Torment: Tides of Numenera

by inXile entertainment

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      Their Unworthy Heads on

      So, that Planescape game.... Pretty popular I hear...

      Can't wait to see what you guys have in store. The concept artwork so far is just amazing!

    2. Tomimt on

      It's so delightful that so many people are willing put their money where their mouth is. For years we have been wanting this style of RPG's to return, but no big publisher has listened. And now we have kicked several off the ground.

    3. Adrià Amor on

      Congratulations. Now is time to bring Chris Avellone on board =)

    4. Robert Dahlenburg on

      #FirstWorldProblem We raised money way too fast :)

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      Brandon Ballenger on

      Stretch goal: Planescape: Torment cameos?!

      A paranoid/crazy incarnation of Nameless One would made a great sidequest villain... And Morte? Vhailor? Dak'kon? Come on, doooooooo it.

    6. Melissa Guillet on

      The fact is, we're willing to pay for those games. They don't make enough money I guess for publishers to pay attention because they don't continue to bring in revenue after sale, but we want to buy them nonetheless and are totally willing. I've been decrying the loss of them for years now and there is certainly support for it, despite what the publishers might say.

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      Blaine on

      Don't break out that champagne just yet, guys. We want stretch goals!

    8. mosfeusz on

      Congratulations to everyone at inXile, can't wait to see what you can do with all those gamers support.

    9. Andrew Triebe on

      30 days left... O.O If people keep funding this then they will have sooo much money to sink into this game... holy shit.

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      Category9 on

      I wonder how long it took to fund a project the "old way"?

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      Lee Hammond on

      Well, I think the collective gaming community has spoken, and yes, we still like Single Player RPG's, despite what big publishers and the gaming media like to portray. That being said, between this, waiting for Project Eternity and Elite 4, I've now got a heavyweight Kickstarter backlog, heh. Good luck for your team not only for this but of course Wasteland 2, and may development of that go smoothly so this can be worked on ASAP :-)

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      DamnedEyez on

      A sequel/successor to Torment? That was a dream come true in itself. A story focused single-player RPG rather than MMO/Multiplayer crap? WooHoo! This could've been made for atari 2600 graphics and I'd have still pledged.

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      Abnaxis on

      Planescape: Torment is, bar-none, the best game I ever enjoyed. You had my support before I even saw the Kickstarter page.

      Now...I just can't wait until it's done. I'm split between saying "hurry up," or "take your time 'cuz you got big shoes to fill"

    14. Rodrigo "rrc2soft" Roman on

      Congratulations!!!! Now go and make a, a GREAT game :-). No pressure ;-).

    15. Industrial Scribe on

      Chris Avellone + RED BOOTS dlc.

    16. Missing avatar

      mighty82 on

      Temp of financing in Kickstarter is best instrument of preference research, i think. F*ck da marketing managers!

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      Josh Solomon on

      I've always said that if someone made a follow up to PST, it would get massive support from gamers. The Torment brand has an EXTREMELY good reputation and for good reason. I am happy to be a backer for this project, and I'm looking forward to my tombstone :).

    18. Kairam Ahmed Hamdan on

      Ready your $5 million stretch goal!

    19. Alex Cargile on

      Let me just say. I played Planescape Torment in 2012. 13 years after release. And it was still amazing.
      Amazing enough for me to jump right on board as soon as I heard about this.

      Now for stretch goals!

    20. Rick Russell on

      That's OK, you can write the stretch goals after your victory lunch.

    21. Vlad on


      Better start working on what additional content you will add when this reaches the inevitable $3M mark (judging by W2, and the extra press you'll get here).

      Also, please let all of us know your plans on supporting your products post release. Who will be working on the patches if everyone is on Torment?

    22. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death on

      Congratz inXile! Yep, bring Chris Avellone to the frontline as a stretch goal! =)

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      Szabolcs Vojsánszky on

      Menawhile, some publishers are rolling in their grave.

