekends, and our desire for escapism.

    44. Burning Chrome on

      Congrats on funding!

    45. Fridge on

      Yay, RPGs arent dead yet!

    46. Kennan Ward on

      our*. ....Why isn't there an edit or delete option

    47. ET3D on

      That's simply amazing. I'm sure you've shattered any Kickstarter funding speed record. You'll probably make Project Eternity's $1.1m goal in 8 hours or less, and it took Obsidian 24 hours to reach that goal. The final sum would be phenomenal.

      Only worry is that you might end up running out of rewards on multiple reward levels, which would leave only the lower end tiers for backing or the very high end ones (which are filling more slowly).