    24. Selkan Kaya on

      No! Thank you for bringing back story and fun to games.

    25. Emerson on

      Try to ensure your stretch goals take at least two days to reach full funding. First Kickstarter I've backed; regretted not getting in on Wasteland 2, but now I've gotten the chance to do that too.

    26. Jonathan Garrett on

      Kickstarter, man. Who would have ever thought a little site based around begging for money would have resulted in the resurrection of the hardcore RPG?

    27. Meinos Kaen on

      Congratulations! Here's to a lifetime of wonderful RPGs and creativity! A toast!

    28. Peter Tierney on

      So humble, you are! But remember, Torment was the best CRPG EVAR. So who among you really had doubts this was going to blow up? Congrats!

    29. Andreas Hall on

      Planescape Torment was one of those games that deeply moved me and I still think of today.
      Not supporting inXile in this project was not an option.
      Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.

    30. Ronald Wanders on

      congratulations guys. ^_^
      Glad to see an independent resurgence of the grand story RPG.

    31. Sir Gorgles on

      i love u brian and inXile

    32. Missing avatar

      Mark-12 on

      Seriouly...I echo the many comments here. Thank you guys for making the wonderful games!

    33. ☆ dlux ☆ on

      Congrats to Inxile and us fans! :)

    34. Missing avatar

      Szymon on

      Stretch goal #1: smash the kickstarter game record: 3.9, here we come.

      Remember game companies, you can't put a price point on customer trust. Stay awesome inXile

    35. Neil Schledorn on

      Congrats, and keep bringing the RPGs that people love to play!

    36. Missing avatar

      Zach Henderson on

      Brian, I may only be able to back 20 bucks, but you can expect to get 20 bucks out of me every time you start on a game. I've been texting and messaging friends all morning about this game, telling them to get on board with this. I did the same with WL2, and I'll do the same with your future ventures.

      Everyone at inXile is amazing. Thank you.

    37. The Dark Triad: Dragon's Death on

      Congratz inXile! yep, bring Chris Avellone on the frontline as a stretch goal! =)

    38. John Lacy

      To this day, when I talk about scenes in a game, Planescape is one of the first to come up, the memory of that bit with the fleet of airships shelling a country.

      "But sir...they cant be all heretics, the women, the children...
      "They are ALL heretics lieutenant....they have to be...."

    39. Marykate Clark on


      What you said about "deep and narrative RPGs" really resonates with me. Thank you, Brian and inXile!

    40. thenthomwaslike on

      The world of numenera looks so cool, and with the promise of a great story with great writing too?! I had to throw $110 at it! I HAD NO CHOICE!

    41. Missing avatar

      archivis on

      P:T is one of the finest examples of roleplaying games, period. It has been a continual frustration of mine that everyone has moved away. Thanks so much for trying to capture the magic again. You've got huge shoes to fill - good luck!

    42. Missing avatar

      Kalle Finnberg on

      You guys deserve every penny!

    43. Anestis Kozakis

      You would have been funded faster if you hadn't launched the Kickstarter at a time when most of the world was asleep outside the U.S. It was 1 a.m. in Australia, and most of us would have been asleep as we had/have work the next day.

      Would also have given us a chance to participate in some of the special rewards before they sold out (e.g., the $95 reward level).

    44. Matthieu Perrelle on

      Like Chris Avellone would say: this is so fucking great!

      Congrats inXile \^o^/ !!

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      Christopher Ball on

      Torment was the only unique creative RPG that I have ever seen. I hope your team will create, again, something entirely new -- a really big challenge.

    46. Missing avatar

      Cleber on

      Fantastic news, I'm very happy to see such an amazing response, it's great to see so many people that love this style of game. And congratulations to the team.

      Looking foward to see what the next 30 days can bring. And can't wait to see how this game will shape up.

    47. The Mad Hatter on

      I would love to see some of the Numenera short fiction as a stretch goal. Even if it is digital only. The first Numenera story The Amber Monolith ( is pretty awesome.